CRM and eCommerce, CRM is an excellent tool for online stores

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All business owners that have an online store know the term “eCommerce” as this is the type of their business. Also, because they work in the business world, they also probably know the acronym “CRM”, which refers to customer relationship management. But what happens when you combine the word “eCommerce” with the acronym “CRM”? CRM and eCommerce? You get a personalized marketing and sales automation platform that allows your business to build authentic relationships with your customers and increase your sales.


In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about why your online store needs an eCommerce CRM platform. Read on to find out why CRM is an excellent tool for online stores.


CRM is an excellent tool for online stores, the difference between CRM for e-commerce and traditional CRM


Innatos - computer with information on itWhat are the differences between CRM for eCommerce and traditional CRM? CRM is an abbreviation of customer relationship management. CRM is a type of software that organizes and stores customer information. For example, contact information, accounts, and leads. This information is stored in a primary location.


CRM software aids companies in properly building, organizing, and protecting their relationships with their customers. Therefore, they are key for business departments in development.


They are equally important for the marketing and sales teams. CRM systems can also provide the business’ staff members with detailed information. This detailed information includes the customer’s purchase history and their purchase preferences.


CRM for eCommerce is specifically designed for customer relationships when buying and selling merchandise or services online.


Innatos - computer with information on itBoth a traditional CRM and CRM for eCommerce are designed to help businesses organize and keep control over customer information and data. However, there are some notable differences between the two.


A custom-designed CRM for eCommerce is designed to bring the brand closer to the customer. With constant personalized experiences, CRMs designed for eCommerce enhance the clients’ experience and fully focus on personal marketing communication.


In addition, they’re also easy to use. From store owners to team members, a CRM for eCommerce is designed for any eCommerce vendor. They’re also rooted in current technology. Personalized CRMs for e-commerce use automated, multi-channel marketing techniques. Therefore, they are great for understanding and connecting with customers no matter where they are on their customer journey.


CRM is an excellent tool for online stores; the benefits of CRM solutions for eCommerce


Innatos - CRM and Ecommerce - men working in a graphicStill not sure of the opportunities a personalizes CRM can bring to your business? Take a look at some of the ways in which CRM can enhance experiences, putting your brand ahead of your online competition.


The internet is full of stores of all kinds, and buyers are faced with a large number of online options. So how do you set up your online store apart from the other online businesses? How to attract new customers and retain existing customers as the industry continues to grow each year? And what is the secret to selling more from your online store? 


A personalized CRM for eCommerce helps companies create great first impressions and build lasting connections. The segmentation capabilities of a CRM are deep. The reason is that they allow you to keep control over all of your customers. You can tag each customer’s experiences and actions with multiple custom tags and events. For example, locations, dates, how many times a person sees a page, or makes a purchase. Then, you can filter people by one or more variables to better understand and attract a niche part of your audience.


CRM and e-commerce, CRM is an excellent tool for online stores, the advantages of CRM for eCommerce


Innatos - CRM and Ecommerce - people working togetherThis in-depth information lays the foundation for targeted and relevant marketing campaigns so that your business can reach your customers on a more personal level. Custom email campaigns allow you to send topic-specific email series to subscribers. Campaigns can contain as many emails as you like and are very easy to build and launch. 


Scoring for your leads is another great strategy that ensures your business will be sending highly specific messages to your potential customers. The score tracks leads by assigning (or deducting) points based on the different actions performed by them during their journey.


Customer scoring gives online stories and business an in-depth look. You can find out how your customers engage with the brand in order to build a specific marketing plan for each customer.


 CRM is an excellent tool for online stores, how does a custom CRM for online stores help build customer loyalty?


Innatos - crmThe loyalty of a customer can’t be bought. Customer loyalty must be earned through the quality of your service. At Innatos we can design a software platform to help online businesses focus on the human side of their online stores.


Highly personalized systems can be created. Such software systems have the power to deepen customer connections and create the path for satisfied customers, giving your business an edge over the competition.


A custom CRM connects customer data loads to smart software categories. In this way, your company will be able to connect with your customers at the right time with the right message.


CRM is an excellent tool for online stores, the benefits of a specific online approach to CRM


Innatos - CRM and Ecommerce - people working togetherOne of the main benefits of an online approach to CRM is that it’s easy to use and implement. When it comes to implementing e-commerce strategies, a custom-designed CRM is intuitive and easy to navigate.


A customized CRM platform is your ticket to the success of your online store in the eCommerce business; CRM is an excellent tool for online stores.


In Innatos we can create the personalized CRM that best suits the needs of your online business. Electronic commerce has grown considerably in recent years and it’s also constantly evolving at a rapid pace. Therefore, a custom CRM platform designed for eCommerce can make a difference to the success of your online store. Contact us today for more information about our services.


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