Plows Point of Sale Software System

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Plows Point of Sale Software is an integrated system. In Plows you will find everything that an administrator needs in order to take control of their store or business. In addition, it can work without the need of any additional hardware. All you need is a compatible operating system. Have your whole store whenever you want, wherever you want from any computer or mobile device.

What is Plows?

Plows is a point of sale software with database and a software system specially prepared to aid you with administrative duties. It works with a cloud server, so you will have access to Plows regardless of where you are. Thanks to this system, it’s your best choice to expand your store online. Increase your sales and earning with an online store system that doesn’t overwhelm your processes. Innatos’ expert developing team will advice you at every moment.

In Plows you will find more than simply a point of sale. Plows has a lot of options for you. It can also be used as an enterprise resource planning, ERP, system which will aid you will all of your administrative needs. With an ERP like Plows, you will have access to a variety of administrative modules, such as CxP and billing.

Make your store and business more competitive!

How can Innatos’ Plow system help you with your business? You will be able to sell more while at the same time keeping total control over your inventories. With Plows, you will have constant access to everything that refers to your business’ sales and process. You will have contable information in real time from any mobile device. Use Plows to protect your investment from digital robbery or fraud.

Plows is your best ally, Plows Point of Sale Software

If your business is currently growing and you want to keep everything under control, Plows, the best point of sale system, is perfect for you. Keep all of your processes organized and don’t be overwhelmed by your organization’s growth.

We have a versatile, flexible software that will aid you with every administrative task and will handle point of sale for you.

  • Inventory control

  • Product tagging

  • Knowing the ideal existence for product by store

  • Keep track of sales and expenses

  • Keep all details of bills to pay and charge

  • Control of bank accounts

  • Management of seller commissions

  • Organization of online sales

  • Realizing audits to stores without stopping sales functions

  • Document control

  • Electronic billing

What the type of business was Plows made for? Can I use it in mine?

Plows was developed for every type of business. Initially, it was designed for companies that sell accessories for smartphones and it has a few functions for such an industry. Some of these functionalities are the handling of expedients, massive update to prices, follow up by type of equipment and repairs. However, business have access to these services regardless of their industry.

We have designed the Plows system so that it properly works with any kind of business that has a point of sales. It’s also perfect for any company that needs a tool to control stocks in their storage o give follow up to a repairing service. Currently, Plows has seen success with managers or owners of business of all kinds. For example, optics, pharmacies or shops.

Why use Plows in my business?

Try it out! Plows is a system that’s both easy to use and extremely powerful. Seeing it is enough to know that you won’t have any problem learning to adapt it to your business. You won’t need long capacitation in order to bring it to its full potential. Get total control over your business. With Plows, you will have all the information you need in order to make all important business decisions.

Plows is software designed and developed with the latest in technology. That is to say, it works perfectly with any kind of electronic device. You will be able to see and utilize your information and data from any phone, tablet or computer. In addition, its design has been thought to give you a wide variety of option. You will be able to analyze all information from a general overview to a particular piece of data. A single screen will be enough so that you can see all of the important indicators.


Home screen (Log In)

Plows’ menu with every module

Security not only for screen, also by franchise or process with a Plows Point of Sale Software

Plows also works to keep track of any important digital archive for your operations or business

Plows’ Point of Sale

Capture of a sale. Here you will be able to capture negated product or even stock requests from ecommerce, storefront sales or telephone sales.

There are different ways to capture the payment of a single ticket. Cash, credit card, debit card and more. You can also bill from this system.

Franchises can request stock from the central storage in a way that’s best informed and after an analysis of the information according to the sales of each franchise.

It doesn’t matter how many franchises you have. The central storage will be able to receive all the requests from every store and the system will help you decide how to stock, buy and transfer.

Intelligent billing. Select the day’s sales of one or all your store. You can also view by franchise depending on the user’s permissions.

You will never lose control when doing cash closing. It will display all of the information of each bill as well as a sale summary.

Consult daily sales from any device.

Analyze your sales by store, category, client or seller. In a single look you see the whole year, allowing you to detect trends. The information is displayed from the general to the detailed.

Know everything about the stock in all your stores.

Follow up by product type, if your operation requires it. Plows allows you to buy and sale, keeping exact control of every type of product.

Plows will help you calculate the commission according to the performance of your sellers.

Using smart algorithms, Plows suggests the maximum and minimum stock for each productor by store according its selling history.

The product catalogue has all the information, both general and detailed, that your clients need to know.

Plows – Ecommerce management

It will be very easy to manage your Ecommerce portal through plows. It will automatically synchronize with the list of prices and the stock.

PLOWS ERP, Plows Point of Sale Software

Capture buy requests

Consulta Kardex of expenses by catoegory

Storage movements

Reception of bills by providers

Doing physical inventory from a smartphone. You don’t need to stop the sales processes.

Know always every detail of your fiscal earnings

Consult the stocks of every storage both as a summary and in detail

Besides, it’s a point of sale software linked to an Ecommerce module

This way, all of the processes of your business will be simplified.

You won’t need to be managing two separate systems, everything will be in a single software also we have other types of software solutions like Deskalerts.

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