Software Development in Mexico

Software Development in Mexico. How to implement it?

What are the Keys to implement a software? It’s important to have success when implementing technology and software in your company. Just deciding to implement new software can be difficult and frightening. If the decision is not correct, the process can result in an expensive, long and traumatic experience. Software Development in Mexico can be a great option to outsource and start optimizing your processes.

Software Development in Mexico

There are many reasons to implement new software in your company. That’s why you need to know the Keys to implement a software. For example, you can be looking for software to control your visitors and manage your sales. You can also use the software to improve communication in the company or conduct censuses and coverage of your products in the market. For that reason, the choice of alternatives should be taken very carefully and preferably with expert advice.

Let’s take a look at the Keys to implement a software in your company. With them, you will be able to make the right decision and implement technology successfully.

Define in which area of ​​your company you need technology

The first software implementations that companies carry out are those related to financial and billing areas. There is, however, a dangerous thing about these first implementations. That is that the administration usually thinks that having a “cheap” accounting system, functional and relatively stable, is the only technology they need.

But what happens to the other areas of the company where resources, assets, personnel and even the main activity of the company are involved? Areas such as sales and customer control, field personnel management and even occupational safety, are frequently neglected. Therefore, the common thing is to abandon these processes for not knowing how to deal with them optimally.

One of the first among the Keys to implement a software in your company is to identify the different areas of opportunity that your company has. If there are more than 3 people (employees or clients) involved in the process then there is an opportunity to implement technology to make it efficient. You also have to consider if the task takes more than 3 hours to execute.

Take a software budget and prioritize your hiring

One of the objectives of any company is to save as much as possible. However, many times it is necessary to invest to minimize costs due to inefficiencies. You have to see the real results and understand the true value of a software solution to evaluate its effectiveness.

Define a budget for at least 6 months and start with a number of users that allow you to obtain and see clear results. Generally hiring a service for 1 or 2 users is a waste of money and you can never be sure if the problem is in the software or in the process.

Define if you need technology inside or outside the office

Is your company’s core is made up of vendors, medical visitors, technical service, inspectors or other field personnel? Then you may want to start hiring a field personnel management system and a CRM.

On the other hand, things are different if your company has mostly office staff and what you need is greater communication or attraction of potential customers (leads). Then you may want to hire an internal communication or marketing tool.

Put yourself in the place of the end users (who carry out the task every day) and identify the idle times as well as the most tedious processes. Think that perhaps the office staff can be efficient with excel payrolls, but a field vendor can lose hundreds of hours a month when using paper and then transcribing the data to excel.

Decide between free tools and paid tools

Depending on your budget you should choose whether to start with free tools or if you start from the beginning with paid tools. In very few cases the tools are completely free unless they are open source systems.

Before making a contract, analyze if the free version of the software will be useful for an adequate time. There are many excellent free systems that allow unlimited use and that, for many companies, their features are sufficient.

Accessibility and ease of using

The objective of implementing technology is to facilitate your day to day process, not to load it with more work. In this sense, before making a contract and during the first call or demonstration, note how easy it is to use the system and how much you can communicate it to the end users.

If you cannot explain its use in a few words or if the company offers you too complex user manuals, stay away. Remember that part of the functionality of good software is that it feels good, looks good and works well.

Look for customization, ease and service in software development

Take the following sentence as a rule: the system must adapt to its processes and not its processes to the system. Nowadays, personalization is vital. However, at the same time, it is expensive. It’s expensive because it requires people who listen and understand your needs. A company like Innatos will be able to interpret their requirements and execute all of your requirements efficiently.

Be demanding and look for the full service. While it is not easy or cheap to find software or services that offer a high level of customization, it is worth the search and of course the investment.

Make sure the company offers the following elements as part of the service:

  • High or total degree of customization.
  • Ease of use of the product both at the administration level and at the end-user level.
  • Fast communication and fast execution of new requirements.
  • Clear customization costs or included in the service.
  • People with whom you can talk in case you have any problems, doubts or new requirements.

Software Development Mexico

Conclusion software development in Mexico, Start now

We are almost at the end of this article. If you came to this part then you are ready to implement technology today with the help of the Keys to implement a software in your company. Remember that technological implementation should not be complicated, tedious or frustrating, with the above advice you can do it in less than a week. Software Development in Mexico has been growing and we have the best option for you.

Also remember that if you postpone the decision, it is likely that 5 years will pass and you will continue to use pencil and paper (if your company still exists). Make the decision, invest a few hours of your day and start the technological implementation now. In Innatos, we will guide you through the process. Contact us today and learn more.

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