How to Improve the Readership of Your Internal Communications Messages

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How to Improve the Readership of Your Internal Communications Messages. It’s ironic, but most employees feel like they don’t get enough messages. However, the truth is that when they do get them; they ignore them.


As a result, staff misses out on important information such as:


  • Policy and procedure changes,
  • Important corporate updates,
  • Deadlines,
  • Information about training opportunities,
  • Information about upcoming corporate events
  • Successful company projects


Innatos - conclusionAll of this may not be common knowledge among your employees. However, don’t kick yourself for this, it may not even be your fault.


To send this kind of information, companies often use many internal communication channels such as:


  • Email
  • Corporate social media
  • Internal communication apps
  • Intranet sites


However, these often become “digital noise” for your employees that they tune out to.


On the other hand, many employees feel overwhelmed by the number of emails and other messages they get every day. Because of this, they simply stop reading them all. In fact, they may not even open some messages or even delete them. You can easily see this with an email program that shows your “open rates”. With it, you can see if your stats are very low, if so, it may be disappointing.


There are a few things you can do to improve your email’s open rates. For example, you can:


  • Create rules about internal emails in your company. Some companies are even banning them altogether or have strict rules for them. For instance, you can ban the “reply all” option. This way, you will encourage more face-to-face conversations.
  • Only send internal communications emails sometimes, on a strict need-to-know basis. For example, you can create regular monthly newsletters.
  • Create clear headlines spelling out the subject of the email and its importance.
  • Make your emails short and sweet.
  • Commit to writing in plain language.

DeskAlerts is your internal communications solution


There’s another way you can boost your message readership statistics. What’s more, with it, you won’t even need to keep using traditional communication channels. So, what is it? It’s DeskAlerts, an internal communications software solution. Many companies all around the world now use it to improve their message readership.


Innatos - Internal Communications Messages - deskThe way it works is by sending pop-up notifications straight to your staff screens. These will show up no matter what and they won’t be able to ignore, skip or miss them. In fact, these messages will show up even if the screen is locked, on standby, or in screensaver mode.


In them, you can add links to lead your employees to more content. On the other hand, you can also add videos and other media formats. Internal Communications Messages. 


This system is very easy to use and you can schedule your messages in advance. This way, you can send them later or when you need them. Besides, you can choose whether you want the whole company to see them or just a specific group of people.


What’s also great about it is that it allows you to see statistics in real-time. As a result, you can see who has and who hasn’t seen your messages. By using it, you will instantly see a major boost in your message statistics. Thus, getting rid of the need to use the unreliable system that is email.

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