10 Ideas to Promote Diversity Through Communication

Diversity Through Communication

10 Ideas to Promote Diversity in the Workplace Through Communication. Creating a company culture that is inclusive and  recognizes the diversity of the workforce is a goal for many companies to help their reputation. Workplace diversity includes recognizing staff members from a variety of different backgrounds including race, ethnicity, religions, genders, etc.


There are numerous benefits for companies that embrace workplace diversity.


When you have a diverse workforce your company will benefit from:


  • Having a variety of different ideas and perspectives,


  • More creativity and innovation,



  • Increased levels of employee engagement,


  • Higher morale,


  • The ability to attract and keep top talent in your industry,




Researchers from Cloverpop found that diverse teams making business decisions outperformed individual decision makers by 87 %. Deloitte research found that inclusive companies are around 1.7 times more likely to be leaders at innovation within their industry.


There’s much more to workplace diversity than just recruiting employees from a range of different backgrounds. Building a strong internal culture takes a lot of work and commitment, but is worth the effort.


Internal communications has a pivotal role to play in creating this culture by communicating and reinforcing its importance to staff. Effective internal communications will help with promoting diversity in the workplace by focusing attention on and giving a voice to different groups within your company so they can have a greater sense of belonging. 


10 ways to promote diversity in the workplace through internal communication:


  1. Consistent onboarding communications about diversity.


Promoting diversity in the workplace begins when your new recruits join the company. 


A consistent onboading process should be adopted across all aspects of  your company – when its left up to individual managers or teams to onboard staff, they aren’t always going to get all the information they need to be able to do their jobs properly. 


When you have a diverse and inclusive workplace, it’s important that new recruits understand this.


Communicating your policies around this, and how you embed it within the organization should form part of the onboarding process for new hires.



  1. Secure commitment to diversity from management, Diversity Through Communication.


As with onboarding communication,  consistency is key when it comes to promoting diversity in the workplace. If only half of your managers support it, embedding diversity in the culture of your company can will be difficult.


Managers at every level – from the CEO down – need to be on board with diversity and promoting its ideals wherever appropriate. 


The internal commas department can develop key messages for managers to use when communicating with their teams and suggest topics that can be covered at team meetings to keep diversity and inclusion present for different teams throughout the company. 


  1. Host employee events that celebrate diversity, Diversity Through Communication.


There are many kinds of workplace events you can hold during work time – or out of hours – that celebrate diversity in the workforce.


This could include holding special lunches with multicultural cuisine, acknowledging International Women’s Day, or observing different religious holidays.


These diversity and inclusion activities in the workplace can be promoted with material that explains why they are important and can form part of an ongoing campaign around a specific topic.  


You can send RSVP reminders to these events easily with DeskAlerts to ensure maximum attendance.


  1. Profile staff members from diverse backgrounds.


Appoint staff ambassadors to be the face of diversity within your company. These people can help to mentor other employees and promote the messages around diversity you want to share.


Using the different channels available to you such as intranet or employee newsletters, you can profile members of staff from different backgrounds and talk about the contribution they make to the company.


  1. Tell success stories, Diversity Through Communication.


Your “good news” stories shouldn’t be the ones you tell with the outside world only: you should be telling them within the business too, for your most important audience, your staff.  Actively seek out positive stories about the contribution your diverse workforce is making to your company and its clients. 


  1. Create digital displays.


Digital signage displays are like colourful moving messages throughout your company. Different messages and images can be incorporated in these displays and they are guaranteed to be seen when placed in areas your staff are likely to see them such as meeting rooms, break areas, and so on, as long as you set a screen on each place.


You can have displays on virtually any topic you like, including diversity. Professionally designed displays can be made to match your company’s overall branding. These can be deployed easily via DeskAlerts.


  1. Invite guest speakers to speak to your employees, Diversity Through Communication.


Hearing from people from outside the organization on the topic of diversity can be inspirational and motivate your employees to adopt some of the aspects of what they learn within your organization.


Speakers could be notable people in your community who represent diversity, or may be from a not-for-profit or charity organization that deals with raising awareness about diversity issues


Your guest speakers could address the entire organization at a staff conference, come in to talk to individual teams at their regular meetings or be available for a lunch time seminar or any other type of promoting diversity in the workplace activities you can think of.


  1. Invite guest speakers to speak to your employees


Hearing from people from outside the company on the topic of diversity can be inspirational and motivate your staff to adopt some of the aspects of what they learn within your company. Speakers could be notable people in your community who represent diversity. Your guest speakers could address the entire company at a staff conference, come in to talk to individual teams at their regular meetings or be available for a lunch time seminar.


  1. Quiz your staff on diversity, Diversity Through Communication.


A diversity and inclusion in the workplace quiz is a great way to both determine how much your employees understand about the topic and also to promote and reinforce the topic.


If you discover that a lot of your employees don’t really understand the issues you can tailor your ongoing communications and awareness campaigns to suit.


Or if you find out that they do understand, you will have some great statistics to inform other campaigns – for example “99 % of our employees understand why diversity and inclusion is important and are committed to seeing it becoming a success at our company!”


If your organization uses DeskAlerts you can send quizzes straight to your employees’ desktops and get results in real time.


  1. Encourage discussion about diversity on your corporate social media


Whatever internal platform you use to allow your employees to discuss topics and ideas should be utilized to have an ongoing conversation about diversity and inclusion. This might be Yammer or Facebook for business, Sharepoint, teams or perhaps your organization’s intranet has a forum.


  1. On employees’ computer screens via screensavers and wallpaper


Corporate wallpapers and screensavers are a great way to passively reinforce any messages to your employees as they are displayed where they are likely to see them every day… right on their computer screens. You can change these over quite regularly and have ongoing messages around diversity and inclusion, or switch them out for other corporate communications campaigns every month.  DeskAlerts users can send these easily to any computers on their corporate network.

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