Integrating DeskAlerts with Your Help Desk

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Integrating DeskAlerts with Your Help Desk. The job of a help desk manager isn’t an easy one. They have way too many vital tasks on their hands which can determine the success or failure of any company. Some of them are:


  • Managing the organization’s expectations
  • Keeping computers systems and networks up and running
  • Troubleshoot any kind of new issue or problem.


Added to this, they also have to deal with:


  • Software glitches
  • Outages
  • Hardware failures
  • Viruses
  • Cyberattacks


So, as you can see they never stop working and they always have to find a solution for everything. Besides, they also have to balance this with their usual day-to-day work. Meaning, giving help and support for common issues.


DeskAlerts as your help desk’s best friend


Innatos - conclusionMany IT departments within different organizations around the world choose DeskAlerts. With it, they can balance their staff’s workload while also keeping in touch with them better.


DeskAlerts is an internal communication software solution useful for any kind of business. The way it works is by sending pop-up notifications to all your employees’ desktops. As a result, we can say that this is a better and more powerful tool than emails. After all, most employees ignore or miss them. These notifications show up on their PC screen no matter what your staff is doing with it. Besides, once they show up, your staff won’t be able to ignore or skip them. It doesn’t even matter if the computer is locked or in standby/screensaver mode.


Help desks can use DeskAlerts for their work practices and use it to:


  • Send notifications about scheduled outages. This way, your staff will be ready by the point the system goes offline. In these notifications, we recommend including the amount of time the system will be down.
  • Send notifications about any unforeseen outages. In them, you can also add updates about how long will it take for it to be back.
  • Send information to all employees in case of a known issue affecting hardware, software, or network systems.

Benefits of DeskAlerts for your company’s help desk


Innatos - Integrating DeskAlerts with Your Help Desk - personalBy using DeskAlerts to do these things, you can take the pressure off help desk staff. This way, they can get on with solving the problem at hand. When everyone in the organization gets information about known and widespread issues, they won’t call the help desk en masse.


You can also use DeskAlerts to help your help desk by using to:


  • Send information about any known cyber threats such as viruses, malware, and ransomware affecting other businesses.
  • Deliver hints, tips, and reminders about some common problems that they help desk fields call about.
  • Send general educational messages about IT systems, processes, policies, and procedures to help employees understand better.


On the other hand, you can use DeskAlerts from the moment you get it to your organization. With it, you can send messages to your entire staff or custom groups of users. For this, you can integrate it into your active directory.


You can also customize it to work with many other software packages. For example, your own custom help desk Software. This way you can boost and improve the work practices of your help desk team even further. Depending on the software you use, integrating it with DeskAlerts, may create alerts automatically. After this, it will send them to your entire company or business. Other than this, it can also send alerts to only your IT team to let them know about a new problem.

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