Why is a CRM in the Cloud the best decision for your business?

CRM in the Cloud the best decision

Why is a CRM in the Cloud the best decision for your business? The way we do business and run a company has evolved drastically, forcing us to update our tools and processes. One of the most important changes has been the implementation of applications or software that allow you to manage your brand’s interaction with customers, called CRM.


Now, if we go a little further, a CRM in the cloud is an option that gives you much more flexibility, storage capacity, solutions and accessibility. If you decide to implement a cloud system that allows you to guarantee the security of your information, you will be able to carry out your CRM strategy much more effectively.


You should note that there are two types of providers for these systems:


  • Public hosting


These are public systems developed by an entity that acts as an owner and shares a space within its infrastructure for different users. This type of CRM in the cloud can compromise the security of your data because the main control lies with the owner of the configuration.


  • Private hosting, CRM in the Cloud the best decision.


The private cloud offers local solutions and greater security when handling data. This is especially important since the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


Regardless of the size of your company, a CRM in the cloud is your best decision for the following reasons:


  • It’s more affordable than other options


A cloud CRM allows your office to be literally anywhere, as you can remotely access your database whenever you want. This is ideal for your employees to serve the needs of customers more effectively, without relying on a physical space to which they have to go to request information.


In this way, it allows you to have a much more flexible work environment for you and your employees, ensuring that your business remains operational no matter where or when.


  • They are much more economical, CRM in the Cloud the best decision.


CRM in the Cloud the best decisionWhen you integrate a traditional CRM system, you will have to bear the costs of maintenance and updates to ensure the security of your information and the functionality of your tool.


However, with a cloud system all this happens automatically.


They usually include a single subscription fee that can be fixed or depend on the volume of information you manage.


This cost includes everything related to the management of the system and its online updates, thus avoiding having to hire specialized technicians in the field or purchase specific software from time to time.



  • Fast installation and intuitive interface, CRM in the Cloud the best decision.


Many companies try to make the process of adaptation of their employees to a new business tool more efficient. With a CRM in the cloud, installation is super simple on all computers. In addition, they are designed to be very intuitive to use and thus avoid relying on other agents to handle it.


This is a great advantage because it will allow you to enjoy the benefits of a CRM in the cloud as soon as possible, saving time and effort.


  • Increase the fluidity of your processes, CRM in the Cloud the best decision.


CRM in the Cloud the best decisionWith a generic CRM you can collect, store and manage customer data to generate automatic reports that allow you to make better business decisions.


However, if this tool is in the cloud, the whole process is much more efficient and fluid because any type of error in the tool is automatically repaired with each update.


In addition, with a cloud system the information is processed much faster and each new piece of data entered is updated in real time. We know that every day your company will handle a larger volume of data. Storing them in the cloud avoids delays or collapses when sharing reports and results between departments or when offering solutions and support to your customers.



  • Allows a personalized approach to the customer


CRM in the Cloud the best decisionThe marketing and sales departments are the ones that make the most of a CRM in the cloud, since they must remain in constant communication, analyzing all the results of their campaigns in order to implement the necessary improvements. This type of tool streamlines all the internal processes of your company, allowing your sales team to access your database without being in the office.


This way, every time they make a visit, call or meeting with a potential customer, they can enter the results quickly and in real time through their tablet or smartphone without having to wait for the next day or to arrive at the company.


The fact that this information reaches all employees faster allows you to take much more timely action, as you can identify which sales pitches worked and which did not. In addition, you can enter relevant customer data that allows you to better define your buyer persona, making the next approaches much more effective.


  • Keep your data safe, CRM in the Cloud the best decision.


Nowadays, information security in the digital world is crucial for any company.


Even though we know that no information system is inviolable, having the latest security measures updated can save you from any computer disaster.


In a CRM in the cloud you can restrict the access of your employees through passwords, configuring the sections they can enter or not.


According to each function within the company you can establish a series of permissions so that the confidential information of your business and the personal data of your customers are protected.


This tool is also capable of performing automatic backups in the cloud to prevent you from losing data due to errors in your equipment, electrical failures, accidents, etc.  


  • Real-time access to customer information, CRM in the Cloud the best decision.


With a CRM solution, you can access your centralized customer information, email history, calls, notes, prices, contracts, updated information on historical sales and buying habits, whenever you need it, from wherever you are and through any mobile device.


    • Follow up with your potential customers
    • Do not leave aside the follow-up to prospects that can become a final customer.
    • Organize meetings, tasks that include a follow-up email or call, keep the name of your company present in the minds of your potential customers.


  • Increase effectiveness in decision making processes.


The sales control from a CRM solution, allows you to have information with which you can forecast sales volume, measure customer service and track business performance, which facilitates decision-making processes involving the entire organization.


  • Improve customer service, CRM in the Cloud the best decision. 


This type of solution offers greater control to assign, manage, resolve and follow up on incoming requests from your current customers, providing timely responses in a short period of time.


  • Integrate your marketing and sales functions, CRM in the Cloud the best decision.


With a CRM solution, you can seamlessly integrate Sales and Marketing functions. Develop campaigns in conjunction with Marketing, by geographic location, industry, interests and size of your target audience.


Access information corresponding to potential customers that enter through different campaigns, for their registration and respective follow-up.




In an increasingly globalized market where immediacy and personalization of services predominate, a CRM in the cloud is the best solution to carry out your business. In addition to its data storage and management functions, the speed and efficiency of its interface will allow you to reach the customer with an irresistible proposal and perform each task more efficiently, while improving the dynamics between your departments.

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