Importance of CRM integration with your online store

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Importance of CRM integration with your online store. A CRM (Custom Relationship Management) system is a relationship manager between the company and its customers. It’s a key tool in a company’s marketing and customer relations. Through a CRM we can know at what stage of the sales cycle a customer is, if he is a new customer, or if he has never bought a product and has only asked questions.


In this sense, CRM is a fundamental tool in the management of the online store. We must be very clear that the management of an online store involves a good management of contacts with our customers. This is specially true if we also have a newsletter or conduct e-mail marketing campaigns.


Why integrate your CRM with your online store?


innatos - Importance of CRM integration with your online store- Best Way to Measure Your Internal Communication Efforts - consluionThere are standalone CRMs that are focused only on customer relations. And there are also ERP-CRM options that combine the functionalities of both, with a CRM module to take care of these tasks. Integrating your ERP and CRM system with your online store is, therefore, a priority so that you can cross-reference data regarding the needs and questions of your customers.


The CRM will allow you to have all your customers’ information centralized in a single database so that you can keep track of incidents, emails that have been sent, their doubts and questions, and more. Your CRM will also provide you with a huge amount of information about your customers’ needs so that you can take steps to increase your profitability and better focus your CRM campaigns.


Also, having a CRM system will help you to have centralized information, so that the different departments of your company can access the same data, instead of having different data in the online store and in the ERP.


What are the benefits of integrating your online store with your CRM?


The integration of information should always be a priority in online business. Having multiple programs that do not interact with each other, nor cross data in any way, is a complication in the management that often ends up increasing the work.


Having a CRM integrated with your online store will help you communicate better with your customers, making them satisfied with you. In addition, it will allow you to better understand their needs and characteristics to carry out a better customer segmentation and launch messages that are better focused on their real problems.


In addition, with the help of your CRM you can increase the productivity of your team. Importance of CRM integration with your online store. It will improve your profitability and make reports with short and long term estimates on your campaigns in order to increase sales and see how your actions affect business results.


If you use a separate CRM for your online store, the problem is that you will have to enter all your customers’ contact details manually, which with today’s web integration technology makes no sense and is not competitive.


Relationship Marketing CRM to build customer loyalty in your E-Commerce


What is CRM?


Innatos - person workingWhen we talk about Customer Relationship Management (CRM), we are referring to a business strategy whose mission is unique and indisputable. This strategy is to ensure customer satisfaction in both the short and long term. In the context of e-commerce, CRM can take on two very different but closely related meanings.


In its most theoretical sense, CRM can be understood as a model of organizational culture rooted in customer orientation. Under this premise, every organization should create, maintain and consolidate strong and lasting relationships with its customers, since they are the main driving force of the company. This model ensures that the exchange process is mutually beneficial for each and every party involved. This concept is also known as Relationship Marketing.


In its most technical sense, CRM is a computer system whose utility is the management and monitoring of customer relations, marketing and sales. Thus, we are talking about a software that allows companies to organize their customer relationships. CRM makes it possible to perform control and follow-up tasks on the status of each customer so that the company can anticipate the demands of its customers and respond to their needs in a timely manner.


The ideal practice for any online store would be to combine the use of these two concepts to reach the same goal. This goal is the creation of solid and lasting relationships with its customers to achieve, the sooner the better, their satisfaction.


The importance of building customer loyalty online


Today’s market is characterized by its competitiveness. Thousands of products offer exactly the same function, which forces companies to constantly strive to make their brand different from the others, to be special in one way or another. Given this context, online stores have already realized one thing: the use of CRM is necessary to develop this link and build customer loyalty. To ensure that the product offered by our company is always the first choice of purchase for our customers.


One thing is clear: a loyal customer can stop being loyal at any time. With this in mind, the obligation of every online store is to reinvent itself, to keep innovating so that customers continue to buy its products.


To nurture this relationship on a daily basis, here are a few simple and easy-to-apply tips:


Offer your customers exclusive promotions and offers.


Reward your customers’ loyalty by giving them gifts. For example, you can send discount coupons to those who have purchased the most during the month.


Strive to offer fast and efficient customer service.


Develop participatory initiatives, where your customers can give their opinion. For example, you can allow your customers to suggest ideas for new products.


What are the advantages of CRM tools for your online business?


The basic benefit of using CRM tools in your online store is that you will improve your sales, controlling the status of each customer in real time and keeping track of them so that they feel cared for at all times.


In addition, thanks to this computer system you can save time and effort, as it streamlines many management tasks such as order management, customer account management and many other procedures.


The CRM tool guarantees impeccable customer service on the part of the company, since it gathers a whole set of information that will serve to optimize relations with our users. Importance of CRM integration with your online store, likewise, the CRM will help your online store to show responsibility and commitment to your customers on a daily basis.


Another clear and indisputable advantage of CRM is that it enables a segmentation in the database of your online business, and in effect, a personalized and effective communication with each of the existing profiles in your database.


Also, thanks to this tool your online store will be able to get leads, creating new sales opportunities.


All these advantages make evident the importance of incorporating a CRM strategy in your company. Are you ready to implement the CRM model in your online store?

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