How Video Communications Help in the Workplace?

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Are you using videos for the internal communication of your company? Or have you decided to just not use it? Maybe you think that it needs a lot of time and effort, or that it’s too expensive. How Video Communications Help in the Workplace.


Many organizations also simply ignore the use of videos. This can be for many reasons, one of them being that they prefer traditional methods of internal communication. These can be newsletters, emails, and intranet sites among others. As a result, this gave way to a culture where the “usual” way of doing things is the norm.


Innatos - How Video Communications Help in the Workplace? - people workingNot only that, but around 72% of internal communications teams in the USA were planning on using videos to talk with their employees. We know this thanks to a report made by Ragan Communications. Besides, in the said report, we can also see the following top reason for using videos.


  • 76% said it improved communication with remote employees
  • 58% said it increased the alignment with company and organizational goals
  • 44% said their employees were more engaged with senior executives
  • 42% said it increased attendance and participation
  • 39% said it improved message retention


As you can see, it may be time to reconsider the use of videos for communication. These positive effects can, without a doubt, benefit your company for the long term. Thanks to it you will boost your employees’ engagement and improve your internal communications.


The benefits of video internal communications


Innatos - people workingThere’s a saying that goes “content is king” and this is true in the modern workplace. That’s why video is one of the best ways to create fresh and relevant content. This way you can keep your employees up to date with the latest news.


Video allows you to communicate faster and effectively. Thus, you will get your point across in a lot less time. Gone are the days where you had to deliver pages and pages of content.


Another benefit of this format is that a lot of people find it easier to keep information this way. Not only that, but it also eases the share of pre-recorded information. Besides, it lets employees access it as many times as they want without issues.


Videos are a great way to keep all of your employees updated on the latest news. This is especially important for those companies that have many employees or that have offices in a lot of places. For this, you can use webcasts, webinars, videoconferences, and video meetings.


Besides, this doesn’t only work for communication between managers and employees. Videos are also a great tool for the sharing of information between employees. In short, it allows your staff to work together better than they could ever do over email.


DeskAlerts, your internal communication tool


Innatos - people workingWhen you use DeskAlerts as an internal communication solution in your company, you are making your life easier. This is because it makes it even easier to deliver video content to your employees. It doesn’t where they are in the world.


For this, DeskAlerts lets you send pop-up notifications straight to your employees’ desktop screens. As a result, your employees won’t be able to ignore or skip them. Besides, you can add videos to these pop-ups. Thus, in turn, making it an effective broadcast system. On the other hand, you can also send hyperlinks to videos on social media channels. These can be, for example, YouTube or Vimeo.


This isn’t all! DeskAlerts also allows you to schedule your messages in advance, or send specific videos to your staff. Not only that but with its metrics function you can easily see which of your employees got and engaged with your video alerts.

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