How ERP for SMEs can save you time and money. One of the main questions executives ask when they are considering whether or not to invest in ERP software for SMEs is, how will this system help me save time and money? This is a very reasonable and understandable question. At the end of the day, why invest in something that wastes resources that are so valuable to your business?


If you are still looking for reasons to take the big step and buy an ERP system for your small or medium-sized business, you may need to take some time to read this post. We will show you some ways in which an ERP for SMEs can help you save time and money.


Ways an ERP for SMEs can help you save time and money


Innatos - How ERP for SMEs can save you time and money - communicationOrderly and waste-free operations


Any tool that manages to automate work allocation and workflow is a great help in saving a lot of time and money.


An ERP is a system capable of providing overall visibility of work and resources across your entire business. 


This means that you can see in real-time how materials and resources are being managed to detect failures or misuse, as well as any other malpractice that may be affecting the performance of your company’s processes.



Minimise administrative costs


Without ERP software, it’s often impossible to link operations, services, and customer information. This can double, triple or even quadruple the amount of time it takes to get information and the amount of administrative staff required.


By contrast, when you have ERP you have everything in one place and with it, the time spent dealing with customers is reduced, which means higher profits and happier customers.

Management costs under control


Management costs can also be drastically reduced when an ERP system is installed in a growing small or medium-sized business. With this technology, executives can rely on up-to-the-minute reporting and dashboards that provide up-to-the-minute analysis of the business or department. This can help save time – teams no longer have to spend hours gathering information that may be out of date.


Similarly, with ERP, triggers and alerts can be set up to highlight exceptions – anything that poses a risk to the company’s financial health will be immediately notified to management.


Finally, another way an ERP can help keep management costs under control is by providing an overview and status of each project. Managers can monitor in real time the true cost of each project as it’s being carried out.


This also applies to the budget allocated to human resources. Without an ERP system, it’s difficult for management to have a full understanding of its workforce, efficiency and training requirements. With this software, up-to-date data on employee performance and all the budget information allocated to this important part of the business can be obtained.


Inventory in order


Innatos -conclusionInventory is undoubtedly one of the areas in which almost all growing companies tend to waste time and money. That’s why most of the ERP software for SMEs on the market has comprehensive functionality to optimize inventory management.


For example, with such a system, excess and understocking can be reduced because it provides a complete overview of the stock holding, thus avoiding stagnation and loss of goods.


On the other hand, an ERP software allows the forecasting of stock requirements, taking into account year-to-year figures or other variants that may affect demand provides reports on wastage, returns, exchanges, replacements, and more. 


How ERP for SMEs can save you time and money. This is very important so that you are not left with a warehouse full of products that do not make money for your company or that need to be repaired or returned to the manufacturer.


Other ways in which an ERP saves you time and money on inventory is by providing visibility of stock location and providing a stock valuation, the latter of which allows you to understand what the costs of warehousing and cash flow are.


Time is money, and with money your business can do a lot of things. With ERP software it’s possible to increase your company’s profitability through its ability to optimise business processes, save costs and remove the barriers of time and place that do so much damage to businesses.


The perfect ERP software for your copmany


If you feel that your company is experiencing accelerated growth but still can’t make enough profit or control its resources, it may be time to purchase ERP software. In Innatos Software we have tailor-made ERP software for the needs of your company.

ERP is a simple but powerful tool designed especially for growing businesses. It can help you improve your business processes, maximise your operation and give you the boost you need to operate like a big business and succeed in the marketplace. Manage in a comprehensive and transparent way various functions of your company such as finance, sales, customers, inventories, operations, among others and get the information you need in real time for decision making.


Globalisation means the appearance of new competitors in the markets but, at the same time, it helps companies to enter other countries and reduce costs. This is an aspect that only companies that are prepared for it will be able to use correctly.


These solutions, now known as enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, centralise the input of information from each area and make it available to the rest of the company in real time to streamline processes and decision-making.


But what is the main benefit of this increased control and agility in your company’s processes? Time and cost savings. To achieve this, there are five concrete steps in which an ERP helps to reduce a company’s costs.


Increasing visibility and control over your business. Time is money. That’s why an ERP system is perfect for unifying all processes and areas of your company.


Watch out for the smallest mistakes. Don’t tread water and solve as soon as possible those small daily difficulties that can lead to losses.


Multiply the efficiency of your administration. Avoid mistakes and double your time with a unified system that shares information. Unlock resources. How ERP for SMEs can save you time and money. Not reducing your costs is a cost in itself. Optimise and plan your management to avoid unnecessary expenses.


Increase your competitiveness. Translate cost savings into benefits for your customers and you will increase your demand. In short, ERP management is the first point of maturity of a company, it’s the electronic and computerised tool that allows structuring all procedures. It’s vital to take these aspects into account in order to get the most out of the implementation of such a tool.

Custom software is also known as tailor-made software. The customized software is one that has been developed for a specific user or organization. That is to say, it is designed based on the needs of the users who will use the application and complying with specific characteristics. What are the advantages of custom software development? Keep reading to learn more.


Examples of custom software can be seen in a business environment. For example, a company that wishes to have control of the products it manufactures can resort to the creation or development of software. This special custom software will manage all automated functions associated with the company’s processes. For example, production, inventory, sale, and distribution to branches or from a website on the Internet. These are some of the advantages of custom software development.


The development and maintenance of custom software turn out to be more expensive than a software package sold to many people. When the company decides to develop customized software, it has to cover all expenses related to the software development process. However, custom software development allows you to build a solid database to better analyze the information. In addition, the advantages of custom software development are many.


Knowing the custom software to know the advantages of custom software development


Want to know the advantages of custom software development? First, we have to know what custom software is. The software is generally divided into two categories; “packaged”, and made to order. The dilemma is between choosing a commercial software product or developing custom software through a consultant. It is a hard decision that depends on your company’s needs.


Custom software development services allow companies to transform their daily operations into applications oriented to specific objectives. Unlike standard software applications, custom software has the remarkable ability to function exactly as we want. Since each company has different requirements, it is very difficult for a product to meet multiple needs simultaneously. 


Over the years; Organizations have learned how commercial software products fall short when it comes to meeting the various requirements of their company. This has led to a greater demand for custom-developed software products designed to meet the specific needs of the organization.

What is the difference between these types of software?  What are the advantages of custom software development?


First of all, it is important to make clear what we mean by “packaging” and “custom made”. Packaged software is something you can buy or download. Currently, with the advancement of technology, we can even access software products of this type that are deployed in the cloud. That is to say, without the need to install or require some type of infrastructure to use. This kind of use of the software is called SaaS. SaaS means “Software as a service”. The packaged software provides you with exactly the same functions as any other person or organization that uses it.


On the other hand, customized or custom-developed software can be fully adapted to meet the needs of the buyer. This means that it is unique and contains the specific characteristics that you or your company requests. Because of this reason, there are many advantages of custom software development.


When to choose packaged software?


The packaged option may make sense if you or your company have fairly simple or very general needs. For example, you may need to perform basic word processing or electronic billing tasks, which makes this type of software a good option. In this case, you might not use all the advantages of custom software development.


Packed software was designed with the idea that hundreds of thousands of users use it in the same way. The company or organization that uses it must have the flexibility to adapt the processes it seeks to automate to what the software offers.


When to choose custom-developed software?


The customized option may be more appropriate if you need an application that meets the specific needs of your company. Maybe there is nothing on the market that is right for you, or maybe you have some very particular demands that you need to address. If none of the programs available in the market seems suitable for your needs, then you should consider the custom options. 


The advantages of custom software development and the disadvantages of packaged software


Sometimes there are too many disadvantages with packaged software, because it may include numerous superfluous features that you do not need to manage your business. On the contrary, the specific features that your organization really needs may not be included.


It is very likely that the requests you make to the software providers will not be met due to the large number of users they serve. In this type of software, it is a commitment to be designed to keep the most of your users happy, instead of meeting all the requirements of a specific company.


Also, if all your competitors use the same programs in the same way, then you will not get any competitive advantage of the software. In the worst case, you may also need to change the way you operate to use the software effectively.


The benefits and advantages of custom software development


What are the advantages of custom software development are many? Working with a software development company in a custom application offers a wide range of advantages. One of the most important benefits is that it is a direct relationship that will provide a solid understanding of your business and an understanding of your needs for the entire process.


When you customize a custom application for your specific requirements, it adapts to your business in a way that suits you. In addition, developers can be more receptive to your needs and changes can be made as you occupy them, allowing you to easily adapt.


Besides, if the application is developed according to your requirements, you will save time and money when teaching your staff how to use it. An application developed according to your own specification will probably require even less configuration and training work, since it must be intuitive for your staff.


A good custom software application can also generate efficiencies by automating manual tasks. Also, a good developer can also point out additional benefits that could be obtained in ways you might not have thought like increasing sales or creating your own podcast.


Conclusions of the advantages of custom software development


As you can see, there are advantages to custom software development. You must now that this is software tailored to the requirements of your company.


If you have the capacity to invest in something like that, you should consider that the company that carries out the project must be solid.


Innatos System Group is a great choice, with sufficient support to be able to generate confidence in the software product that will be developed. In Innatos System Group staff, you will find all the necessary experience and knowledge technological and a mature development methodology. 

DeskAlerts Cloud Communication System for Enterprise. Having a trustworthy internal communications system is a must for any business. This can be even more important in times of crisis. One example can be what we are experiencing today with the COVID-19 situation.


If you can’t have fast and efficient communication with your employees, you can’t be sure they will know everything they need to know. All of this can be, how to do their jobs, to stay safe, and to understand your company’s goals.


A cloud-based communication system can be the perfect choice for your business as it can give you a lot of benefits. This is a given since today, a lot of businesses have their staff working from home.


The main difference between a cloud-based and a local system is that with the cloud you can access it easily. This is because when you host it in the cloud, you’re hosting it on the software vendor’s servers. This way, you can access it from anywhere through a web browser. On the contrary, local software is hosted on your business’ own computers and servers. Thus, when you decide to use a cloud solution, you won’t have to rely on your infrastructure performance.


Why you need a cloud-based communication platform


Cloud-based systems are becoming more popular with each day that passes. According to Flexera research, 59% of companies are expecting a growth in the use of the cloud. They came to this conclusion after comparing their plans before the pandemic to the current situation.


Communication systems are not an exception to this. In fact, 53% of our customers have said that they are looking for a cloud-based enterprise communications system.


This is not a surprise, since this is vital during the COVID-19 pandemic. For companies, being able to offer a flexible work environment can be the difference between going broke or achieving success. For this, they must provide their employees with easy access to their systems.


In a lot of companies, as soon as employees started to work from home, the system became overwhelmed. Why? Because companies never thought of having so many remote connections trying to get in at the same time. So, these systems weren’t prepared for that kind of demand and struggled to fulfill it. This affected productivity, profitability, and business continuity for the worst.


DeskAlerts Cloud Communication System for Enterprise. Companies that relied on cloud-hosted services fared much, much better.


We know that being able to reach your employees through on-site devices can be important for your corporate communications strategy. However, when doing this, you’re trusting that those devices and your employees are working through a functional network.


So, in the case that your network goes down, and an issue that affects your company happens outside of regular office hours appears, how will you reach your employees? This situation can require being able to talk with them immediately and these devices may not be useful in this case. They can be desk phones, office loudspeakers, digital signage, and desktop computers. Thus, you won’t have a lot of options to reach your people to inform them about the said issue.


That is why you need a cloud-based communication platform.


How the DeskAlerts cloud communication solution works


DeskAlerts is an internal notification system that you can install on your local servers or in the cloud. Both types of hosting can be similar in a lot of ways. Both of them use different methods to establish ways of communication between you and your employees. Some of these can be:


  • Pop-up notifications
  • Video messages
  • Desktop tickers
  • Corporate wallpapers, lock screens, and screensavers
  • Surveys and many more.


DeskAlerts Cloud Communication System for Enterprise. Some people say that this system is intrusive and it can be. It’s like this to grab the attention of your employees no matter where they are or what other tasks they are doing.  


With the cloud-based version of our notification system, the software will be hosted on our server for top tier stability, security, and scalability. You must also know that the DeskAlerts support team are the ones who create these client applications. They are also in charge of distributing them to your administration team. After that, an Active Directory will be configured to satisfy your security requirements. Thus, any devices with the internet and a mobile connection will be able to receive the DeskAlerts messages.


As you can see, DeskAlerts works perfectly as a web-based communication system. With it, administrators will be able to access the cloud via a web browser. They can send messages directly to employees no matter where they are.


Thus, this is a cloud alert system than can offer you scalability and efficiency. This way it can help you to improve your day-to-day internal communication between you and your staff.


Benefits of the DeskAlerts cloud-based communication system


By using the DeskAlerts cloud solution for your organization’s internal communications, you will be able to easily reach thousands of employees. DeskAlerts Cloud Communication System for Enterprise. It won’t matter whether they are in the office or working outside of it. They can be anywhere and you will still be able to talk with them.


The benefits include:


The ability to send messages to all of your employees at once and to be sure that they are seen by all of them – even if they are working from home, are traveling, or work in the field.


  • Even if your system is down you can still send messages.
  • You can send notifications from literally anywhere. You don’t need to use a VPN connection.
  • The DeskAlerts system can be integrated with other systems via API to meet virtually any business requirements.
  • You can send notifications to any devices without having to make additional adjustments – no VPN or reverse proxy is needed.

Innatos - men working


Reasons to try the DeskAlerts cloud alert system


If you’re looking for a trustworthy system to improve the ways of communication in your organization, DeskAlerts is the tool for you! This is a handy communications system for enterprises. Remember that you can also tailor it to suit your organization’s needs.


DeskAlerts Cloud Communication System for Enterprise. Here are the five main reasons why you should try DeskAlerts… but if you can think of many more, please share them with us in the comments below!


  • Send different types of content for different purposes


It doesn’t matter what kind of message you want to send to your employees, DeskAlert will do it for you. You can send anything you want and DeskAlert will make sure all your employees receive it. Some examples can be the sharing of:


  • Announcements of new policies and procedures
  • Reminders about training opportunities
  • Emergency notifications
  • Invitations to corporate events
  • Information about system outages.


  • DeskAlerts Cloud Communication System for Enterprise, Cut costs by embracing a cloud-based communication platform


When you use the DeskAlerts as a cloud-based communications system, it costs your company a lot less money. We came to this conclusion by comparing it to if you have to own and maintain your own Windows-based VM or a physical server.


In fact, right now the DeskAlerts cloud system is 50% off!


  • Free up your IT department’s time


There are many ways DeskAlerts can save your IT department’s time. One of them is by using it to send notifications about IT outages and other IT issues. With this, you can free up the time your help desk employees spend answering repetitive phone calls about a known issue.


You can save even more of their time if the communications system is located on the cloud. This is because they won’t need to spend any time at all on the installation process and software updates. These are all done automatically on our end.


  • DeskAlerts Cloud Communication System for Enterprise, Dedicated tech support


In case you ever experience any technical issues, a cloud-based platform can allow you to get a quick and efficient solution from our team of technical experts. The best thing about this is that you won’t even need to get involved at all. Thus, you will be able to focus on other company matters.


  • Deploy it quickly


DeskAlerts Cloud Communication System for Enterprise. Another thing you should have in mind about the DeskAlerts cloud solution is that is easy to use. You can have it installed in less than a day and start using it straight away. This way you can make the most of all its benefits and features.



Knowing all the struggles that the current pandemic has brought to all companies around the world, it’s good to know that a tool like DeskAlerts exists. Its aim is to help businesses provide to their employees all the critical information they need. Get in touch with us today to know how this cloud-based system can work in your own company. Remember, the main benefit of this is to improve communication between you and your employees.

All around the world, little by little COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted. So, companies who used to have their employees working from home now have to make some decisions. These are about whether if they really need their workers to return to the office or not. Learn the checklist for businesses.


To open our office again is going to be a challenge, that’s for sure. The pandemic is far from over and you will need to take some steps to ensure that your employees remain healthy. This way you will protect them and make your office a safe environment.


For many organizations around the world, it will not be safe to return to the office for quite some time. But for others, it may be time to start cautiously planning a return to the office for at least some employees.


Return to the office or not?


How you move back to working from the office will depend on many factors. Some of these can include government regulations and requirements you need to comply with. Besides, you will also have to think about how you will be able to do this within the confines of your office, and the type of work that your employees will carry out.


The best way to start could be by dividing the return of the office into stages. For example, you can have some employees working from home and others from the office. This way, you will reduce the risk of infection by having a low number of people in your office at the same time.


There are different ways to do this. It could include having a roster of different “teams” who work one week from the office and one week from home, or you might have volunteers who wish to work in the office again all the time and others who would like to remain at home. 


Lessons learned from China’s return to the office


China was the first country that was able to get out of the COVID-19 restrictions. This came after the authorities closed off the city of Wuhan for a few months at the beginning of 2020.


However, Chinese businesses realized that they couldn’t go straight back to business as usual. As a result of the threats posed by the virus, they realized that they had to take a flexible approach. This included the return in stages as we said before.


Some other steps these Chineses businesses took include:


  • Ensuring that the staff implemented social distancing in the office.
  • Providing transport alternatives so employees didn’t have to use public transport.
  • Implementing health and safety checks at the workplace entrance.


Since there isn’t yet a cure or vaccine for this virus, it’s still a threat that can reappear at any moment without warning. Because of this, it’s important to make a plan just in case businesses have to pause their activities once again. In China and other parts of the world, some businesses reopened only to close again due to a new COVID-19 outbreak.


Ways of communication in the pandemic, checklist for businesses 


On the other hand, intern communications also played an important role. Companies had to keep their employees updated with everything related to the return of the office. Thus, this was critical for the success of this. All you need to do is constantly talk with your staff and tell them everything they need to know to make this easier for them.


A lot of companies started to use popular locals apps like DingTalk or WeChat to talk with their employees. Others just decided to stick with their internal ones. They did this to encourage exchange and interaction between them. Some global companies stopped using their global communication channels for their Chinese workers. The reason for this was that they realized that they had nothing on the local apps that the workers liked best.


Good employee communication should be clear, consistent, and transparent. Remember to also include two-way feedback. For this, you can create a “return to the office” survey for your employees. This way, you will be able to understand any concerns your frontline workers have. Thus, this will allow you to address them before they return to the office.


How other companies are coming back to the office. Checklist for businesses


This a matter that has worried millions of businesses around the world. Because of this, they are trying their best to ensure they have the appropriate protocols and measures in place. So, keep in mind that all of this will require making some changes to the behavior of employees.


The global investment bank, Citigroup, for example, restarted activities in their New York offices again in June. But only a small amount of its workforce returned (around 5%). So, they looked for volunteers from employees who had roles that didn’t suit the work from home practice. Thus, these employees were among the first to return to the office.


Now, the company is showing them videos about the new rules to follow once they return to the office building. These include how they have to enter the building and the protocol for the use of the bathrooms. Additionally, there are now fewer chairs in spaces like conference rooms. Plexiglass is also being used to separate desks.


Another company from New York, Silverstein Properties, has also returned its employees to the office. For this, they divided their employees into three groups. So, each group of employees must go to the office for two days. Then, they must work from home for four days. The company has also installed shields made of plexiglass at its desks. They also put antimicrobial films on surfaces in common areas that are touched a lot by people.

Innatos - woman with protection


Checklist for businesses for a return to the office building after COVID


Whether you decide to keep your employees working from home, or have them return to the office, you must know that this is a big decision to make. Besides, this will also take a lot of planning as well as considering every factor possible.


Legal guidelines


  • Determine whether it is safe to reopen or not. Does the community you work in require ongoing shelter in place or other restrictions? If the answer is yes, there could be legal consequences to reopening despite these orders.
  • Find out what government requirements are in place and make a plan to obey them. Will any government orders limit the way you want to reopen? 


checklist for businesses, Operational considerations


  • Look at how effective has been working from home for your company. Its this a successful or problematic option?
  • Has productivity decreased during the work from the home period?
  • Are there functions or tasks that can’t be done from home?
  • Has your technology failed frequently? 
  • Find out which employees should return to the office first, and when.
  • Prepare managers to be able to transition their team members back to the workplace. For this, you should give them the tools to help manage the situation.
  • Consult with employees and their representatives about their preferences and concerns.


Workplace arrangements


  • Are you able to put measures in place to protect any employees in a higher risk category?
  • Have you implemented enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols?
  • Look at your workplace layout and consider what changes will need to be made to apply social distancing. Cancel every non-essential business trip.
  • Ensure appropriate distances between seats/desks.
  • Provide barriers.
  • Place visual markers on the floor.
  • Develop elevator protocols to prevent crowding.
  • Provide sanitizers, masks, and other PPE.
  • Encourage etiquette with coughing and sneezing.
  • Opening and closing times by stages.
  • Restrictions on some shared spaces or shared facilities.
  • Determine how employees can get to and from work safely. If they are using public transport, will they be putting their colleagues at risk?


checklist for businesses, Update policies and procedures


  • Create and share training materials on safety procedures around the return to the office building.
  • Create protocols around sick employees. This means that anyone with symptoms must stay home.
  • Create protocols around anyone who has been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19. So, let them know that they must isolate themselves for a specified period of time.
  • Implement employee health checks.
  • Protocols if an employee tests positive for COVID-19.
  • Have clear policies about illness and reporting it to Human Resources.
  • Develop an emergency communications plan and review communications channels.
  • Develop regular and COVID related internal communications messages and resources.




Having employees come back to the office after the coronavirus pandemic isn’t easy and straightforward. A lot of changes can stay with us for a long time. Thus, being prepared for any issues that may arise at any second helps you to face them. You must commit yourself to have open communication with your staff. All of this can ensure your success and the health of your employees.

What are the Main Benefits of Cloud Software? The reasons to use a cloud software in your company. You’ve probably heard that the cloud is the future, but do you know why? Keep reading to know more about the reasons to use cloud software in your company.

You don’t have to download anything, you can access cloud software in your company from any computer without any complications.


The reasons to use a cloud software in your company, application Integration


Cloud software can connect with other applications such as e-commerce and more. You can integrate any application you want easily and simply.


Innatos - What are the Main Benefits of Cloud Software? - profesional people workingThe best systems are constantly updating, so the cloud software you get will be the best and you will have the latest version. These changes are managed automatically, without the need to update your platform.


Having the software in the cloud avoids the need to hire a team to maintain the servers that host the software and databases. This is especially beneficial for small businesses with little or no technical expertise and allows for scalability as businesses grow. Scalability is a feature of cloud software that means there is no limit to the number of courses per student and no limit to the number of students or courses that can be grown.


What are the Main Benefits of Cloud Software? The cloud software allows you to set the language you want. With your software in the cloud, you can save the initial cost of servers and licenses and the cost of maintenance in the long term.


The cloud-based software allows you to generate and schedule instant or periodic reports. This can be done in various formats such as PDF or CSV with the respective exhaustive tracking of the clients and processes.


What are the Main Benefits of Cloud Software? The reasons to use a cloud software in your company, it’s customizable


Innatos - people workingSoftware in the cloud tailored to the customer allows the adaptation of the same to the corporate image of your organization and modify the elements according to their needs.


You no longer need to maintain your own server or install the software on each of your computers. Nor is it necessary to purchase the software, nor to make a high initial outlay on systems.


With the software in the cloud, you only have to sign up for the service and start working. The process is done quickly and with less costs since all the software is in one place, in the cloud, of course.


Reduce costs


Innatos - moneyWhat are the Main Benefits of Cloud Software? In addition to saving you the money of one or many licenses and the cost of using and maintaining the servers, you also save on the cost of the software in the cloud. If you have a small business, you will need to have a few users accessing the software. With this type of software you can hire a basic plan per month, so every month you know exactly what your business infrastructure will cost if you have it in the cloud.


Cloud servers are very powerful machines, designed and prepared to maintain a large workload in real-time. The advantage for the company is that the program will run faster than on a normal office computer.


In addition, these servers are constantly maintained and supervised by specialized technicians. For that reason, the company will not have problems with viruses, updates, incompatible programs, misconfigurations, or other issues.

If tomorrow your business is doing well and you need more users to access the management software or more features you can increase your subscription as your needs change. Or if, on the other hand, your company reduces its activity, you can not renew certain services and adapt the system to every moment of your business.


What are the advantages of cloud-based software? What are the advantages of cloud-based software? The reasons to use cloud software in your company gives a company the opportunity to expand.


Conclusion of What are the Main Benefits of Cloud Software?


Innatos - What are the Main Benefits of Cloud Software? - profesional people workingOr at least the information that you give them permission to see. Thus, you can be in constant contact with your headquarters in other areas. Or have the possibility to visit a customer outside your country and have a click all the information of your business wherever you are.


For me, this is another of the great advantages of cloud software: you can customize it to suit your business. 


Have you considered the advantages of your business if you have your information in the cloud? The use of software in the cloud is an improvement in many business processes. In fact, the companies that benefit most are the small and medium-sized ones. The reason is that they have the possibility to use business models that until recently were only at hand by large companies.

DeskAlerts has introduced another channel to communicate with your employees! This is the Corporate Lock Screen tool. Now, you can add it to your set of internal communications tools. You will able to grab the attention of your employees in the workplace. You may wonder how it works. As its name implies, this tool turns the login screens of your staff computer’s into a communication channel.


The Corporate Lock Screen joins a collection of other tools from DeskAlerts. Its aim is to ensure an easy and quick way of communication between you and every employee. This way, you will be sure that they see every piece of information you send them.


Why you need a multi-channel approach to internal communications


Corporate Lock Screen. If you only use a single way of communication, your employees might never see what you send them.


This can be for many reasons: Maybe some age demographics like to get information differently. For example, some age groups like to receive information through social media. On the other hand, others prefer to see it in a print format.


Other methods such as emails and internal newsletters have low-read rates and may be forgotten quickly. This can mean policies not complied with, low attendance at company events, and a low rate of employee engagement.



Having a multi-channel approach to internal communications can be beneficial for your company. Here, you can share information across different tools and platforms. Thus, you will be sure that your staff have seen and remember the information you have shared with them.


If you want to be sure that your messages are reaching your target audience – whether that is all your employees or a custom audience within your organization – you have to send messages that:


  • Don’t interrupt a person’s work activities.
  • Have a relevant and appropriate topic. Remember to deliver them frequently
  • Requires no effort from the recipient to be received.
  • Conveys the information in a visually engaging way. This way, the message with be remembered.


Don’t forget that the information that our brains receive is 90% visual.


Corporate Lock Screen for internal communications


The DeskAlerts Corporate Lock Screen works by using the login screen of your employees’ workstations. Thus, this can be helpful to send them information. This is because they usually see them on a daily basis to enter their usernames and passwords.


Just like our corporate wallpapers and screensavers, it works as an added element to send messages. It allows you to cover a wide range of topics or to reinforce the same message. This can be especially important for those messages from your internal communications campaigns. Thus, it provides a seamless experience to all your employees as the message will follow them all day.


The login screen software comes with the DeskAlerts system. All you need to do is create a new Corporate Lock Screen message in the DeskAlerts control panel. The creative login screen message will take the form of a single image. Select the targeted audience for the message. For example, the whole company or just the accounts team or only employees who work in a particular office.


You can then schedule the date and time for it to appear – or send it immediately. Targeted employees will receive the Corporate Lock Screen Content at the very moment their computer switches into lock screen mode.


And because you can deliver it through the DeskAlerts system, there is no need to involve your organization’s IT team whenever you want the message changed.

Different ways to use a custom Windows login screen


There are multiple ways you can use a custom login screen to communicate with your employees. With login screen software, this includes, but is not limited to:


Corporate Lock Screen, Sharing organizational news, KPIs, progress, and achievements 


If you want to create a welcoming and inclusive space for your employees, you should share information as well as celebrate and recognize their achievements. This way, you will build a solid company culture that, in turn, will allow you to boost employee engagement. Thanks to this your levels of productivity and profit will also increase.


You can use the custom login screen to share and celebrate these achievements. Has your sales team met its targets? Have your company’s stocks improved? Are you getting good publicity in the press? Make sure your employees know via the corporate lock screen!


For example, your employees have met all the targets set out in the quarterly plan. You can send a message via the custom Windows login screen that thanks employees and says “Congratulations! We have successfully completed the quarterly plan! Thank you for your work!”

Innatps - working woman


Broadcast your company mission statement, values, and goals


The “foundation content” of any organization is important. Its statements about its mission, values, and goals are part of this content. This lets the public know what the company believes in and what it aims to achieve. So, every employee must know these goals. However, not everyone will take the time to read corporate plans or any document where they can find this.


The lock screen software can help you to deliver this information to your employees’ workstations. This way they can get to know the aims and beliefs of your company.


You can also reinforce these messages by highlighting positive examples of this. Like when the company or employees have lived your values and acted following them. You can do all this via a creative login screen graphic.


For example, imagine that you have a team that has detected fraud and your values are integrity and honesty. For this, you could send a creative login screen message featuring a photo of the team. Here, you can congratulate them, and outline how they are upholding the values of the company.

Corporate Lock Screen, Communicate incidents such as system outages, inclement weather, operational issues


There are a lot of times where you need to quickly share some information that can affect your employees’ work process. This information can be things like blackouts, scheduled maintenance, storm, and other weather events, problems with facilities, and so on.


In these cases, you can send a custom login screen message to employees. This way, you will them updated about the situation at hand.


For example, if your phone system is down, alongside the urgent pop-up message send a custom login screen letting everyone know what is going on. Thanks to this, you will reduce the pressure on your IT help desk.


Communicate your change initiatives


The reason why a lot of management programs fail is that employees don’t understand them. Thus, they won’t be happy to adopt them.


So, sending custom corporate lock screen messages can help you a lot in this case. How? Well, when you do this, you will be highlighting and repeating your key initiatives for this change.


For example, if your company is looking to diversify its business, you can run a creative login screen campaign. In it, you can outline what is the additional business you will be doing and what the benefits are. You can also send images to your employees to remind them via the lock screen.


Corporate Lock Screen, Remind employees about important events or dates


There are lots of different company events that take place every year. Some of them can include training, product launches, deadlines, and other social events.


Login screen software can send visual reminders about them. This way, people won’t forget them and when they will take place.


For example, you can create a custom login screen with a countdown clock to an important date. This can be a deadline or event. Thus, you will be motivating and creating maximum buy-in and awareness from your staff.

Why the Corporate Lock Screen is the best way to change your login screens


The DeskAlerts Corporate Lock Screen needs you to install a client application on your employee’s workstation. Remember that the computer where you install it has to run a supported Windows version. Then, the app will be stored locally on your employees’ device. Thus, you won’t have to worry about anything. Why? Because it will keep working even if the client-server connection is interrupted.


This login screen software can be easily set up on your company’s own server or with a cloud provider. This is thanks to it being delivered through standard HTTP(S) protocols.


Without a system like DeskAlerts, the only way you could customize your creative login screen would be via the IT department. They would do this by using the Windows lock screen Group Policy feature that comes with the operative system. This method allows you to manage and configure a wide range of Windows features in a centralized way (GPO).


A lock screen managed via group policy has the advantage of being free if you are using a Windows operating system. This means that you already have it and don’t have to purchase additional lock screen software.


However, there are disadvantages to this method. For example, if you don’t have a specialized login screen software, it can be difficult to install custom lock screens throughout the company. Not only that, but it can take a lot of time and effort from the IT department to do this. On the other hand, with DeskAlerts, the internal communications department can do all of this. Remember that they are the ones who work on all the different communications campaigns that need to be run on behalf of different teams in the company.


Anything you do to improve and enhance communications within your organization will see great results all around for your company and its success. And, without a doubt, login screen software can help you achieve this. Contact us today for a free demo on how DeskAlerts and its many different features can help you to improve your internal communications. This, obviously, includes the Corporate Lock Screen.

What are the benefits of ERP software in the cloud? To understand the benefits of ERP software in the cloud, we must first define the concept of cloud-based ERP software. ERP is an acronym for enterprise resource planning. ERP is a type of software used by companies for the purpose of managing processes and information throughout the organization.


Cloud-based ERP software refers to the ERP software and tools that are offered and managed in the cloud. That is, the system is maintained on an external server rather than in the company itself that uses the ERP. So what are the benefits of ERP software in the cloud? Read on to learn more.


The benefits of ERP software in the cloud


First, The total cost of installing the software


Cloud-based ERP typically has a lower total cost of ownership than on-premises options. Because you are authorizing access to the software, you can avoid high upfront costs. This is because it is not necessary to purchase the software and hardware required to run the ERP on your company’s devices.


Innatos - The benefits of ERP software in the cloud - moneyFor cloud-based systems, you only need Internet access to work using the ERP system. In the long run, there is also no need to train and maintain an information technology team that is responsible for the software.


However, business owners will have to pay a monthly fee to continuously use and access the software. Most business owners also work with an ERP consultant or as an Innatos service provider. We help you to help set up and maintain your system over time.


Finally, it is important to consider the scalability of cloud servers. If you plan to expand the business, traders can save costs in the long run. The reason is that they can increase, or even decrease, the server space. That is, you choose the size of the software you need.


For example, a restaurant can increase server space for the holiday season. Later, you can decrease the space when you no longer need it. This allows business owners to pay only for what they need.


Second of the benefits of ERP software in the cloud Maintenance with access 24 hours a day and 7 days a week


For most growing companies, a key feature of cloud-based software is that you don’t have to be an expert to be able to use it effectively. You do not personally need an IT team to maintain the software infrastructure and constantly monitor performance issues to fix.


Innatos - The benefits of ERP software in the cloud - workingInstead, the ERP provider is responsible for monitoring the data and operation of the service. For a growing small business, this can mean a big difference in costs, resources, and time spent using the system.


What is a key software difference from ERP software compared to a business’s physical facilities? That business owners can access a cloud-based ERP system anywhere and anytime.


All you need to do is have an Internet connection. This allows your ERP to be wherever you are. You can take orders, check inventory, and more while in the field or on the warehouse floor.


Third, software updates simple and time-consuming


Innatos men workingAnother advantage of cloud-based ERP systems for business owners is the speed with which they can perform software updates. Bug fixes can also be made just as easily.


These types of processes can be done frequently, automatically programmed at the most convenient time for business processes. This way updates can be made without affecting your business.


Local updates may require a complete system shutdown. They may even need to redeploy the software from scratch. Therefore, they can be a big annoyance that traders decide not to upgrade. When the software is not updated, you get to run the risk of performance issues. This is one of the problems of obsolete software.


Fourth of the benefits of ERP software in the cloud, it can be easily integrated into the system


Innatos - The benefits of ERP software in the cloud - puzzleERP handles many different aspects of your business. However, it does not handle everything. In addition to ERP, traders can use other enterprise software systems. For example, an e-commerce platform, a CRM, or a point-of-sale system for the physical or online store. Your business processes will improve if all those systems are integrated into the ERP.


What does ERP integration work for? ERP integration with other enterprise systems enables the automatic transfer of important data between them. Otherwise, you can waste a lot of time manually entering data from one system to another. For example, when taking online orders and entering them into your ERP for order processing.


Cloud-based systems use an application Program Interfaces (API). Therefore, they have easier and more predictable integration projects. It is possible to integrate software into the facility. However, projects often require more time.


Integrating ERP software into the installation can be costly when customizations are taken into account. In most cases, the systems must be directly linked. This situation may create problems in the future. For these reasons, cloud-based ERP systems are the easiest to integrate.


Final Notes


In summary, we can say that there are various ways in the cloud-based ERP reduces costs in many ways and brings many benefits.


Innatos - womanFirst, it avoids the initial costs of installing the entire IT infrastructure. For example, hardware and data servers. It also reduces the need for Information Technology Support Services. The reason is that the data center provides information technology support for the business.


In addition, cloud-based ERP software eliminates prepayment for application software licenses. Instead, it implements a monthly fee. But even with the monthly fee, you’ll save more money. The reason is that the cost of maintaining and supporting the online ERP application is reduced. This is achieved because it is the cloud provider who takes care of the updates and updates. Alos may pay only for the necessary computer resources.


But there are not only monetary benefits from using ERP software in the cloud. This system includes other more important benefits. For example, you can take advantage of ERP applications in the cloud faster. The reason is that you will no longer need to install hardware and software on servers or user devices.


You’ll also have the ability to adjust the amount of cloud service as an enterprise’s it or storage needs fluctuate. Another important feature is that the system can be accessed from anywhere. This facilitates the geographical expansion of a company.


There are many benefits of a cloud-based ERP system and you can take advantage of them with Innatos Software. Contact us today and ask for more information about our services.

How much does a digital menu for restaurants cost? This is a very common question because even restaurants are affected by modern technology. Is your restaurant spending a lot of time and effort in updating its menus? Maybe, it’s been years since you even considered making a change to your menus.


Are you looking for the best way to retain customers and attract a new audience? Then you need to have a digital menu for restaurants. However, how much does a digital menu for restaurants cost?


Read on to discover why a digital menu board will help your restaurant improve its processes and get a better return on investment. You’ll also know how much a digital menu for restaurant costs.


How much does a digital menu for restaurants cost? The advantages of a digital menu


Innatos - How much does a Digital Menu for Restaurants Cost - a cellphone with a restaurante menuA digital menu board replaces traditional posters. Therefore, it shows a more realistic expectation of how your food looks. In this way, it gives you the opportunity to attract more people. A digital menu gives you the ability to control every aspect of the design and of the clients’ experience.


You can also take advantage of video and animated images. So you can entertain the people waiting in line. Digital menus are bright, clear, and allow you to make intelligent use of negative space.


This makes it easier to create fun and exciting signs for your restaurant in order to improve your clients’ experience.


How much does a digital menu for restaurants cost? Saving time improves the efficiency of your processes


Innatos - savieng timeDigital Signage software is flexible. Thus, it allows you to communicate your message to your target audience when and where they need it.


A restaurant can digital Signage software to configure its digital menus. This way you can make them change as needed, at certain times of the day, on specific days of the week for daily offers or other timely promotions.


In addition, a change made with digital signage software can update digital menus in all your restaurants. This can make you care where you are or how many you have.


How much does a digital menu for restaurants cost? Save money with a digital menu


Innatos - save moneyAfter investing in digital signage, a restaurant does not have to send regular promotions and menu changes to the printer.


In addition, your front-line staff will not be responsible for tearing down and replacing old signboards. With a digital menu, you can save on various costs and involve fewer people.


With a digital menu the design becomes easier and faster. A digital menu is easy to learn and manage.


Therefore, you can cut the middleman. You can also display a calendar of upcoming events and set schedules to display the right content at the right time. That is, at the right time of day and week.


Innatos - How much does a Digital Menu for Restaurants Cost - a credit card with moneyHow much does a digital menu for restaurants cost? Factors that influence the price.


To know how much a digital menu costs for restaurants you need to know the factors that can affect the price.


Below, we present these factors and explain how they work.


We will use the innatos Plows system to make our explanations.


How much does a digital menu for restaurants cost? The accommodation


Innatos - the accommodationThe innate Plows system is based on the AngularJS and .NET. therefore, it is necessary to be hosted on a Windows Server for its proper functioning.


However, the plows system is currently already in Azure. Therefore, the command system could be added as another WebApp. At this point, you should check the extra cost for one more WebApp to find out how much a digital menu costs for restaurants.


What happens if the Azure Service is not required or the client wants to set up its own server?


Then it is necessary that the server has installed the Windows Server operating system from the Year 2012 onwards. In addition, you need to have IIS installed, with at least 4GB of Ram and 512GB of storage. Another very important aspect is the fiber optic broadband connection. A dedicated server connection can also work.


How much does a digital menu for restaurants cost? The database:


Innatos - How much does a Digital Menu for Restaurants Cost - databaseThe database structure is already integrated. In addition, its proper functioning is guaranteed.


If you decide to host the command project in Azure, you can share the same connection that the Plows system uses in azure.


This way you can be sure of the compatibility between these 2 systems.


If you are using your own server, you must install SQL Server 2012 or higher. With the latest version of SSMS, you can import the database to the server.


How much does a digital menu for restaurants cost? Evidence and support



Tests performed in the Plows or command system are performed locally. That is, there is no cloud site that can access a beta of the systems before they are applied to production for all users and customers.


Innatos - evidence and supportIf required, you must create one more WebApp in Azure. You can also mount one more site on the client-server.


Another important factor is support. Support for the command project depends on the problems encountered or new features being requested. At the start, the necessary support will be given to upload the project, configure it, and connect it with the plows system.


The system is based on AngularJS and .NET. therefore, it will work on any changes in the versions supported by the server or in Azure. This will ensure compatibility and keep the site active.


Another aspect of the support system is that staff using the plows and command system will be trained. In this way they will be able to make correct use of the systems, providing all the necessary information of access for them to use the system. When it comes to tablets, we can ensure that the Website is adaptable to the size of the tablet. We can also improve the design to make it easy to use.


How much does a digital menu for restaurants cost? Maintenance

Innatos - How much does a Digital Menu for Restaurants Cost - maintenance

The innate team can schedule tasks to create backup copies.


This way you can keep the saved information.


Also, for each change in the menu will be saved a copy of the sites.


This is insurance in case a new release is not compatible or propagates errors in its operation.


Innatos - in azure

In the azure server, maintenance is within the plan we choose.


For the command project, maintenance is performed when the framework or a service such as miniprinter impressions becomes obsolete.


Changes made in the plows system will also be considered in the command system to ensure compatibility between these 2 systems.



How much does a digital menu for restaurants cost? The functionality of Innate systems make it worth the price


Each tablet is assigned to a waiter and a table.


Innatos - each tablet is assignedCurrently, there is already a control to define the tables and waiters who can attend them. To access the restaurant system you need a PIN which only the waiter knows.


Now, to allow customers to use the system without a password, the waiter will need to log in to the tablet. You can then use an N button to activate the “client mode”. This will hide operation functions. For example, view movement log, change table, change waiter, finish command, and more.


If the waiter is in charge of different tables, when activating the customer mode you must choose the table on which the tablet is located. In this mode, the client will only see the Command screen and will not allow to return or go to the view of available tables.


Innatos - How much does a Digital Menu for Restaurants Cost - a cellphone with a restaurante menuThe diners will be able to navigate through groups created as salads or desserts


In Plows, products can be divided into categories. For example, drinks, salads, desserts, meals.


The Command screen has a navigation bar.


The options in the navigation bar are the categories of the registered products. This could be replicated on the new screen.

Innatos - How much does a Digital Menu for Restaurants Cost - a cellphone with a restaurante menu

Choose the characteristics of the order


Plows products have attributes.


On the Command screen, when choosing a product, you can select the attribute before sending it to the order list.


Innatos - How much does a Digital Menu for Restaurants Cost - order list



Order list


The innatos system has the order list.


This list shows the quantity, types (attributes), price, and reviews for each product in the list.






How much does a digital menu for restaurants cost? Your restaurant is worth it


Innatos - How much does a Digital Menu for Restaurants Cost - a cellphone with a restaurante menuWith digital menus, you can create a more memorable experience for your customers. A digital menu board is your chance to bring the menu to life. It goes beyond listing the available items to choose from.


This can include attractive graphics, educational videos, special lists, and everything else you want your customers to know.


Take advantage of this as an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and gain a competitive advantage.


Innatos - summaryHow much does a digital menu for restaurants cost? In summary


At Innate we have systems of the highest quality at an affordable price.


You can have a digital menu for your company from 22.08 dollars per month.


In addition, only 4.42 dollars will be charged for each additional waiter.

What is an ERP system with cloud functionality? When a business is thinking of expanding, it’s necessary to upgrade its software and technological tools in order to keep up with the growing needs of its operations. One of the largest investments in technology that can be made in business is enterprise resource planning software. Enterprise resource planning software is also known as ERP.


The technology of an ERP system often becomes a key point in a business’s processes. What is an ERP system with cloud functionality? It’s the software where you can manage various aspects of a business. For example, finance, order processing, product information, reports, and more.


ERP software has been a technology that businesses of all sizes have had access to for a long time. This software is used on a regular basis to manage all different aspects of a company or business.


Innatos - What is an ERP system with cloud functionality? - person workingWhat is an ERP system with cloud functionality?


Like other enterprise software systems, ERP software developers are also making the necessary changes to adapt its capabilities to cloud services. This allows them to be more affordable and have greater flexibility for the final user.


This blog will define it as an ERP system with cloud functionality. It will first explain what is an ERP and why it is an important element for your business. Afterward, the benefits of cloud-based ERP systems will be discussed.


What is an ERP system with cloud functionality? What is an ERP?


ERP is an acronym for enterprise resource planning. This type of software manages the entire financial aspect of a business. In addition, ERP helps you with other important areas. For example, inventory, customers, suppliers, project management, and more. ERP software is a general management solution.


Innatos - What is an ERP system with cloud functionality? - people workingThe main purpose of ERP is to assist in general the management of a business. One of the most important benefits of ERP software is that it’s a single system to manage a company globally.


In addition, software in ERP modules is what allows users to integrate different applications in one place. In this way, they will be able to specifically choose the capabilities that a business needs and thus create a tailor-made system that is specifically designed for their needs.


Administrators use ERP software as the basis for managing a business. It’s a multifunctional software from which you can manage all kinds of processes and improve your efficiency. For example, payroll and human resources. You can also create and manage items sold. In addition, you can determine prices for a specific customer, manage the availability of the business’ inventory and much more.


What is an ERP system with cloud functionality? Understanding cloud computing


A new technology that has surged to relevance and notoriety in the current time is cloud-based computing. This type of technology is part of the software as a service. The cloud allows users to access software applications that run on shared computing resources over the internet.


Some of the resources that can be shared across the cloud include processing power, memory, and disk storage. These computer resources are kept on remote computers. These computers are dedicated to hosting multiple applications on multiple hardware platforms.


What is an ERP system with cloud functionality? An ERP system with cloud functionality is a software as a service. This software allows users of a company to access ERP software over the Internet.


Innatos - computerERP software with cloud functionality has lower upfront costs. The reason is that IT resources are rented per month instead of buying them. Therefore, they are kept on the premises of the company from which they have been rented. Another feature of ERP software with cloud functionality is that it gives las access to their business-critical applications at any time. In addition, this can be done from any location.


Technically the main difference between an ERP system with cloud functionality and a local ERP is where the software is physically located. However, there are other significant differences. Below we will present some of the features and advantages of an ERP system with cloud functionality.

The main features and advantages


Having software in the cloud is an important advantage for small and medium-sized businesses. The reason is that it provides access to an ERP application with all the important features at an affordable price. This is done without a very high initial cost in terms of hardware and software.


Using the appropriate cloud software provider, an enterprise can quickly scale its enterprise productivity software. This can be done as your business grows or a new company is added.


What is an ERP system with cloud functionality? Why use an ERP in the cloud?


Innatos - What is an ERP system with cloud functionality? - computerToday, ERP providers are deploying software in the cloud at a faster pace than the full on-premises installation. Previously, companies preferred to purchase ERP system software that was installed on the local computer. That is, ERP software was installed locally on the company’s hardware and servers.


When it comes to local software, the responsibility to customize, maintain, and manage the software falls on the company that purchased it. Such projects are often very expensive. This is when you think about both initial costs and maintenance of the system throughout its lifetime.


This meant that it was usually only large companies that had the resources to assume the initial investment of a custom system. That is, only established businesses could afford ERP software to handle complex business requirements or to customize modules


However, this has changed thanks to the ERP system with cloud functionality.


Innatos - people workingThere has been an increase in cloud-based ERP systems. This has given businesses of all sizes access to this very useful type of Enterprise Management ERP software. In this way processes and tools that were previously unavailable have become more accessible.


Cloud-based software allows business administrators to access ERP systems through any web browser. ERP providers with cloud functionality sell the ERP service as a software as a service. This means that the business does not have to keep any software on its own computers or servers. This maintenance work will be the task of the software provider.


Learn more about the main advantages of custom ERP software compared to factory-ready-ready ERP software. The main advantages of custom ERP software compared to factory ERP software. In this article, this blog will explain the main advantages of custom ERP software compared to factory ERP software. However, before we begin with the advantages of ERP software, we will define in basic terms what an ERP is.  


ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning. This refers to a set of software systems. This set of software forms a system that manages the operation of a business. An ERP is a versatile and very flexy system that is equipped with a wide variety of modules. Each of the ERP modules focuses on a specific area of ​​your business processes. For example, some of the areas that an ERP system can help a business include human resources, the sales process, and much more.


How can you choose the ERP software that works best for your business? When choosing ERP software, you have two options. These two types of systems are factory-ready ERP software and custom ERP software. Custom ERP software is designed for you, which means it’s tailored to your business. Next, we will introduce the key differences between the two types of software. 


Are you looking to choose the type of ERP software that your company needs?


Understanding factory-ready software


Innatos - The main advantages of custom ERP software compared to factory ERP software - men working togetherWhat is factory-ready software? This is a type of ERP software that is already ready to use. The ERP was developed from an extensive analysis of a wide variety of potential user groups. That is to say, it is designed with a general audience in mind.


These potential users are other organizations with different but similar needs to your business. Generic ERP software can be purchased from various companies. For example, SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, and many more. These ERP solutions can be extremely beneficial for large companies. The reason is that they can provide a large number of modules and even a little customization. This is good if you don’t require a lot of specific processes.


The main advantages of custom ERP software compared to factory ERP software, understanding factory-ready software, custom ERP software


Innatos - men workingWhat is a custom ERP software? The main determining factor of custom ERP software is that it is a type of system that is made exclusively for one company. In other words, it is designed based on the experience of your company. If you want to develop a custom ERP solution for your business, you should look for a software development provider like Innatos. Once you’ve found your developer, you must specify the features of the ERP system that meets your specific business requirements. 


For the function of most of their basic processes, most companies depend on tools that haven’t been designed by them. For example, spreadsheets can be used to manage your multiple business processes and to handle accounting. However, this will not result in an effective form of administration. The reason is that managing different applications can be less efficient and time-consuming. You have to centralize all of your processes in as little software as possible. That’s what an ERP system.


The main function of an ERP software in a company is that it changes the way the employees work. Below, we will take a closer look at the advantages of implementing an ERP system for a business


The main advantages of custom ERP software compared to factory ERP software, encourages communication.


Innatos - The main advantages of custom ERP software compared to factory ERP software - men working togetherWith an ERP software solution, you can improve internal communication processes within an organization. The reason is that multiple departments can be efficiently integrated, which creates a more cohesive chain of command.


Likewise, having the ability to communicate in real-time between different departments allows for faster decision making. When all the information is available, it’s easier to make informed decisions.


If your business is growing or medium-sized, it is a better idea to create custom ERP software instead of choosing a factory-ready ERP system. With a factory-ready ERP system, you may have to pay even for features you don’t need.


The main advantages of custom ERP software compared to factory ERP software, can be customized according to the needs of a company.


Innatos . men workingWhen you have custom ERP software, a company will have an advantage compared to standard ERP software. With a customized ERP solution, there will be greater agility to meet the growing demands of your business. 


It is clear that a custom system must be able to better adapt to the processes of a particular business. Therefore, flexibility is the main competitive advantage of custom ERP software. Flexibility varies greatly from system to system. The custom software is quite flexible.


Another factor to consider regarding a custom ERP system is future planning and software updates. Custom systems are typically built by a team of developers. 


It is a unique project. Therefore, the support will vary depending on the technical support agreed at the beginning of the project. Because of this, it is important to have the support of a specialized development team. At Innatos we have the software development service that your business needs.


Innatos - The main advantages of custom ERP software compared to factory ERP software - men working togetherThe bottom line


Innatos Systems Group. When a company works in a very specific area, custom ERP software is the best choice.


Custom ERP software is also very useful for growing companies.


The reason is that you can easily adapt to the needs of a constantly changing company. Plus, it’s highly scalable, allowing for easy expansion when it comes to turning a business into a franchise. Contact us.