Good internal communication is a cornerstone of a well-run, high-functioning company. It ensures everyone understands what the common goals are, what is expected of them, contributes to knowledge sharing and helps to build internal culture, and boost morale and levels of engagement. How to Communicate Corporate News to Your Employees?


There are different types of news you might want to share with your employees: whether it’s a new initiative or product, new senior management appointments, new policies and procedures, information about corporate events, training opportunities, annual profits or losses, regulatory and legislative changes that affect your industry, workplace health and safety messaging, payroll information, holiday closing dates, or even, unfortunately, information about closures and layoffs.


No matter what you are communicating, you need to have a plan in place that you can follow to ensure you reach your employees.


You should ensure that your corporate communication is:


Innatos - How to Communicate Corporate News to Your Employees? - peopleTimely


If you have good or bad news to share, you can’t afford for it to be old news. When you have a corporate announcement you’re making to the outside world (for example, media, shareholders, stakeholders, clients, partners and so on) consider telling your employees either immediately before any external announcements or simultaneously to any external announcements.


It’s important that you can stay on the front-foot, particularly if you have bad news to deliver, so you are ahead of the rumor mill. Rumors are particularly unhelpful as misinformation, once it is spread, causes confusion and can detract from or completely derail your actual messaging and what the truth is about the subject you are communicating.




Brevity is key. Why say it in several pages when you can say it in a few paragraphs? People don’t like reading long volumes of information and this is a sure fire way to ensure that your critical messages are lost.


Detailed and thorough, How to Communicate Corporate News to Your Employees?


Your employees should be able to read what you are saying and understand completely what you are talking about. They shouldn’t have questions or try to fill in the blanks themselves because of what you are saying. If you can only tell them some information now because there are unknown factors, you need to spell this out, and let them know more information will be available at a later date – and then actually deliver.


Innatos - conclusionSent using the right tool for the job


Different communication channels have their pros and cons and aren’t equal. Is the message you’re sending extremely urgent and not to be missed by any employees? If so you might not want to send it in an email or put it on the intranet and hope it will be seen.


Consider investing in an enterprise communication system like DeskAlerts to send pop-up notifications direct to employees’ desktops in an obtrusive way that cannot be missed, skipped or ignored, thus ensuring your important corporate news is seen by everyone who needs to see it.

What is a cloud-based point of sale? In the past, most face-to-face companies stored all of their point-of-sale data locally. Here you can find included the prices of the items and also the transaction records for each sale. Generally, this data was kept on a PC or server on the site. On the other hand, they can be stored on the server of a network of a private company in the case of large retail chains.


However, today most business tools rely on online functionality over the internet for their point of sale systems. Therefore, there has been a constant progression towards cloud-based point-of-sale systems for businesses of every size. You may ask: what is a cloud-based point of sale? This article will answer that question next.


Next, we will present the cloud-based point-of-sale system. In addition, we will describe the difference between cloud-based point-of-sale systems and locally hosted point-of-sale systems.


What is a cloud-based point of sale system? How does a cloud-based point of sale work?


Innatos - What is a cloud-based point of sale? - computer with a systemCloud-based point-of-sale systems process and store online sales data. That is, they do not do it locally on your local computer or server. The point of sale interface that the employees interact with is made for use on Internet-enabled devices. Tablets, smartphones, and touch screen monitors are included among these devices. On the other hand, the content of a point of sale system can be accessed through any web browser by managers or administrators.


What is a cloud-based point of sale? Cloud-based point-of-sale systems are sometimes referred to as point-of-sale applications (also known as apps) instead of software. The reason is that they are very often used on mobile devices such as phones or tablets. Sometimes, this point of sale systems are also called electronic point of sale to reflect the fact that the software runs on electronic equipment.


Explaining the term cloud-based point of sale


Innatos - computer with a system“Cloud-based” refers to online data storage and processing. This is an alternative to using the hard drive of your computer to store consumer data. The information uploaded to the cloud is stored on servers provided by the provider of the cloud software system. Cloud point of sale providers handle data hosting for you.


Meanwhile, the business administrator can verify and use sales data from anywhere as it is updated in real-time in the cloud. This also means lower equipment costs for your business. The reason is that a tablet or mobile phone that is already owned by the business can be used as a point-of-sale interface.


The data is stored on the internet servers of the point-of-sale provider. Therefore, a cloud-based point-of-sale system can generally only work when there is an Internet connection. However, providers may offer some offline functionality. This will help you minimize the potential disruption of their customer service.


Next, we will compare a cloud-based point of sale system with a locally hosted point of sale system.


 Comparison with a remote point of sale system normally


Innatos - computer with a systemIn traditional point-of-sale systems, business owners, such as restaurants, have devices to take orders and process payments. These devices are usually the terminals you see on the counter. These operations connect to a sales server.


This server consists of a large computer sitting in a back room. Subsequently, the system was improved with some kind of network, cables, and network equipment. For example routers or switches. These cables carried and managed the flow of traffic between the point-of-sale terminals and the sales server.


The cloud-based point of sale eliminates the need for a server. This is achieved by moving the traffic flow to the point-of-sale system provider’s data center. Because wireless networks are very common today, it is not necessary to connect everything with cables.


The operations of the larger businesses had expensive data centers with servers and network equipment on-premises. These were used to run test environments and data reporting and analysis. These servers are no longer needed. They have been replaced by the cloud provider’s data center.


What is a cloud-based point of sale and what are the advantages?


Innatos - What is a cloud-based point of sale? - benefitsCloud-based point-of-sale solutions are likely to deliver significant benefits in terms of cost, simplicity, flexibility, and function.


Cloud point of sale system changes the way businesses acquire their point of sale. In the past, the hardware needed to be purchased in advance. The software had to be licensed and terminal fees and support and maintenance contract fees paid.


On the other hand, with the point of sale in the cloud merchants pay a monthly rental fee for access to the software. This payment model is known as the software-as-a-service model. The trader simply uses the product, so he does not have to worry about maintenance. That’s what the supplier does.


Cloud point-of-sale software can offer a more affordable acquisition model and lower cost. The reason is that it does not require an expensive hardware purchase in advance.


 Simplicity of Use and flexibility


Innatos - What is a cloud-based point of sale? - toolsThe cloud-based point of sale reduces the complexity associated with on-premises servers. For example, it is no longer necessary to worry about computer networks, configuration, and constant maintenance.


To install the point of sale system in the cloud, simply download the application on the relevant devices. In this way, your devices will communicate with the system located in the cloud. That simple, a store can start receiving orders. Updates are sent to devices from the cloud.


It is also important to consider the flexibility of the cloud-based point of sale. The point of sale in the cloud can often be adopted in stages according to the needs and budget of the company. A solution that delivers seamless updates at the point of sale system in the cloud is an excellent choice for businesses looking to expand themselves.

Design a custom point of sale system and improve your company’s processes. What is a point-of-sale system? The point-of-sale system consists of a combination of software and hardware. This system is what allows companies to make transactions. In addition, it helps to simplify the most important business operations of the day-to-day running of a business.


The point of sale system is a key element of a business. This is the place where a customer executes the payment for goods or services that are purchased or acquired from a business or company. Design a personalized point of sale system and improve your company’s processes; in this way, you will improve your profits and efficiency of your employees.


In many cases, the factory point of sale software may fail to meet the specific requirements or needs of a particular business. Therefore, you should design a custom point of sale system and improve your company’s processes.


To design a personalized point of sale system and improve your company’s processes you will need the support of a specialized development team.


At Innatos we have this service and carefully guide you through every step of the process.


Innatos -men workingHere are some of the factors to consider when designing a custom point of sale system and improving your company’s processes. Read on to learn more.


Design a personalized point of sale system and improve your company’s processes with the help of a professional team.


Most businesses or restaurants do not have an in-house software development team. Therefore, it is vital to have the services of an external supplier or designer. Contacting a professional and experienced team like Innate is the first step to creating the personalized point of sale software your business needs.


Why is it important to design a custom point of sale system?


Innatos - people workingA point-of-sale system with appropriate software and hardware is a very important part of the proper performance of restaurant operations. When looking for factory alternatives, they very often require you to adapt the flow of your operations to suit the operation of the software.


That is, the business adapts to the software. On the other hand, the custom point of sale system adapts to the specific needs of the business. This provides a competitive advantage.


Creating a custom point-of-sale system might be more accessible than you think at a start. In addition, the custom point of sale also allows you to adapt the software to your business model. You can also develop customized tools to improve the processes of your restaurants.


How and when to design a personalized point of sale system and improve your company’s processes?


Innatos - Design a personalized point of sale system - point of saleIt is important to clearly consider the needs of a business. The chosen point of sale system will have long-term ramifications for the company. It is important to think long-term and not just focus on short-term gains.


The custom point of sale system can be useful for businesses of all sizes. However, franchised businesses may discover that they require custom features after extending to a dozen locations. However, others may have many more locations before they feel the need to customize the point-of-sale software.


Designing a custom point of sale system is necessary when the system being used does not provide all the necessary tools or data.


It is vital to be able to make business decisions with the necessary information.


Innatos - menIn addition, a custom point of sale system must be designed if the system cannot be adapted to meet operational needs as the business grows. When this happens, it’s time to consider designing a custom software solution.


If you can’t spend the money to 100% customize the point-of-sale software, it can be done partially. Some software can partially customize the point of sale system.


If you find a point-of-sale solution that greatly suits your needs, the rest can suit your business. This process can save costs. However, what if what you lack is time and your business needs a point-of-sale system as soon as possible? Then custom software is probably not the best choice for your business. The reason is that the custom point of sale software development phase can take weeks or even months.


Features to be included in when designing a custom point of sale system and improving your company’s processes


Innatos - Design a personalized point of sale system - people workingIt is paramount to start with an endpoint in mind. A custom point of sale system is an element that functions as a guide to the proper functioning of a business.


To improve process efficiency, the custom point of sale system must function in the same way as operations. Therefore, it is vital to order entry and closing orders for products sold.


Once the base of the point of sales system is complete, additional features can be chosen. For example, custom point of sale systems can track inventory, limit theft, and provide custom reports.


Once the basic functions of the point-of-sale system have been established, you can add other useful modules for your business. Also integrated is the process of training and programming new employees.


Design a personalized point of sale system and improve your company’s processes, profits


Innatos - Design a personalized point of sale system - conclusionThe design of a custom point of sale system allows you to choose the most important features.


This way you can leave fewer distractions for operators. They do not need an overwhelming amount of unnecessary data, so they will only have what is really useful to them in their work.


A custom point of sale system allows you to make changes to your software as a business grows. When you install a factory point of sale system, you may need to change the way you place your product. This is because you need it to fit your point of sale system.


On the other hand, a custom point of sale system enables software design that helps improve sales speed. You will also have more cash control and fewer inventory problems.

What are the reasons to implement Point of Sale software for your business? In recent years, the needs of the consumer have changed due to the various developments through which technology has allowed businesses to evolve. Customers now find themselves in environments with an internet connection. The internet allows customers to make more informed purchases, which will help them obtain the best possible products.  


These days, customers can find the quality that they are looking for at the best prices. For this reason, the retail sector needs to find the best ways to offer better services and experiences for its customers. One of them is to adapt the points of sale to provide quality customer service. That’s why you should know the reasons to implement point of sale software for your business.


A point of sale software is a way to modernize the point of sale to speed up the sales and collection processes. For example, these processes include the cash settlement, the cuts, the issuance of tickets and invoices, cancellations, partial payments, among other functionalities. However, there are even more things that you can accomplish with a point of sale software, especially if you know the reasons to implement point of sale software for your business. 


The best and newest versions of point of sale software allow access to information at a deeper level in the store. For example, the number of products found in the inventory, frequent customer information, a customer’s purchase history, preferences and patterns of customer search, among others. This information allows businesses to know the tastes of their customers and offer them the services they are looking for. Additionally, it can even help you compliment their purchases by offering additional products.


What are the reasons to implement Point of Sale software for your business?


With the appropriate program, you can integrate inventory data, not only from a POS but also from others in the same chain. This is great when it comes to not losing sales. when the current business does not have certain products in its stock, because you can immediately find a way to fulfill the client’s request.


This is possible thanks to the fact that many current programs use connected, computer networks known as the cloud, to keep the information updated at all points of sale in real-time. There are many advantages that businesses can gain through these connected systems, and we will present in the next few paragraphs.


Learning the reasons to implement point of sale software for your business


Innatos - Finding informationGreater control of the information when you implement point of sale software. 

What can be done with point-of-sale software in the cloud? The inventory manager, the business owner, the purchasing staff and those in the sales area, all the people involved with the services, can access a cloud program. 

They can access it from a computer, tablet or even a cell phone to check the information of the company. In addition, the information can be accessed without having to be physically in the business or in the warehouse. Thanks to this, you can have better management of both inventories, warehouses, and sales.


Availability of information. 

When using systems in the cloud, we forget the dependence of single computer equipment. Why? Since you can share the folders with the information to all the personnel involved in the business. Additionally, they will have their respective accesses and restrictions so that they can only know the information that concerns them to their work area. 


Innatos - Implement Point of Sale Software - No WiFi ConnectionThe information available even if there is no connection.

We know that sometimes there might be problems even with internet connectivity. This might happen either because of the change of weather in some areas of the city or in the countryside the signal might get lost. However, stores will continue to operate even if there is someone with no signal. Additionally, the information will continue to be updated and synchronized either online or offline.


No limit on the number of points of sale. 

Regardless of whether you have three or twenty POSs, you can manage all the information and monitor the status of each one of them. Furthermore, you can do this without having to visit them all and assign the necessary tasks or modifications without having to be physically present.


Innatos - Implement Point of Sale Software - E-CommerceAdd online stores to the business when you implement point of sale software. 

With a point of sale software, you can also integrate online sales to your services, since they will share the same information as the business. For this reason, the changes made to the amount of stock of products in the physical store may also appear in the online store automatically.


A comprehensive business registry. 

The platforms include databases to know how much was sold, at what time, what the customers took. Additionally, it even includes other data such as the name of the seller or customer, the type of payment and more.


Innatos - Caclculator and sheets inside a circleBetter accounting control when you implement point of sale software

Although the objective of the program is not to keep accounting, it can be integrated with software specifically dedicated to this activity. This way, it can generate automated reports of balance sheets, financial statements, policies and all the information that the tax administration service requests from SMEs. In addition, having the information in cloud systems the information is facilitated since it’s not necessary to capture it manually and there are no possibilities of human errors.


Greater productivity of the work team. 

With a cloud program, the points of sale can have active personnel with a higher level of productivity. The reason is that they can assign tasks, review the progress and completion times. You can also send emails, messages and monitor the activities of each employee.


Innatos - Implement Point of Sale Software - Custome Loyalty 2Customer loyalty.

The POSs that have an online store and use strategies such as email marketing can ask their customers for their data. This way, you can send them information from the store by mail to keep them in touch with your business. This way, they will know the new product information, offers or promotions exclusively for registered customers.

A program that can be integrated with others for better management. 

Choosing the right software can allow you to become an intelligent business, to keep all your operations connected on a single platform to increase productivity and profitability.



There are many reasons to implement point of sale software for your business. If you still don’t have a point of sale software for your business, contact us or visit us at Innatos System Group and learn about the software solutions we have for you.


Nowadays a business that does not have technology is obsolete and the reality is that in a world as competitive as that of business, you cannot afford to be one step back. What is a point of sale system (POS System for short)? What are the benefits of having a point of sale system? Keep reading to know more about this system that can help your business grow.
A point of sale software system is a basic element, it is like having your team of experts advising you in each of your decisions, making sure that everything works correctly. But this is not the only reason why you should consider acquiring this software. In this blog, we will talk about the different benefits of having a point of sale system.

Why the importance of a point of sale system?


The point of sale system is one of the most important technologies that a large number of businesses and companies, in general, can offer to the public today. It is undoubtedly an excellent way to update and streamline processes. On this particular occasion, we will know its benefits. There are different benefits of having a point of sale system, we will go through some of the most important.

Although this type of development is already available in many places, there are still those who doubt what it can offer and prefer to continue working traditionally. This may be because they have not received complete and adequate information about this technology. Everything changes when you think or think about the importance of this type of software and others. When this happens, you realize that, sooner or later, it is essential to update, This is because more and more companies are doing it. There are plenty of benefits of having a point of sale system, so many businesses implement it in their branches.


What are the benefits of having a point of sale system?


Simplicity in business.

The point of sale system has been characterized since its inception. Why? Because it gives people the ability to carry out indispensable processes in an agile manner and with a minimum error rate in case this may exist. This advantage applies to both large companies and even smaller businesses due to the excellent functionality of each of the tools it offers.

Better administration

When you have software like this that turns out to be highly functional, all processes get an improvement. Therefore, you can have reports, closures, cuts, arches and more tools and applications in order. This is so that the information is found available whenever it is necessary to extract it, consult it, or use it to collect reports or obtain relevant data. In this way, you can know at any time of the day how sales are going or what you can expect in the day.

Advanced technology

This is one of the most important benefits of having a POS software for your business. It is one of the main reasons why so many companies and businesses have adopted it in their daily processes and work. Previously, it was common to make use of cash registers that allowed workers to collect and give change. Although this at the time could be practical, it did not give the advantages or information at the time that can be had today.

That is to say, it was not possible to know how many specific items had been sold, especially if there were many variants. If you wanted to know this type of information, this took a long time, and you had to interrupt the occupation of the manager in turn, which turns out to be very annoying for customers.

Information in the cloud

One of the most outstanding benefits of having a point of sale system is that the information that is thrown can be easily uploaded to the cloud. It is for this reason that everything is properly secured and protected so that it can be reviewed or consulted at the time it is wish. As we know, previously everything was handled based on a large number of papers. This made the information very vulnerable and was easily lost, was the victim of theft and plagiarism, or that by accident it was deleted.

However, today this is something that should no longer be dealt with. In the present, companies that work with this type of software or with the SAP system can do so with confidence. With point of sale system, you will know at all times that your information is protected and available.

Agility in the processes

Thanks to the technology offered by these systems, currently all processes have been streamlined and simplified. We live in an era in which people live in a hurry and time is too valuable to lose. That is why when a person approaches a store or business in search of a product, sometimes it takes time as necessary to choose, or even try on clothes in the case of this type of business. However, once you have the products that you will take, you do not want to wait too long in the line of boxes. Quite the opposite, you want to continue with your activities and not lose waiting in line for more than five minutes.

It is proven that people who do not have time to line up and have had to wait in business for longer than they had in mind. They have decided to opt for other forms of purchase or to purchase their products in different places if the line takes too long. How many times it has not happened to us while formed in the row of a supermarket or department store. Just before it is our turn, the cashier must make her cut, which is tedious and time-consuming.




However, with the point of sale system, this process that is still necessary can be expedited without customers having to wait too long in line to pay for their items. And not only that, but by having it you can know how to detail what products are sold in each purchase, as well as the total and separate cost of each of them.

Innatos System Group can provide the perfect point of sale system for your company. This way, you can experience all the benefits of having a point of sale system. Besides, we can develop a custom point of sale system for your business. This custom software will be specially designed to fit your necessities. Contact us today and learn more about our products and services.