Features of ERP software for companies

In this article, we will present data about ERP systems. Answer What are the features of ERP software? In summary, we can know the following as the main features of this software:


  • Access to a centralized database
  • Capture data automatically
  • Work structure according to modules
  • They are configurable. Allows you to configure each part by developing the code
  • Interaction between components
  • Requires  synchronizing work between departments and knowledge of the tool
  • The main feature is that it is configurable and therefore adaptable to business requirements.


What are the features of ERP software? What are the different types of it? 


innatos - computerEach company has its own soul and requires personalized attention. The best adapts to the requirements of each company, however small or large. Custom is known as vertical since it is specialized management for a very specific business.


But a customized is not always necessary since it requires more hours of work and organization for both the company that develops it and for the client. In addition, it’s a fact that the cost of a customized is usually higher. Another option is the so-called horizontal. This is for the administration of standard companies that allows configuration on each element so that it is possible to customize the solution for a particular case.


 The use of ERP for companies


innatos - Features of ERP software for companies - companiesIt is false that a system is not necessary to control the management of small and medium enterprises. On the contrary, since it is precisely the SMEs that generate the greatest volume of business and wealth and those with the best organization of teams. 


The main feature is that it is configurable and therefore adaptable to many different business requirements. Above all, it is vital to note that proper training of personnel in this comprehensive management tool will help us to get the most out of the system. Today we have many types of ERP. In fact, there can be and create as many as different types of businesses.


The fundamental characteristics of the ERP system


innatos - Features of ERP software for companies - womanThese systems not only serve to integrate several departments of a company. To truly be considered, the system has some of the following fundamental characteristics:


What are the features of ERP software? Flexibility 


A system is flexible in such a way that it responds to the constant transformations of companies. Client and server technology allows the system to operate on different databases through open database connections. This is possible since it is very likely that the same product will migrate from one production area to another during the total production cycle.


What are the features of ERP software? Modularity 


The ERP system is an open architecture system, that is, you can use a module freely without affecting the remaining ones. The system supports multiple hardware platforms as many companies have heterogeneous systems. It should also facilitate the expansion and adaptability of other modules later.


What are the features of ERP software? Comprehensive 

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The system must be able to support the different organizational structures of companies, as well as a vast business area.


What are the features of ERP software? Connectivity 


The system should not be confined to the physical space of the company and allow connection with other entities belonging to the same business group, because the selection of different forms of business must contain a selection of best business practices across the planet for it to work so much better.


What are the features of ERP software? Reality Simulation 


It should allow the simulation of the company’s reality on the computer, therefore in no way should the control of the system be outside the negotiation process and it should be possible to prepare reports for the users who control the system and for their companies.


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What are the key to a successful business? 

The scale, scope, and functionality of these systems vary widely. However, most programs have the following different characteristics: Integration throughout the company. 


Business processes are integrated end-to-end between departments and business units. For example, a new order automatically initiates a credit check, checks product availability and updates the distribution program. Once the order is sent, the invoice is sent.


Operations in real-time (or almost in real-time). 


Since the process in the previous example occurs within a few seconds of receiving the order of the clients or providers, because the problems are quickly identified, which gives the seller more time to correct the situation and also it helps him to improves his work.


A common database with consistent appearance and touch. 


A common database was one of the initial advantages of this. It allows data to be defined once for the company with each department using the same definition, but the different departments now had to conform to approved data standards and editing rules with some remain dependent on a single database, others have divided the physical database to improve performance.


Early providers realized that with a consistent user interface reduces training costs and seems more professional. When a provider acquires others, because the common aspect is sometimes abandoned in favor of market launch speed, so as new versions enter the market, most providers restore the consistent user interface. This facilitates learning and adoption by the worker and company for you in the future to be more successful and to be helpful.


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It can take your business further ahead of the competition


We hope you really liked this article and have the information you need and what are the features and characteristics of the management system that you need to learn to have a more successful business in the future. 


If you want to know how we can help you in the development of the management and accounting system for your company, contact us and we will advise you on the best option for business to help grow your brand and your list of clients. If you are looking for one for your company, Innatos may be the management you were looking for and the solution to all your problems. Trust us, trust Innatos. 

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