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To improve the efficiency of your processes, you need to know the tips to improve internal communications. When you need to communicate new information to employees, it may seem easy to write a quick email and send it to everyone in the company.


However, what happens if several employees have specific and individual questions and press “answer”? Worse yet, what happens when they click on “answer all” and cram everyone else’s inboxes? What happens when other employees return to their desks, see the long email chain and delete it automatically without reading their original email?


With the tips to improve internal communications, you can improve the efficiency of your company. A communications policy management system is not just about managing the workflow of policies and procedures. The important thing is to find better, more efficient and easier ways to communicate and share information with your employees.


Here are the tips to improve internal communications:


First of the tips to improve internal communications, Reduce internal emails


Innatos - Tips to improve Internal Communications - person smiling with an emailIt is no longer necessary for people to follow long email chains. In the past, the chains could become very long because sometimes people are added to the conversation at the end of the game. It also happened that redundant emails were sent when someone pressed “reply to all” instead of “reply.”



Instead, a well-planned policy can simplify communication through emails with software such as Desk Alerts. The management system will automate custom workflows, ensuring that the right people are notified when a task is near or pending. The system also offers real-time panels, so you no longer have to send emails to verify the progress or status of a document, and instead, you can extract ad hoc reports.


This way you can ensure that the right people only receive the right documents at the right point in the process. Now, employees don’t have to ask themselves if they are sent an email just for reference. Nor should they ask themselves if they are expected to read and respond or if they are not supposed to get involved and add their comments until later in the process. Again, custom workflows send notifications to people when they have a role in the document process.


Innatos - woman using a fileSecond, Store all documents in one place


Configure employees to succeed in their jobs by making the information conveniently accessible.


Documenting a policy or procedure once prevents redundancy (which wastes time and resources) and eliminates confusion.


Also prevent employees from seeing and referring to incorrect information, such as obsolete or unapproved documents.


Innatos - people in a meettingThird, Automatically distribute the information to the corresponding employees


Easily share documents with all or groups of employees at once and control document permissions.


These permits can be organized by type or by the department, for example.


This way you can get employees to see only the information that belongs to them.


Innatos - Tips to improve Internal Communications - conclusionTips to Improve Internal Communications, Conclusion


These 5 quick tips to improve internal communications can help you achieve your business goals.


However, to execute the advice properly you need the correct software. Desk Alerts is the perfect software for your company.


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