No More Excuses – How DeskAlerts Solves Common Internal Communications Problems

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DeskAlerts Solves Common Internal Communications. There are many pain points to overcome when it comes to internal communications in just about any organization. Emails, social media, hard-to-locate pages on intranet sites, corporate collaboration apps, meetings, telephone calls, and video conferences can all eat away at the valuable time and contribute to a sense of information overload. If you have important information you need your employees to find out about, understand and act upon, this is what you’re up against.


Many organizations around the world have grappled with this problem and have turned to DeskAlerts to help solve their common internal communications problems. DeskAlerts is an internal communications software platform that works by sending pop-up notifications straight to your employees’ computer screens, bypassing the email system. The messages are designed to appear in an intrusive, disruptive way. They can’t be skipped, ignored, or minimized and they appear on screen regardless of what software applications your employees are using at the time. In fact, they will even appear if a computer is locked, on standby, or on screensaver mode.


This concept helps to cut through the digital noise and clutter and get your important information straight in your employees’ faces, quite literally. You can use DeskAlerts to send information on virtually any topic: corporate announcements, CEO messages, emergency notifications, training opportunities, event notifications, scheduled network maintenance notifications, cybersecurity alerts, good news stories, and reminders. DeskAlerts notifications can also be sent via SMS, or via an app for smartphones and tablets meaning that no matter where your workforce is located, you can still keep them in the loop. Many excuses that employees give as to why they don’t know about something are eradicated once you use DeskAlerts. These include:


“I didn’t see the email containing this important information!”, DeskAlerts Solves Common Internal Communications 


Innatos - Does Your IT Department Have Effective Communication? - personWith DeskAlerts you bypass the email system so this excuse becomes a thing of the past. It’s true that many emails are never opened or acted upon so it might not just be an excuse… the sad fact is that email overload, where employees face a barrage of email every day, means that many emails go unopened because there are just too many pouring in for people to keep up with.


Other times though, people might say they never read something when they did – and you can’t know for sure if they are telling the truth.


DeskAlerts not only sends messages to everyone’s screens, but it has a statistics module that lets you see exactly who has seen the messages and when they saw them. Next time someone tells you they didn’t see the message, you can instantly double-check this.



“I couldn’t find the information on the intranet!”


Many organizations rely on employees to educate themselves about various policies, procedures, and protocols that are in place. They’ll put the information somewhere on the company intranet site and hope that people will find it if they need it. Unfortunately, many intranet sites are large and overflowing with information – some of it completely outdated. It can be hard in these instances for someone to easily find what they are looking for.


So many employees can claim ignorance about what is expected of them or how to do things. With DeskAlerts you can periodically send hints and tips and reminders about policies and procedures – particularly if it becomes obvious you have a problem with staff following your internal guidelines within a particular area. DeskAlerts messages can contain hyperlinks to information on your intranet site. You can even embed videos if you have something instructional that you would like to communicate.


“I feel like I am in the dark, nobody tells me anything!”, DeskAlerts Solves Common Internal Communications 


Innatos -peopleA common complaint in many organizations is that internal communication is lacking and staff don’t know what is going on.


The reality is that you may have many different internal communication channels in use, but staff are not participating in or checking them.


DeskAlerts is a good way to link these disaffected employees with all the information they need to know about what is going on in the company.


Not only can you send them important news updates, but you can send links to intranet content or to discussions on your corporate social media or team collaboration apps they may not have realized were taking place.


“I feel like all the communication is one-way and I don’t get a say!”


Many traditional internal communications features top-down messaging from senior managers to employees. This structure is the simplest and easiest way to get messages from management to employees about important business decisions and needs.


Employees, however, can feel disillusioned and cynical when decisions are made and communicated in this way – they can become disengaged very easily and feel negative about their work environment.


DeskAlerts has modules that allow you to get feedback instantly from your employees. You can send quick surveys, polls, and quizzes and ask for their opinion, helping you to gauge the mood of the company about any announcements you are making.


“I never know about training and development opportunities or upcoming events!”, DeskAlerts Solves Common Internal Communications 


Again, this is information that you may have in several different places across your existing internal communications channels. But chances are it relies on people actively looking to see if there is anything new. A lot of people just don’t do that, and so they miss out on things that have been announced on a corporate intranet space or social network site.


This can also lead to frustration and resentment, especially if someone misses out on something that may not be offered again or for a long time. “If only I’d known about that, I would have gone along!” – I’m sure we’ve all said that at some point in our lives.


With DeskAlerts you can let everyone in the organization know of any new training opportunities or corporate events. Or if they are suitable just for a niche audience and you don’t want to bombard your entire workforce, you can send them to a custom audience.

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