The integration of ERP Software in Online Stores

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This article will explore the integration of ERP software in online stores. We will start by explaining what ERP is and how it can help an online store business achieve its goals and improve its administrative processes.


What is ERP?


Innatos - integration of ERP Software - profesional person working in his computerERP software development has been one of the most important tools for businesses. Enterprise resource planning, also known as ERP, software systems have been around since the 1990s. These applications help every business automate all management operations and improve their customers’ user experience. 


Business operations with which an ERP can help your business are many. Among the many business operations that an ERP improves we find marketing and sales, inventory management, and finance and accounting. ERP software can also help you with customer relationship management (CRM), human resources, operation management, production management, and warehouse management


These are just some of the many uses of ERP software. There a lot more ways in which ERP software can help your business reach your goals.


The integration of ERP software in online stores, what is the integration of online stores with ERP software?


Innatos - ecommerceThe integration of ERP with an online store is directly related to the integration of the interface of the online store with the ERP application in the customer support of your company. Any successful growth strategy must include a fully integrated ERP solution.


This way you can create an action plan that helps you maximize the revenue of your online store and is planned towards the future.


ERP software is vital to your company’s success when it comes to your online store. The integration of ERP software for managing your business resources opens up the possibilities for your company. With this system, your business will have the best software tools to create an overall workflow that’s faster and more simple.


Integrating ERP software in online stores, why integrate ERP software with an e-commerce solution?


Innatos - ecommerceWhatever the interface of your online store, it’s necessary to pass information from the interface to the ERP in the support system and vice versa. In order to provide a smooth and highly agile user experience for their clients, both elements must work hand in hand in the exchange of information.


The integration of ERP sites and online trading sites introduces a large number of automated tasks and automatic data exchange between the two systems.


Likewise, as there is an increase in online sales and in demand in online stores, having a functional online store becomes a necessity.


Innatos - integration of ERP Software - profesional person working in his computerThe Benefits of the integration of ERP software in online stores


Integrating your ERP software with an online store brings many benefits to your business.


Here are some of these benefits for your company and how you can take advantage of the functionality of your integrated ERP software.



Improves functionality.


Innatos - people workingThe integration of ERP software with online stores provides a double benefit for every business. This happens because they will have the data of the interface in real-time in their ERP and they will also have the data of the commercial processes in online stores.


This two-way exchange of information provides many benefits to your clients. Why? Because it makes it so that customers can view and access information related to the available inventory. They can also view the status of their last order and track shipments of their purchases using tracking numbers. 


Similarly, businesses can find benefits thanks to the synchronization of the administration system. Your operations, sales, finance, human resources, and other teams now have instant access to customer information and orders that arise in online stores. This helps reduce the cost of operations and improve the overall customer experience.


Integration of ERP software in online stores reduces inventory management costs


Innatos - costsAll sales information in an online store interface appears in your ERP system quickly.


Based on these transactions, the inventory of items in ERP will also be updated. With an inventory that is filled with up-to-date information and online sales, management teams will be able to fulfill orders appropriately, thereby reducing inventory costs. 


Through the integration of ERP software in online stores, one can not only easily track inventory in real-time. In addition, you can also forecast how much inventory you need in the future.


Generates financial reports 


Sales financial reports are generated by e-commerce applications. ERP software provides a balance sheet, a cash flow sheet, and more. By integrating an online shop and ERP, the end-user is always one step ahead. This way you can always ensure transparency about online payments and financial data across the company, winning the trust of your customers.


ERP software integration in online stores accelerates activity


Innatos - integration of ERP Software - profesional person working in his computerIntegrated ERP software streamlines multiple business processes. It also reduces the burden on human resources in activities such as manual data transfer between applications. 


Employees will no longer have to manually enter data from one platform to another (for example, shipping information, inventory levels, product information). Instead, communication and data transfer are done automatically, saving time and money. Similarly, it allows employees to be productive in other ways, such as contributing to the growth of the company.


Furthermore, all online sales orders are integrated into the ERP system in a timely manner. In addition, an ERP user can instantly track orders and start processing quickly, reducing the length of the order fulfillment cycle.

Improves data consistency


Innatos - integration of ERP Software - profesional person working in his computerWhat about ERP software integration in online stores?


All data, such as customer details, orders, payments, and shipping information, will be transferred and synchronized with the ERP software. 


In addition, the details of the product inventory can be uploaded from the ERP to the online store platform. In this way, you will no longer need to re-enter the same data, saving time.


Therefore, integration reduces human involvement, data redundancy, and errors that can occur as a result of manual data transfer.


Innatos - integration of ERP Software - profesional person working in his computerERP software integration in an online store is the advantage your business needs


These were just some of the advantages of ERP software integration in an online store.


At Innatos Software we can help you find the solution tailored to the needs of your business.


Contact us today for more information.


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