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Internal communication is communication aimed at the internal customer, that is, the worker. It was born in response to the new needs of companies to motivate their human team and retain the best employees in today’s business environment. In the present, change is constantly coming faster and faster. 


An effective tool is necessary for success. Let’s not forget that companies are made of their human teams. For that reason, proper communication and keeping up the morale is essential to achieve your business goals and reach the best results for your company.

Internal communication and technology


Innatos - Internal communication - tablet with a file on itIt’s a mistake to think that internal communication is a luxury and something exclusive to large companies. This is especially true at the present time. We’re going through a time in business that is marked by somewhat uncertain results at all levels. Hence, it’s becoming one of the great professional challenges of the 21st century for businesses of all sizes. 


Today, there are still few entities that develop an adequate policy that helps to implement the changes and achieve the corporate and strategic objectives of the company. 


Many companies ignore that in order to be competitive and successfully face the change that the market pushes onto them, they must know how to motivate their human team. They must also retain the best employest by developing a corporate culture so that they feel identified and are faithful to the organization.


And it is precisely here where it becomes a key strategic tool to respond to these needs and enhance the feeling of belonging of employees to the company to retain talent.


Tools for intent Internal communication


To increase the effectiveness of the human team, as the true architect of the results, the manager must feel at ease and integrated within the organization.


Innatos - computer workingThis is only possible if the workers are informed, know the different frameworks of the company, its mission, and its philosophy. They must share the values and the strategy and they should feel part of an important part of the company. When this happens, they will be willing to try their best for the sake of the company. 


In addition, we must not forget that it helps reduce uncertainty and prevent dreaded rumors. Unsourced, false information is a very dangerous element for companies. With adequate internal communication tools like Desk Alerts, you can quickly control negative falsehoods and spread the truth speedily and efficiently.


Internal communication tools are important for transmitting corporate messages. They’re also necessary to inform about what is happening within the company. You can also use Desk Alerts to motivate employees. The main purpose of the strategies is to establish an effective line of communication between employees, management and the different departments of the company. These are just some of the objectives pursued by internal communication. Desk Alerts’ software is a powerful tool that can help you achieve your business’ goals.

The types of Internal communication


As for the types we can talk about two types. These two types are ascending and descending. Ascending is done from the bottom up in the organization chart of the company. On the other hand, descending takes place from the top down.


Innatos - conference roomOften, many companies fall into the error of turning their communication into something unidirectional, where workers have no voice and can’t communicate with the executives.


We must remember that the dialogue between management and workers must be constant. Feedback is essential in order to have a successful internal communication strategy.


Even in the present, there are still companies that confuse communication with information. The difference is very clear: while the latter consists of the simple transmission of messages, in order for communication to exist, a response from the receiver is required.


Desk Alerts is a versatile system for it and that can give your business the necessary tools to create powerful strategies for it. However, even the strongest tool needs to have an adequate policy in order to be used effectively.


Implementing an internal communication policy


Innatos - Internal communication - people discussingThe question is now inevitable, how can companies and businesses successfully implement of the policy? In the past, methods such as bulletin boards, circulars informative meetings and the like have been used by businesses as the main mean. But the progress of technology has changed the ways in which we communicate. 


It’s true that technology makes it important for communication to be carried out in a faster and faster way. However, it’s important that you do not lose sight of the fact that, especially in a business or company, everything does not depend on the tools used but on the people who will use them. So if you have decided to implement a corporate social network it’s important that it’s based on a solid strategy and that you always seek to promote the good use of the tool.


Innatos is an authorized distributor of Desk Alerts. Desk Alerts is a powerful software. This software human resources offers the best corporate social networks for your business to communicate with the employees. Through Desk Alerts, your company can obtain an ideal platform to foster collaboration among your employees. This will help you create a flow of ideas and information to drive innovation and maintain constant communication. This will greatly improve your business’ work team.


The importance of it


Innatos - Internal communication - people talkingIt remains as one of the great challenges for businesses in the 21st century. It’s important to have the correct policy and also the tools to make it happen. And if we do not know how to take care of our internal clients, we can hardly give satisfactory answers to external clients. 


It constitutes a key tool to achieve strategic objectives. In addition, it helps create a positive company culture. It also helps in preventing the spread of dangerous rumors.


The tools also foster a climate of trust and motivation and make the company more competitive and profitable. Desk Alerts is the software that your business needs. Contact us today for more information.

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