What is Internal Communication? 

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Establishing good internal communication is one of the biggest challenges of business organizations. In addition to reconciling the ways of being of the different professionals, everyone needs to be hooked on the company’s purposes and missions. But, what is internal communication? 


Innatos - What is Internal Communication? - men with a cellphoneWhen we talk about communication and marketing actions, the first target audience that comes to the mind of most entrepreneurs is the external one, formed mainly by customers, isn’t it? On the other hand, the internal public isn’t always remembered, which is a big problem for companies. After all, employees are responsible for the operation of the machine.


What is internal communication? The communication between the management and the employees. Without establishing good communication with your team, your strategies probably won’t generate the expected results. Or do you think that an uninformed and discouraged employee will be productive?


These problems can be solved or minimized with efficient internal communication. This process is extremely important for companies that know they need hooked professionals to achieve their goals. Internal communication tools such as Desk Alerts can also help you achieve a successful internal communication strategy. 


What is internal communication? The concept of internal communication


Innatos - light bulb with a square as a backgroundThe internal communication process is a segment of integrated communication that focuses its actions on the employees of a company. Its essential objectives are the transmission and distribution of relevant and strategic information in a corporate environment.


This exchange of information and messages can be executed in the following ways:


  • The vertical exchange, made between leaders and leaders and vice versa
  • The horizontal exchange, which occurs between employees of the same hierarchical level


But what is that information about? What is internal communication? 


Innatos - What is Internal Communication? - people talkingDefining this is a flexible issue. The message may be broader. For example, the reproduction of values, missions, visions, and organizational objectives. It might also be more segmented and restricted to a group of employees, such as feedback and goals by department.


The main objective of internal communication is to keep employees aligned and committed to the aspirations, causes, and speeches of the organization.


In that way, behaviors that connect to what the company manifests are established and stimulated. For that to happen, the relationship with the company’s professionals must be transparent, constant, comprehensive and simple.


What is internal communication?  The importance of internal communication for a company


To better understand the relevance of this area, we will list the advantages of having an efficient internal communication in the company. Look at them:


Improve the organizational climate

If you have already worked in a company, you should have an idea of ​​how annoying a work environment is when people do not interact much, right? Through internal communication, professionals are encouraged to develop interpersonal relationships and they work together in the spirit of collaboration.


Innatos - people talking in a tableDistances between departments are reduced, which helps people to bond and work in harmony. With a greater bond between the employees, the processes operate with more speed and each team is strengthened. This combination favors the formation of a more serene, respectful and profitable climate within the company.


What is Internal Communication?, Increase internal productivity

From the moment in which the employees feel hooked to the objectives of the company, it’s natural that they try harder to be useful to the organization. Each employee begins to better understand their role within the company, its importance and the impact that their work has on the overall results of the company.


All this makes professionals realize how much they and their respective teams need to produce for the business to benefit in a general area. Being more motivated and focused, the tendency is for employees to increase their productivity.


Reduce the turnover rate

These notions of productivity and relevance for the organization also contribute to a longer period of permanence of employees. But that’s not all.


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More stimulated, more recognized and dedicated employees in a pleasant work environment are happier and have virtually no reason to leave the company.


A change of air will be less taken into account when the quality of life at work indicates that it is worth continuing on the team. If the relationship is true, transparent and integrated (values ​​proposed by internal communication), the chances of separation decrease.


Facilitates the adaptation of new employees

Imagine a newly hired professional who arrives knowing the history of the company, knowing the functions to be fulfilled and being well received by current employees. They tend to integrate more easily.


Internal communication stimulates the existence of a friendly and dynamic organizational climate. For that reason, it’s essential that new employees do not remain isolated and adapt as quickly as possible. It’s important that there are no barriers. Thus, beginners will feel more comfortable to express doubts, propose suggestions and approach other people.


Minimize rumors and gossip

Innatos - What is Internal Communication? - men shacking their handsIf there are destructive factors for any corporate environment, rumors and gossip surely make up the list. These actions are consequences of hidden, incoherent and poorly distributed information by leaders and their employees.


Imagine, for example, that the director of a company has told a nearby employee who is negotiating the move from the office to another city, but without revealing the destination. If this employee tells another person, that incomplete information will spread little by little through the organization. This will open the way for speculation and unnecessary worries about the company’s new headquarters. When the idea is to make internal communication honest, the message must be clearly transmitted to collaborators.


Reduce the effects of a crisis

What happens when a company goes through a difficult time and chooses to reveal the truth of the situation and the projected strategies for improvement to the internal public? It manages to strengthen the union between employees.


Innatos -men using a boardBut it is necessary to emphasize that this will only be possible if all the previous benefits are recognized by the collaborators. You cannot expect an employee to be committed when they’re not connected to the company’s objectives. It’s the same when they are dissatisfied with the work environment or feel undervalued.


What is internal communication? An example of internal communication action that favors the reduction of a crisis is the openness to the participation of the collaborators in the strategic decisions of the company.


If there is a channel that allows them to transmit their improvement proposals and receive feedback for that, the chances of the solutions appearing are greater.

What is internal communication? An important tool for your business!


Internal communication is key to your business’ success. DeskAlerts is a versatile and powerful software tool for internal communication. Contact us today and learn more about what it can do for your company


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