5 Ways to Use Mass Notification Software

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The modern business environment is a fast-paced one, thanks in part to technology and thanks to advances in society. We are increasingly living and working in a switched-on, constantly-connected, 24/7 world.


Innatos -personaThis means that in order to succeed in this environment, your organization needs solutions to be able to communicate with your employees quickly, efficiently and effectively.


A great way to communicate with employees is using a mass notification software system, such as DeskAlerts. This is an innovative, effective way of communicating with a large number of people as quickly as possible.


Mass notification software is used to send bulk messages to a large number of recipients, generally delivered to their computers or other mobile devices separately to the email system, in a way that gets their attention.


Instant alerts are sent to specified recipients requiring a user response. This means you can send to the entire company or to small groups of employees, or even individuals, depending on who you need to communicate with urgently.


Some of the most popular ways other companies are utilizing DeskAlerts


1. Emergency notifications, 5 Ways to Use Mass Notification Software


When you have an emergency situation, such as a severe weather event, a fire, a natural disaster or a terror event, you need to quickly alert your employees to they can take actions to be safe. A mass notification system is a great way to get this time-critical information through to your employees and provide directions on what steps need to be taken, such as whether to evacuate or shelter in place.


2. Information technology and helpdesk uses


There are a range of ways mass notification software can help your IT department.


It can quickly be deployed to inform staff about security threats such as ransomware, viruses, and other suspicious activity. You can also use it to let employees know about outages – scheduled or unscheduled – to take pressure off your help desk and reduce calls about common problems.


3. Improve internal communication, 5 Ways to Use Mass Notification Software


Innatos -5 Ways to Use Mass Notification Software - ntificationInternal communications are important to your company’s success.


Unfortunately many traditional internal communication channels, such as email, simply don’t cut it anymore.


Many emails go unopened, ignored, or missed meaning that whatever important information you’ve tried to share with staff is going unread.


A mass notification system is a great way of sharing your information in a way that cannot be skipped or ignored.


4. Education and training


When you have education and training that you need your employees to complete, or even if you just want to refresh their knowledge by sending hints, tips, and updates, a mass notification system is a great way to do this. You can deliver training via video or send employees to the training you require them to undertake.


5. Manage aspects of your day-to-day business, 5 Ways to Use Mass Notification Software


When you have a big organization with many employees, it can look bad if your clients hear different information from different staff members. A mass notification system can ensure everyone has the same up-to-date information about important issues such as supply chain and stock availability.

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