How does software development help improve my Business Model?

Today, we are facing a highly competitive business world. Therefore, it is important to consider the approach to software developed exclusively to meet specific business needs. How does software development help my business model? The dilemma of choosing standard software or custom software is an endless saga.


Commercial software often does not meet specific needs and includes many unnecessary features in its content. Meanwhile, custom software development enables companies to digitize their specific operations. In addition, it meets the needs and requirements according to the demands of the company.


Since each company has different requirements, it is very difficult for a factory solution to be sufficient for multiple processes at the same time. Custom software is designed for a specific group of users within an organization. These are not like a complete software package available to any business. These are custom and have limited users. Custom software is made to ensure that all the particular preferences and business requirements of a particular company are taken into account.


There are many factors that must be considered to run a business.


Innatos - How does software development help my business model? - professional people explaining to another peopleFor example, supply chain, operations, administration, customer satisfaction, and analytics. All this together without any technology means chaos and bad organization. Also, when competitors in the same niche decide to micro-manage all of this with the help of technology, reading custom software means a huge competitive advantage.


A customized solution offers several benefits. Custom software is adapting to the needs of a particular business, not less, not more. First, it reduces the time and cost of training. Plus, custom solutions can accelerate user deployment and adoption.  You can fill a niche and optimize the flow of your business, rather than forcing it to change the processes it already uses.


How does software development help my business model? Things to keep in mind


Innatos - How does software development help my business model? - professional people explaining to another peopleThe custom software development service is usually slightly more expensive than the software available from the factory.


The reason is that custom software includes challenges and solutions that are unique to a specific business. Custom software can be a solid foundation for a business if it is developed by the best developers of Innatos.


One very important thing is to consider the time to market. After analyzing all the pros and cons, you should decide to create software for a business’s custom requirements. The best part is that custom software can be updated at any time in the future.


How does software development help my business model? The commercial benefits


Simplification of the business model


Innatos - How does software development help my business model? - professional people explaining to another peopleWhat must be done to gain an additional advantage over competitors and achieve business goals regularly?


Ways must be found to improve business efficiency and reduce operating costs. Customized software saves employees a lot of time. Furthermore, the required information can be obtained instantly.


When it comes to sales and marketing reports, the data is achieved in minutes. This saves time and you can use your workforce to do other, higher priority work. In summary, custom software can simplify your business model and make vertical businesses more productive.


Innatos - people sitting in a bulb of lightHow does software development help my business model? Tailor-made solutions


The custom software has been uniquely developed to meet specific business requirements. So, these are devised by implementing the latest technology.


Any difficulties of the client during the development process can be improved by building the software. This is one of the most important features of custom software development. You can change things whenever you want.


Innatos - How does software development help my business model? - professional people explaining to another peopleAccelerate reporting


How does software development help my business model? Reports are essential for any business in any industry. The data says it all.


Instead of spending hours researching Excel sheets and document files, your custom business solution can provide you with a summary report. In that report, you can retrieve all the necessary inputs and use them effectively to achieve business goals.


For example, you can access all of your customer’s information in a database and you can get personalized reports related to various functionalities. You can get personalized reports of past purchases, customer details, invoices, bestseller details, and more.


Innatos - How does software development help my business model? - professional people explaining to another peopleHow does software development help my business model? Integration


Custom software is an excellent solution for integrating commercial programs. Businesses need various software solutions for numerous departments.


The development of custom software allows integrating them all and provides an integrated system that can manage multiple processes.


 In this way, better results can be achieved and the entire business can be controlled and managed from a centralized system.


Innatos -security guard taking care of a computerSecurity


Custom software is developed while maintaining security as a top priority.


You can protect your business data from external threats.


It is very difficult for criminals to extract information from custom software that is very specific to any company or department.


Innatos - How does software development help my business model? - professional people explaining to another peopleHow does software development help my business model? Maintenance


With custom software development, you have the opportunity to maintain your desired software. The standard software depends on the provider for the entire useful life.


If the provider decides to suspend its services or declare bankruptcy, the business will be in a position where it will have to withdraw all the software and will have to buy a completely new one. This can have a very high cost.


Innatos - yellow graphic with a white, blue and orange arrow above itLower hardware cost


This is one of the strengths of custom software development.


In standard software, one of the main associated costs is hardware.


Custom software developers adapt the system so that no significant hardware is required to run.



Innatos - yellow graphic with a white arrow above itHow does software development help my business model? Scalability


Scalability is one of the main benefits of custom business applications. The software can be maintained as the company grows in size and also geographically.


With standard software, you don’t have this opportunity. Custom software can meet the needs of a business while allowing it to grow.


Innatos - How does software development help my business model? - professional people explaining to another people



Custom business applications can provide efficient and reliable technical support to a business.


You have full access to a technical team that knows the software very well as they developed it.


Then the technical team can solve all the problems in a more efficient way. Also, it won’t take long.



Innatos - casual dress men pointing at circlesHow does software development help my business model? Time to decide


How to choose what type of software a business requires? It must coincide with the objectives and needs of the company.


Market-leading companies save time and money in the long run by customizing their software and implementing it in the business model. This question should also be asked for business.


Whether you are creating a human resources solution or accounting software, you can choose the features you want for your business or your employees. You can definitely find flexibility and business growth.


How does software development help my business model?


Innatos - conclusionCustom software is the correct answer. Innatos is the technology partner for many companies, we customize all the requirements of a business in a single software and within budget.


Our custom developed business application works more efficiently and can give any business model the boost it needs.


Developing custom software for a business is a big decision.


It will integrate most of the main aspects of the operation of a company and will play an integral role in the operation and success of the company. It will result in increased productivity and increased income.

Why do companies choose Custom ERP development?

Why do companies choose custom ERP development? There is a greater chance that a company will meet the requirements of its users when it comes to customizing ERP rather than a generic system. This is so despite the high initial costs and time-consuming to start the system.


You can always start small and add essential layers to the system as you go, and in the end, find the destination software for your business. In addition, it is also a way to distribute the initial expenses.


Why do companies choose custom ERP development? The software is also designed to fit your business processes rather than the business to suit. This is somewhat of a relief as there will be less when it comes to training company staff. All they have to do is make minor adjustments to coordinate with the system.


Why do companies choose custom ERP development? How much does it cost to build custom ERP software?


INNATOS-Why-do-companies-choose-custom-ERP-development-The-risks-of-ERP-software-development-subtitleIt is obvious that the development cost will depend on what it requires, the number of users, and its complexity.


For example, if you are looking for a sophisticated system, you may not find complete designs that meet your needs. You have to incur additional costs for complementary products to ensure that the software works fully.


The solutions and services that custom ERP development is intended to provide are usually not in the box.


INNATOS-How-much-does-it-cost-to-build-custom-ERP-software-subtitleTherefore, it takes a lot of time and finances to initialize the design, resulting in a high initial fee.


Custom ERP services are based on your requirements. Do you want to get a high-quality system that works easily with future changes despite being a project for the first time? So you need an experienced developer like Innatos.


Also, your contact with the developer who started the system must be consistent. This is because they would better understand the system during the development cycle: design, testing, quality control, testing, and training. This can be difficult to do, especially if the developer is unreliable. Because it is important to have a developer like Innatos.


The risks of ERP software development


INNATOS-Custom-ERP-services-are-based-on-your-requirements-subtitle.Despite that, customization in ERP helps save a huge amount of money in a long-term perspective. Why do companies choose custom ERP development? Each company has continuous growth, including the number of employees, the field force, and the offices.


In many cases, a higher number of users means the continuously growing costs for the licensed solution. Business support packages are often sold as add-on services and are much more expensive than the support of the software development provider whose support is often included in the contract. It is worth mentioning that your organization will be the only one compatible with the product, which means better and faster communication.


Why do companies choose custom ERP development?



Expenditures for existing user licenses, new licenses, and standard solution support are growing exponentially. Therefore, they completely overlap development costs in a couple of years.


In turn, it will justify your high initial costs, because your company will not be blocked by the provider.


That is, you will own the solution, and all data stored in the cloud as a result, and you will not pay for licenses when new user accounts are needed.

Is developing custom ERP software worth it?

Most commercial organizations today are rapidly adopting the use of custom ERP software solutions. Is developing custom ERP software worth it? Unlike the common use of manual procedures and factory applications, custom ERP programs are cost-effective and efficient.


The Enterprise Resource Planning program is known by its acronym ERP. This is a system of integrated applications that are designed to automate different departments or office operations. For example, product planning, development, manufacturing, sales, and marketing. All this information is managed in a single database.


Innatos - people working as a teamIs developing custom ERP software worth it? 


However, not all ERP software will meet all of your organization’s requirements


There, when deciding on the ERP software to adopt, you must choose the most reliable in regards to the needs and processes of your business


In turn, here are the two types of ERP systems:


Innatos - Is developing custom ERP software worth it? - men working in home officeOff the shelf


These are easy systems to implement because they are developed from the experience of other organizations (user groups) than yours. 


From discussions on how each of these companies best uses the system.


You gain information on how to adapt the system for your business.


Custom ERP software

 Innatos - Is developing custom ERP software worth it? - Custom ERP Software

With customized ERP, the system is developed based on the experience of your company. 


A programmer can design the ERP system according to what he wants the software to be able to do and, ideally.


The process that must be followed to make it work and facilitate its operations.



Is developing custom ERP software worth it? The advantages


Innatos - Is developing custom ERP software worth it? - happy professional menWith a custom system, you are likely to achieve the solutions or get the services you are looking for from software without problems. 


Staff generally have the advantage of understanding how the system works easily because it was designed according to business practices and language. In turn, they have little to adapt to their side.


Custom ERP systems are usually flexible in terms of future technological or even commercial changes. There is always the ability to incorporate any developing trend.


Unlike the factory system, you get a special solution and its design is specifically made to meet your needs. There, you don’t need to wait for a feature and upgrade requests as you’re in complete control of the system.


Is developing custom ERP software worth it?


Innatos - men working in his computerThe basic thing you need on hand while planning to adopt a custom ERP system is that you must budget high upfront fees. You will need a team of technical experts from programmers, quality controllers, database engineers to designers, and probably more. It also takes time and effort to develop software that is uniquely suited to your business.


At Innate, we provide custom ERP software development that enables organizations to automate, plan, collaborate, and execute their business processes at ease. This is perfectly possible for us because we have been developing software and most importantly custom for years.


Besides, at Innatos we have adopted an uncommon quality from most companies that provide IT solutions and services. We not only evaluate your business operations under the ERP system brand, but we also incorporate it, as well as the environment of your business. We believe in relating to our clients as partners in the development of custom ERP software. Visit our custom software development page in Innatos for more information or contact us to speak to an expert.


Examples of ERP customization in Different Industries

It has been seen that most companies are moving towards developing custom ERP for managing their operations. This happens from the advantages of the existence of software that can meet the requirements and solutions of your business. Below, we present you examples of ERP customization examples in different industries


Examples of ERP customization in Different Industries


First, Oil and gas companies


Innatos - Trucks of oil and gasOil and gas companies have a huge advantage with custom ERP development. However, it is generally a tragedy if the system does not support operations efficiently. Therefore, when looking for a customized system for such a massive company, other obvious considerations are taken into account; meet user needs.


Developing custom ERP for oil and gas companies should have more important applications for the safety of the driving environment. Power companies are known to be dangerous to their environment and, if neglected, will cause damage and to some extent shut down the organization. The system must be able to provide data to technicians as warnings in the event of any threat so that they can mitigate risks.


What should the system do besides facilitating the operations of the company? Custom ERP development should be able to open opportunities for highly profitable business investments. That is, you should also have a cost management application.


Finally, the oil and gas fields are known to be truly massive and some are generally found in dense remote areas. However, since it is a business, all assets must be taken into account. In turn, good network software is essential to independently integrate and manage all company operations. Such location difficulties are limited to high-tech optimization tools to manage all work and resources at all times.


Second of the Examples of ERP customization in different industries, Manufacturing companies


Innatos - Examples of ERP customization - manufacturing animated companyWith manufacturing companies, custom ERP systems are very important. This importance is felt when it comes to saving costs, eliminating office paperwork, tracking business performance, and improving the customer experience. This is made possible by integrated custom application platforms for managing your operations.


Managing national or, to some extent, international business operations can be a difficult task. Still, ERP customization can shed light on all your business processes. 


This happens since it allows the management of the creation of a product, the commercialization, and the use of the product. at all decentralized points of sale. Also, it integrates all that data, thus incorporating the workflow and control automatically.


Third, Education


Innatos - Examples of ERP customization - apple with books on itThe schools that are going to complete the computerization of their functions and processes have a customized ERP development to choose from. A large number of schools have been seen to be heading in this direction using highly personalized programs to manage school management and are known to be very successful.


Examples of ERP customization in Different Industries. Whether in kindergarten, kindergarten, high school, or universities, these systems have proven to provide efficient management of institutions. 


Innatos Systems Group can help you develop your own ERP customization. ¡Contact us know!


What is Business Software?

Enterprise software is a term that refers to software that is used in large organizations. It is designed to address and meet the needs of major organizations rather than people-centered. What is Business Software? It is a collection of computer programs with commercial applications. They are development tools designed to address the concerns of the entire company rather than individual situations.


Through the use of business-oriented tools, a solution that provides different services. For example, online shopping, payment processing, billing systems, and security. They also support the management of business processes, business content, customer relations and projects that may arise.


Additionally, they are excellent tools in planning business resources and integrating business applications. It is designed to improve productivity and efficiency through the functionality of business logic.


What is Business Software? What is your Mission?


Innatos - computer with a targetBusiness software includes content, communication and collaboration software. It also includes CRM software, digital and content creation software, ERP and project management software.


Business applications are about viewing, manipulating, and storing large amounts of often complex data. What is Business Software? They also work to automate business processes with that data.


Essentially, the mission is to perform business functions. These business functions can range from order processing to accounting, for the purpose of solving business problems. This type of software is commonly hosted on servers to provide continuous services to large groups of users.


Types of business software

Innatos - What is Business Software? - person with a computer

The most common types of business software include:


  • Automated billing systems
  • Processing payment
  • Email marketing systems
  • Content management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Customer Support
  • Business resource planning
  • Business intelligence
  • Human resources management
  • Business application integration
  • Messaging and collaboration systems


What is Business Software? Differences between business software development and other types


To begin with, its development is triggered by a specific commercial need; otherwise, there is no point in building software for the entire company. This means that when teams are developing a more acceptable solution, all aspects of their architecture need to be considered.


Innatos - What is Business Software? - people in a meetingAnother important difference lies in the software’s ability to scale. With development, the architecture must allow a sudden change without hindering performance. Development depends on using cloud platforms to do most of the heavy lifting in terms of integrated tools.


For example, APIs, data integration, security, user management, reusable components and templates, and more. Everyone should work together to help solve the task of  Business software development.


Security is another differentiating aspect when it comes to business software development. Because it is a large-scale development project, any security breach represents a major loss. In development, security features must be at the forefront of the project scope with certified personnel. They must be integrated with external security functionalities to make the security strategy more robust and complete.




Innatos - What is Business Software? - conclusionIn essence, regular software development projects are done with the individual user in mind. Meanwhile, development is commissioned, designed, built and implemented with the company’s needs in mind with certified employees.


Development is tailor-made as an internal development project or by contracting with an external provider. With both options, the solution is deliberately customized to meet all of the business needs and be aligned with the business processes of the business.


At Innatos we can make business software tailored to your business with your needs and wishes. Contact us today for more information and to help you continue to grow your business along with your sales so you can get more sales.


Keys Internal Communication for Companies and Businesses

The management of a company’s internal communication has always been important. That’s why you must understand the keys internal communication for companies and businesses. Keep reading to learn more about internal communication and how you can use it to empower your company.


Internal communication has the essential tools for the sustainability of the company and its growth. Communication is no longer unidirectional, feedback is constant and participation is common. There are more channels, more media and more content that should be managed correctly.


A good strategy and a good action plan allow companies to control the crises and take advantage of the opportunities offered by the internet. Internal communication is one of the most important aspects for any organization and it’s vital to know the keys internal communication for companies and businesses.


Internal communication in companies and the keys internal communication for companies and businesses


Innatos - keys internal communication - bunch of people talkingHuman capital is the rising value of corporations. In a business ecosystem based on technology and innovation, the human mind has not found a substitute. Talent and creativity are strong because they are the added value that allows companies to differentiate themselves and be competitive.


In such a framework, companies strive to optimize their strategic communication globally. The soul of the company is its human team, so it’s essential to use internal communication to create a feeling of belonging, commitment, and motivation with the business.


All this improves the work environment and productivity. Keep reading to learn more about the keys internal communication for companies and businesses.


First, look beyond the dissemination of information


Innatos - keys internal communication - speaker with blue backgroundInternal communication strategies have been created for many years to disseminate information about the company among workers. Keys internal communication for companies and businesses.


Nowadays, it‘s necessary to go a step further and create strategies that foster a sense of pride and belonging.


Corporations have to set their communication strategies beyond the target audience that forms the group of customers, users, and consumers. It’s important to also gain the trust of your workers, collaborators, and suppliers. The set reinforces the values ​​of the brand and the strength of its branding.


Second, develop an internal communication plan


Innatos - keys internal communication - computer in a web with more personsCompanies that wish to achieve the loyalty of their employees must develop an internal communication plan that is linked to their mission, their vision, and their values.


This way they will get brand ambassadors committed to and able to disseminate, by their own means and channels, the values ​​of the brand. To do this, it must be ensured that the information is received correctly and that it generates the desired impact.


It’s very important to control the flow of information within the company and create spaces in which employees participate directly, give their opinions and contributions. Feedback from active listening is key to achieving good results in an internal communication plan.


Third of the keys internal communication for companies and businesses, get the agents involved in the internal communication of companies


Innatos - keys internal communication - people talkingWhich department should direct the internal communication plan, human resources or communication? Both must collaborate with each other so that the strategy responds to the objectives of the corporation.


The company must achieve alignment between actions and goals and create a strategy that puts the internal target audience at the justify.


For this, the involvement of leaders and leadership is essential. Participation tools must be created that favor the implementation of a new business culture based on engagement. Tn employer branding, the worker or collaborator becomes the brand ambassador. Internal communication must be consistent with external communication, which is why coordination between the area of ​​human resources and communication is so important.


Fourth, determine the objectives of internal communication

Innatos - keys internal communication - note pad with a blue background

Internal communication is aimed at employees and employees of the company. It seeks to achieve internal brand ambassadors who, in turn, become valuable assets in front of other stakeholders.


If workers feel involved and motivated, they transfer that feeling to customers, suppliers and other audiences of the company itself.


They provide a natural and trusted competitive advantage that reinforces external communication campaigns.


Fifth, pay attention to the most current trends


Innatos - person talkingTo motivate, develop talent and build loyalty to the human team, it is necessary to create engagement strategies. The trend in corporations focuses on optimizing online tools, social media channels, and technology.


Internal communication takes place in real-time and involves all the company’s actors in a transversal way, from the management dome to the last employee. All of these elements are important.


Corporations must take full advantage of the advantages offered by the newest technology. They must create audiovisual, multimedia and interactive content that maximizes the impact of each action to achieve the communication objectives set.


Sixth, understand the benefits of internal communication


Innatos - yellow arrow going upIt has been shown that strategic communication must focus much of its actions on internal communication. It’s key to achieving business objectives, improving productivity, efficiency, competitiveness, and positioning of the firm.


In this regard, it should be noted that a good internal communication plan not only has to pursue the improvement of these indicators. It must also be able to transfer the importance they have to the whole team. Employees must endorse the business objectives and, for that, they must first feel important, relevant in the organization, involved and committed.


With good internal communication, companies manage to attract and retain talent. They work optimizing the management of people, which implies the collaboration of the area of ​​human resources and communication. Training, skills improvement, participation and communication actions are essential in today’s organizations.


The keys internal communication for companies and businesses


Innatos - conlusionInternal communication occupies one of the most important places in business strategy and keys internal communication for companies and businesses.


With its correct management, human teams are committed to the mission, vision, and values ​​of an organization. The company’s reputation begins with its internal communication. In order to develop good internal communication, the correct tools are essential.


Software like Desk Alerts is one of the most important keys to internal communication for companies and businesses. Contact us today and learn more about our products and services.

Tips to improve Internal Communications

To improve the efficiency of your processes, you need to know the tips to improve internal communications. When you need to communicate new information to employees, it may seem easy to write a quick email and send it to everyone in the company.


However, what happens if several employees have specific and individual questions and press “answer”? Worse yet, what happens when they click on “answer all” and cram everyone else’s inboxes? What happens when other employees return to their desks, see the long email chain and delete it automatically without reading their original email?


With the tips to improve internal communications, you can improve the efficiency of your company. A communications policy management system is not just about managing the workflow of policies and procedures. The important thing is to find better, more efficient and easier ways to communicate and share information with your employees.


Here are the tips to improve internal communications:


First of the tips to improve internal communications, Reduce internal emails


Innatos - Tips to improve Internal Communications - person smiling with an emailIt is no longer necessary for people to follow long email chains. In the past, the chains could become very long because sometimes people are added to the conversation at the end of the game. It also happened that redundant emails were sent when someone pressed “reply to all” instead of “reply.”



Instead, a well-planned policy can simplify communication through emails with software such as Desk Alerts. The management system will automate custom workflows, ensuring that the right people are notified when a task is near or pending. The system also offers real-time panels, so you no longer have to send emails to verify the progress or status of a document, and instead, you can extract ad hoc reports.


This way you can ensure that the right people only receive the right documents at the right point in the process. Now, employees don’t have to ask themselves if they are sent an email just for reference. Nor should they ask themselves if they are expected to read and respond or if they are not supposed to get involved and add their comments until later in the process. Again, custom workflows send notifications to people when they have a role in the document process.


Innatos - woman using a fileSecond, Store all documents in one place


Configure employees to succeed in their jobs by making the information conveniently accessible.


Documenting a policy or procedure once prevents redundancy (which wastes time and resources) and eliminates confusion.


Also prevent employees from seeing and referring to incorrect information, such as obsolete or unapproved documents.


Innatos - people in a meettingThird, Automatically distribute the information to the corresponding employees


Easily share documents with all or groups of employees at once and control document permissions.


These permits can be organized by type or by the department, for example.


This way you can get employees to see only the information that belongs to them.


Innatos - Tips to improve Internal Communications - conclusionTips to Improve Internal Communications, Conclusion


These 5 quick tips to improve internal communications can help you achieve your business goals.


However, to execute the advice properly you need the correct software. Desk Alerts is the perfect software for your company.


Contact us today for more information.

What is Internal Communication? 

Establishing good internal communication is one of the biggest challenges of business organizations. In addition to reconciling the ways of being of the different professionals, everyone needs to be hooked on the company’s purposes and missions. But, what is internal communication? 


Innatos - What is Internal Communication? - men with a cellphoneWhen we talk about communication and marketing actions, the first target audience that comes to the mind of most entrepreneurs is the external one, formed mainly by customers, isn’t it? On the other hand, the internal public isn’t always remembered, which is a big problem for companies. After all, employees are responsible for the operation of the machine.


What is internal communication? The communication between the management and the employees. Without establishing good communication with your team, your strategies probably won’t generate the expected results. Or do you think that an uninformed and discouraged employee will be productive?


These problems can be solved or minimized with efficient internal communication. This process is extremely important for companies that know they need hooked professionals to achieve their goals. Internal communication tools such as Desk Alerts can also help you achieve a successful internal communication strategy. 


What is internal communication? The concept of internal communication


Innatos - light bulb with a square as a backgroundThe internal communication process is a segment of integrated communication that focuses its actions on the employees of a company. Its essential objectives are the transmission and distribution of relevant and strategic information in a corporate environment.


This exchange of information and messages can be executed in the following ways:


  • The vertical exchange, made between leaders and leaders and vice versa
  • The horizontal exchange, which occurs between employees of the same hierarchical level


But what is that information about? What is internal communication? 


Innatos - What is Internal Communication? - people talkingDefining this is a flexible issue. The message may be broader. For example, the reproduction of values, missions, visions, and organizational objectives. It might also be more segmented and restricted to a group of employees, such as feedback and goals by department.


The main objective of internal communication is to keep employees aligned and committed to the aspirations, causes, and speeches of the organization.


In that way, behaviors that connect to what the company manifests are established and stimulated. For that to happen, the relationship with the company’s professionals must be transparent, constant, comprehensive and simple.


What is internal communication?  The importance of internal communication for a company


To better understand the relevance of this area, we will list the advantages of having an efficient internal communication in the company. Look at them:


Improve the organizational climate

If you have already worked in a company, you should have an idea of ​​how annoying a work environment is when people do not interact much, right? Through internal communication, professionals are encouraged to develop interpersonal relationships and they work together in the spirit of collaboration.


Innatos - people talking in a tableDistances between departments are reduced, which helps people to bond and work in harmony. With a greater bond between the employees, the processes operate with more speed and each team is strengthened. This combination favors the formation of a more serene, respectful and profitable climate within the company.


What is Internal Communication?, Increase internal productivity

From the moment in which the employees feel hooked to the objectives of the company, it’s natural that they try harder to be useful to the organization. Each employee begins to better understand their role within the company, its importance and the impact that their work has on the overall results of the company.


All this makes professionals realize how much they and their respective teams need to produce for the business to benefit in a general area. Being more motivated and focused, the tendency is for employees to increase their productivity.


Reduce the turnover rate

These notions of productivity and relevance for the organization also contribute to a longer period of permanence of employees. But that’s not all.


Innatos - What is Internal Communication? - graphics in a board

More stimulated, more recognized and dedicated employees in a pleasant work environment are happier and have virtually no reason to leave the company.


A change of air will be less taken into account when the quality of life at work indicates that it is worth continuing on the team. If the relationship is true, transparent and integrated (values ​​proposed by internal communication), the chances of separation decrease.


Facilitates the adaptation of new employees

Imagine a newly hired professional who arrives knowing the history of the company, knowing the functions to be fulfilled and being well received by current employees. They tend to integrate more easily.


Internal communication stimulates the existence of a friendly and dynamic organizational climate. For that reason, it’s essential that new employees do not remain isolated and adapt as quickly as possible. It’s important that there are no barriers. Thus, beginners will feel more comfortable to express doubts, propose suggestions and approach other people.


Minimize rumors and gossip

Innatos - What is Internal Communication? - men shacking their handsIf there are destructive factors for any corporate environment, rumors and gossip surely make up the list. These actions are consequences of hidden, incoherent and poorly distributed information by leaders and their employees.


Imagine, for example, that the director of a company has told a nearby employee who is negotiating the move from the office to another city, but without revealing the destination. If this employee tells another person, that incomplete information will spread little by little through the organization. This will open the way for speculation and unnecessary worries about the company’s new headquarters. When the idea is to make internal communication honest, the message must be clearly transmitted to collaborators.


Reduce the effects of a crisis

What happens when a company goes through a difficult time and chooses to reveal the truth of the situation and the projected strategies for improvement to the internal public? It manages to strengthen the union between employees.


Innatos -men using a boardBut it is necessary to emphasize that this will only be possible if all the previous benefits are recognized by the collaborators. You cannot expect an employee to be committed when they’re not connected to the company’s objectives. It’s the same when they are dissatisfied with the work environment or feel undervalued.


What is internal communication? An example of internal communication action that favors the reduction of a crisis is the openness to the participation of the collaborators in the strategic decisions of the company.


If there is a channel that allows them to transmit their improvement proposals and receive feedback for that, the chances of the solutions appearing are greater.

What is internal communication? An important tool for your business!


Internal communication is key to your business’ success. DeskAlerts is a versatile and powerful software tool for internal communication. Contact us today and learn more about what it can do for your company


Internal Communication

Internal communication is communication aimed at the internal customer, that is, the worker. It was born in response to the new needs of companies to motivate their human team and retain the best employees in today’s business environment. In the present, change is constantly coming faster and faster. 


An effective tool is necessary for success. Let’s not forget that companies are made of their human teams. For that reason, proper communication and keeping up the morale is essential to achieve your business goals and reach the best results for your company.

Internal communication and technology


Innatos - Internal communication - tablet with a file on itIt’s a mistake to think that internal communication is a luxury and something exclusive to large companies. This is especially true at the present time. We’re going through a time in business that is marked by somewhat uncertain results at all levels. Hence, it’s becoming one of the great professional challenges of the 21st century for businesses of all sizes. 


Today, there are still few entities that develop an adequate policy that helps to implement the changes and achieve the corporate and strategic objectives of the company. 


Many companies ignore that in order to be competitive and successfully face the change that the market pushes onto them, they must know how to motivate their human team. They must also retain the best employest by developing a corporate culture so that they feel identified and are faithful to the organization.


And it is precisely here where it becomes a key strategic tool to respond to these needs and enhance the feeling of belonging of employees to the company to retain talent.


Tools for intent Internal communication


To increase the effectiveness of the human team, as the true architect of the results, the manager must feel at ease and integrated within the organization.


Innatos - computer workingThis is only possible if the workers are informed, know the different frameworks of the company, its mission, and its philosophy. They must share the values and the strategy and they should feel part of an important part of the company. When this happens, they will be willing to try their best for the sake of the company. 


In addition, we must not forget that it helps reduce uncertainty and prevent dreaded rumors. Unsourced, false information is a very dangerous element for companies. With adequate internal communication tools like Desk Alerts, you can quickly control negative falsehoods and spread the truth speedily and efficiently.


Internal communication tools are important for transmitting corporate messages. They’re also necessary to inform about what is happening within the company. You can also use Desk Alerts to motivate employees. The main purpose of the strategies is to establish an effective line of communication between employees, management and the different departments of the company. These are just some of the objectives pursued by internal communication. Desk Alerts’ software is a powerful tool that can help you achieve your business’ goals.

The types of Internal communication


As for the types we can talk about two types. These two types are ascending and descending. Ascending is done from the bottom up in the organization chart of the company. On the other hand, descending takes place from the top down.


Innatos - conference roomOften, many companies fall into the error of turning their communication into something unidirectional, where workers have no voice and can’t communicate with the executives.


We must remember that the dialogue between management and workers must be constant. Feedback is essential in order to have a successful internal communication strategy.


Even in the present, there are still companies that confuse communication with information. The difference is very clear: while the latter consists of the simple transmission of messages, in order for communication to exist, a response from the receiver is required.


Desk Alerts is a versatile system for it and that can give your business the necessary tools to create powerful strategies for it. However, even the strongest tool needs to have an adequate policy in order to be used effectively.


Implementing an internal communication policy


Innatos - Internal communication - people discussingThe question is now inevitable, how can companies and businesses successfully implement of the policy? In the past, methods such as bulletin boards, circulars informative meetings and the like have been used by businesses as the main mean. But the progress of technology has changed the ways in which we communicate. 


It’s true that technology makes it important for communication to be carried out in a faster and faster way. However, it’s important that you do not lose sight of the fact that, especially in a business or company, everything does not depend on the tools used but on the people who will use them. So if you have decided to implement a corporate social network it’s important that it’s based on a solid strategy and that you always seek to promote the good use of the tool.


Innatos is an authorized distributor of Desk Alerts. Desk Alerts is a powerful software. This software human resources offers the best corporate social networks for your business to communicate with the employees. Through Desk Alerts, your company can obtain an ideal platform to foster collaboration among your employees. This will help you create a flow of ideas and information to drive innovation and maintain constant communication. This will greatly improve your business’ work team.


The importance of it


Innatos - Internal communication - people talkingIt remains as one of the great challenges for businesses in the 21st century. It’s important to have the correct policy and also the tools to make it happen. And if we do not know how to take care of our internal clients, we can hardly give satisfactory answers to external clients. 


It constitutes a key tool to achieve strategic objectives. In addition, it helps create a positive company culture. It also helps in preventing the spread of dangerous rumors.


The tools also foster a climate of trust and motivation and make the company more competitive and profitable. Desk Alerts is the software that your business needs. Contact us today for more information.

Optimize your Business process with ERP software

Today, any company, from small and medium enterprises to multinationals, pursues efficiency and success. For this reason, they are constantly forced to invest a series of resources to improve processes. They all have the aim of being able to compete in the market. As a company grows, the volume of its operations increases and its correct management becomes essential. Optimize your Business process with ERP software.

Optimize your Business process with ERP software; what do we mean by process optimization, process management improvements?


Innatos - a computer with some graphics on itWhat are a company’s processes? A process is the set of tasks that are related to each other and are carried out in order to accomplish a well-defined result in your business. In other words, a process is a step-by-step line-up of activities that a company must complete in order to accomplish a determined objective.  


Optimize all areas of your company with an ERP System


There are five primary business processes for your company. These five are finance, logistics, production, human resources, marketing, and sales. They achieve greater performance when they reach mutual understanding.

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), for its acronym in English, is a comprehensive business management system. It seeks to optimize the procedures within your business system to give better results in the finance system.


Optimize your Business process with ERP software, Why is a system implemented?


Innatos - some information of company toolsCompanies require optimizations in all their processes, in order to achieve better results. This occurs through a conglomerate of situations that must be combined to achieve an ultimate goal. A successful ERP system must achieve the following:


  • Increase in productivity
  • Quality increase
  • Improvement in customer service
  • Decrease in costs


Optimize your Business process with ERP software. These four elements are essential to evaluate the effectiveness of your system.


From there, other benefits that only seek the optimization of processes are generated. For example, more efficient data management, access to information quickly and in a timely manner, exclusion of unnecessary processes, time reduction, and more.


Experiences in companies offer five dimensions of Benefits of an ERP


Innatos - Optimize your Business process with ERP software - men with some tools as a backgroundOptimize your Business process with ERP software. Improvements in management processes in a company allow efficient use of resources: both material and human.


Don’t you think it’s worth getting involved and looking for the best way to optimize your company’s process management?


Keep reading and discover how this can help you throughout the procedure.


It’s essential that continuous improvement and process optimization become part of the business philosophy. Use an ERP software that fits your company and be surprised by the results.


How can an ERP help you in optimizing your company’s processes?


Nowadays most companies rely on technological solutions in order to manage their processes more efficiently and more automatically.


Innatos - Optimize your Business process with ERP software - men in an ipad watching some graphicsOne of these solutions is the ERP, which can help your company optimize your business processes, always seeking to reduce your business’ costs and increase its profitability. 


Optimize your Business process with ERP software. It acts as a solution that consolidates and improves the management of the organization by giving you comprehensive control of the organization.


When you decide to implement an ERP software in your company, it’s important that you take into account the business processes that are carried out in it.


You must clearly identify them so that when you implement the tool it will add value and make sense in your business. This tool will allow you to build a more efficient, effective company that offers quality service to its customers. Also, you have to consider the different types of software solutions on the market and choose the one that best suits your company.


Innatos - Optimize your Business process with ERP software - a computer with a small white handThrough the use of an ERP, you can improve processes for different reasons, for example:


1.- Quick and easy consultation of any data in the system with a single click

It has the ability to work with data from different processes at the same time, without having to close and open different options to access any information.


In a matter of seconds, it is possible to compare all types of fields and records: accounting accounts, stocks, and more.


Innatos - a person holding some books in a hook2.- Optimize your Business process with ERP software, Purchase planning 

For process optimization, ERPs are equipped with multiple functionalities that help simplify and maximize tasks. For example, purchasing planning, that is, order management, delivery dates, transport management and more.


3.- Stock control

It has a high capacity to control rotations and inventories by product segments; this way, you make sure to improve its management.


4.- Documentation for shipments

You can easily generate documentation associated with product shipments, like packages, pallets, delivery notes and more.

Innatos - Optimize your Business process with ERP software - notebook full with information

5.- Optimize your Business process with ERP software, Projects

Among many other functions, there are a few that stand out.


Among them, control and monitoring of the planning, definition of tasks and subtasks (duration of each one, as well as the material and human resources assigned to them).


You can also complete detailed budgets by chapters, subchapters, and items with follow-up of customer billing.


How do I get the optimization of my company’s processes with an ERP?


It is an interdepartmental solution, which achieves an integration between all areas and departments of the company. This flow, crossing, and integration of data, together with the automation of many tasks, allows us to make sound decisions with the certainty of knowing that our information is reliable.


Optimize your Business process with ERP software. In the short term, having a good ERP translates into tangible results.


For example, the cost savings of resources used, or by an improvement in our service to the client, which will always lead to an increase in sales and revenue.


Take the step now: improve your company’s processes using the ERP that best suits your needs.


The ERP system also offers a set of benefits in each of the main business processes in a company:


Optimize your Business process with ERP software, Finance

The unification of data collected, in real-time, helps in the observation of operational records and the verification of the effectiveness of the latter in the financial results.


Innatos - Optimize your Business process with ERP software - process of a company with boxesThis correlativity in records of operations and financial results determines a better understanding and decision making.


Likewise, with a finance module, it is possible to better draw up strategic performance measures, in order to improve the strategic costs within the company.



Having a database that unifies the availability of products for sale, distribution, and management of materials enhances the efficiency in the productive space. It also takes into account all the production processes.


Optimize your Business process with ERP software, Logistics

Logistics and distribution is an essential part of the ERP system, integrating production with distribution, taking into account sales and financial reports. Similarly, ERP systems must be provided with supports that facilitate the distribution process.

Innatos - Optimize your Business process with ERP software - woman in a desk watching some files

Sales and Marketing

The sales and marketing system is greatly favored by the application of ERP systems.


The implementation of profitability diagnoses, possible through a database containing costs, revenues, and sales volumes in real-time.


An important element is that with these systems, companies can offer exact dates in order and purchase delivery.


Innatos - Optimize your Business process with ERP software - file with a person showing some pointsHuman Resources

The system must be integrated in the same way as the HR department. It will provide a database, in which the information of all personnel is integrated.


Optimize your Business process with ERP software, In conclusion


The implementation of an ERP system allows robustness in the quality of business and companies. In Innatos we have the best software for your company. Contact us today for more information.