Corporate Lock Screen: A New Tool to Boost Internal Communications

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DeskAlerts has introduced another channel to communicate with your employees! This is the Corporate Lock Screen tool. Now, you can add it to your set of internal communications tools. You will able to grab the attention of your employees in the workplace. You may wonder how it works. As its name implies, this tool turns the login screens of your staff computer’s into a communication channel.


The Corporate Lock Screen joins a collection of other tools from DeskAlerts. Its aim is to ensure an easy and quick way of communication between you and every employee. This way, you will be sure that they see every piece of information you send them.


Why you need a multi-channel approach to internal communications


Corporate Lock Screen. If you only use a single way of communication, your employees might never see what you send them.


This can be for many reasons: Maybe some age demographics like to get information differently. For example, some age groups like to receive information through social media. On the other hand, others prefer to see it in a print format.


Other methods such as emails and internal newsletters have low-read rates and may be forgotten quickly. This can mean policies not complied with, low attendance at company events, and a low rate of employee engagement.



Having a multi-channel approach to internal communications can be beneficial for your company. Here, you can share information across different tools and platforms. Thus, you will be sure that your staff have seen and remember the information you have shared with them.


If you want to be sure that your messages are reaching your target audience – whether that is all your employees or a custom audience within your organization – you have to send messages that:


  • Don’t interrupt a person’s work activities.
  • Have a relevant and appropriate topic. Remember to deliver them frequently
  • Requires no effort from the recipient to be received.
  • Conveys the information in a visually engaging way. This way, the message with be remembered.


Don’t forget that the information that our brains receive is 90% visual.


Corporate Lock Screen for internal communications


The DeskAlerts Corporate Lock Screen works by using the login screen of your employees’ workstations. Thus, this can be helpful to send them information. This is because they usually see them on a daily basis to enter their usernames and passwords.


Just like our corporate wallpapers and screensavers, it works as an added element to send messages. It allows you to cover a wide range of topics or to reinforce the same message. This can be especially important for those messages from your internal communications campaigns. Thus, it provides a seamless experience to all your employees as the message will follow them all day.


The login screen software comes with the DeskAlerts system. All you need to do is create a new Corporate Lock Screen message in the DeskAlerts control panel. The creative login screen message will take the form of a single image. Select the targeted audience for the message. For example, the whole company or just the accounts team or only employees who work in a particular office.


You can then schedule the date and time for it to appear – or send it immediately. Targeted employees will receive the Corporate Lock Screen Content at the very moment their computer switches into lock screen mode.


And because you can deliver it through the DeskAlerts system, there is no need to involve your organization’s IT team whenever you want the message changed.

Different ways to use a custom Windows login screen


There are multiple ways you can use a custom login screen to communicate with your employees. With login screen software, this includes, but is not limited to:


Corporate Lock Screen, Sharing organizational news, KPIs, progress, and achievements 


If you want to create a welcoming and inclusive space for your employees, you should share information as well as celebrate and recognize their achievements. This way, you will build a solid company culture that, in turn, will allow you to boost employee engagement. Thanks to this your levels of productivity and profit will also increase.


You can use the custom login screen to share and celebrate these achievements. Has your sales team met its targets? Have your company’s stocks improved? Are you getting good publicity in the press? Make sure your employees know via the corporate lock screen!


For example, your employees have met all the targets set out in the quarterly plan. You can send a message via the custom Windows login screen that thanks employees and says “Congratulations! We have successfully completed the quarterly plan! Thank you for your work!”

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Broadcast your company mission statement, values, and goals


The “foundation content” of any organization is important. Its statements about its mission, values, and goals are part of this content. This lets the public know what the company believes in and what it aims to achieve. So, every employee must know these goals. However, not everyone will take the time to read corporate plans or any document where they can find this.


The lock screen software can help you to deliver this information to your employees’ workstations. This way they can get to know the aims and beliefs of your company.


You can also reinforce these messages by highlighting positive examples of this. Like when the company or employees have lived your values and acted following them. You can do all this via a creative login screen graphic.


For example, imagine that you have a team that has detected fraud and your values are integrity and honesty. For this, you could send a creative login screen message featuring a photo of the team. Here, you can congratulate them, and outline how they are upholding the values of the company.

Corporate Lock Screen, Communicate incidents such as system outages, inclement weather, operational issues


There are a lot of times where you need to quickly share some information that can affect your employees’ work process. This information can be things like blackouts, scheduled maintenance, storm, and other weather events, problems with facilities, and so on.


In these cases, you can send a custom login screen message to employees. This way, you will them updated about the situation at hand.


For example, if your phone system is down, alongside the urgent pop-up message send a custom login screen letting everyone know what is going on. Thanks to this, you will reduce the pressure on your IT help desk.


Communicate your change initiatives


The reason why a lot of management programs fail is that employees don’t understand them. Thus, they won’t be happy to adopt them.


So, sending custom corporate lock screen messages can help you a lot in this case. How? Well, when you do this, you will be highlighting and repeating your key initiatives for this change.


For example, if your company is looking to diversify its business, you can run a creative login screen campaign. In it, you can outline what is the additional business you will be doing and what the benefits are. You can also send images to your employees to remind them via the lock screen.


Corporate Lock Screen, Remind employees about important events or dates


There are lots of different company events that take place every year. Some of them can include training, product launches, deadlines, and other social events.


Login screen software can send visual reminders about them. This way, people won’t forget them and when they will take place.


For example, you can create a custom login screen with a countdown clock to an important date. This can be a deadline or event. Thus, you will be motivating and creating maximum buy-in and awareness from your staff.

Why the Corporate Lock Screen is the best way to change your login screens


The DeskAlerts Corporate Lock Screen needs you to install a client application on your employee’s workstation. Remember that the computer where you install it has to run a supported Windows version. Then, the app will be stored locally on your employees’ device. Thus, you won’t have to worry about anything. Why? Because it will keep working even if the client-server connection is interrupted.


This login screen software can be easily set up on your company’s own server or with a cloud provider. This is thanks to it being delivered through standard HTTP(S) protocols.


Without a system like DeskAlerts, the only way you could customize your creative login screen would be via the IT department. They would do this by using the Windows lock screen Group Policy feature that comes with the operative system. This method allows you to manage and configure a wide range of Windows features in a centralized way (GPO).


A lock screen managed via group policy has the advantage of being free if you are using a Windows operating system. This means that you already have it and don’t have to purchase additional lock screen software.


However, there are disadvantages to this method. For example, if you don’t have a specialized login screen software, it can be difficult to install custom lock screens throughout the company. Not only that, but it can take a lot of time and effort from the IT department to do this. On the other hand, with DeskAlerts, the internal communications department can do all of this. Remember that they are the ones who work on all the different communications campaigns that need to be run on behalf of different teams in the company.


Anything you do to improve and enhance communications within your organization will see great results all around for your company and its success. And, without a doubt, login screen software can help you achieve this. Contact us today for a free demo on how DeskAlerts and its many different features can help you to improve your internal communications. This, obviously, includes the Corporate Lock Screen.

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