How to use ERP software?

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How to use ERP software? For any business, considering the possibility of implementing an ERP management system should be considered as a necessary step. The growth of a company is due to the capacity of planning and organization. For this reason, we refer specifically to the administrative area. Neglecting or not giving the necessary attention to the administrative or financial area is to condemn the company to failure.

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That is why we recommend the use of an ERP management system. Why? Because this system allows us to keep a really up-to-date and efficient administration. We get real projections and risk and loss analysis that give us the possibility of correcting the company’s financial behavior. This behaviour can be corrected in terms of income and payment lines, cash flow, payments, collections, and more.


So, implementing an ERP management system is an important as well as a necessary step. But an important question remains. How to use ERP software?


ERP allows you to manage easily and safely the tasks of different areas: purchasing, accounting, processes, human resources, administration, among others. These areas are indispensable in every company. For this reason, it is always sought to have the appropriate tools so that they can work properly. This is the reason that a company can meet its goals and objectives in the established times.


How to use ERP software?


Innatos - How to use ERP - computerThese systems have multiple tools and applications with which you can manage in an organized way the aforementioned areas, better known as business resources. One of the benefits that can be highlighted, and that users should undoubtedly use, is that all the information can be uploaded to the cloud, so that it is safe and available at all times. 


The advantage of the cloud did not exist before, since only papers were handled. For that reason, the information turned out to be very vulnerable and could be lost or stolen at any time, which also ran the risk of being used improperly.


Fortunately this was in the past, and with the new systems the information can be safe. In fact for most companies that make the decision to have this technology within their companies, the cloud is not seen as an alternative, but as a necessity.


More ways to use ERP software?


Another option offered by this software is that all the tasks and activities of each area can be carried out faster than before. With this, the times are reduced and employees no longer have to spend hours or even days doing the same task or generating specific reports. In short, we can say that the EP system offers a better job and facilities for workers on each day.

Innatos - How to use ERP- computer


This is how the ERP software and all those programs that work together with the cloud continue to be implemented in more and more companies. Even small businesses decide to have these types of programs to have a better customer, sales and inventory.


How to use ERP software? As we have already mentioned, this system allows for decision-making. Having the information up to date you can have a broader picture of the current situation of the area and the company in general. Through this you can make decisions, and even implement preventive programs if areas of opportunity are detected. How to use ERP software? Thanks to this management and vision is that many companies manage to increase their sales and continue to grow within the market. With ERP software, you can match the best companies that are dedicated to the same sector.


Similarly, by making proper use of these systems, it is clear what can be expected at the end of each week, month or year. This way, managers can prepare or take actions to make these results better.


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The information that the ERP system always shows is reliable. This is so that decisions, actions and implementations of continuous improvement programs can be made or by addressing certain problems that have been detected in time.


In addition, this system does not require maintenance costs, but those who are in charge of use should be aware of the periodic updates that may be available. They make improvements to certain tools and tasks, with the objective that users improve the experience even more when working with these programs. 


The two tips to know how to use ERP software


Implementing software to manage your company’s resources involves an investment, and you have to know how to make the most of it. These 2 tips will help you know how to use ERP software.


1. Standardize your processes and distinguish between the numbers that matter


Innatos - Key tips to implement new software in your company - toolsAnd, therefore, standardize your information. The ERP will manage the information you provide through an agile process of capture and registration of merchandise, purchases and expenses of your company. Many times, businesses fail to transmit their processes to their new employees. If your staff does not follow the same standards, it will be of little use to have an ERP.


How to use ERP software? The optimism of the increase in sales can generate dangerous blindness. When you access your dashboard or desk in the ERP, do not be “fooled” by the number of sales. You also have to pay attention to your cash flow and analyze whether their behavior repeats a periodic or other pattern.


A well-developed ERP offers on your desktop the most strategic information you need, so it must include not only sales, but a balance of expenses and income in your company.


2. Take some time to set up your company and implement it


Innatos - peopleSetting up your ERP with your company’s information is like choosing the raw material with which to manufacture your products. How well informed the system is, the analysis of the data that you throw will depend. Organize your information first before migrating to the ERP.


It is a common mistake to think that once you move all your information to the cloud, the work is done. How to use ERP software? The implementation of an ERP for SMEs should be reviewed whenever there is a strategic change in the company, the products or services it offers or the work team.


Think that as an SME, many times you will have to change your strategy not only of marketing, but of internal organization. That should be reflected in the information you capture in your business management software. How to use ERP software? And, of course, your ERP must be able to adapt to these changes.




Innatos - Key tips to implement new software in your company - notesHow to use ERP software? Having this system within your company is in itself a great benefit, so we invite you to make the most of it so that you can pay off and know all its tools and applications.


If you want to implement it in your company, with Innatos Software you can do it. We are experts in software and business solutions and we have many other products available, such as our CRM systems. For all the details about our software, we invite you to contact us so we can provide all the information you need.


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