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What are the benefits of cloud-based CRM software? What is cloud-based CRM software? A cloud-based software mainly uses the technological development known as the cloud. As the name suggests, this software is located in the intangible place we call the cloud. While we can’t see where a CRM is stored in the cloud, we can certainly see and know the benefits it provides.


Without a doubt, the positive impact that a cloud CRM has on a business gives real, tangible and substantial results. What are the benefits of cloud-based CRM software? Next, we will explore the reasons why a modern business will get many benefits with the help of a cloud CRM.


Benefits of cloud-based CRM software


Cloud-based CRM software is a more convenient alternative than CRM software that is physically installed on company premises. That’s why we’re going to introduce you to the most important benefits of cloud-based CRM software.


First, it is an easy-to-use software


Innatos - people workingCloud-based CRM software providers like Innate Software have a purpose. We do our best to prioritize the user experience because they understand the difficulty of agents to learn new systems.


When it becomes difficult for actors to adopt a new system, they do not use it to its full potential. Cloud-based CRM software providers create systems with easy-to-use features to help users create custom email templates.


They also offer interactive dashboards and reports. In this way, agents will have the ability to analyze important customer data and have customer support options.


Second benefits of cloud-based CRM software, mobility


Innatos - Benefits of cloud-based CRM - people workingCloud-based CRM software also gives businesses the ability to get full access to the software on their own, from anywhere inside or outside the office. On-site CRM software can only be accessed in the office. This limitation eliminates the possibility of agents working from home or being able to extract data on the spot at an important meeting.


Mobility is essential. The reason is that a large part of the day is spent outside the office for sales agents and managers. This is especially true in quarantine season.


For example, what if they are in a meeting with a customer, and the customer asks to see the latest reports on the growth of the company? It is now possible to access that information quickly, which could also make or break a major sale.


Third, no specific hardware or software is required for system use


Innatos - Benefits of cloud-based CRM - moneyToday, everything is done through the Internet. In terms of cloud-based CRM software, this means that the software provider is responsible for making sure that the software is working as well as possible.


Companies no longer need to hire an IT team to set up and maintain a CRM system. Data servers are also not required to host information packages.


Customer data is stored in the cloud. This information can be easily accessed by anyone in the office with credentials to access. In addition, all purchased reports, customer profiles, contact information, and analytics can be shared through third-party integrations.


Instead of paying a fortune for new equipment or software licenses, all you need is an Internet connection and an Internet Browser.


Fourth of the benefits of cloud-based CRM software, low costs


There is no longer a need for an information technology team to maintain CRM software. Therefore, costs remain low because your company does not have to hire one or more agents to install and maintain your CRM software. Most plans are also customizable to suit your business needs. Therefore, you don’t have to pay for all the features that your business will never use.


Innatos - Benefits of cloud-based CRM - people workingAlso, if something goes wrong it is no longer up to you to put your own money into a solution. Cloud-based CRM providers are responsible for ensuring that your software runs smoothly. Store data in the cloud for a fee is normally less expensive than trying to set up a local storage system in your business. This requires hard drives and regular maintenance.


When you purchase cloud-based CRM software, you can often reduce the cost by customizing the service. This is done by purchasing more cost-effective plans or modifying your own plan to fit the actual needs of your business. If a company only has 10 agents, then it is not necessary to resort to a plan for fifty agents.


Some companies may see call recording as a necessity. Meanwhile, other companies see it as an additional cost. Having the option to choose which features are desired based on the needs of a business is important. Personalization helps drive more positive user experiences for your sales and marketing teams. If they are given software that will really help make their lives easier at work, they will be more likely to adopt the software.




Cloud-based CRM software is stored in the cloud. This may seem more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The reason is that the data is out of the hands of your business. However, the cloud is a safe place to store data. In addition, information can be backed up and restored if lost.


Innatos - notesProviders like Innate offer SSL encryption and follow the necessary regulations so that companies can tell their customers that their data is secure. Customers are reluctant to share their personal information with companies. It is therefore important to be able to ensure that the data is secure and not misused. This will significantly improve the customer experience.


Reliability is also an important aspect of cloud-based CRM software. If something goes wrong with office servers, it would be impossible to use CRM software on-premises. However, with cloud-based CRM software, users only need to be connected to the Internet.


Because the provider hosts the solution in their own data centers, your company can have peace of mind. You will be sure that the platform is usually backed up with a server, so if something goes wrong, the business can still run as usual.


The internet is not always perfect, but if the internet goes down and your business loses important customer data, that data is never completely lost. The reason is that an automatic backup is performed in the cloud. Providers also offer service uptime guarantees. In addition, they can negotiate service level agreements to help ensure that paid service remains as reliable as possible.

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