Benefits of Real-time Mass Notification and API Integration

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Benefits of Real-time Mass Notification and API Integration. Different industries have different priorities and needs. Because of this, what a manufacturer needs to send to its employees will not be the same as a finance company. Both industries have their own fields and alerts.


Innatos - helpFor many companies, DeskAlerts is a great product that they can use to quickly improve their internal communications. All this thanks to its easy setup which allows them to boost their employees’ engagement.


The way it works is by sending pop-up notifications straight to staff’s computers. As a result, you don’t have to use the email system to alert your employees. Once these messages show up on their screens, they won’t be able to minimize, ignore, or skip them.


However, this isn’t all. DeskAlerts also offers many other kinds of features, some of them are:



All of these make DeskAlerts a versatile tool to allow you to improve your employee communications. To achieve this, it lets you deliver internal communication campaigns with ease. On the other hand, it also lets you share your key messages successfully.


But sometimes you might need the system to do more than that. And that’s completely achievable too.


How to set up DeskAlerts and customize it


You can set up DeskAlerts to integrate with other systems. This way you can use it to meet virtually any business requirements. However, if you want to integrate it with your system and don’t want to do it yourself, don’t worry! For an additional cost, the DeskAlerts team can customize an add-on that will integrate the software with any of your own internal systems.


This will allow you to use many systems through one interface. Besides, with it, you can also use other software to trigger a DeskAlerts notification being sent.


When you mix real-time alerts with API integration, DeskAlerts becomes an even more powerful tool.


Real-time alerts differ from regular DeskAlerts notifications by the time it takes a message to be sent and gotten. In most situations, this takes between one and ten minutes. On the other hand, with real-time alerts, you can send a message and your staff will get it almost at once.


To achieve all of this, the system relies on underlying web socket technology. This makes the process of sending a high volume of messages from a single server much easier. All this without allocating extra processing power.


Benefits of DeskAlerts, Benefits of Real-time Mass Notification and API Integration


Innatos - Benefits of Real-time Mass Notification and API Integration - personWhen you mix both API integration and real-time alerts, you get both the benefits of instant message delivery and automated message publishing. As a result, you won’t need a person to act as a “middle man” to make that exchange happen.


Alerts are created based on monitoring systems, customer relationships management (CRM) and incident management systems, and so on. Then, people who need to see them will get them at once. For example, people who can solve the issue and/or relevant managers who need to be accountable.


Another way you can use it is to boost your information security by sending alerts to your staff’s screens at once. For example, you can do this if your company’s antivirus software has detected a threat. This way your team can take some actions to avoid the spread of the infection.


These messages will reach your staff instantly, in real-time. Thus, allowing these actions to happen on time and saving your time.


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