Importance of CRM integration with your online store. A CRM (Custom Relationship Management) system is a relationship manager between the company and its customers. It’s a key tool in a company’s marketing and customer relations. Through a CRM we can know at what stage of the sales cycle a customer is, if he is a new customer, or if he has never bought a product and has only asked questions.


In this sense, CRM is a fundamental tool in the management of the online store. We must be very clear that the management of an online store involves a good management of contacts with our customers. This is specially true if we also have a newsletter or conduct e-mail marketing campaigns.


Why integrate your CRM with your online store?


innatos - Importance of CRM integration with your online store- Best Way to Measure Your Internal Communication Efforts - consluionThere are standalone CRMs that are focused only on customer relations. And there are also ERP-CRM options that combine the functionalities of both, with a CRM module to take care of these tasks. Integrating your ERP and CRM system with your online store is, therefore, a priority so that you can cross-reference data regarding the needs and questions of your customers.


The CRM will allow you to have all your customers’ information centralized in a single database so that you can keep track of incidents, emails that have been sent, their doubts and questions, and more. Your CRM will also provide you with a huge amount of information about your customers’ needs so that you can take steps to increase your profitability and better focus your CRM campaigns.


Also, having a CRM system will help you to have centralized information, so that the different departments of your company can access the same data, instead of having different data in the online store and in the ERP.


What are the benefits of integrating your online store with your CRM?


The integration of information should always be a priority in online business. Having multiple programs that do not interact with each other, nor cross data in any way, is a complication in the management that often ends up increasing the work.


Having a CRM integrated with your online store will help you communicate better with your customers, making them satisfied with you. In addition, it will allow you to better understand their needs and characteristics to carry out a better customer segmentation and launch messages that are better focused on their real problems.


In addition, with the help of your CRM you can increase the productivity of your team. Importance of CRM integration with your online store. It will improve your profitability and make reports with short and long term estimates on your campaigns in order to increase sales and see how your actions affect business results.


If you use a separate CRM for your online store, the problem is that you will have to enter all your customers’ contact details manually, which with today’s web integration technology makes no sense and is not competitive.


Relationship Marketing CRM to build customer loyalty in your E-Commerce


What is CRM?


Innatos - person workingWhen we talk about Customer Relationship Management (CRM), we are referring to a business strategy whose mission is unique and indisputable. This strategy is to ensure customer satisfaction in both the short and long term. In the context of e-commerce, CRM can take on two very different but closely related meanings.


In its most theoretical sense, CRM can be understood as a model of organizational culture rooted in customer orientation. Under this premise, every organization should create, maintain and consolidate strong and lasting relationships with its customers, since they are the main driving force of the company. This model ensures that the exchange process is mutually beneficial for each and every party involved. This concept is also known as Relationship Marketing.


In its most technical sense, CRM is a computer system whose utility is the management and monitoring of customer relations, marketing and sales. Thus, we are talking about a software that allows companies to organize their customer relationships. CRM makes it possible to perform control and follow-up tasks on the status of each customer so that the company can anticipate the demands of its customers and respond to their needs in a timely manner.


The ideal practice for any online store would be to combine the use of these two concepts to reach the same goal. This goal is the creation of solid and lasting relationships with its customers to achieve, the sooner the better, their satisfaction.


The importance of building customer loyalty online


Today’s market is characterized by its competitiveness. Thousands of products offer exactly the same function, which forces companies to constantly strive to make their brand different from the others, to be special in one way or another. Given this context, online stores have already realized one thing: the use of CRM is necessary to develop this link and build customer loyalty. To ensure that the product offered by our company is always the first choice of purchase for our customers.


One thing is clear: a loyal customer can stop being loyal at any time. With this in mind, the obligation of every online store is to reinvent itself, to keep innovating so that customers continue to buy its products.


To nurture this relationship on a daily basis, here are a few simple and easy-to-apply tips:


Offer your customers exclusive promotions and offers.


Reward your customers’ loyalty by giving them gifts. For example, you can send discount coupons to those who have purchased the most during the month.


Strive to offer fast and efficient customer service.


Develop participatory initiatives, where your customers can give their opinion. For example, you can allow your customers to suggest ideas for new products.


What are the advantages of CRM tools for your online business?


The basic benefit of using CRM tools in your online store is that you will improve your sales, controlling the status of each customer in real time and keeping track of them so that they feel cared for at all times.


In addition, thanks to this computer system you can save time and effort, as it streamlines many management tasks such as order management, customer account management and many other procedures.


The CRM tool guarantees impeccable customer service on the part of the company, since it gathers a whole set of information that will serve to optimize relations with our users. Importance of CRM integration with your online store, likewise, the CRM will help your online store to show responsibility and commitment to your customers on a daily basis.


Another clear and indisputable advantage of CRM is that it enables a segmentation in the database of your online business, and in effect, a personalized and effective communication with each of the existing profiles in your database.


Also, thanks to this tool your online store will be able to get leads, creating new sales opportunities.


All these advantages make evident the importance of incorporating a CRM strategy in your company. Are you ready to implement the CRM model in your online store?

CRM for e-commerce: everything you need to know. Web 2.0 and the spread of the internet brought with them the creation of many new business models. One of these is e-commerce. However, it isn’t only about putting your products on sale on the internet. Today, there are tools and strategic approaches that allow you to get much more out of the internet.


The CRM for e-commerce is one of the great tools that will help you achieve it. Because of this, in the following article, we will show you some ways you can use CRM for e-commerce. Thanks to this you will be able to develop the full potential of your company or products.


What is e-commerce?


Innatos - CRM for your e-commerce E-Commerce is the natural evolution of commerce, but using the internet as the main portal. It’s a branch that allows brands to reach potential customers around the world. In this sense, tools such as a CRM for e-commerce help companies sell in a smart and optimized way.


E-commerce has many formats. The best known are:


Online store: 

This is one of the most famous formats. It’s a virtual branch where the products of a brand are sold. Your favorite clothing store likely has one of these.


This portal allows users to upload their articles and, from there, the market in exchange for a commission.


Users regularly pay an amount of money for a service or product. Many content pages (Patreon, for example) work under this business model.


There may also be hybrid models in which you get a product from a portal that pays a commission. Besides, there’s the attractive option of selling through social media and many other ways. What’s important here is the way how you can take advantage of CRM for e-commerce. It doesn’t matter the format of your business model as long as you grow your company in ways that you hadn’t imagined.


Before continuing, you must understand some points about the CRM for e-commerce. When we refer to a CRM we speak of the Customer Relationship Management. Today, the focus is on the relationship between customers and prospects to make an offer or sale. As a result, this is a vital element to manage your relationship with your target market. Not only that, the CRM for E-Commerce is prepared to accompany you (and also the customer) at each point of the customer journey, as we will see below.


Defining the Customer Journey


The “customer journey” refers to the entire process that the customer goes through to buy one of your products or services. It’s important to define it because it will help you choose those tools and materials you must take into account in your CRM for e-commerce. As a result, you will have the best customer management strategy.


For you, from the perspective of your e-commerce, the customer journey may seem very simple: they arrive, pay, they receive, they leave. However, the entire process is more complex than it looks, especially if you put yourself in the customer’s shoes. This last point is the key that will lead you to success.


Establish each of the critical points at which your customer contacts you. After this, define which actions lead to a positive or negative result until you reach the end of the process. In here, you should include one more point about after-sales service. From there you can track your pain points.


Let’s imagine you have a beauty salon:


In this case, your first point of contact is when a client enters your salon. Two things can happen here. First, and the best case, they request a haircut. Or second, and the worst-case scenario, they don’t request anything and leave. If the latter happens, you must figure out why. For example, ask yourself questions such as why did they leave? Did they wait too long? Was no one there?


On the other hand, if they do request a haircut, we move onto the next point. This is where the hairdresser offers their services. After cutting your client’s hair, they may like the haircut, or they may not. In the last case, ask yourself: was their experience bad? Did they not like the service?


In contrast, if they do like it, they may return to your salon and even better, recommend you to others. If they decide to not do it, consider that maybe they were just passing through, or it was just an urgency. However, also consider the option that they may have wanted to get a makeover, and you didn’t offer it.


In general, this is the phrasing of a customer journey. Now, translating it into a virtual world where there are records of all interactions, you can use the CRM for e-commerce as a perfect tool to establish the customer journey. This way you will be able to identify all pain points and choose their best solutions. Thus, you will avoid tarnishing your products or services high-quality with bad experiences.


The CRM for e-commerce and the holistic vision of the business


One of the great advantages of using CRM for e-commerce is that it will allow you to have a total vision of the workings of your company.


Innatos - The CRM for e-commerce and the holistic vision of the business - imagenIt often happens, especially in large organizations, that departments seem to each work on their own. Sales aren’t concerned with marketing work, logistics don’t care about the performance of systems and warehouses ignore what finance is doing.


By implementing a CRM for e-commerce you will have a much broader perspective on the operation of your company. As a result, you will be able to carry out more accurate and reliable studies than if you look at everything only from the perspective of a department.


Besides, when you think about the customer experience, you are taking into account what’s really important for your business. After all, the customer doesn’t care if the finance department and the IT department work separately. They only want to get the best service for which they paid. By considering it within the parameters that intervene in the company, you will be able to offer the best shopping experience.


Measurements in the CRM for your e-commerce


From the first moment you put a CRM for e-commerce into operation, data begins to be generated:


  • Interactions
  • Requests
  • Prospects.
  • Sales opportunities.
  • Queries


All these data can be crossed to obtain valuable information. This is because in your system there are records of all the processes the client goes through.


For example, many cosmetic stores place banners on specialized beauty pages. CRM for your e-commerce. Thanks to the implementation of the CRM for e-commerce they can obtain information such as:


  • Page from which they come from.
  • Prospect location.
  • Time spent on the page.


The information increases significantly if the prospect signs up for your online store. This way you can reach them through email or other means (Facebook, WhatsApp, or Twitter).


However, this is just one of the functions of the CRM for e-commerce, as it not only collects information about prospects, it can also help you reach them.


CRM for e-commerce and the tools to reach customers


Information about your audience is valuable, but reaching it is even more so.


A CRM for e-commerce will help you manage your advertising campaigns to sell more using social media and its different advertising programs.


There are powerful tools that will manage your guidelines, help you narrow down your audience, and spread your messages. However, this isn’t all! It will also allow you to segment your promotions and send emails to both  prospects and customers.


An email with relevant content, with an attractive promotion aimed at a well-targeted prospect at the right time, is a safe sale. The CRM tools for e-commerce give you information and facilitate the execution. As a result, the only thing you will have to worry about is sending the correct message and having the product in stock.


CRM’s gift of ubiquity for e-commerce


In the beginning, we talked about your e-commerce as a branch open to everyone, remember? But, what happens if you live in the US and your clients visit you during England hours? Well, the CRM for e-commerce allows you to be everywhere at all times.


Thanks to the possibility of scheduling automatic responses and chatbots you can ensure that none of your prospects will feel ignored. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a store to buy something and no one listens to you.


Chatbots use artificial intelligence to guide the prospect through the entire sales, support, or consulting process. On the other hand, automatic responses will help you save valuable time when talking with the customer. This way you will be able to offer an even more attractive shopping experience.


Much more fruitful relationships with the user, CRM for your e-commerce


The buying and selling process always involves negotiation and this, in turn, involves some resistance. Every critical point within the consumer journey can turn into a failed business deal in the blink of an eye: a malfunction of a page script, a late response from a sales team member, misinformation about the product, or the price. Anything can make a sale fail.


By having a CRM for e-commerce you can take care of minimizing the “human possibilities” of losing a prospect. Not only that, the CRM for e-commerce also allows you to learn from your mistakes. This is because it records all interactions which then allows you to study them carefully.


Companies of all sizes can implement a CRM for e-commerce accordingly to its peculiarities. Allow yourself to take your company to another level using the tools that the Internet puts at your fingertips.

What are the benefits of cloud-based CRM software? What is cloud-based CRM software? A cloud-based software mainly uses the technological development known as the cloud. As the name suggests, this software is located in the intangible place we call the cloud. While we can’t see where a CRM is stored in the cloud, we can certainly see and know the benefits it provides.


Without a doubt, the positive impact that a cloud CRM has on a business gives real, tangible and substantial results. What are the benefits of cloud-based CRM software? Next, we will explore the reasons why a modern business will get many benefits with the help of a cloud CRM.


Benefits of cloud-based CRM software


Cloud-based CRM software is a more convenient alternative than CRM software that is physically installed on company premises. That’s why we’re going to introduce you to the most important benefits of cloud-based CRM software.


First, it is an easy-to-use software


Innatos - people workingCloud-based CRM software providers like Innate Software have a purpose. We do our best to prioritize the user experience because they understand the difficulty of agents to learn new systems.


When it becomes difficult for actors to adopt a new system, they do not use it to its full potential. Cloud-based CRM software providers create systems with easy-to-use features to help users create custom email templates.


They also offer interactive dashboards and reports. In this way, agents will have the ability to analyze important customer data and have customer support options.


Second benefits of cloud-based CRM software, mobility


Innatos - Benefits of cloud-based CRM - people workingCloud-based CRM software also gives businesses the ability to get full access to the software on their own, from anywhere inside or outside the office. On-site CRM software can only be accessed in the office. This limitation eliminates the possibility of agents working from home or being able to extract data on the spot at an important meeting.


Mobility is essential. The reason is that a large part of the day is spent outside the office for sales agents and managers. This is especially true in quarantine season.


For example, what if they are in a meeting with a customer, and the customer asks to see the latest reports on the growth of the company? It is now possible to access that information quickly, which could also make or break a major sale.


Third, no specific hardware or software is required for system use


Innatos - Benefits of cloud-based CRM - moneyToday, everything is done through the Internet. In terms of cloud-based CRM software, this means that the software provider is responsible for making sure that the software is working as well as possible.


Companies no longer need to hire an IT team to set up and maintain a CRM system. Data servers are also not required to host information packages.


Customer data is stored in the cloud. This information can be easily accessed by anyone in the office with credentials to access. In addition, all purchased reports, customer profiles, contact information, and analytics can be shared through third-party integrations.


Instead of paying a fortune for new equipment or software licenses, all you need is an Internet connection and an Internet Browser.


Fourth of the benefits of cloud-based CRM software, low costs


There is no longer a need for an information technology team to maintain CRM software. Therefore, costs remain low because your company does not have to hire one or more agents to install and maintain your CRM software. Most plans are also customizable to suit your business needs. Therefore, you don’t have to pay for all the features that your business will never use.


Innatos - Benefits of cloud-based CRM - people workingAlso, if something goes wrong it is no longer up to you to put your own money into a solution. Cloud-based CRM providers are responsible for ensuring that your software runs smoothly. Store data in the cloud for a fee is normally less expensive than trying to set up a local storage system in your business. This requires hard drives and regular maintenance.


When you purchase cloud-based CRM software, you can often reduce the cost by customizing the service. This is done by purchasing more cost-effective plans or modifying your own plan to fit the actual needs of your business. If a company only has 10 agents, then it is not necessary to resort to a plan for fifty agents.


Some companies may see call recording as a necessity. Meanwhile, other companies see it as an additional cost. Having the option to choose which features are desired based on the needs of a business is important. Personalization helps drive more positive user experiences for your sales and marketing teams. If they are given software that will really help make their lives easier at work, they will be more likely to adopt the software.




Cloud-based CRM software is stored in the cloud. This may seem more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The reason is that the data is out of the hands of your business. However, the cloud is a safe place to store data. In addition, information can be backed up and restored if lost.


Innatos - notesProviders like Innate offer SSL encryption and follow the necessary regulations so that companies can tell their customers that their data is secure. Customers are reluctant to share their personal information with companies. It is therefore important to be able to ensure that the data is secure and not misused. This will significantly improve the customer experience.


Reliability is also an important aspect of cloud-based CRM software. If something goes wrong with office servers, it would be impossible to use CRM software on-premises. However, with cloud-based CRM software, users only need to be connected to the Internet.


Because the provider hosts the solution in their own data centers, your company can have peace of mind. You will be sure that the platform is usually backed up with a server, so if something goes wrong, the business can still run as usual.


The internet is not always perfect, but if the internet goes down and your business loses important customer data, that data is never completely lost. The reason is that an automatic backup is performed in the cloud. Providers also offer service uptime guarantees. In addition, they can negotiate service level agreements to help ensure that paid service remains as reliable as possible.

What is CRM technology in the cloud? Cloud CRM technology refers to a specific type of Customer Relationship Management (also known as CRM) software. In such type of cloud software, CRM software, CRM tools, and data for your organization’s customers reside in the cloud. Subsequently, they are delivered to your business’ end-users via the Internet.


Cloud CRM typically provides access to the application through web-based tool logins. This web browser is where the CRM system administrator has previously defined the access levels throughout the organization.


What is CRM technology in the cloud? Employees can log on to the CRM system from any Internet-enabled computer or device. Cloud CRM frequently provides users with mobile applications. With such mobile applications, it will be easier to use CRM systems on smartphones and tablets.


What is cloud CRM technology and how does it work?


What is CRM technology in the cloud? - local softwareIt is important to have an exact definition of the type of cloud CRM software. What is CRM technology in the cloud? Cloud-based CRM software is simply a CRM software that is hosted in the cloud. This important feature means that companies store and access customer data collected over the Internet.


Cloud CRM software means your business doesn’t have to worry about data management and storage. You also don’t have to worry about paying for individual licenses for multiple devices. All this heavy work is handled by the CRM provider. In other words, what your business gets is access to an easy-to-use solution.


What is CRM technology in the cloud? The cloud-based CRM software can do whatever the CRM software installed on the company’s system. However, it is more adaptable to the needs of your business. In addition, it is more cost-effective in the long term, is easily accessible, and is safer. Security is an important aspect as it is a problem that today’s companies are constantly trying to solve.


Improvements to local CRM software


Local installation CRM is much more expensive in terms of both initial and long-term costs. The reason is that they require an IT team to install and maintain company-specific software and hardware. This type of spending is not a viable option for most small and new businesses.


Installing CRM software on the local computer could be potentially beneficial for larger companies. The reason is that it will be able to give these companies more control over what features they are going to use and what works best for them. However, what works best for the company as a whole might not work best for all employees of the same.


Innatos - cloudCRM software is no longer an exclusive tool for those who can afford it. Innate Software offers affordable CRM software solutions in cloud-based service mode and installation service mode.


Cloud-based solutions are more accessible to small businesses that want to take advantage of the benefits of cloud CRM software. For example, unlimited storage, customer profiles, phone, and social integrations, professional templates, and various automation.


These characteristics generally required an additional load. Therefore, they used to be accessible only to large companies. That is the company that could pay for them. However, this is no longer the case.


Cost is no longer the main factor in determining whether a CRM software is right for your business. Many vendors, such as innate Software, offer customized plans that are completely based on what works best for your business.


This is a feature of cloud CRM software development that could save a lot of money in the long run for a business. The adoption of cloud-based CRM software is a natural step that businesses must take to remain competitive in the future.


What is CRM technology in the cloud? Cloud CRM software


Innatos - What is CRM technology in the cloud? - crmCloud CRM software refers to a specific type of customer relationship management system. In such software, all CRM tools, software and data reside in the cloud.


That is, it is a software system that is delivered to end-users through an application or web browser. Basically, cloud CRM is a CRM software that is hosted in the cloud and can be accessed over the Internet.


Typically, this tool will offer access through web browser logins according to the access levels defined by the CRM system administrator.


This allows employees to log into the CRM system at any time from any computer or device that is Internet-enabled. Such CRM providers usually have mobile apps, so it’s easier to access CRM on a smartphone or tablet.


What is CRM technology in the cloud? The benefits of CRM


Innatos - cloudOne of the most important benefits of CRM software with cloud functionality is scalability. Cloud-based CRM software is designed to be flexible and it provides the possibility to expand itself as needed by its users. It’s thanks to this that a company can modify the scale of CRM depending on the current needs of the business.


CRM costs, usually based on the number of users and storage requirements, also change scale up and down. This happens as the requirements change. In most cases, extending the system is as easy as contacting the cloud CRM software provider and requesting deployment changes.


Cloud CRM software is a good choice for small businesses. These companies lack the in-house information technology expertise to deploy, manage, and update a CRM application on their local system. However, they will be able to access the benefits of CRM with CRM in the cloud.


In cloud CRM, the provider is responsible for managing the software. In addition, the vendor also performs system-wide updates and handles technical issues, bugs, and other issues as they arise.




What is CRM technology in the cloud? - cloudOther benefits of cloud CRM is that they have integration with Office applications and commonly used email systems, integration with social data (Social CRM) and Automatic Data Backups.


CRM software has existed for years. However, it is now taking a much more important and conventional role in companies of all sizes. Every business can benefit from CRM software.


The goal of CRM is to organize customer data in away. In this way, the business can improve the customer experience, generate sales, and customize each customer interaction to make sure they come back. Previously, CRM software required an expensive on-site solution. But cloud CRM has changed things. Now any company can use these platforms.


Large companies and companies took advantage of the development of their own CRM to meet their own needs. However, this entailed significant costs that no one else could afford. Cloud-based CRM is playing a more important role in today’s business. This type of software is accessible to companies of all sizes and adaptable to the changing needs of any business.

Taking the leap into the digital age is a big step towards extending the reach of a business. In order to have a successful online store, it’s necessary to create your own website or online store. This will help you reach a larger audience and achieve your business goals. Integrate your online store with a CRM service. In the current article, we’re going to explain how to integrate your online store with a CRM service. CRM is a powerful tool that can help you improve your processes and get even more clients.


Integrate your online store with a CRM service, what does a CRM do?


Innatos - Integrate your online store with a CRM service - people workingThere are various features that your business will have access to if you integrate a CRM service. For example, you will have all the information of your customers centralized in a single database. This means that you will be able to access the records of each customer, their doubts, incidents, emails sent, and more.


In addition, you will be able to make better decisions. The reason is that you will be able to calculate the profitability obtained with each conversation sale. For that reason, you will be able to channel the effort and direct it to the best customers. Reaching the clients that interest you the most will help you in improving your business efficiency.


The information will also be accessible to everyone. This means that everyone in your company that requires the information will have access to it. Through this method, you will be able to create better marketing strategies and convert more prospects into clients. 


Integrate your online store with a CRM service and learn the benefits of CRM integration


Innatos - benefits of the integrationSome of the benefits of a CRM service include improving communication with your customers. This will maximize their satisfaction. In addition, you will also know the key characteristics of your clients. This information will be able to divide them into smaller groups. Afterward, you can use direct strategies adapted to the needs of each of your clients.


It’s important to note that having all the information in one document will make it easier to generate future forecasts and estimates. By making your processes more efficient, you will increase productivity and, of course, monetary results.


Integrate your online store with a CRM service, the process


Innatos - the processHaving a presence in the digital world is almost mandatory. However, it’s not enough to have an online store. In addition to having a website, business owners must update and improve it gradually. This will help them in adapting their business to the trends of the moment. Integrating your online store with CRM is one of the essential keys to success. However, there is a question that must be answered first. What is CRM?


CRM stands for customer relationship management. As its name implies, CRM is an organizational model oriented to the customer. CRM works with a computer system. The computer system is based on the management and monitoring of the company’s relations with customers, marketing, and sales.


The integration of CRM with your online store is important. It’s important is because it brings many advantages to a company. The first benefit is that it gathers all the information in one place. For this reason, it’s possible to streamline management tasks and save time and costs. In addition, you will be able to increase productivity. If your company is large or you have prospects of IT, integrating your online store with a CRM system is indispensable.


How the CRM works


Innatos - Integrate your online store with a CRM service - people workingIntegrate your online store with a CRM service. When a user registers on your website or fills out a form, that request is automatically synchronized with the CRM. This information is later organized into categories. All this data will help you to offer a more personalized communication with the customer. It will also help you create better marketing strategies.


By integrating an online store with management or marketing and sales software, you automate various operations in order to improve your processes. For example, accounting, billing, customer database, inventory management, and many others.


Nowadays, it’s necessary for organizations that have CRM software to integrate their online store with these systems. There is no single answer when it comes to integrating online sales and management programs managed by the company. It depends on each specific case and in the needs of your company. In Innatos we can create a CRM system perfectly tailor-made for your business.


Why you should integrate your online store with a CRM service


In the present, many online businesses are managing their sales through the panels of management who have their online shops. This is based on data from platforms like Google Analytics. While this might work, you’re missing on the potential to really make your business grow. In order for you to make your business grow, you must integrate the tool called CRM.


Innatos - dataThrough the CRM, you can manage all of your client’s information from a single platform. This will help you in order to keep everything organized. When you have everything organized, you will be able to make business decisions much, much better. In addition, you could also pan customized marketing campaigns for each type of client.


A key advantage is that an integrated management of your online store will allow you to reduce management time. This will allow you to automate the marketing processes. You will be able to do this through tools like email marketing


This will help you to be able to create complete profiles of the customers that have purchased or that you are going to buy. With so much information to be able to interact with your clients in real-time. You will also be able to use the communication preferences of each one of them.


Integrate your online store with a CRM service. As said before, any information about your clients is very useful for the marketing department. It will help you segment your audience into categories and then create targeted marketing. This targeted marketing will help you convert more prospects into clients


Innatos - Integrate your online store with a CRM service - people workingCustom-made by Innatos Software


Integrate your online store with a CRM service. Having more information about your clients gives you more information that you can use for your business.


If you want a custom-made CRM software specifically adapted to your business’ needs, we have what you need in Innatos Software. Contact us today for more information. 


All business owners that have an online store know the term “eCommerce” as this is the type of their business. Also, because they work in the business world, they also probably know the acronym “CRM”, which refers to customer relationship management. But what happens when you combine the word “eCommerce” with the acronym “CRM”? CRM and eCommerce? You get a personalized marketing and sales automation platform that allows your business to build authentic relationships with your customers and increase your sales.


In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about why your online store needs an eCommerce CRM platform. Read on to find out why CRM is an excellent tool for online stores.


CRM is an excellent tool for online stores, the difference between CRM for e-commerce and traditional CRM


Innatos - computer with information on itWhat are the differences between CRM for eCommerce and traditional CRM? CRM is an abbreviation of customer relationship management. CRM is a type of software that organizes and stores customer information. For example, contact information, accounts, and leads. This information is stored in a primary location.


CRM software aids companies in properly building, organizing, and protecting their relationships with their customers. Therefore, they are key for business departments in development.


They are equally important for the marketing and sales teams. CRM systems can also provide the business’ staff members with detailed information. This detailed information includes the customer’s purchase history and their purchase preferences.


CRM for eCommerce is specifically designed for customer relationships when buying and selling merchandise or services online.


Innatos - computer with information on itBoth a traditional CRM and CRM for eCommerce are designed to help businesses organize and keep control over customer information and data. However, there are some notable differences between the two.


A custom-designed CRM for eCommerce is designed to bring the brand closer to the customer. With constant personalized experiences, CRMs designed for eCommerce enhance the clients’ experience and fully focus on personal marketing communication.


In addition, they’re also easy to use. From store owners to team members, a CRM for eCommerce is designed for any eCommerce vendor. They’re also rooted in current technology. Personalized CRMs for e-commerce use automated, multi-channel marketing techniques. Therefore, they are great for understanding and connecting with customers no matter where they are on their customer journey.


CRM is an excellent tool for online stores; the benefits of CRM solutions for eCommerce


Innatos - CRM and Ecommerce - men working in a graphicStill not sure of the opportunities a personalizes CRM can bring to your business? Take a look at some of the ways in which CRM can enhance experiences, putting your brand ahead of your online competition.


The internet is full of stores of all kinds, and buyers are faced with a large number of online options. So how do you set up your online store apart from the other online businesses? How to attract new customers and retain existing customers as the industry continues to grow each year? And what is the secret to selling more from your online store? 


A personalized CRM for eCommerce helps companies create great first impressions and build lasting connections. The segmentation capabilities of a CRM are deep. The reason is that they allow you to keep control over all of your customers. You can tag each customer’s experiences and actions with multiple custom tags and events. For example, locations, dates, how many times a person sees a page, or makes a purchase. Then, you can filter people by one or more variables to better understand and attract a niche part of your audience.


CRM and e-commerce, CRM is an excellent tool for online stores, the advantages of CRM for eCommerce


Innatos - CRM and Ecommerce - people working togetherThis in-depth information lays the foundation for targeted and relevant marketing campaigns so that your business can reach your customers on a more personal level. Custom email campaigns allow you to send topic-specific email series to subscribers. Campaigns can contain as many emails as you like and are very easy to build and launch. 


Scoring for your leads is another great strategy that ensures your business will be sending highly specific messages to your potential customers. The score tracks leads by assigning (or deducting) points based on the different actions performed by them during their journey.


Customer scoring gives online stories and business an in-depth look. You can find out how your customers engage with the brand in order to build a specific marketing plan for each customer.


 CRM is an excellent tool for online stores, how does a custom CRM for online stores help build customer loyalty?


Innatos - crmThe loyalty of a customer can’t be bought. Customer loyalty must be earned through the quality of your service. At Innatos we can design a software platform to help online businesses focus on the human side of their online stores.


Highly personalized systems can be created. Such software systems have the power to deepen customer connections and create the path for satisfied customers, giving your business an edge over the competition.


A custom CRM connects customer data loads to smart software categories. In this way, your company will be able to connect with your customers at the right time with the right message.


CRM is an excellent tool for online stores, the benefits of a specific online approach to CRM


Innatos - CRM and Ecommerce - people working togetherOne of the main benefits of an online approach to CRM is that it’s easy to use and implement. When it comes to implementing e-commerce strategies, a custom-designed CRM is intuitive and easy to navigate.


A customized CRM platform is your ticket to the success of your online store in the eCommerce business; CRM is an excellent tool for online stores.


In Innatos we can create the personalized CRM that best suits the needs of your online business. Electronic commerce has grown considerably in recent years and it’s also constantly evolving at a rapid pace. Therefore, a custom CRM platform designed for eCommerce can make a difference to the success of your online store. Contact us today for more information about our services.


What are the reasons why you should create a custom CRM system? The pace of competition is increasing rapidly, and markets have become extremely competitive. The key to surviving and succeeding in this competition is managing customer relationships.


Innatos - Reasons why you should create a Custom CRM System - computer with dataCRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the best tool available to manage customer relationships. This tool helps the company track customer activities and purchases. Plus, it leads to faster sales while increasing customer retention and satisfaction levels.


What are the reasons why you should create a custom CRM system? Using custom CRM software offers many benefits, but finding the right one is daunting as it varies by business model. All companies have different operating models and contact points for customers. This means that the operating cycles of companies are different.


Reasons why you should create a Custom CRM System


Innatos - moneyAlso, investing in CRM is a costly investment for any business, so choosing the right type of CRM software is important. It is also recommended to carry out custom CRM that meets all the requirements of your company to obtain the greatest benefits.


Managing this relationship is crucial to building customer loyalty, which in turn affects revenue. In the past, this meant keeping bulky customer files in heavy metal cabinets. However, today, successful companies rely on CRM systems and applications to automate processes and streamline the customer journey through the sales funnel.


Get to know CRM

Innatos - Reasons why you should create a Custom CRM System - professional people A customer relationship management (CRM) system aims to streamline your business process by improving relationships with existing customers. It also helps to identify new leads and possibilities. For example, it makes it easy to collect, store, and manage customer information, customer segmentation, sales automation, campaign management, and more.


 The CRMs are not only for large-scale companies with large customer databases but are also beneficial for small and medium-sized companies. If you want to expand your business, then customer relationship management (CRM) software is essential.


What are the reasons why you should create a custom CRM systemYou need a CRM system to grow with you as your business grows. With this in mind, you need to create a lightweight and effective custom CRM instead of spending tons of money on complicated, ready-to-use CRM software.


First reason why you should create a custom CRM system, lessexpensive than the factory CRM


Precast CRM plans and cost

Innatos - Reasons why you should create a Custom CRM System - calculator 

Most pre-made CRM systems come as subscription products. The amount they charge is based on the number of users in your organization and available features. But these plans have a certain set of limitations since many factory CRM solutions come with features you may never need. They may also lack one or two features that may be helpful to you. Once your business grows, such plans become inadequate.


Initial plans only support a few users and lose some critical features. To get all the essential CRM capabilities, at some point, companies switch to a more expensive plan.


But CRM costs will continue to grow over time. Its cost depends on the number of users who access the system in your organization. To improve business efficiency and functionality, companies often end up paying for all the features that a ready-to-use CRM system offers.


Innatos - walletCustom CRM cost


If you are running a medium or large business.


A custom CRM system can be cheaper than a ready-made solution.


You can create your custom CRM using pre-programmed, custom applications that fit your needs.



The second, reasons why you should create a Custom CRM, Systemminimizes onboarding time


Innatos - professional womanA good training and recruitment program helps newly hired employees feel welcome on the job. Plus, it minimizes the time it takes them to become productive in their jobs.


By switching to a new workflow, employees inevitably make mistakes, such as missing a call from a customer, missing promising deals, and more.


Hiring a certified trainer to train your new employees to use business applications can take several months. With the simple user interface of a custom CRM solution, you can minimize long onboarding time and increase the productivity of your employees.


The third, simplify integration


Innatos  - professional womanYou must pay a hefty fee to get additional benefits for a standard CRM system. Its features and extended APIs come in more expensive packages.


The standard CRM integration approach complicates matters. You should hire experienced developers with extensive knowledge if you are integrating a standard CRM with common programs.


A custom CRM system makes future integration easier and less expensive. The reason is that developers are allowed to use the API approach first, making the process more reliable. With custom integrations, your CRM will become a central hub for all departments and evolve toward successful digitization.


The fourth, Reasons why you should create a Custom CRM System, makes the growth process easier


Innatos - Reasons why you should create a Custom CRM System - computer with dataTo improve the automation process and information sharing in your growing business, you need to expand CRM functionality to other departments.


As you scale your business with a prepared CRM solution, you will face a variety of problems. For example, buy a more expensive plan, it may not include all the functionality and features you need for your business.


In a custom CRM system, you are the owner of your product. You can make modifications to the custom CRM that is tailored to your unique business process. Now that you know the reasons why you should create a custom CRM system, at Innatos we have the software development service you need. Contact us today to receive more information.

You have decided what you need a custom CRM software. You will start tracking interactions with prospects, recording business data, and leveraging that information to sell more, better, and faster. How to integrate your sales team with personalized CRM? Here are the key tips to help you implement a CRM system successfully.


How to integrate your sales team with personalized CRM? Explain its value


Innatos - How to integrate your sales team with personalized CRM? - two hands giving each other a heartCRM software will make it easy for you to analyze performance, track sales trends, and assess the status of your sales team.


But your employees don’t care about that, like all prospects, they want to know why this decision will be better for them. The benefits of employee-centric CRM software include:



Put yourself in their shoes and take the time to understand how they could benefit from CRM software.


How to integrate your sales team with personalized CRM? Make it part of the training.


Innatos - How to integrate your sales team with personalized CRM? - people together workingYour employees can be cautious with anything that takes them away from the sale, so be strategic when choosing and deploying a CRM. Testing begins at the beginning of a month or quarter when the pressure to meet the quota is less than at the end of a sale period.


You must train your employees and design and implementation at the beginning of the next period. For example, at the beginning of the year if your company operates for an annual fee.


You should also include training at every new employee training thereafter. For CRM software to really fit into your business, it has to be part of seller training from day one.


Provide reps with presets and dashboards.


Don’t give your team a completely empty CRM. You should help them by simply organizing their prospects. By territory, by stage of the agreement, anything that makes a coherent image for their representatives when they open the CRM for the first time.


Innatos - people together workingYou must give them a basic level of organization so they don’t start from scratch and can work with pre-populated reports with data.


How to integrate your sales team with personalized CRM? Provide follow-up tips and tricks.


Feedback from your team should be collected periodically to determine weaknesses and where they are succeeding.


If your employees regularly experience similar difficulties or are constantly confused about certain parts of the product, investigate the problem, and spread the solution to the team. If you can avoid problems and concerns before they become job locks, you have a much better chance of driving adoption.


Incorporate the use of CRM in professional development.


Innatos - How to integrate your sales team with personalized CRM? - people together workingTeam leaders set an example for the rest of the employees.


Therefore, have each manager incorporate the use of CRM with direct reporting and encourage the use of the software.


Managers must establish the expectation that they need to obtain all the information necessary for CRM reviews. Then they must have sellers fill in the missing information.


Afterward, it will become a habit for reps to complete this preparation.


How to integrate your sales team with personalized CRM? Provide an incentive and motivate your sales team to use CRM.


Innatos - people together workingIn the past, when organizations introduced computers to their daily work routines, most employees were not very receptive to the idea. Most of them thought that it would make their processes more complex and that it would be better to do things the old-fashioned way.


Conversely, today’s employers can risk a total riot if employees are asked to complete their tasks without computers. Similar is the case with the reluctance of sales professionals to use customer relationship management (CRM) software. They find CRMs to be complex and cumbersome. However, CRM software is the need of the hour and its importance cannot be underestimated. 


Today’s competitive landscape requires companies to have a healthy relationship with customers with an effectively channeled business workflow. And that is only possible using a good CRM. Therefore, as the team leader or manager, it becomes your responsibility to motivate your sales team to use a CRM because this is what they need, not what they want.


How to integrate your sales team with personalized CRM? The following are ways you can keep your sales reps motivated to use a CRM:


Innatos - How to integrate your sales team with personalized CRM? - people together workingInvest in a CRM that is tailor-made for your team.


The first step is to choose a CRM that complements your business goals. Smart companies are always committed to CRM that streamlines processes, without unnecessary integrations and features.


Also, don’t forget to involve your sales team when selecting a CRM.


This will not only help select the optimal solution but will also bring the sales team on board as they will ultimately be the ones to use it.


Provide the necessary trainingInnatos - people together working


Without training, implementing a CRM is like asking a rugby team to play soccer.


The sales representative will be frustrated if he does not understand the system and this will adversely affect his performance. Therefore, CRM training is very important.

So an essential part of CRM implementation is providing adequate training. Make sure they are trained in functionality and features.


This can be accomplished through various internal training sessions and by providing e-learning facilities to reps.


Show them the positive side


It is important that you communicate to your employees the personal benefits of using a CRM. It must be transmitted to them that it is not only a management tool that they are forced to use, but that it also has something for them. 


Innatos - How to integrate your sales team with personalized CRM? - crm softwareAppreciate and Publish Achievements


Instead of putting pressure on your sales team to use CRM, you should encourage them by appreciating their work. Those who adopt early should be applauded so that the rest can follow. Also, make public announcements (via emails and group meetings) about those who use CRM and meet or exceed their goals. 


At Innatos Software we have the best CRM software development for your company. In addition, we help you with the training of your staff to integrate your sales team with personalized CRM.

Each organization implements a CRM system with the desire to optimize their business processes. In this way, they can improve the quality of customer service, explore new business opportunities and seek new customers. However, only a few are successful. Why? Because most do not adopt CRM best practices, therefore, it leads to a low return on investment. So you need to know the 3 tips to effectively use a CRM.


CRM is just a technology and its success ultimately depends on how effectively employees use it. If you want to use your system effectively, keep the following basic points in mind to take advantage of the unlimited potential of this technology. With the 3 tips to effectively use the software, you can achieve success.


First, of 3 tips to effectively use a CRM, customize your CRM to your business needs


Innatos - 3 Tips to Effectively use a CRM - profileHaving software is the first step in trying to establish closer connections with your prospects and customers. However, a ready-to-use solution will not be able to connect to all departments in your organization. To make the most of your software, you must customize it to your unique business needs.


You should customize the look of your system to give it a sleek and vibrant interface, as it is the first app employees sign in to and the last app they sign out of. You can also add or remove workflows, modules, and dashboards in the software based on your business requirements.


If you are not satisfied with the default reporting module, you can always get custom reports created. This way you can monitor the performance of your employees and your organization.


The possibilities are endless. Therefore, you need to find out what you want from your Customer relationship management for optimal customization.

Second of the 3 tips to effectively use a CRM, update information in the database


Innatos - 3 consejos para usar efectivamente un CRM - computadoraThe software is as good as the data available in its knowledge base. The data is used across the organization for multiple reasons, including campaign initiatives, customer service, marketing, etc.


A serious problem can arise if your sales representatives do not have access to a mobile CRM system. Since sellers are primarily in the field, they often tend to forget to update customer information in real-time. Even if they go back to the office and then enter the details, they probably won’t remember the granular details, and therefore the information won’t be entirely accurate.


You must ensure that your Customer relationship management is compatible with mobile functionality. In this way, you can ensure that sales representatives can collect information at the source and update it in the system in real-time. This results in the data being organized, accurate and error-free. An updated database inevitably increases the results extracted from the software.


Third of the 3 tips to effectively use a CRM, train your employees


Innatos - empleadosThe cornerstone of your software’s success is its staff, so you must equip them with the essential knowledge and skills necessary to get the most out of the system. Initially, employees will not be very receptive to the idea of ​​training to use new software. Many would think that software would make their processes more complex and that it would be better to do things the old-fashioned way. If the system is too complex and cumbersome, employees won’t embrace technology with an open heart.


To get the maximum benefits from Customer relationship management, train your employees and educate them on how their contributions and the use of the system can increase their own productivity and improve their performance. It is recommended to carry out training by department or team and focus on the functionalities rather than the process.


Review your practices of this system and make use of the 3 tips to effectively use a system and let CRM software work for you.




Innatos - 3 Tips to Effectively use a CRM - circle

Many companies struggle when it comes to getting the desired ROI from their implementation of this system. The reason is that they simply buy Customer relationship management but do not adopt CRM best practices.


You must remember that implementing a system would not grow your business by leaps and bounds overnight. It is part of a long-term strategy that requires you to learn the technology from the inside out to unlock its true potential.

The challenge for manufacturing companies is to be able to react quickly to new developments on the market without losing sight of costs. CRM software for manufacturing companies. In order to remain competitive, it is not enough to use modern machines, but it is vital to offer competent advice to customers, from the acquisition process to the after-sales service.


The requirements for CRM software for manufacturing companies


  • Comprehensive administration of inventory management, accounting, and production data.
  • High-quality service for lasting customer satisfaction.
  • Cost advantages through time savings.

The advantages of CRM software for manufacturing companies


Innatos - CRM software for manufacturing - toolsWhen products are comparable, the quality of service is essential for customer satisfaction. With CRM, you will gain a comprehensive knowledge base. In this way, employees can immediately access all customer and product data in order to competently respond to telephone inquiries.


CRM software connects all employees, departments, and branches. In addition, through connections with other software solutions, a constant flow of information can be guaranteed.


In this way, you can achieve daily time savings when searching for documents, free dates or addresses. The external service also remains wirelessly connected to the CRM system. Thus, the data that previously had to be sought from different sources, is now integrated into a single location. This time saving provides you with significant cost advantages.


Boost your business with ERP for manufacturing companies


Innatos - CRM software for manufacturing - money with a rocketERP software is a type of software solution that enables companies to integrate various parts of their business operations into a centralized system. This business management software enables organizations to automate operational services, allowing them to better manage their business. These services include:  


  • Sales, (including e-commerce)  
  • Marketing  
  • Accounts and Finance  
  • Supply Chain Management  
  • Payroll  
  • Warehouse Management  
  • HR HR  
  • Manufacturing and Management Logistics. 

How does ERP for manufacturing companies benefit businesses?  


Innatos - CRM software for manufacturing - professional person with documentsAs the manufacturing industry continues to grow and expand rapidly, many manufacturing companies are beginning to consider investing in ERP software.


Why? Because it can provide a host of benefits for company productivity.


With this rapid expansion and evolution of the manufacturing industry.


More competition arrives, which pushes companies to find that their production processes are as fluid as possible.


What are the key advantages of ERP for manufacturing companies?


Innatos - CRM software for manufacturing - professional person workingCRM software for manufacturing companies, Flexibility  


ERP software gives your business greater flexibility by providing operational management, insight information, and enables your organization to make safer decisions about reducing costs. It’s also highly customizable, which makes it applicable to any manufacturing business; including both processes and doing it with discretion. 


However, it should be noted that companies are advised not to customize their solutions too much. Highly customized solutions can have conflicting effects on software effectiveness, as employees are distracted by “nice” features rather than the real value from “essential” features.  


Innatos - brain workingRationalization  


ERP essentially streamlines your business processes.


All of your important data is available in one central location, allowing full visibility of all your business functions.


This integrated automation will give you the scope to conveniently manage your production order while calculating costs from a software platform.    


CRM software for manufacturing companies, Increase productivity  


This automation software will increase your team’s productivity while better managing projects and workload.


Innatos - money with and arrow going downThis automated software gives you and your team more time to work on more valuable and creative business projects.


Cost Reduction  


Accurate, real-time information is provided through an ERP source, ultimately reducing the cost of administration and operations.


Improving the visibility of your business can help you identify areas to reduce costs, such as the production area.


What type of ERP for manufacturing companies do I need? 


Before choosing your ERP software, there are some factors that you should consider in relation to the business you have. The requirements for both types of manufacturers will be different, the manufacturing processes and businesses have different operating processes, and therefore will require different ERP software.


Innatos - people workingCRM software for manufacturing companies, Manufacturing Processes 


Without a viable source of ERP, process manufacturing companies can risk several problems to solve within their production processes.  Examples of these include: 


Increase productivity and profitability  


As your business expands and its processes grow in complexity, it can be difficult to share information on all aspects of your business.


With ERP, you can seamlessly link and disclose all your information. This will give you better visibility in real-time, increasing efficiency and profitability.  


Innatos - CRM software for manufacturing - manufacturing toolsCRM software for manufacturing companies, Managing complicated processes 


It involves the use of complex formulas for batch item creation. ERP software can support these complex processes by providing secure recipe and formula storage, quality control, and contingencies to ensure batch consistency.  


The Regulations


Smaller and medium-sized regulations can often struggle with stricter industry regulations, such as the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). By using ERP software, companies of all sizes can generate nutrient analyzes, create compatible labels, and even generate statements for their allergen and component notifications. 


Innatos - people workingCRM software for manufacturing companies, Customizable Certificates of Analysis  


ERP software can help you create certificates fully tailored to your industry requirements.


Discrete Manufacturers Discrete  


Manufacturing companies also experience their own set of challenges that ERP software can help eliminate.  

Innatos - CRM software for manufacturing - professional person working



Managing changes in the product design of your products is a challenge that most, if not all, manufacturing companies will experience.


With automated ERP components, you can reduce the time it takes to market your newly designed products by seamlessly aligning your R&D with design changes and your customers’ needs.    

Innatos - CRM software for manufacturing - control of activities

CRM software for manufacturing companies, Quality control  


ERP software will allow you to produce reports and analyze relevant data to ensure that your products meet industry standards.


This eliminates the possibility of any unplanned downtime or costly emergency repairs.  


Innatos - CRM software for manufacturing - money with a computer

Supply and demand  


With an ERP, discrete manufacturing companies can be more efficient at storing popular products, by synchronizing with their stock levels.


This also means that you can prepare your business for seasonal fluctuations, increasing customer satisfaction, and profitability.


Things to consider before choosing ERP  


Innatos - CRM software for manufacturing - professional personBefore making a decision, you should consider four main aspects of your business. The software you choose to provide you with optimal results will depend mainly on these factors: 


  • The size of your business. 
  • Its processes.  
  • Its complexity  
  • The desired results.  


CRM software for manufacturing companies. Be aware of choosing the right ERP software for your business and not the one with the most attractive sales tag or smart marketing. Request a demo before you buy, to make sure it’s the right solution for you and your colleagues.  


Making sure that the ERP you buy is the correct solution that provides you with the correct functions required for your business, is another important factor to consider. Do not compromise your business processes if you consider that they are important to achieve your business objectives.