CRM and eCommerce, CRM is an excellent tool for online stores

All business owners that have an online store know the term “eCommerce” as this is the type of their business. Also, because they work in the business world, they also probably know the acronym “CRM”, which refers to customer relationship management. But what happens when you combine the word “eCommerce” with the acronym “CRM”? CRM and eCommerce? You get a personalized marketing and sales automation platform that allows your business to build authentic relationships with your customers and increase your sales.


In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about why your online store needs an eCommerce CRM platform. Read on to find out why CRM is an excellent tool for online stores.


CRM is an excellent tool for online stores, the difference between CRM for e-commerce and traditional CRM


Innatos - computer with information on itWhat are the differences between CRM for eCommerce and traditional CRM? CRM is an abbreviation of customer relationship management. CRM is a type of software that organizes and stores customer information. For example, contact information, accounts, and leads. This information is stored in a primary location.


CRM software aids companies in properly building, organizing, and protecting their relationships with their customers. Therefore, they are key for business departments in development.


They are equally important for the marketing and sales teams. CRM systems can also provide the business’ staff members with detailed information. This detailed information includes the customer’s purchase history and their purchase preferences.


CRM for eCommerce is specifically designed for customer relationships when buying and selling merchandise or services online.


Innatos - computer with information on itBoth a traditional CRM and CRM for eCommerce are designed to help businesses organize and keep control over customer information and data. However, there are some notable differences between the two.


A custom-designed CRM for eCommerce is designed to bring the brand closer to the customer. With constant personalized experiences, CRMs designed for eCommerce enhance the clients’ experience and fully focus on personal marketing communication.


In addition, they’re also easy to use. From store owners to team members, a CRM for eCommerce is designed for any eCommerce vendor. They’re also rooted in current technology. Personalized CRMs for e-commerce use automated, multi-channel marketing techniques. Therefore, they are great for understanding and connecting with customers no matter where they are on their customer journey.


CRM is an excellent tool for online stores; the benefits of CRM solutions for eCommerce


Innatos - CRM and Ecommerce - men working in a graphicStill not sure of the opportunities a personalizes CRM can bring to your business? Take a look at some of the ways in which CRM can enhance experiences, putting your brand ahead of your online competition.


The internet is full of stores of all kinds, and buyers are faced with a large number of online options. So how do you set up your online store apart from the other online businesses? How to attract new customers and retain existing customers as the industry continues to grow each year? And what is the secret to selling more from your online store? 


A personalized CRM for eCommerce helps companies create great first impressions and build lasting connections. The segmentation capabilities of a CRM are deep. The reason is that they allow you to keep control over all of your customers. You can tag each customer’s experiences and actions with multiple custom tags and events. For example, locations, dates, how many times a person sees a page, or makes a purchase. Then, you can filter people by one or more variables to better understand and attract a niche part of your audience.


CRM and e-commerce, CRM is an excellent tool for online stores, the advantages of CRM for eCommerce


Innatos - CRM and Ecommerce - people working togetherThis in-depth information lays the foundation for targeted and relevant marketing campaigns so that your business can reach your customers on a more personal level. Custom email campaigns allow you to send topic-specific email series to subscribers. Campaigns can contain as many emails as you like and are very easy to build and launch. 


Scoring for your leads is another great strategy that ensures your business will be sending highly specific messages to your potential customers. The score tracks leads by assigning (or deducting) points based on the different actions performed by them during their journey.


Customer scoring gives online stories and business an in-depth look. You can find out how your customers engage with the brand in order to build a specific marketing plan for each customer.


 CRM is an excellent tool for online stores, how does a custom CRM for online stores help build customer loyalty?


Innatos - crmThe loyalty of a customer can’t be bought. Customer loyalty must be earned through the quality of your service. At Innatos we can design a software platform to help online businesses focus on the human side of their online stores.


Highly personalized systems can be created. Such software systems have the power to deepen customer connections and create the path for satisfied customers, giving your business an edge over the competition.


A custom CRM connects customer data loads to smart software categories. In this way, your company will be able to connect with your customers at the right time with the right message.


CRM is an excellent tool for online stores, the benefits of a specific online approach to CRM


Innatos - CRM and Ecommerce - people working togetherOne of the main benefits of an online approach to CRM is that it’s easy to use and implement. When it comes to implementing e-commerce strategies, a custom-designed CRM is intuitive and easy to navigate.


A customized CRM platform is your ticket to the success of your online store in the eCommerce business; CRM is an excellent tool for online stores.


In Innatos we can create the personalized CRM that best suits the needs of your online business. Electronic commerce has grown considerably in recent years and it’s also constantly evolving at a rapid pace. Therefore, a custom CRM platform designed for eCommerce can make a difference to the success of your online store. Contact us today for more information about our services.


Advice for integrating ERP into an Online Store

It is important to know the Advice for integrating ERP into an Online Store. What happens when an e-commerce business begins to grow? The situation can become very complicated. For example, manually adding orders received through multiple channels becomes an impossible job. This orders include shipped shipments and also changes to product information 


The risks of something going wrong are high. For that reason, it is vital to maintain good coordination between the online store platform and the central data repository, which is the role of ERP in relation to online stores.


If you maintain a management system for your data based on traditional methods and not software, you must add each new entry by hand and on each system separately. With an integration between your eCommerce platform and your ERP software system, you only need to add information once.


This type of ERP solution for online stores gives you the ability to keep information centralized in a single spot to improve the speed of your processes.  Likewise, it helps you avoid mistakes and complications when transferring data between different systems within your company. When doing this, data related to products, inventory, orders, shipments, customers, payments, and taxes becomes accessible from a single source for everyone that needs it. Furthermore, you can keep everything updated in real-time depending on the type of integration that is selected for your business.


The main problem with an ERP integration for an online store is that it might seem very costly at first.


However, the reward is worth the cost when compared to the time, resources, and energy that you are currently wasting when performing synchronization tasks by hand. 


In addition, it prevents a company from needing a new system in the future. You can keep using the same software when the business grows and the volume of updates, products, and orders increases. So you should follow the advice for integrating ERP into an online store.


Innatos - arrow pointing to the skyBefore we tackle the advice for integrating ERP into an online store, we will introduce some of the benefits. Among the benefits of an ERP integrated into an online store for any company are a wide variety of advantages for your business.


You can avoid manual errors. For example, incorrect product information, order and shipping details, prices, stock levels, duplicate data, and more. You also have full control over the online sales funnel. It will also have more efficient workflows, greater productivity and benefits, and better customer experience and loyalty.


To carry out the integration of an ERP with an online store, you will be able to count on the support of a trusted provider such as Innatos Software. Tailor-made software that supports ERP’s role in e-commerce can seem expensive. However, it is the best option to guarantee a perfect integration. So you can also take advantage of other valuable benefits like technical support and training.


What is the advice for integrating ERP into an online store?


First, of the advice for ERP integration in an online store, look for a complete integration process.


Innatos - people workingConnecting an e-commerce ERP solution is not just a matter of deciding. For it to work, you will need a planning framework that takes care of everything that will be needed within the company. Keep in mind that integration is not just for the present, but for the future. Therefore, your software system must be ready for whatever features you need if your business grows or your multi-channel strategy expands.


What are the processes that your integration should include when connecting the ERP to the online store platform? This is the data that is automatically updated and sent from your online store site to your ERP: orders, payments, and new and updated customer and shipping information. You should also be able to update changes in inventory levels on each channel.


There is other data that should be automatically updated and sent from your ERP to your online store site. For example, information about new and discontinued products. Also changes in product information, including prices, and when more stock is added to inventory. Of course, it is equally vital to consider promotions and offers. 


Second, choose a two-way integration

Innatos - Advice for integrating ERP - people working in their own tasks

There are several ways to integrate an ERP platform and an online store. This depends on the systems, channels, and a number of repositories that a company was previously using. You may need to simply migrate all of your data to the new broker tool, or send it from a single repository to multiple systems.


A two-way integration is always recommended because that way you can update the data in both directions in real-time. You can even choose whether you want to display the changes on your e-commerce platform or save them for later. For example, as price updates for a promotional day, country, or season.


Third of the advice for ERP integration in an online store, consider a cloud system

Innatos - Advice for integrating ERP - people working in their own tasks


The best way for an ERP integration to work is through APIs. APIs are widely used by software as a service system.


These systems save a lot of time during the integration process, making it quick and easy for the team to use. Plus, it works with real-time updates.


Similarly, you can add unlimited synchronizations for the data with this type of software.



Fourth, contact the development team and plan a trial phase


Innatos - Advice for integrating ERP - people working in their own tasksFind partners with real experience, such as the Innatos Software team, and with a high understanding of the ERP integration system from your choice.


Then schedule multiple meetings to make clear what your business needs and what your limits in time and spending are. You should also inform yourself to know exactly how the integration will take place and what are the risks, challenges, obstacles, costs, and deadlines to be expected.


Some companies tend to forget to include this vital stage in their first plan of action for the integration. Therefore, integration can be delayed if you don’t have time to do some testing and run into some problems along the way.


These tests are always valuable and must be performed by your own team. This is done in order to see if they really know the tool and find it useful. In addition, this will ensure that the software has been successfully integrated. You will also be able to identify synchronization errors between the ERP and the online store site. For example, sometimes the data is not displayed correctly the first time.


Fifth of the advice for integrating ERP into an online store, training, and support


Innatos - Advice for integrating ERP - people working in their own tasks

The ERP solution for your online store should include training and technical support for your employees.


Innatos software offers such a very important service for integration. It’s highly recommended to train the team that will use the software daily. 


The reason is that they are the ones who are going to ensure proper synchronization between the centralized database and the online store site and other channels. Since they are the target user of the tool, they should be familiar with it before any final integration and release.


Innatos - Advice for integrating ERP - conclusionConclusion


By following the advice for the integration of ERP in an online store you will be able to obtain a tool that will give your business an important advantage.


At Innatos Software we have the development team that your business needs.


Contact us today to receive more information about our services.


Reasons why you should create a Custom CRM System

What are the reasons why you should create a custom CRM system? The pace of competition is increasing rapidly, and markets have become extremely competitive. The key to surviving and succeeding in this competition is managing customer relationships.


Innatos - Reasons why you should create a Custom CRM System - computer with dataCRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the best tool available to manage customer relationships. This tool helps the company track customer activities and purchases. Plus, it leads to faster sales while increasing customer retention and satisfaction levels.


What are the reasons why you should create a custom CRM system? Using custom CRM software offers many benefits, but finding the right one is daunting as it varies by business model. All companies have different operating models and contact points for customers. This means that the operating cycles of companies are different.


Reasons why you should create a Custom CRM System


Innatos - moneyAlso, investing in CRM is a costly investment for any business, so choosing the right type of CRM software is important. It is also recommended to carry out custom CRM that meets all the requirements of your company to obtain the greatest benefits.


Managing this relationship is crucial to building customer loyalty, which in turn affects revenue. In the past, this meant keeping bulky customer files in heavy metal cabinets. However, today, successful companies rely on CRM systems and applications to automate processes and streamline the customer journey through the sales funnel.


Get to know CRM

Innatos - Reasons why you should create a Custom CRM System - professional people A customer relationship management (CRM) system aims to streamline your business process by improving relationships with existing customers. It also helps to identify new leads and possibilities. For example, it makes it easy to collect, store, and manage customer information, customer segmentation, sales automation, campaign management, and more.


 The CRMs are not only for large-scale companies with large customer databases but are also beneficial for small and medium-sized companies. If you want to expand your business, then customer relationship management (CRM) software is essential.


What are the reasons why you should create a custom CRM systemYou need a CRM system to grow with you as your business grows. With this in mind, you need to create a lightweight and effective custom CRM instead of spending tons of money on complicated, ready-to-use CRM software.


First reason why you should create a custom CRM system, lessexpensive than the factory CRM


Precast CRM plans and cost

Innatos - Reasons why you should create a Custom CRM System - calculator 

Most pre-made CRM systems come as subscription products. The amount they charge is based on the number of users in your organization and available features. But these plans have a certain set of limitations since many factory CRM solutions come with features you may never need. They may also lack one or two features that may be helpful to you. Once your business grows, such plans become inadequate.


Initial plans only support a few users and lose some critical features. To get all the essential CRM capabilities, at some point, companies switch to a more expensive plan.


But CRM costs will continue to grow over time. Its cost depends on the number of users who access the system in your organization. To improve business efficiency and functionality, companies often end up paying for all the features that a ready-to-use CRM system offers.


Innatos - walletCustom CRM cost


If you are running a medium or large business.


A custom CRM system can be cheaper than a ready-made solution.


You can create your custom CRM using pre-programmed, custom applications that fit your needs.



The second, reasons why you should create a Custom CRM, Systemminimizes onboarding time


Innatos - professional womanA good training and recruitment program helps newly hired employees feel welcome on the job. Plus, it minimizes the time it takes them to become productive in their jobs.


By switching to a new workflow, employees inevitably make mistakes, such as missing a call from a customer, missing promising deals, and more.


Hiring a certified trainer to train your new employees to use business applications can take several months. With the simple user interface of a custom CRM solution, you can minimize long onboarding time and increase the productivity of your employees.


The third, simplify integration


Innatos  - professional womanYou must pay a hefty fee to get additional benefits for a standard CRM system. Its features and extended APIs come in more expensive packages.


The standard CRM integration approach complicates matters. You should hire experienced developers with extensive knowledge if you are integrating a standard CRM with common programs.


A custom CRM system makes future integration easier and less expensive. The reason is that developers are allowed to use the API approach first, making the process more reliable. With custom integrations, your CRM will become a central hub for all departments and evolve toward successful digitization.


The fourth, Reasons why you should create a Custom CRM System, makes the growth process easier


Innatos - Reasons why you should create a Custom CRM System - computer with dataTo improve the automation process and information sharing in your growing business, you need to expand CRM functionality to other departments.


As you scale your business with a prepared CRM solution, you will face a variety of problems. For example, buy a more expensive plan, it may not include all the functionality and features you need for your business.


In a custom CRM system, you are the owner of your product. You can make modifications to the custom CRM that is tailored to your unique business process. Now that you know the reasons why you should create a custom CRM system, at Innatos we have the software development service you need. Contact us today to receive more information.

Advantages of using Custom Software for your Business

What are the Advantages of using Custom Software for your Business? Companies use business software programs on a daily basis. Some of them are free and handle primary responsibilities like navigation. Other programs are expensive and can handle complex tasks like project management or employee timing.


However, custom software can make a difference in the processes of any business. Learn about the Advantages of Using Custom Software. Then start benefiting from the development of your custom software to meet the requirements of your business or company.


Learn about the benefits of using custom software for your business


Innatos - Advantages of using Custom Software - men with a computer and women holdign coinsCustom software, also known as custom software, is used to meet the specific goals of a particular company. Since each business has its requirements, it is challenging to solve multiple tasks in one product. Therefore, developing custom software is the best way to create the perfect system for your company. What are the advantages of using custom software for your business? Custom software is made to meet the needs and requirements of one company rather than all companies.


Custom software is flexible to use and can be used by the entire organization. In fact, this is the right option for companies. What are the advantages of using custom software for your business? Custom software offers numerous benefits beyond standard software licenses. It has its advantages in areas of integration, guaranteed maintenance, and scalability.


Overall, custom software has an exceptional foundation that is built for the continued progress of businesses. It is clear that the benefit of custom software is to provide solutions for functionalities that are not possible in standard software. What are the advantages of using custom software for your business? Keep reading to know them.


First, it is made to measure and its adaptability. Advantages of using Custom Software.


Innatos - Advantages of using Custom Software - men with a computerAdvantages of using Custom Software. Tailor-made software is the latest trend among small businesses. It is mainly made for the company, taking into account the particular functionality.


It offers various services over standard software. Custom software is not a combination of some common functionality. It is designed in an iterative methodology, taking into account all the hidden risks and nuances that are not included in the original specifications.


Generally developed to meet the specific requirements of customers serving particular business needs. It is not necessary to have any software license from the provider. Businesses can completely rely on this software to perfectly fit their business. If there is a problem, it can be fixed during the software formulation stage.


Custom software is flexible and adaptable, meeting company requirements for the present and the future. Similarly, companies can install and run different programs to achieve organizational tasks. Furthermore, custom software is like a cross-platform, supporting mobile apps as well.


Second, safe and protected


Innatos - woman with a computerThe use of standard software is risky due to hackers. If your company is hacked, all personal data will be lost. The custom software that is available to businesses is more secure.


Because custom software is developed only to fit individual companies, it will only be used by people in the company. There is also the possibility of having additional security standards, which guarantees the security of the information.


Advantages of using Custom Software. The main reason for hacking is that hackers know the code for that particular program. Custom apps have fewer hacking issues, as you need more effort and time to hack. Therefore, custom applications are protected from external threats.


Third, its use in large companies. Advantages of using Custom Software.


Innatos - Advantages of using Custom Software - men with a computerCustom software is used to optimize business information from a source. The adoption of custom software is immense in large commercial companies. They use this software for many functionalities such as inventory management, customer management, human resource management, content management, and more.


Most of the applications. for example CRM or ERP, they are developed in customized software. Customized software that is useful in hands-on integration between major systems enables seamless data recovery. This way you can facilitate compliance, big data analysis, and other programs.


Fourth, more scalable


Innatos - Advantages of using Custom Software - men with a computerCustom software is more scalable than the prepared application. The custom application is developed over the long term. They can conveniently scale this software to meet business requirements.


Custom software has the potential to meet the specification that is flexible and easy to use. The entire organization can use this software.


Instead of relying on ready-to-use software, companies can receive full benefits that cater to different purposes. You can even get financial benefits that standard software doesn’t provide. Businesses can even distribute this software at no additional license and cost.


Fifth, easier integration and automation. Advantages of using Custom Software.


Innatos -  - men with a computerEach department in the offices has different operations in isolation. Very often, the applications used by a group of departments must be integrated with other departments. For example, integration of accounting and human resources to ensure fair compensation payments and variable wages. Custom software makes integration easy and provides an easy solution that makes it easier. Such a solution will promote simple data exchange and efficient collaboration.


As organization development begins, the team assigned to creating software will learn more about the workflows required by their respective teams. Understanding processes can contribute to creating workflows and creating automated opportunities. This automation will not be available in standard software. With this, an organization can know how many employees are involved in a separate process, whether the software controls any normal or individual liability.


Sixth, incomparable support, maintenance, and risk factor


Innatos - men with a computerThere is always a high technical support plan that is the significant benefit of a custom application. Businesses can access the support team that participates in the application development processes. All problems can be solved efficiently. That said, the custom app increases performance by facilitating the process in the way the business operates. Simplify your process to achieve short and long term goals.


With the standard application, companies generally depend on the developer from where the software is purchased. But, custom software provides all maintenance costs for a longer period. For example; In the case of a standard application, the developer declares bankruptcy, and companies may be affected. This may lead to a complete process change or finding another provider. In both cases, the risk factor is higher, but custom-made software ensures that the business is safe while in use.


Advantages of using Custom Software.


Innatos - men with a computer and women holdign coinsCustom software is the best answer for you with Innatos. It’s the right budget-friendly business decision. The custom app works efficiently and can provide a solution for every business. Advantages of using Custom Software, there is always a development team to support maintenance. As a result, the corporate IT sector will have minor roles to handle. Companies can involve professionals or reduce the size of the department.


This is just a small portion of the benefits of using custom software for your business, Tailor-made software can even streamline work with third parties and vendors who play an important role in the processes. At Innatos we have a custom software development service. Contact us today for more information.

How to integrate your sales team with personalized CRM?

You have decided what you need a custom CRM software. You will start tracking interactions with prospects, recording business data, and leveraging that information to sell more, better, and faster. How to integrate your sales team with personalized CRM? Here are the key tips to help you implement a CRM system successfully.


How to integrate your sales team with personalized CRM? Explain its value


Innatos - How to integrate your sales team with personalized CRM? - two hands giving each other a heartCRM software will make it easy for you to analyze performance, track sales trends, and assess the status of your sales team.


But your employees don’t care about that, like all prospects, they want to know why this decision will be better for them. The benefits of employee-centric CRM software include:



Put yourself in their shoes and take the time to understand how they could benefit from CRM software.


How to integrate your sales team with personalized CRM? Make it part of the training.


Innatos - How to integrate your sales team with personalized CRM? - people together workingYour employees can be cautious with anything that takes them away from the sale, so be strategic when choosing and deploying a CRM. Testing begins at the beginning of a month or quarter when the pressure to meet the quota is less than at the end of a sale period.


You must train your employees and design and implementation at the beginning of the next period. For example, at the beginning of the year if your company operates for an annual fee.


You should also include training at every new employee training thereafter. For CRM software to really fit into your business, it has to be part of seller training from day one.


Provide reps with presets and dashboards.


Don’t give your team a completely empty CRM. You should help them by simply organizing their prospects. By territory, by stage of the agreement, anything that makes a coherent image for their representatives when they open the CRM for the first time.


Innatos - people together workingYou must give them a basic level of organization so they don’t start from scratch and can work with pre-populated reports with data.


How to integrate your sales team with personalized CRM? Provide follow-up tips and tricks.


Feedback from your team should be collected periodically to determine weaknesses and where they are succeeding.


If your employees regularly experience similar difficulties or are constantly confused about certain parts of the product, investigate the problem, and spread the solution to the team. If you can avoid problems and concerns before they become job locks, you have a much better chance of driving adoption.


Incorporate the use of CRM in professional development.


Innatos - How to integrate your sales team with personalized CRM? - people together workingTeam leaders set an example for the rest of the employees.


Therefore, have each manager incorporate the use of CRM with direct reporting and encourage the use of the software.


Managers must establish the expectation that they need to obtain all the information necessary for CRM reviews. Then they must have sellers fill in the missing information.


Afterward, it will become a habit for reps to complete this preparation.


How to integrate your sales team with personalized CRM? Provide an incentive and motivate your sales team to use CRM.


Innatos - people together workingIn the past, when organizations introduced computers to their daily work routines, most employees were not very receptive to the idea. Most of them thought that it would make their processes more complex and that it would be better to do things the old-fashioned way.


Conversely, today’s employers can risk a total riot if employees are asked to complete their tasks without computers. Similar is the case with the reluctance of sales professionals to use customer relationship management (CRM) software. They find CRMs to be complex and cumbersome. However, CRM software is the need of the hour and its importance cannot be underestimated. 


Today’s competitive landscape requires companies to have a healthy relationship with customers with an effectively channeled business workflow. And that is only possible using a good CRM. Therefore, as the team leader or manager, it becomes your responsibility to motivate your sales team to use a CRM because this is what they need, not what they want.


How to integrate your sales team with personalized CRM? The following are ways you can keep your sales reps motivated to use a CRM:


Innatos - How to integrate your sales team with personalized CRM? - people together workingInvest in a CRM that is tailor-made for your team.


The first step is to choose a CRM that complements your business goals. Smart companies are always committed to CRM that streamlines processes, without unnecessary integrations and features.


Also, don’t forget to involve your sales team when selecting a CRM.


This will not only help select the optimal solution but will also bring the sales team on board as they will ultimately be the ones to use it.


Provide the necessary trainingInnatos - people together working


Without training, implementing a CRM is like asking a rugby team to play soccer.


The sales representative will be frustrated if he does not understand the system and this will adversely affect his performance. Therefore, CRM training is very important.

So an essential part of CRM implementation is providing adequate training. Make sure they are trained in functionality and features.


This can be accomplished through various internal training sessions and by providing e-learning facilities to reps.


Show them the positive side


It is important that you communicate to your employees the personal benefits of using a CRM. It must be transmitted to them that it is not only a management tool that they are forced to use, but that it also has something for them. 


Innatos - How to integrate your sales team with personalized CRM? - crm softwareAppreciate and Publish Achievements


Instead of putting pressure on your sales team to use CRM, you should encourage them by appreciating their work. Those who adopt early should be applauded so that the rest can follow. Also, make public announcements (via emails and group meetings) about those who use CRM and meet or exceed their goals. 


At Innatos Software we have the best CRM software development for your company. In addition, we help you with the training of your staff to integrate your sales team with personalized CRM.

How does software development help improve my Business Model?

Today, we are facing a highly competitive business world. Therefore, it is important to consider the approach to software developed exclusively to meet specific business needs. How does software development help my business model? The dilemma of choosing standard software or custom software is an endless saga.


Commercial software often does not meet specific needs and includes many unnecessary features in its content. Meanwhile, custom software development enables companies to digitize their specific operations. In addition, it meets the needs and requirements according to the demands of the company.


Since each company has different requirements, it is very difficult for a factory solution to be sufficient for multiple processes at the same time. Custom software is designed for a specific group of users within an organization. These are not like a complete software package available to any business. These are custom and have limited users. Custom software is made to ensure that all the particular preferences and business requirements of a particular company are taken into account.


There are many factors that must be considered to run a business.


Innatos - How does software development help my business model? - professional people explaining to another peopleFor example, supply chain, operations, administration, customer satisfaction, and analytics. All this together without any technology means chaos and bad organization. Also, when competitors in the same niche decide to micro-manage all of this with the help of technology, reading custom software means a huge competitive advantage.


A customized solution offers several benefits. Custom software is adapting to the needs of a particular business, not less, not more. First, it reduces the time and cost of training. Plus, custom solutions can accelerate user deployment and adoption.  You can fill a niche and optimize the flow of your business, rather than forcing it to change the processes it already uses.


How does software development help my business model? Things to keep in mind


Innatos - How does software development help my business model? - professional people explaining to another peopleThe custom software development service is usually slightly more expensive than the software available from the factory.


The reason is that custom software includes challenges and solutions that are unique to a specific business. Custom software can be a solid foundation for a business if it is developed by the best developers of Innatos.


One very important thing is to consider the time to market. After analyzing all the pros and cons, you should decide to create software for a business’s custom requirements. The best part is that custom software can be updated at any time in the future.


How does software development help my business model? The commercial benefits


Simplification of the business model


Innatos - How does software development help my business model? - professional people explaining to another peopleWhat must be done to gain an additional advantage over competitors and achieve business goals regularly?


Ways must be found to improve business efficiency and reduce operating costs. Customized software saves employees a lot of time. Furthermore, the required information can be obtained instantly.


When it comes to sales and marketing reports, the data is achieved in minutes. This saves time and you can use your workforce to do other, higher priority work. In summary, custom software can simplify your business model and make vertical businesses more productive.


Innatos - people sitting in a bulb of lightHow does software development help my business model? Tailor-made solutions


The custom software has been uniquely developed to meet specific business requirements. So, these are devised by implementing the latest technology.


Any difficulties of the client during the development process can be improved by building the software. This is one of the most important features of custom software development. You can change things whenever you want.


Innatos - How does software development help my business model? - professional people explaining to another peopleAccelerate reporting


How does software development help my business model? Reports are essential for any business in any industry. The data says it all.


Instead of spending hours researching Excel sheets and document files, your custom business solution can provide you with a summary report. In that report, you can retrieve all the necessary inputs and use them effectively to achieve business goals.


For example, you can access all of your customer’s information in a database and you can get personalized reports related to various functionalities. You can get personalized reports of past purchases, customer details, invoices, bestseller details, and more.


Innatos - How does software development help my business model? - professional people explaining to another peopleHow does software development help my business model? Integration


Custom software is an excellent solution for integrating commercial programs. Businesses need various software solutions for numerous departments.


The development of custom software allows integrating them all and provides an integrated system that can manage multiple processes.


 In this way, better results can be achieved and the entire business can be controlled and managed from a centralized system.


Innatos -security guard taking care of a computerSecurity


Custom software is developed while maintaining security as a top priority.


You can protect your business data from external threats.


It is very difficult for criminals to extract information from custom software that is very specific to any company or department.


Innatos - How does software development help my business model? - professional people explaining to another peopleHow does software development help my business model? Maintenance


With custom software development, you have the opportunity to maintain your desired software. The standard software depends on the provider for the entire useful life.


If the provider decides to suspend its services or declare bankruptcy, the business will be in a position where it will have to withdraw all the software and will have to buy a completely new one. This can have a very high cost.


Innatos - yellow graphic with a white, blue and orange arrow above itLower hardware cost


This is one of the strengths of custom software development.


In standard software, one of the main associated costs is hardware.


Custom software developers adapt the system so that no significant hardware is required to run.



Innatos - yellow graphic with a white arrow above itHow does software development help my business model? Scalability


Scalability is one of the main benefits of custom business applications. The software can be maintained as the company grows in size and also geographically.


With standard software, you don’t have this opportunity. Custom software can meet the needs of a business while allowing it to grow.


Innatos - How does software development help my business model? - professional people explaining to another people



Custom business applications can provide efficient and reliable technical support to a business.


You have full access to a technical team that knows the software very well as they developed it.


Then the technical team can solve all the problems in a more efficient way. Also, it won’t take long.



Innatos - casual dress men pointing at circlesHow does software development help my business model? Time to decide


How to choose what type of software a business requires? It must coincide with the objectives and needs of the company.


Market-leading companies save time and money in the long run by customizing their software and implementing it in the business model. This question should also be asked for business.


Whether you are creating a human resources solution or accounting software, you can choose the features you want for your business or your employees. You can definitely find flexibility and business growth.


How does software development help my business model?


Innatos - conclusionCustom software is the correct answer. Innatos is the technology partner for many companies, we customize all the requirements of a business in a single software and within budget.


Our custom developed business application works more efficiently and can give any business model the boost it needs.


Developing custom software for a business is a big decision.


It will integrate most of the main aspects of the operation of a company and will play an integral role in the operation and success of the company. It will result in increased productivity and increased income.

Why do companies choose Custom ERP development?

Why do companies choose custom ERP development? There is a greater chance that a company will meet the requirements of its users when it comes to customizing ERP rather than a generic system. This is so despite the high initial costs and time-consuming to start the system.


You can always start small and add essential layers to the system as you go, and in the end, find the destination software for your business. In addition, it is also a way to distribute the initial expenses.


Why do companies choose custom ERP development? The software is also designed to fit your business processes rather than the business to suit. This is somewhat of a relief as there will be less when it comes to training company staff. All they have to do is make minor adjustments to coordinate with the system.


Why do companies choose custom ERP development? How much does it cost to build custom ERP software?


INNATOS-Why-do-companies-choose-custom-ERP-development-The-risks-of-ERP-software-development-subtitleIt is obvious that the development cost will depend on what it requires, the number of users, and its complexity.


For example, if you are looking for a sophisticated system, you may not find complete designs that meet your needs. You have to incur additional costs for complementary products to ensure that the software works fully.


The solutions and services that custom ERP development is intended to provide are usually not in the box.


INNATOS-How-much-does-it-cost-to-build-custom-ERP-software-subtitleTherefore, it takes a lot of time and finances to initialize the design, resulting in a high initial fee.


Custom ERP services are based on your requirements. Do you want to get a high-quality system that works easily with future changes despite being a project for the first time? So you need an experienced developer like Innatos.


Also, your contact with the developer who started the system must be consistent. This is because they would better understand the system during the development cycle: design, testing, quality control, testing, and training. This can be difficult to do, especially if the developer is unreliable. Because it is important to have a developer like Innatos.


The risks of ERP software development


INNATOS-Custom-ERP-services-are-based-on-your-requirements-subtitle.Despite that, customization in ERP helps save a huge amount of money in a long-term perspective. Why do companies choose custom ERP development? Each company has continuous growth, including the number of employees, the field force, and the offices.


In many cases, a higher number of users means the continuously growing costs for the licensed solution. Business support packages are often sold as add-on services and are much more expensive than the support of the software development provider whose support is often included in the contract. It is worth mentioning that your organization will be the only one compatible with the product, which means better and faster communication.


Why do companies choose custom ERP development?



Expenditures for existing user licenses, new licenses, and standard solution support are growing exponentially. Therefore, they completely overlap development costs in a couple of years.


In turn, it will justify your high initial costs, because your company will not be blocked by the provider.


That is, you will own the solution, and all data stored in the cloud as a result, and you will not pay for licenses when new user accounts are needed.

Is developing custom ERP software worth it?

Most commercial organizations today are rapidly adopting the use of custom ERP software solutions. Is developing custom ERP software worth it? Unlike the common use of manual procedures and factory applications, custom ERP programs are cost-effective and efficient.


The Enterprise Resource Planning program is known by its acronym ERP. This is a system of integrated applications that are designed to automate different departments or office operations. For example, product planning, development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing. All this information is managed in a single database.


Innatos - people working as a teamIs developing custom ERP software worth it? 


However, not all ERP software will meet all of your organization’s requirements


There, when deciding on the ERP software to adopt, you must choose the most reliable in regards to the needs and processes of your business


In turn, here are the two types of ERP systems:


Innatos - Is developing custom ERP software worth it? - men working in home officeOff the shelf


These are easy systems to implement because they are developed from the experience of other organizations (user groups) than yours. 


From discussions on how each of these companies best uses the system.


You gain information on how to adapt the system for your business.


Custom ERP software

 Innatos - Is developing custom ERP software worth it? - Custom ERP Software

With customized ERP, the system is developed based on the experience of your company. 


A programmer can design the ERP system according to what he wants the software to be able to do and, ideally.


The process that must be followed to make it work and facilitate its operations.



Is developing custom ERP software worth it? The advantages


Innatos - Is developing custom ERP software worth it? - happy professional menWith a custom system, you are likely to achieve the solutions or get the services you are looking for from software without problems. 


Staff generally have the advantage of understanding how the system works easily because it was designed according to business practices and language. In turn, they have little to adapt to their side.


Custom ERP systems are usually flexible in terms of future technological or even commercial changes. There is always the ability to incorporate any developing trend.


Unlike the factory system, you get a special solution and its design is specifically made to meet your needs. There, you don’t need to wait for a feature and upgrade requests as you’re in complete control of the system.


Is developing custom ERP software worth it?


Innatos - men working in his computerThe basic thing you need on hand while planning to adopt a custom ERP system is that you must budget high upfront fees. You will need a team of technical experts from programmers, quality controllers, database engineers to designers, and probably more. It also takes time and effort to develop software that is uniquely suited to your business.


At Innate, we provide custom ERP software development that enables organizations to automate, plan, collaborate, and execute their business processes at ease. This is perfectly possible for us because we have been developing software and most importantly custom for years.


Besides, at Innatos we have adopted an uncommon quality from most companies that provide IT solutions and services. We not only evaluate your business operations under the ERP system brand, but we also incorporate it, as well as the environment of your business. We believe in relating to our clients as partners in the development of custom ERP software. Visit our custom software development page in Innatos for more information or contact us to speak to an expert.


Examples of ERP customization in Different Industries

It has been seen that most companies are moving towards developing custom ERP for managing their operations. This happens from the advantages of the existence of software that can meet the requirements and solutions of your business. Below, we present you examples of ERP customization examples in different industries


Examples of ERP customization in Different Industries


First, Oil and gas companies


Innatos - Trucks of oil and gasOil and gas companies have a huge advantage with custom ERP development. However, it is generally a tragedy if the system does not support operations efficiently. Therefore, when looking for a customized system for such a massive company, other obvious considerations are taken into account; meet user needs.


Developing custom ERP for oil and gas companies should have more important applications for the safety of the driving environment. Power companies are known to be dangerous to their environment and, if neglected, will cause damage and to some extent shut down the organization. The system must be able to provide data to technicians as warnings in the event of any threat so that they can mitigate risks.


What should the system do besides facilitating the operations of the company? Custom ERP development should be able to open opportunities for highly profitable business investments. That is, you should also have a cost management application.


Finally, the oil and gas fields are known to be truly massive and some are generally found in dense remote areas. However, since it is a business, all assets must be taken into account. In turn, good network software is essential to independently integrate and manage all company operations. Such location difficulties are limited to high-tech optimization tools to manage all work and resources at all times.


Second of the Examples of ERP customization in different industries, Manufacturing companies


Innatos - Examples of ERP customization - manufacturing animated companyWith manufacturing companies, custom ERP systems are very important. This importance is felt when it comes to saving costs, eliminating office paperwork, tracking business performance, and improving the customer experience. This is made possible by integrated custom application platforms for managing your operations.


Managing national or, to some extent, international business operations can be a difficult task. Still, ERP customization can shed light on all your business processes. 


This happens since it allows the management of the creation of a product, the commercialization, and the use of the product. at all decentralized points of sale. Also, it integrates all that data, thus incorporating the workflow and control automatically.


Third, Education


Innatos - Examples of ERP customization - apple with books on itThe schools that are going to complete the computerization of their functions and processes have a customized ERP development to choose from. A large number of schools have been seen to be heading in this direction using highly personalized programs to manage school management and are known to be very successful.


Examples of ERP customization in Different Industries. Whether in kindergarten, kindergarten, high school, or universities, these systems have proven to provide efficient management of institutions. 


Innatos Systems Group can help you develop your own ERP customization. ¡Contact us know!


3 Tips to Effectively use a CRM

Each organization implements a CRM system with the desire to optimize their business processes. In this way, they can improve the quality of customer service, explore new business opportunities and seek new customers. However, only a few are successful. Why? Because most do not adopt CRM best practices, therefore, it leads to a low return on investment. So you need to know the 3 tips to effectively use a CRM.


CRM is just a technology and its success ultimately depends on how effectively employees use it. If you want to use your system effectively, keep the following basic points in mind to take advantage of the unlimited potential of this technology. With the 3 tips to effectively use the software, you can achieve success.


First, of 3 tips to effectively use a CRM, customize your CRM to your business needs


Innatos - 3 Tips to Effectively use a CRM - profileHaving software is the first step in trying to establish closer connections with your prospects and customers. However, a ready-to-use solution will not be able to connect to all departments in your organization. To make the most of your software, you must customize it to your unique business needs.


You should customize the look of your system to give it a sleek and vibrant interface, as it is the first app employees sign in to and the last app they sign out of. You can also add or remove workflows, modules, and dashboards in the software based on your business requirements.


If you are not satisfied with the default reporting module, you can always get custom reports created. This way you can monitor the performance of your employees and your organization.


The possibilities are endless. Therefore, you need to find out what you want from your Customer relationship management for optimal customization.

Second of the 3 tips to effectively use a CRM, update information in the database


Innatos - 3 consejos para usar efectivamente un CRM - computadoraThe software is as good as the data available in its knowledge base. The data is used across the organization for multiple reasons, including campaign initiatives, customer service, marketing, etc.


A serious problem can arise if your sales representatives do not have access to a mobile CRM system. Since sellers are primarily in the field, they often tend to forget to update customer information in real-time. Even if they go back to the office and then enter the details, they probably won’t remember the granular details, and therefore the information won’t be entirely accurate.


You must ensure that your Customer relationship management is compatible with mobile functionality. In this way, you can ensure that sales representatives can collect information at the source and update it in the system in real-time. This results in the data being organized, accurate and error-free. An updated database inevitably increases the results extracted from the software.


Third of the 3 tips to effectively use a CRM, train your employees


Innatos - empleadosThe cornerstone of your software’s success is its staff, so you must equip them with the essential knowledge and skills necessary to get the most out of the system. Initially, employees will not be very receptive to the idea of ​​training to use new software. Many would think that software would make their processes more complex and that it would be better to do things the old-fashioned way. If the system is too complex and cumbersome, employees won’t embrace technology with an open heart.


To get the maximum benefits from Customer relationship management, train your employees and educate them on how their contributions and the use of the system can increase their own productivity and improve their performance. It is recommended to carry out training by department or team and focus on the functionalities rather than the process.


Review your practices of this system and make use of the 3 tips to effectively use a system and let CRM software work for you.




Innatos - 3 Tips to Effectively use a CRM - circle

Many companies struggle when it comes to getting the desired ROI from their implementation of this system. The reason is that they simply buy Customer relationship management but do not adopt CRM best practices.


You must remember that implementing a system would not grow your business by leaps and bounds overnight. It is part of a long-term strategy that requires you to learn the technology from the inside out to unlock its true potential.