Discover why CRM is the key to surviving the COVID crisis

Innatos - CRM is the key to surviving the COVID crisis

CRM is the key to surviving the COVID crisis. These are times of empathy. It’s important to understand that when there are more questions than answers, it’s necessary to support customers, give them certainty, and solve their needs with the greatest clarity in the shortest time. To achieve this, the communication and customer service strategy is key. Although it may sound contradictory, the aim is to be as human and warm as possible by making the most of technology.


The customer’s situation has changed in two fundamental aspects. Since they must avoid human contact in the face of possible contagion, there has been an increase in online shopping, particularly in the categories of personal care, household cleaning products and food.


This trend, as the duration of the crisis grows, is replicating patterns of markets that suffered before the effects of the pandemic, which leads to the fact that it’s no longer basic needs, but searches related to well-being and productivity that are driving consumption.


What to do in the face of the new customer reality?


Offer answers as quickly as possible: although it’s understood that your company is not oblivious to the restrictions we are experiencing. You should make sure that users feel satisfied enough not to start expressing their complaints and disagreements on social networks, which has happened with many companies these days.


Be empathetic with the social situation: take advantage of your database to send messages that talk about your company’s commitment to them and to society in general. Activate initiatives that convey in substance and form what you are doing for the welfare of mankind. Mailing strategies take on relevance at this time.


  • Innatos - CRM is the key to surviving the COVID crisisBe loyal to your customer, CRM is the key to surviving the COVID crisis


Think about what services and experiences you can offer your customers from a distance, whether it’s the generation of live chats or more structured efforts that allow you to show that your company is active even in times when we must stay at home. The relationship that is built these days is stronger given the isolation in which we live.


  • Prioritize service over sales, CRM is the key to surviving the COVID crisis


While most industries are being affected by COVID-19, there are sectors such as online sales and distance learning that are seeing an increase in its use. Even if you are one of these cases, keep your prices accessible, offer promotions and remember that it’s time to be empathetic, to seek the common good more than the business, that will come later.


  • Capitalize on your loyalty program, CRM is the key to surviving the COVID crisis


It’s a good time to recognize your customers. Faced with situations like the one we are going through, customers are looking for support to encourage their decisions and make them feel benefited beyond the good or service they usually acquire. If you manage to make your loyalty program be perceived as a real added value in this situation, you will have taken a very significant step in the consolidation of your relationship with your regular customers.


That is why it’s now more important than ever to understand the potential and relevance of being able to master CRM tools and technology such as those offered by Innatos Software. We can develop the perfect enterprise software for your company’s current and future needs.


While it may seem that the world has stopped for a moment because of the pandemic, there is still work to be done, sales to be made, projects to be empowered, opportunities to be created and taken. Otherwise, when we emerge from our forced quarantine the cost will be worse than we could ever estimate in any nightmare.


Employees, companies, businesses need to collaborate and that is where CRM comes in, a powerful tool that many organizations are still unaware of or do not exploit to its full potential, and there is no better time to use it than now.


How can you use a CRM to help your business?


  • Connect your CRM systems to your website to reduce missed opportunities, CRM is the key to surviving the COVID crisis


Most CRMs can be easily integrated with a site’s web forms. This means that information provided by an online visitor can be automatically imported into the system, combined with workflow and automation, routing to the right person with reminders and alerts for follow-ups. This ensures that data goes into a database and is not lost in these times when there is not as much traction.


  • Create workflows, alerts and reminders to link home office employees.

Teams and individuals who are not accustomed to the more intimate work ritual and scheme of the home office, may skip or forget certain tasks or follow-ups, which usually with the one-to-one contact, did not represent a problem.


By configuring a CRM application with team workflows and tasks, it’s less likely that forgetfulness, problems or missed business opportunities will occur.


For example, some CRM systems with artificial intelligence-based automation can recognize customer emails and automatically route issues or questions to the appropriate team or employee, with additional steps to be taken if responses are not timely. On the other hand, if an employee becomes ill, CRM workflows can immediately and automatically handle many tasks or at least delegate these tasks to someone else until they get back on their feet.


  • Use mass emails, campaigns and templates to stay in communication with your community and customers.


The CRM system has the ability to send personalized mass emails, text messages and advertisements to groups of customers and other members that make up the community of your company. This will help you avoid losing contact and consistency in your communications. You will also be able to take advantage to disseminate important information about promotions, benefits or forecasts of the current situation in your business.


  • Use downtime to clean up data


These moments of low activity and traffic are perfect for this task that in other circumstances could create certain problems of database saturation, or maintain contacts and information that is not current or not very useful. Set goals to clean, update and review data; remember that a CRM system is just a database and its value is only as good as the data it contains.


  • Integrate your calendar, e-mail and your organization’s system to increase productivity.


If you don’t integrate all these elements using a CRM system you could be overworking and losing valuable information and opportunities

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