Learn how to improve your company’s customer service with ERP

Innatos - Learn how to improve your company's customer service with ERP

Learn how to improve your company’s customer service with ERP. One of the greatest advances that contributed to human development was the industrialization of production processes. In our time, this advance can be compared to the ERP system that a company can acquire. A system that provides alternatives on how to improve customer service.


This is a fundamental point within any company, because a satisfied customer will result in the good reputation of the company. Therefore, in this article we will explain how to improve your company’s customer service with an ERP.


How to improve the customer service of your company with an ERP


Improving customer service is one of the aspects where companies should make the most effort.


If a potential customer approaches your business, it will depend on the quality of your attention whether he stays or leaves. And this is a company’s ability to stay afloat: its sales (customers who stay).


An ERP software in the cloud, in this case, allows to offer not only great customer service, but also an automation of many of the corporate processes.

A good management of the components and/or activities of your company are decisive for the ability to keep it in the competition. And this good management is what an ERP offers you.


What is an ERP?


First things first: can an ERP software in the cloud improve the management of your company? Yes, but what is an ERP? Before we dive into how to improve your company’s customer service, it’s good to clarify this concept.


“ERP” stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It’s a system that allows you to automate the management of the processes that make up your company. What processes? Production, accounting, purchasing, human resources, logistics, and of course, customer service, among others.


In this case, we will focus on improving our customer service, a topic that will be extremely beneficial for SMEs.


How will an ERP improve our company’s customer service?


By using the word “automation” to describe this system, we can hope for the best. We are in a time of upheaval, where most people expect efficiency and quality wherever they go. We can assure you that lousy customer service will mean the loss of that prospective buyer.


A cloud ERP software is a system that collects, organizes and distributes information as only software can. And that’s what it’s all about: instant information. When thinking about how to improve customer service, we must consider the development of the communication processes.


How much stock is available, if not, when is the inventory being replenished, did we receive payment from the customer, was their order delivered, do we have new merchandise? This is some of the information that an electronic mind can retain and share for the benefit of our company.


Advantages and benefits reflected in the customer


An informed customer knows what he wants. He can either make decisions quickly, or take time to organize his project. But he will certainly be comfortable. And this situation means only one thing: we are in his mind. The information spinning in his brain carries the name of our company.


This is a first benefit. But let’s see what other advantages we can achieve.


  • Reliability, Improve your company’s customer service.


After the implementation of ERP software in the cloud, the movements of different offices of the company flow to one place. And despite the fact that each office is located in a different place, they are interconnected and depend on each other.


It’s essential when serving a customer to be able to do so as quickly as possible and, moreover, with all the answers at your fingertips. This will generate confidence, in addition to the fact that it’s a service that will be remembered. The potential buyer, feeling confident and secure, will not want to go with our competition.


  • Importance, Improve your company’s customer service.


In addition, another important point from a quick attention that generates reliability, is the importance.


The customer will feel important within our business, almost feel part of it (because he is part of it). This will influence not only in making their purchase, but also in deciding to buy from us again.


When thinking about how to improve your company’s customer service, it’s ideal to make them feel relevant. This point complements the previous one, and both aim at making a sale.


  • Accompaniment, Improve your company’s customer service.


From the first moment the customer knocks on the doors of our company until he leaves, we can make him feel accompanied by the ERP. He is well attended, we can provide him with any extra information he requires in the purchase process, and we can continue to approach him in the “post-sale”.


Our customer’s data is invaluable, it helps us not to have to wait for him to remember us, but we can get closer to him. With the help of this module you will be able to record the entire purchasing process of your customer. What were their interactions? What are their interests? This system has the answers, and they will help you to approach the customer after the purchase, because you will know what to offer him.


For this we can rely on emails, for example, sharing articles or campaigns that we know may be of interest to a particular customer. This is a fundamental part of the process of improving customer service.


A customer who buys once is a customer who buys again.


Improving customer service in your company can be seen as a formula. And its impact is to have active customers in our company. A buyer who feels confident, relevant to the company and accompanied, is undoubtedly what we call an active customer. One that comes back to buy.


We are facing the digitization of the world, why don’t we ever think that it also means digitizing our company?


This is part of modernity, and since this period began everything has changed for the better. Processes have been facilitated and promoted other needs in people that together we learn to satisfy.  


Your question was how to improve customer service with an ERP software in the cloud, and surely the explanation has left you wanting to continue learning. We invite you to visit our site and learn more about how ERP software can transform your business.


Customer service is one of the most important aspects that must be taken care of within a company, if in addition, our company has an online sales service these efforts should be redoubled by the lack of direct contact between seller and consumer, therefore, the response time we give to our consumers should be minimal and above all be responsive to their demands.


Customer satisfaction is the fundamental key to acquiring a good reputation for our business in the digital world in which the opinions of users are increasingly taken into account.


Digitalization, today, is not a project for the future, in just a few months we have seen how it has been the way of survival of many companies and the success of many others that adapted their production processes with management solutions, ERP, which helped them to improve their business operations.


This digital transformation means for the business bodies an increase in competitiveness, efficiency and a differentiating position with the rest of the companies in the market. Therefore, having management solutions is the optimal way to improve our business operations.

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