Ideas for Using Desktop Wallpaper to Improve Communication

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Ideas for Using Desktop Wallpaper to Improve Communication. If your workforce spends most of its time sitting in front of a computer screen, why not take the opportunity to use these devices to their fullest potential and serve an internal communications purpose as well?


Every computer screen in your company is a blank canvas. With DeskAlerts Corporate Wallpaper function you can set the background image that appears on your employees’ computer screens to publish messages, graphics, or other information.


This is a more passive form of internal communication that can tie in with your other information and communication campaigns, or can be used to reinforce your overall branding.


These messages don’t disrupt your employees while they are working.


As with all DeskAlerts features, the Corporate Wallpaper is a highly customizable tool and easy to use. Ideas for Using Desktop Wallpaper to Improve Communication. It can be set as a company-wide background, or you can send custom backgrounds to niche groups and work teams – or even to individuals.


Ways that you can use the Corporate Wallpaper include:


  • Innatos - Ideas for Using Desktop Wallpaper to Improve Communication - men workingSending key messages that tie in with your internal communications campaigns. When you repeat messages across a range of channels, they become easier for people to remember.
  • Reinforce important corporate information or other announcements.
  • Show your company’s logo or other aspects of your corporate branding.
  • Display hints and tips around workplace health and safety. These can change regularly, for example, one month you could focus on correct handling of heavy objects, the next you could give tips on reducing workplace stress.
  • Display hints and tips around cybersecurity.

    It makes great sense to keep cybersecurity front–of–mind for your employees when cybercrime is a booming business and attacks are getting more sophisticated. Employees are often the weakest link in cybersecurity and are targeted to gain entry to your systems. With the Corporate Wallpaper, you can constantly remind them of this and what types of threats to look out for.

  • Innatos - person workingDisplay your company’s values or mission statement. Remind your employees what it is your organization believes in at its heart.
  • Show inspirational quotes. These could be general ones that you rotate on a weekly basis or some that are specific to business in general or your industry.
  • Show reminders about upcoming corporate events.
  • Show sales targets.
  • Remind staff about important deadlines. 
  • Have holiday-themed wallpapers. This can be a fun way to acknowledge Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and so on in a way that ties into your corporate branding.
  • Remind staff of emergency evacuation procedures. If they have to leave in a hurry, remind them of how they should do this.
  • Share positive feedback from clients. Show quotes from great emails or social media reviews you receive from satisfied customers.
  • Set special wallpaper for high-performing teams. Congratulation work teams that have done an excellent job and show that you recognize their efforts.
  • Set a birthday wallpaper for an individual employee on their birthday.
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