Why can a CRM become the most profitable investment for your company?

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Why can a CRM become the most profitable investment for your company? A CRM system provides access to the history of interactions that a customer has with the company. Why should a company invest in this tool?


CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is software that stores, in a database, all the interactions that a company has with its customers. It also helps to direct and manage – quickly and easily – customer acquisition and loyalty campaigns, as it provides detailed information on customer needs.


Therefore, it is not surprising that companies implement a CRM system to optimize time and resources. Among the main reasons for investing in a CRM system are the following:


It helps retain more customers.


CRM is an excellent tool for keeping existing customers happy, as it offers business solutions focused on their needs. CRM can improve customer retention. This is possible thanks to the features of the tool (appointment reminders, email follow-up, and internal communication alerts), which prevent customers from feeling neglected and forgotten by the organization.


Improves productivity


A CRM solution makes it easier for the entire company to have access to a customer’s information, reducing time – considerably – in sending emails, calls, and meetings. It also streamlines the sales process and improves coordination and communication between departments. CRM solutions increase sales team productivity.


Boosts cross-selling


Cross-selling focuses on selling complementary products to those already sold previously. Having a database of this type makes it possible to know – quickly and easily – which products the consumer might like. In addition, it helps to boost sales and improves the company’s competitiveness in the market.


Increases sales


Companies that use CRM solutions increase their sales. The reason: it allows access to customer interaction history, anticipating their needs and knowing their consumption habits. With this information, sales managers can create proactive sales strategies, such as offering new or better offers that motivate the user to continue buying. It also helps to improve the service offered, since it allows them to know if they had any problems during the purchase process, how their service requests were handled and if they were satisfied.


Why does your company need a CRM in 2021?


Talking about CRM is becoming more and more common, companies continue to bet on technology as a complement to some of their work, especially when it comes to collecting data, automating processes or achieving effective closures.


However, sometimes SMEs wonder if they really need sales software and begin to evaluate whether it is a necessary investment, today I want to tell you that CRM can bring many benefits to your business especially if you take the reins now to start running it.


Let’s be clear, a CRM is more than just an acronym. It has become a methodology that helps you to strengthen ties with your customers, understanding them and identifying their main needs, and responding to them in a timely manner.


Beyond sales software


The combination of old and new sales strategies prevail in a CRM tool where the synchronization of a sales team is vital to focus their efforts on the customer, knowing them, making them loyal, identifying their needs, and optimizing business management.


A CRM solution will not only cover your sales area, it will also address the marketing and advertising team, which will make your business evolve from a conversion funnel that will help you increase the chances of closing your sales wins.


So what do you gain with a CRM?


Your customer information is in one place wherever you go.


The compilation of data such as name, company, e-mail, phone, position, city, etc. They will be at your disposal whenever you need them, not only of your customers but also of your leads, which will allow you to constantly strengthen your database and thus create strategies according to your needs.


100% customization


Your company does not adapt to CRM, on the contrary, CRM adapts to your company. All businesses have a different business process that generates a different configuration of the tool for each one, that is to say, that you can adapt it to your objectives, to what you need according to your plans. For this, you must be clear about your approach and make the tool implement the functions that really bring you to value, no doubt that will guarantee a good performance.


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With a CRM you get to know your customer: 


Their interests, their needs, or their goals, this will give you the advantage to encourage their loyalty.


Just by making regular calls, answering their calls on time, or sending emails with information of interest, they will be enough reasons to become a loyal follower of your product or service.


This gives you the possibility of bringing other interested parties to join your sales and of course your customers to renew their purchase with you.


Use it wherever you go, CRM become the most profitable investment 


It is not necessary to limit yourself to a workstation, your sales representatives will not have to be in one place to use the tool. In most cases, it’s available for computer, tablet or mobile, which will give you the advantage of taking all the information anywhere in the world, without missing any detail of your customers and with real-time information through the cloud, as long as you have an internet connection.


Sales organization


Thanks to the different optimization functions to track your prospects or customers, your sales team can perform their tasks in a timely, easy and efficient way, so you can identify how they are working and detect failures in your team in time.


Real-time information


Identifying where your prospects are coming from is easier with a CRM, since it shows you immediately where they are coming from, as well as how your sales team is managing, which will give you a great advantage when implementing, evaluating, and improving.


Accelerate the conversion process, CRM become the most profitable investment 


If you have a good CRM, not only will you be able to close your sales, but you will also be able to do it much faster through the different integrations with other applications.


What can’t be measured, can’t be improved


Metrics will be your best ally when analyzing the effectiveness of your sales team and its management with customers or prospects, from you can take actions to improve at the right time or maintain your sales strategy.


Facilitates communication with the sales team


Undoubtedly communication is the basis of everything, so your sales representatives will not have problems with their performance since they will have clear objectives. They will not depend on others to achieve them and therefore you will avoid misunderstandings regarding their monthly “accountability”. In addition, the team can discuss what is happening with customers and create new strategies together to optimize their process.


Improve business productivity, CRM become the most profitable investment 


Perfection in a company does not exist, but little by little it can be approached, so a CRM will allow your sales to increase if it is managed constantly and correctly.

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