Top Custom Software Development

Top Custom Software Development. Why you need this service?

Today, companies are competing like never before, are presented with unprecedented challenges and have less time to develop and incubate new ideas that help create solutions that meet the needs of consumers, many of them with high expectations. That is why they turn to the software factory, since competition has reached levels that fragment the industry and materialize in niches and micro-niches in the market. Digital disruption, shortened innovation cycles, new kinds of competition, increasing customer expectations, and decreasing costs are just some of the challenges that entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs face. Here are some details about the consumer experience and its change with technology. But why you need a top custom software development?

Top Custom software development

Companies have changed profoundly compared to what they were in the past. Now businesses are prepared and focused on the constant change of the micro and macro elements that are presented. This modern company is characterized by being in contact with its consumers 24/7 to find new ways to compete. Internally and externally, it removes friction at every level. And they focus on the results, not the process.

The most important thing is that the modern company is empowered by software. Is it a new way of visualizing consumers?

The origin of the software factory

The origin of software factories is probably in the late 1960s, when Hitachi was founded under the name Hitachi Software Works. From there and over the years, a software factory is characterized by being a programming company, whose mission is the development of software for the end customer or for a third party, through professional technological services, using good collaborative work practices for simple to complex environments, with specific or changing and poorly defined requirements.

You can contract the services of a software factory, under the following circumstances:

  • The IT staff of a company is either too busy to attend to new internal projects or does not have the necessary knowledge to do so.
  • The clients of a non-technological company need to optimize processes through efficient technological solutions, which accompany an integral process for the Organization, for this they must resort to a software factory.
  • A software development company seeks to expand its capacity, in the short and medium term.

The main difference between a software development company and a software factory is related to the price of the services offered. Software Factory-type companies, which are very successful in countries such as Mexico and Canada, stand out for offering a high professional level at more competitive costs, through the use of scalable processes and the hiring of human talent in different geographical locations.

The boundaries between the company and the outside world are breaking down

The old models were based on the economic advantage of separating a company from the outside world. Within the company, you had some control over the cost structure and culture. Technology has changed all that. Employees are using external technologies from a software factory because they cannot wait to be built in their own organization.

Networks are another example. Today, smart companies are leveraging their employees’ social media to boost their businesses.

There are plenty of benefits to use top custom software development.

Connectivity increases

There are constant advances in augmented and virtual reality, voice- and sensor-based interaction, as well as user-centered design. These experiences produce a constant flow of data about who you are and what you are experiencing and feeling at all times.

If you’re on Facebook, you actually have an identity that exists independently of you and will likely live on after you’re gone. That means who you are can be shared or even stolen.

Why is that important to your business? Because all this data about your customers can be used to satisfy them. Those who can transform data into knowledge and understand it will be the champions in the digital economy. Discover the relationship between customer satisfaction and technology.

The nature of how we make decisions is changing

The human brain is designed to detect patterns and learn from them. But it is not at all useful to extract exabytes of data and understand why you are not connecting with your customers through your new application.

Cognitive computing and deep learning are only in their infancy. Interesting that a computer can beat a chess master?

Analytics and artificial intelligence are going to change everything we know about our world and ourselves. But before they do, they are going to change their business.

Why do you need Top Custom Software Development?

The explosion of devices connected to the Internet requires the appearance of different types of software. Today, the greatest potential of software lies in creating a direct connection with customers through digital channels. Developing that potential requires an external focus.

To deliver superior customer experiences with unprecedented speed and scale, you need completely different skills and tools. You also need a very different kind of process.

Top Software Developers

The five principles to consider when making custom software development

Those who are dedicated to the manufacture of software must have the ability to quickly build and deliver experiences and offer continuous improvement, customer-oriented innovation.

  • Highly adaptable and customer-centric methodologies are needed. Long release cycles won’t help pacing the speed you need to thrive.
  • It is not enough to offer software, you have to offer experiences. Producing an ever-evolving user experience is very different from managing business application updates that occur once or twice a year. You need a perfect relationship between building and operating software experiences. Here are some tips for a positive customer experience.
  • Speed ​​matters. To offer innovation you have to think about automation. Why? Because automation reduces errors in manual processes and frees up resources to focus on what really counts: creating value for the customer.
  • To avoid complications you need security measures that increase trust and user experience. Think about the behavior analysis used in fraud and threat detection, here the important thing is that the client does not have any problems.
  • Your business is run with knowledge, so it needs feedback throughout the software value chain. This has two parts. You need to know how your software factory is performing. And know if you are complying with the customer experience. This will allow you to discover what are the unmet needs that can become new business opportunities.

Innovate in your operating model

You need to do more than efficiently build and deliver new experiences; Innovation does not happen by itself. It has to be designed and built on your operating model.

Innovation is the process of turning raw ideas into real solutions at maximum speed. Ideas is always being nourished by new ideas.

If we are not building things that our clients truly value, we must implement new ideas. Follow the five basic principles that we shared previously to grow your business, all through the use of software. If you need to grow your business and get a top software developer company, Contact us and we can work together to start growing your business.


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