Successful implementation of CRM software

What are the steps to the successful implementation of CRM software? CRM software supports a process that uses all knowledge of your clients gained through every interaction with them. Through CRM you can improve the customers’ experience and make every client feel as if they were the most important for your business. In the crowded modern markets, CRM is necessary to stand out from the competition.


It is necessary to have a CRM system in order for your company to keep its clients even as it grows further. The objectives of CRM software include creating a proper dialogue with your clients and increase cost-effectiveness per client. It will also help you keep all of your agents informed through a single contact directory for your entire company. In addition, CRM software will reduce sales costs. That’s why you must know the steps to the successful implementation of CRM software.


The heart of CRM software: Knowledge and data


Each company must find a way to attract and retain profitable customers through the effective use of data. Through modern intelligence techniques and business strategies, data will be turned into information and then into knowledge.


Innatos - menInnovative companies need to be successful in the market without competing exclusively in terms of price. Customer experience can mark the difference for your company. The steps to the successful implementation of CRM software are key to a business’ success. 


You can’t improve what you can’t measure


CRM software is an element of a business strategy requires that the company to show a tangible commitment to CRM concepts such as customer satisfaction.


What cannot be measured cannot be improved, it’s simply not enough to measure customers based on total figures. Different metrics will allow us to understand the degree of commitment that a customer shows towards the brand or company. The CRM database will have the data and accessibility necessary to obtain these indicators.


The customer, not the product, must become the center of your company. Functionally some organizations can implement a software package correctly, but without a reorientation through the organizational structure, the CRM objectives will not come true. Synchronizing the entire company is the key and that’s why you need to know the steps to the successful implementation of CRM software.


First, Justify the need


Why are we going to develop a CRM strategy? Because we want to improve the quality of our service and stop losing business opportunities. It’s also helpful in building customer loyalty through personalized service in order to offer a better experience than the competition. Without properly understanding the value of CRM you won’t be able to properly implement the system. That’s why justifying the need is one of the steps to the successful implementation of CRM software.


Second of the steps to the successful implementation of CRM software, Determine the objectives


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It is essential to understand our objectives. The implementation of CRM reflects the way in which the company wishes to work in the future. For that reason, the CRM strategy should be complemented with specific objectives that can be used as benchmarks during the implementation process. The objectives can also function as success criteria for the final CRM solution. 


Some of the issues that can be used as parameters in determining the objectives are:


  • Improve the customer’s perception of the company
  • All departments of the company giving the same value to the same customer
  • Raise barriers to competition actions
  • Increase the client portfolio in an organic way through the cross-selling of products
  • Reduce the time it takes to solve customer problems
  • Increase the number of invoices per customer


The important thing is to be very clear about the purpose of the CRM software solutions.


Innatos - question marks cloudsThird of the steps to the successful implementation of CRM software, Designate a project leader and ensure broad participation


Depending on the size of the company, it may be a person exclusively dedicated to the management of the CRM system or not. However, the important thing is that there is a person responsible for the execution and progress of the CRM strategies.


From the initial stage of the project, it’s necessary to involve every member of the organization. This is because it takes time to adapt to the changes introduced by the CRM. The best results are achieved if 40% of the employees are involved.


Fourth, Survey, diagnosis and separate variables and customer weighting models


Innatos - Successful implementation of CRM software - peopleWe need to understand where we are, what we have, what areas and functions we will have to improve.


We also need to know what processes to modify, what we need (to buy, train and hire) and how much money we will need. In short, it will be the knowledge that allows us to delineate strategy and tactics.


If the variables we will use to segment and the customer weighting model we need are not defined in advance, we run the risk of having to undo a good part at the end. For example processes or software.


Fifth, Develop an efficient contact center, learn to manage and quantify the costs


Innatos - Successful implementation of CRM software - peopleAllow the client to decide when, how and by what channel to interact with the company. Offer customers multiple channels to access the company, with a consistent and consistent service in all. Make available, to all channels, all the information obtained from customers.


From the beginning, the change should be presented as company-oriented and not merely another element of information technology. Employees must understand that the company starts the project to gain commercial advantages over the competition. Employees must also understand that all activities are aimed at maintaining the competitiveness of the company and its ability to retain competent employees. 


Now that we have all the planning point you must determine how much budget you have and what is the investment. Present clear and real numbers.


 The conclusion, Successful implementation of CRM software


Innatos - Successful implementation of CRM software - conclusionIn conclusion, remember to stand firm on the project since the enthusiasm curve usually has many ups and downs.


On the other hand, you should not exaggerate the qualities of the project. At the beginning of the project, participants will be optimistic and will generally have high expectations. These high expectations usually disappear when those involved discover the energy required by the CRM project.


In addition, the complexity of the project increases at the beginning and this causes a subsequent loss of interest and, in the worst case, a sense of defeat. Communication has a decisive role.


How to use CRM in my marketing strategy?

How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? One of the great advantages of implementing tools in digital marketing is that we can measure and obtain data. Data is one of the most important elements of inbound marketing strategies today. Why? Because it allows us to create and develop strategies based on the information we have obtained about our clients and their behavior.


This information is useful not only to provide a better service, but also allows us to have more sales. That is why many of the inbound marketing strategies include the integration of a tool.


What is CRM?


Innatos - How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? - CRMThe Customer Relationship Management, also known as CRM, is a software with the main purpose of keeping a record of the client’s actions. Depending on the development of the client, it can follow the client throughout their customer journey.


How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? Is responsible for “monitoring” the customer while it interacts with a brand or business. It starts when they contact a website until when they close a sale or become a frequent customer. Is the database where all the information of this process is poured. Rather than serve to have an agenda of contacts, it’s responsible for providing information on how the leads or customers behave. This helps the company to create strategies or improve those that they’re already implementing.


How to use CRM in my marketing strategy?


Because of this, having as part of the inbound marketing strategy is a step you should consider. It will not only help you keep track of your leads and customers, it will also help you see in what area or level of your strategy you are failing.

Innatos - How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? - MEN

That is why the you choose should adapt according to your needs and those of your business. Many times, wanting to modernize and do things right, businesses choose the tool that everyone is using instead of analyzing if it is ideal for their brand.


Do not be guided by trends. While a CRM can help you improve a lot and align your sales with your inbound marketing strategy, the recommendation is that you choose one that goes according to what you are looking for and can pay.


This is an article and we have prepared a list of the best tools to do inbound marketing 2019. It can help you better understand your customers, close more sales and create strategies focused on your customers.

How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? 


Innatos - How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? - CRMNow that you know what CRM software is and what it is for, it is time that we focus on how we can make it part of our inbound marketing strategy.


You get a higher return on investment


How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? Regardless of whether the company is large or small, when we make an investment, the objective is that it meets and brings us more benefits and profits. This is especially true when it comes to an online tool. 


Many entrepreneurs still refuse to invest in programs that can help them improve and increase their sales because they “don’t trust” the internet. Unfortunately, this belief makes some companies refuse to invest in tools such because they think that “there are other easier and freeways”. They also think that they can do it by hand because they can also write the data of our clients in a notebook. They don’t understand the benefits of it.

Key factors

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While the most important thing is that you choose a tool that suits your needs, both in price and for the objectives of your company, investing in a CRM is a possibility that you should consider. If you want to make your marketing campaigns more effective and improve the way in which your company interacts with its customers is a necessity.


With a CRM you can know which campaigns or actions are working and which are not. You can measure the results, obtain information to create specific profiles of your buyers and thus create campaigns designed for them. Implement the correct in your company and you are guaranteed an ROI or return on investment.

How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? With specific information


As we mentioned in the previous point, data is changing the world. And this is even more true when it comes to e-commerce. Companies are looking for ways in which they can predict their consumers’ behaviors to create strategies that help align with their sales, that is, go hand in hand and be 100% effective. 


Innatos - men in a cellImplementing one helps you measure results. The data that the tool offers you is not just to admire or look at. The information that a CRM provides will help your company improve its marketing strategy and even other company processes. There are systems that are created to provide specific profiles of the people who visit your website. Afterward, this information is very valuable since it tells us where they come from. For example, if they googled the name or if clicked on an ad on Facebook. In addition, this can also tell what it is that they are looking for on the page or even at what point they become disinterested in your product or service. 


Valuable information


This is the type of valuable information that will help you find the gaps where you are losing leads or potential customers. And it will also show you areas where you should focus all of your marketing efforts. For example, perhaps a business weakest point is that they do not have an online store. Or, just another example, that their website is very annoying for your customers. Maybe the reason is that the information you show on your page is not enough for your leads to be encouraged to buy. With CRM software, you can discover what your business is missing and improve your marketing strategy to get a higher number of conversions.


We continue with the best tips so that you know how to use it in my marketing strategy. Is a very important software tool that can help you achieve your business objectives. Keep learning to learn more about how you can add a CRM to your marketing strategy to improve your return on investment and the effectiveness of your marketing projects.


How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? 


Innatos - men with a computerHaving a shared and available tool for your team can prevent many problems in the area of ​​communication. It’s a reality that unnecessary meetings and emails are often a waste of time. With a CRM you will have a tool that allows you to unite both your marketing team and your sales team so they can coordinate without any problem. You can also monitor what they are doing and how your leads are doing. How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? Allows you to create reports focused on contacts and, like told this article mentioned in the first part, discover what kind of strategy works better than the other when making sales.


Another advantage of having a tool shared with your sales team and your marketing team is that they can work towards meeting their goals together and avoid double efforts. There are companies that, despite the fact that both teams are “working together”, have teams that don’t know what one is doing. Or even teams that don’t have common objectives. This problem prevents their strategies from being effective and functioning.


It allows you to see the bigger picture. In other words, you will have all the information through data and tracking to know where you are failing or what is working. With this information, you can make both of your teams coordinate to prevent “unintentional” sabotage to your efforts.


You avoid communication problems


Innatos - How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? - CRMFor example, let’s say the objective of your marketing strategy is to increase your profits. For this, your marketing team has designed an inbound marketing strategy that allows you to attract leads with content creation, pay per click and the like. On the other hand, your sales team is also interested in increasing the conversion rate. However, for them, these efforts made by the marketing team are not considered valid because they are not “generating sales”.


For that reason, they decide to carry out their sales strategy without knowing anything about the inbound strategy. They act ignoring that there are quite a few leads that are being nurtured so that, later, they are delivered to your sales team and they finish the converting process.


Both teams are interested in increasing your profits. However, if one does not know what the other’s process is like and how they can do better and participate in it, your marketing strategy won’t work. In addition, you will be wasting the efforts of your teams and working double.


Helps you optimize and automate those efforts and make them become even more valuable. They can also create common strategies to make their efforts even more effective and powerful. Implementing can helps you make the efforts of your marketing and sales teams more efficient.


How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? You get a higher quality for your leads


Innatos - cellphone with a handThe leaders are those users who are attracted to your site, company, or brand. A CRM helps you get better leads by automating the process. While it’s true that obtaining a lead is already again, the truth is that the more information we have about it, the easier you can know about how to make a conversion. 


This doesn’t necessarily have to be a sale; the conversion can download an ebook, or subscribe to your blog. Is a tool that allows you to create other tools to obtain this information or data such as creating forms.


Remember that there are different types of software systems. Some don’t have these functions, others allow you to create landing pages and design them. Others also allow you to integrate your social networks to more easily manage your social media strategy and go even more hand in hand with your inbound marketing strategy.


Having better lead quality allows you to increase the likelihood of successful conversions. How to use CRM in my marketing strategy?

Innatos - How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? - ComputerAnd also know how to nurture them so that these conversions are made. Do you remember that the previous entry on how to use it in my marketing strategy talked about nurturing leads? The important thing is that we give you the information they need, and are looking for, to make this process easier, faster and more effective.


It’s obvious that a lead that came to our website because it saw a Facebook ad should not be nurtured in the same way as other leads. For example, a lead that came on the recommendation of a friend who gave the same service, or one that used Google to search for a specific service and you appeared. Is responsible for analyzing to which field these leads belong. This will help you in segmenting them so that you can direct your efforts and create and apply strategies that allow you to nurture them in the best possible way.


How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? Lets you know how to nurture your leads and take care of your customers. It also lets you know which strategies are working and which are not.


In addition, CRM not only allows you to keep track of your leads until they convert. An important element in these platforms is that they allow you to “take care” of those leads that already became customers, so you can continue to nurture them and be aware of them. Remember that there is no better publicity than the word of mouth recommendation and what better way to automate this process with the implementation.


How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? Conclusion


Now you know what can do for your marketing and sales teams, and how it can help you increase your profits and improve the quality of your prospects. Do not forget that the most important thing is to keep up with what your company needs and that this investment must be properly used.


How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? Avoid using one just to have a digital directory of your customers. Get the most out of this tool by making use of the information you get to help you create better sales opportunities. You should also make your campaigns more effective and increase your investment where it needs to be increased: on your website, in your Facebook ads or in content creation.




Is a weapon that well used can be what makes your business stand out from the competition. It can also give you the best opportunities to increase your profits and make your investment return.


CRM software is an important tool to improve your relationship with your clients and find ways to improve your marketing strategy. How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? These were just two ways in which you can use in your marketing strategy, but there are more. Keep tuned in Innatos Software’s blog and learn more about it.

Succeed in your CRM Project

How to succeed in your CRM project? This is a very simple yet important question, but it requires a complete and more complex answer. The success of a CRM project depends on several factors. Most of the time, success is already decided in the preliminary phase.

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You have to be very careful with your planning to be successful. So we have summarized all the best tips to help you succeed in your CRM project. First, we will discuss the human factor, then the customer orientation and finally the actual Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.


CRM is the initials of Customer Relationship Management. However, Customer Relationship Management doesn’t clarify much of the whole meaning of CRM. For that reason, this article will explain what CRM as well as what it is for, its benefits and much more.


CRM definition

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On the one hand, CRM is the marketing and sales strategy that deals with customer relationships. That is to say, CRM is a business strategy.


On the other hand, CRM is the software that companies use to manage their customers and control the activities of the company around them.


But the truth, when talking about CRM, 99.99% of the time is the computer system. That is CRM is used to refer to a software, program, tool, application, solution or sales system.


How to succeed in your CRM project, what is CRM software?

Innatos - Succeed in your CRM project - woman


CRM software is the program in which all the information and conversations you have with clients (emails, calls, meetings, and documentation) are stored in each client’s records.


These files are accessible by everyone in your company with the authorization to read them and have access to them. In addition, this information gives you the ability to mark notes as well as the subject’s activities for you or another partner, so that nothing remains left undone.


This information includes the day-to-day interactions in the relationship with customers. For that reason, CRM means customer relationship management. It is thanks to the computerized CRM software that it is able to carry out commercial management effectively. If you want to group all your contacts and information in one application and forget the Excel sheets, the CRM is your number one ally.


How to succeed in your CRM project? The three key reasons


How to succeed in your CRM project? The human factor: make the CRM project a business project

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Is by far the most important factor for a successful CRM project. The studies are unanimous on the subject. Among the human difficulties, we will highlight in particular:


  • A cultural obstacle to the adoption of new work methods induced by the CRM (45%)
  • Difficulties of adoption by users (44%)
  • A non-optimal change accompaniment (42%)
  • Inappropriate or inappropriate Leadership (38%)


Making your CRM a business project is the winning condition for obtaining the support of all employees. So, here are several tips to succeed in your multidisciplinary CRM project by capitalizing on the human being. First, you must designate a key member to make the important decisions and represent the company’s management. 


Then build a team that promotes the adoption of the CRM project by everyone. The team will also be careful never to lose sight of the true purpose of the CRM, that is, customer service. And, you can also develop and evolve the CRM according to the reality of the company.


The success of a CRM project also implies that technology is at the service of the company, and not vice versa. One piece of advice: don’t let the IT team carry out the CRM project’s implementation. Why? Because it won’t fit your business needs. Regarding the system’s operation, the business and customer service are always considered, but let’s not forget the marketing teams and the management. Hold meetings with key users to fully understand the problems of each business and understand the workings of the CRM software.


How to succeed in your CRM project? Consider the client; think of the CRM as a tool to improve the customer’s experience and deepen the relationship with the customer 

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To be perceived as a really useful tool for users, the CRM must place the customer at the center of the project. This is one of the keys to a successful CRM project. The challenge? Map the customer relationship to optimize it.


The first step will lead you to identify the routes of existing customers and those that will be implemented to improve the customer experience. You can, for example, decide to deepen your communication strategy with chat, online forms and other means of communication.


So, it’s up to you to highlight the key moments of customer interactions. These are the moments when the customer relationship must be absolutely perfect. For example, on the first contact, during the payment, when informed about delivery times, after-sales service and more. A good CRM software will allow you to automate certain tasks to better understand these key moments of interaction.


How to succeed in your CRM project? Make sure the tool is appropriate, choose the right CRM software for your business

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The choice of the CRM solution is an important factor in the success or failure of a CRM project. However, it is not always easy to navigate the diversity of the offer in the market. So how to choose your CRM software? How to identify the one that will adapt perfectly to your company, your business, your problems?


As a first step, we advise you to define the CRM objectives for the company. Then you list the mandatory features and those that aren’t completely necessary but you would like to have. Then, identify the different architectural possibilities of the operational system.


Finally, compare the CRM software that meets all your criteria: features, ergonomics, support, integration and more. Innatos Software can guide through this process.


 A summary

Innatos - Succeed in your CRM project - summary


We focus on three of the success factors of a CRM project: the human being, the customers and the tool. In summary, success depends on the company’s ability to build a CRM project in line with human resources, customer journey and the choice of the right tool. 


How to succeed in your CRM project? To be successful in a CRM project, you must start from the company and its customers. Beyond the human, customers and the tool, you will also have to give importance to data, budget, ROI and project management. Innatos Software can help you develop the right CRM project for your company. Contact us today for more information.

Factors in the ERP for success in your business

What are the factors in the ERP for success in your business?  One of the most common mistakes in a management software (ERP) implementation is to think that organizations are fully prepared for it. Organizations need to understand the key factors for the success of implementing so that can lead to the success of the project. In addition, they must know how to make the right decisions to strengthen their processes.


What are the factors in the ERP for success in your business? The success of the implementation project must include several factors. For example, the scope of the objectives for a determined period, not exceeding the budget and with an acceptable return on investment (ROI).


Following a correct methodology, a high probability of success is ensured in each of the projects carried out. What are the factors in the ERP for success in your business? The main success factors in the implementation are:


  • Correct definition and start of the project.
  • Management commitment.
  • Project scope
  • The project team.
  • Change management, communication and training.
  • Correct definition of customizations.
  • Budget.
  • Project closure


First, the correct definition and start of the project



In this phase, all the necessary information about the project must be perfectly defined and communicated to its stakeholders.

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It’s recommended to:

  • Prepare and review the business strategy to see if the project suits the company.
  • Check the company’s IT strategy and verify that the project adapts to the entire IT policy.
  • Do the scope and objectives to be met by the new one. As the modules to be implemented, processes to be defined and completed and everything else that could be required.
  • Prepare and inform the entire organization of the changes that will occur with the new one, in order to involve all staff in the success of the project. Change management techniques, informational meetings, impression collection, and user opinions and everything necessary for the appropriate implementation


Second of the factors in the ERP for success in your business, Management commitment

Innatos - Factors in the ERP for success in your business - hands


Factors for success in your business and implementation of the new will affect the way a company operates by updating business processes and changing the system.


Senior managers and middle-level managers must participate in the project from its inception until its completion.


This gives the project adequate visibility throughout the organization and shows staff, in general, the importance of the project.


It’s recommended to:

  • Involve a steering committee in the project, creating a problem-solving structure during the project cycle. This participation will help to maintain support for the project and keep them informed about its progress.


ThirdDefine the scope of the project and the team

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The new ERP may not meet all the needs of the organization. Developing processes and understanding their components and how they will fit with other systems and tools is basic. Therefore, it’s necessary to define the scope of the project from a knowledge position, detailing what the project is going to include and what not.


The project team must consist of full-time staff, which includes a project manager and others representing the core areas of the company. If an external consultancy is used, the project team must have a good and consistent working relationship with the consultants. In addition, identify a set of resources from the different areas of the company to provide experience in important and specific issues.



  • Use methodologies and tools for project implementation.
  • Strengthen the team to make decisions.
  • The project team must be in the same place where the project is executed, as this helps communication.
  • Identify experts from different areas of the organization for consultations.
  • The project team must have a good working relationship with the consultants.


Fourth, Change management strategies, communication and training


Factors in the ERP for success in your business, the project will not only lead to changes in the systems, but also in processes and organizational changes. A change in management team will be needed for the organization to properly address the impact of the changes. The size of the team will vInnatos - menary depending on the size of the project and the amount of changes. Typically, software vendors or consultants will help the organization’s employees manage the changes.



  • Create communication mechanisms, such as a web page, newsletters, roadshows, informational lunches, etc.
  • Develop good communication between the project team and the organization as a whole.
  • Key users must be involved with the project and its progress, as this will help to accept the changes.
  • Create a business model that shows the changes in the processes and the functionality of the system, as well as the benefits it brings to the changes.
  • Train users both during the project execution stage and after closing.

Fifth of the factors in the ERP for success in your business, have the correct definition of the customizations

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Most ERPs are built with standard operating processes of a company. An organization must maintain strict control over customizations, as it can decrease the effectiveness of the system and be detrimental to future updates. These modifications can lead to an increase in the scope and budget of the project, therefore they must be defined and justified very well.


It’s recommended to:

Study other facilities in similar companies and see what customizations were adopted.

  • Perform a priority analysis of customizations.
  • Set clear expectations about the company’s position in relation to customizations, such as cost and benefit.
  • Create an analysis process for each customization.
  • Be prepared to adapt these modifications to the new versions.

Sixth of the factors in the ERP for success in your business, Define the budget and close the project

innatos - Factors in the ERP for success in your business - rocket


Factors in the ERP for success in your business, organizations must create a realistic budget to include all implementation costs, such as software, hardware, and personnel resources. Most organizations expect a return on investment (ROI) from a project, which is logical and should be calculated. A realistic budget must be made.


Making a good closing of the project is as important as starting the project. It must be checked that the scope has been achieved, that the requirements have been implemented and obtain the validation of users.


It’s recommended to:

  • Create a good estimate of implementation costs and maintain strict cost control.
  • Do not reduce costs in change management, training and project management.
  • Communicate clearly when the new system will start up and when the old system will shut down.
  • Prepare the transfer of project implementation functions to support from the point of view of the partner.
  • Audit each of the processes validating that they work as planned.
  • The main success factors in the implementation


Now that you know the main success factors in the implementation, you can properly implement new software in your business. This will help you improve your processes and increase your earnings through efficient management. In Innatos Software, we have the perfect software for your business. Contact us today for more information.

Track customers with CRM System

Why track customers with CRM system? Because the follow-up of your customers is the key to success. You can have an excellent product or provide a high level of service, but if you do not have a good relationship with customers, then it will not help you. In order to increase your sales, you need to track your customers with a CRM system.

Innatos - Track customers with CRM System - key


However, when talking about a good relationship, it doesn’t only mean to give special treatment to the clients. Having a good relationship with your customers means using a CRM system.


Why track customers with CRM system? It’s about monitoring, knowing their reactions to certain offers, knowing their inclinations, interests, knowing how to segment it in detail. By this method, you can optimize your strategies and get better results.


Positioning yourself as the best option among your clients should be one of the objectives related to your company. Why track customers with CRM system? Because the position and reputation gained by looking at their minds is that of a company that builds trust and has authority in the field. Therefore, you can turn your business into the best option.


Why track customers with CRM system? Because commercial monitoring must be an action that is carried out perfectly, with the best tools to have the best results as well.


Why track customers with CRM system? Understanding the basic philosophy of a CRM



A CRM is a customer relationship management software. It is a set of internet methodologies and capabilities that allow a company to effectively manage the relationships it can establish with its customers. CRM allows management to be organized and guidelines can be established to improve it.

Innatos - Track customers with CRM System - people

Commercial monitoring points to a better relationship between company and customer. One of the fundamental advantages of implementing commercial monitoring is that it improves the relationship between the company and the customer because, for example, it is useful to know what the time is when a certain client reviews their emails and is more receptive to the information sent to them.


This will help the company optimize the delivery of their emails with offers or aim their market with the purpose of building trust. In determining this schedule, and using it in favor of communication, business monitoring has resulted in optimal and effective communication, allowing the objectives of such communication to be met.

The main advantages of commercial monitoring with a CRM system

Innatos - Track customers with CRM System - people


CRM systems are summarized in that they provide significant support in the business process. The business process occurs during the cycle of relations between customers and the company. Why track customers with CRM system? You will empower the following areas:



Why track customers with CRM system? CRM as a service

Innatos - Track customers with CRM System - computer


As for the service, a CRM system allows you to make a sales service via email, which minimizes the costs of the operation but this is thanks to the automation functions of information shipments, with which sequences of emails destined for sale can be established.


Thus, in the field of sales, efficient commercial monitoring will allow a successful business closure. By automating responses and even knowledge management tools and defining strategies that facilitate the activities or guide the actions of the sales team.


On the other hand, in terms of marketing, through commercial monitoring, you can implement effective searches of prospects or potential customers. This can be achieved through data mining techniques, among other actions.


Finally, among other advantages related to electronic commerce, it can be said that a commercial follow-up through a CRM system will allow sales services to be carried out faster. In addition, they will also be carried out at a lower cost through electronic commerce, which would increase the options, possibilities, and scope of the company.


Innatos - Target A CRM system will allow you to generate more ideal strategies to achieve better sales results, based on relationships with customers and potential customers.


The idea is to take advantage of the commercial follow-up through a tool. This has what you need in order to optimize the company’s commercial behavior and align its activities and strategies to the needs and trends presented by its clients and potential clients.


This way will it be possible to achieve greater effectiveness and take full advantage of the CRM system. Why track customers with CRM system? To take the company to another level by generating higher sales due to the effectiveness of the strategies.


Why track customers with CRM system? The importance of tracking customers



It can be tempting to focus solely on selling or getting large and new accounts in your company. But paying attention to your current and potential consumers, no matter how small, is essential to keep your business afloat.

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To carry out a good follow-up of your clients, it is very important to be able to systematize the process. That means that you need to be able to organize a routine system based on the type of client, project, city, etc.


This process allows the monitoring task to be much simpler and more efficient. Therefore, it is advisable to use customer management tools such as CRM. Why track customers with CRM system? The CRM will allow you to have all the updated and available information of customers. You will also be able to qualify contacts based on their importance and manage their monitoring by establishing a systematic action, part of them automatable. Here are some good reasons to track your customers:


  • Your client and you will know each other better. The follow-up will let you know what you need to offer it.
  • Customer loyalty and prevents you from going to another company.
  • Tracking can make the customer come back.
  • The customer is reminded that the company exists.
  • You can inform about promotions that may interest you and thus get more sales.
  • It is easier to value marketing campaigns.
  • Create a viral effect.
  • Know the customers that have been lost, and you can even find out why.


Innatos - menGet the best CRM for optimal customer tracking


As you can see, customer tracking is not a task that you should neglect if you want to make your business prosper.


In Innatos Software we are very knowledgeable about it, and we want to help you improve the relationship with your customers with the best enterprise.


How to use ERP software?

How to use ERP software? For any business, considering the possibility of implementing an ERP management system should be considered as a necessary step. The growth of a company is due to the capacity of planning and organization. For this reason, we refer specifically to the administrative area. Neglecting or not giving the necessary attention to the administrative or financial area is to condemn the company to failure.

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That is why we recommend the use of an ERP management system. Why? Because this system allows us to keep a really up-to-date and efficient administration. We get real projections and risk and loss analysis that give us the possibility of correcting the company’s financial behavior. This behaviour can be corrected in terms of income and payment lines, cash flow, payments, collections, and more.


So, implementing an ERP management system is an important as well as a necessary step. But an important question remains. How to use ERP software?


ERP allows you to manage easily and safely the tasks of different areas: purchasing, accounting, processes, human resources, administration, among others. These areas are indispensable in every company. For this reason, it is always sought to have the appropriate tools so that they can work properly. This is the reason that a company can meet its goals and objectives in the established times.


How to use ERP software?


Innatos - How to use ERP - computerThese systems have multiple tools and applications with which you can manage in an organized way the aforementioned areas, better known as business resources. One of the benefits that can be highlighted, and that users should undoubtedly use, is that all the information can be uploaded to the cloud, so that it is safe and available at all times. 


The advantage of the cloud did not exist before, since only papers were handled. For that reason, the information turned out to be very vulnerable and could be lost or stolen at any time, which also ran the risk of being used improperly.


Fortunately this was in the past, and with the new systems the information can be safe. In fact for most companies that make the decision to have this technology within their companies, the cloud is not seen as an alternative, but as a necessity.


More ways to use ERP software?


Another option offered by this software is that all the tasks and activities of each area can be carried out faster than before. With this, the times are reduced and employees no longer have to spend hours or even days doing the same task or generating specific reports. In short, we can say that the EP system offers a better job and facilities for workers on each day.

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This is how the ERP software and all those programs that work together with the cloud continue to be implemented in more and more companies. Even small businesses decide to have these types of programs to have a better customer, sales and inventory.


How to use ERP software? As we have already mentioned, this system allows for decision-making. Having the information up to date you can have a broader picture of the current situation of the area and the company in general. Through this you can make decisions, and even implement preventive programs if areas of opportunity are detected. How to use ERP software? Thanks to this management and vision is that many companies manage to increase their sales and continue to grow within the market. With ERP software, you can match the best companies that are dedicated to the same sector.


Similarly, by making proper use of these systems, it is clear what can be expected at the end of each week, month or year. This way, managers can prepare or take actions to make these results better.


Understanding, how to use ERP software?Innatos - person


The information that the ERP system always shows is reliable. This is so that decisions, actions and implementations of continuous improvement programs can be made or by addressing certain problems that have been detected in time.


In addition, this system does not require maintenance costs, but those who are in charge of use should be aware of the periodic updates that may be available. They make improvements to certain tools and tasks, with the objective that users improve the experience even more when working with these programs. 


The two tips to know how to use ERP software


Implementing software to manage your company’s resources involves an investment, and you have to know how to make the most of it. These 2 tips will help you know how to use ERP software.


1. Standardize your processes and distinguish between the numbers that matter


Innatos - Key tips to implement new software in your company - toolsAnd, therefore, standardize your information. The ERP will manage the information you provide through an agile process of capture and registration of merchandise, purchases and expenses of your company. Many times, businesses fail to transmit their processes to their new employees. If your staff does not follow the same standards, it will be of little use to have an ERP.


How to use ERP software? The optimism of the increase in sales can generate dangerous blindness. When you access your dashboard or desk in the ERP, do not be “fooled” by the number of sales. You also have to pay attention to your cash flow and analyze whether their behavior repeats a periodic or other pattern.


A well-developed ERP offers on your desktop the most strategic information you need, so it must include not only sales, but a balance of expenses and income in your company.


2. Take some time to set up your company and implement it


Innatos - peopleSetting up your ERP with your company’s information is like choosing the raw material with which to manufacture your products. How well informed the system is, the analysis of the data that you throw will depend. Organize your information first before migrating to the ERP.


It is a common mistake to think that once you move all your information to the cloud, the work is done. How to use ERP software? The implementation of an ERP for SMEs should be reviewed whenever there is a strategic change in the company, the products or services it offers or the work team.


Think that as an SME, many times you will have to change your strategy not only of marketing, but of internal organization. That should be reflected in the information you capture in your business management software. How to use ERP software? And, of course, your ERP must be able to adapt to these changes.




Innatos - Key tips to implement new software in your company - notesHow to use ERP software? Having this system within your company is in itself a great benefit, so we invite you to make the most of it so that you can pay off and know all its tools and applications.


If you want to implement it in your company, with Innatos Software you can do it. We are experts in software and business solutions and we have many other products available, such as our CRM systems. For all the details about our software, we invite you to contact us so we can provide all the information you need.


Keys to implement a software

What are the Keys to implement a software? It’s important to have success when implementing technology and software in your company. Just deciding to implement new software can be difficult and frightening. If the decision is not correct, the process can result in an expensive, long and traumatic experience.


There are many reasons to implement new software in your company. That’s why you need to know the Keys to implement a software. For example, you can be looking for software to control your visitors and manage your sales. You can also use the software to improve communication in the company or conduct censuses and coverage of your products in the market. For that reason, the choice of alternatives should be taken very carefully and preferably with expert advice.


Let’s take a look at the Keys to implement a software in your company. With them, you will be able to make the right decision and implement technology successfully.


First of the Keys to implement a software in your company, define in which area of ​​your company you need technology


innatos - Keys to implement a software - computerThe first software implementations that companies carry out are those related to financial and billing areas. There is, however, a dangerous thing about these first implementations. That is that the administration usually thinks that having a “cheap” accounting system, functional and relatively stable, is the only technology they need.


But what happens to the other areas of the company where resources, assets, personnel and even the main activity of the company are involved? Areas such as sales and customer control, field personnel management and even occupational safety, are frequently neglected. Therefore, the common thing is to abandon these processes for not knowing how to deal with them optimally.


One of the first among the Keys to implement a software in your company is to identify the different areas of opportunity that your company has. If there are more than 3 people (employees or clients) involved in the process then there is an opportunity to implement technology to make it efficient. You also have to consider if the task takes more than 3 hours to execute.


Second of the Keys to implement a software, take a software budget and prioritize your hiringinnatos - people


One of the objectives of any company is to save as much as possible. However, many times it is necessary to invest to minimize costs due to inefficiencies. You have to see the real results and understand the true value of a software solution to evaluate its effectiveness.

Define a budget for at least 6 months and start with a number of users that allow you to obtain and see clear results. Generally hiring a service for 1 or 2 users is a waste of money and you can never be sure if the problem is in the software or in the process.


Third of the Keys to implement a software in your company, define if you need technology inside or outside the office


innatos - Keys to implement a software - person

Is your company’s core is made up of vendors, medical visitors, technical service, inspectors or other field personnel? Then you may want to start hiring a field personnel management system and a CRM.


On the other hand, things are different if your company has mostly office staff and what you need is greater communication or attraction of potential customers (leads). Then you may want to hire an internal communication or marketing tool.


Put yourself in the place of the end users (who carry out the task every day) and identify the idle times as well as the most tedious processes. Think that perhaps the office staff can be efficient with excel payrolls, but a field vendor can lose hundreds of hours a month when using paper and then transcribing the data to excel.


Fourth , Decide between free tools and paid tools


innatos - Keys to implement a software - free paidDepending on your budget you should choose whether to start with free tools or if you start from the beginning with paid tools. In very few cases the tools are completely free unless they are open source systems.


Before making a contract, analyze if the free version of the software will be useful for an adequate time. 


There are many excellent free systems that allow unlimited use and that, for many companies, their features are sufficient.


Fifth of the Keys to implement a software in your company, if you need tutorials or manuals, the software does not work


innatos - Keys to implement a software - computerThe objective of implementing technology is to facilitate your day to day process, not to load it with more work.


In this sense, before making a contract and during the first call or demonstration, note how easy it is to use the system and how much you can communicate it to the end users.


If you cannot explain its use in a few words or if the company offers you too complex user manuals, stay away. Remember that part of the functionality of good software is that it feels good, looks good and works well.


Sixth, Look for customization, ease and service


innatos - handTake the following sentence as a rule: the system must adapt to its processes and not its processes to the system.


Nowadays, personalization is vital. However, at the same time, it is expensive. It’s expensive because it requires people who listen and understand your needs. A company like Innatos will be able to interpret their requirements and execute all of your requirements efficiently. 


Be demanding and look for the full service. While it is not easy or cheap to find software or services that offer a high level of customization, it is worth the search and of course the investment.


Make sure the company offers the following elements as part of the service:

  • High or total degree of customization.
  • Ease of use of the product both at the administration level and at the end-user level.
  • Fast communication and fast execution of new requirements.
  • Clear customization costs or included in the service.
  • People with whom you can talk in case you have any problems, doubts or new requirements.


Conclusion, start the implementation today


We are almost at the end of this article. If you came to this part then you are ready to implement technology today with the help of the Keys to implement a software in your company.

innatos - Keys to implement a software - conclusion

Remember that technological implementation should not be complicated, tedious or frustrating, with the above advice you can do it in less than a week.


Also remember that if you postpone the decision, it is likely that 5 years will pass and you will continue to use pencil and paper (if your company still exists). Make the decision, invest a few hours of your day and start the technological implementation now. In Innatos, we will guide you through the process. Contact us today and learn more.                      

Features of ERP software for companies

In this article, we will present data about ERP systems. Answer What are the features of ERP software? In summary, we can know the following as the main features of this software:


  • Access to a centralized database
  • Capture data automatically
  • Work structure according to modules
  • They are configurable. Allows you to configure each part by developing the code
  • Interaction between components
  • Requires  synchronizing work between departments and knowledge of the tool
  • The main feature is that it is configurable and therefore adaptable to business requirements.


What are the features of ERP software? What are the different types of it? 


innatos - computerEach company has its own soul and requires personalized attention. The best adapts to the requirements of each company, however small or large. Custom is known as vertical since it is specialized management for a very specific business.


But a customized is not always necessary since it requires more hours of work and organization for both the company that develops it and for the client. In addition, it’s a fact that the cost of a customized is usually higher. Another option is the so-called horizontal. This is for the administration of standard companies that allows configuration on each element so that it is possible to customize the solution for a particular case.


 The use of ERP for companies


innatos - Features of ERP software for companies - companiesIt is false that a system is not necessary to control the management of small and medium enterprises. On the contrary, since it is precisely the SMEs that generate the greatest volume of business and wealth and those with the best organization of teams. 


The main feature is that it is configurable and therefore adaptable to many different business requirements. Above all, it is vital to note that proper training of personnel in this comprehensive management tool will help us to get the most out of the system. Today we have many types of ERP. In fact, there can be and create as many as different types of businesses.


The fundamental characteristics of the ERP system


innatos - Features of ERP software for companies - womanThese systems not only serve to integrate several departments of a company. To truly be considered, the system has some of the following fundamental characteristics:


What are the features of ERP software? Flexibility 


A system is flexible in such a way that it responds to the constant transformations of companies. Client and server technology allows the system to operate on different databases through open database connections. This is possible since it is very likely that the same product will migrate from one production area to another during the total production cycle.


What are the features of ERP software? Modularity 


The ERP system is an open architecture system, that is, you can use a module freely without affecting the remaining ones. The system supports multiple hardware platforms as many companies have heterogeneous systems. It should also facilitate the expansion and adaptability of other modules later.


What are the features of ERP software? Comprehensive 

innatos - Features of ERP software for companies - woman


The system must be able to support the different organizational structures of companies, as well as a vast business area.


What are the features of ERP software? Connectivity 


The system should not be confined to the physical space of the company and allow connection with other entities belonging to the same business group, because the selection of different forms of business must contain a selection of best business practices across the planet for it to work so much better.


What are the features of ERP software? Reality Simulation 


It should allow the simulation of the company’s reality on the computer, therefore in no way should the control of the system be outside the negotiation process and it should be possible to prepare reports for the users who control the system and for their companies.


innatos - Features of ERP software for companies - puzzle

What are the key to a successful business? 

The scale, scope, and functionality of these systems vary widely. However, most programs have the following different characteristics: Integration throughout the company. 


Business processes are integrated end-to-end between departments and business units. For example, a new order automatically initiates a credit check, checks product availability and updates the distribution program. Once the order is sent, the invoice is sent.


Operations in real-time (or almost in real-time). 


Since the process in the previous example occurs within a few seconds of receiving the order of the clients or providers, because the problems are quickly identified, which gives the seller more time to correct the situation and also it helps him to improves his work.


A common database with consistent appearance and touch. 


A common database was one of the initial advantages of this. It allows data to be defined once for the company with each department using the same definition, but the different departments now had to conform to approved data standards and editing rules with some remain dependent on a single database, others have divided the physical database to improve performance.


Early providers realized that with a consistent user interface reduces training costs and seems more professional. When a provider acquires others, because the common aspect is sometimes abandoned in favor of market launch speed, so as new versions enter the market, most providers restore the consistent user interface. This facilitates learning and adoption by the worker and company for you in the future to be more successful and to be helpful.


innatos - hand

It can take your business further ahead of the competition


We hope you really liked this article and have the information you need and what are the features and characteristics of the management system that you need to learn to have a more successful business in the future. 


If you want to know how we can help you in the development of the management and accounting system for your company, contact us and we will advise you on the best option for business to help grow your brand and your list of clients. If you are looking for one for your company, Innatos may be the management you were looking for and the solution to all your problems. Trust us, trust Innatos. 

Custom enterprise software development: What is the software factory? Why you need this service?

Today’s companies are competing like never before. They are presented with unprecedented challenges. In addition, they have less time to develop and incubate new ideas that help create solutions that meet the needs of consumers, many of them with high expectations. That is why they turn to custom enterprise software development. In short, the best way to accomplish this objective is through the software factory.

The competition has reached levels that fragment the industry and segmentizes in niches and market microniches. In order to compete, you need the custom enterprise software development that only a software factory can give you. Among the challenges your business will face, there are digital disruptions, reduced innovation cycles and new kinds of competition. To sum up, there are also increased customer expectations and reduced costs. Most importantly, there are just some of the issues that managers and entrepreneurs face. In this blog article, we will present details about the consumer experience and how you can change it with technology.


How custom enterprise software development and the software factory can help your business today

Innatos - Custom enterprise software development: whats is the software factory? - Software factoryCompanies have changed profoundly compared to what they were in the past. Now businesses are prepared and focused on the constant change of the micro and macro elements that are presented in the market.

This modern company is characterized by being in contact with its consumers every day and the whole way. In order to find new ways to compete, this is necessary. Internally and externally, it removes friction at each level. And they focus on the results, not the process. Above all,  is that the modern company is potentialized by software. 


The origin of the software factory and custom enterprise software development 

The origin of the software factory is probably located at the end of the 60s when Hitachi was founded under the name of Hitachi Software Works. From there and throughout the years, a software factory is characterized by being a programming company. Their mission is the development of software for the end customer or for a third party. 

Innatos - Custom enterprise software development: whats is the software factory? - LightbulbThis is accomplished through professional technological services using good collaborative work practices for simple to complex environments. In order to complete this objective, custom enterprise software development uses specific or changing requirements.

Circumstances to hire the services of a software factory

You can hire the services of a software factory, under the following circumstances:

  • The systems personnel of a company is very busy to attend new internal projects or does not have the necessary knowledge to achieve it.
  • The clients of a non-technological company need to optimize processes through efficient technological solutions. This is accompanied by an integral process for the organization, for this they must turn to a software factory.
  • A software development company seeks to expand its capacity, in the short and medium-term.


Understanding the software factory and custom enterprise software development 

Innatos - Custom enterprise software development: whats is the software factory? - Having an ideaThe main difference between a software development company and a software factory is related to the price of the services offered. Software factory companies are very successful in countries such as England and Canada, they stand out for offering a highly professional level at more competitive costs. This is accomplished through the use of scalable processes and the hiring of human talent in different geographical locations.


The boundaries between the company and the outside world are being torn down

The old models were based on the economic advantage of separating a company from the outside world. Within the company, you had some control over the cost structure and culture. Technology has changed all that. Employees are using external technologies from a software factory because they cannot wait for them to build them in their own organization.

Networks are another example. Today, smart companies are leveraging their employees’ social networks to boost their businesses.


Connectivity increases

Innatos - Custom enterprise software development: whats is the software factory? - Connectivity and networking There is constant progress in augmented and virtual reality, voice-based interaction and sensors, as well as user-centered design. These experiences produce a constant flow of data about who you are and what you are experiencing and feeling at every moment.

If you are on Facebook, you actually have an identity that exists independently of you and will probably live after you are gone. In other words, that means who you are can be shared or even stolen. Why is that important for your business? Therefore, all this information about your customers can be used to satisfy them. Those who can transform data into knowledge and understand it will be the champions in the digital economy.


The nature of how we make decisions is changing, take advantage of a software factory and custom enterprise software development

The human brain is designed to detect patterns and learn from them. However, it is not entirely useful to extract exabytes of data and understand why you are not connecting with your customers through your new application.

Analytics and artificial intelligence will change everything we know about our world and about ourselves. On the other hand, before they do, they will change how business works.


Why do you need to manufacture new software? Use the software factory and custom enterprise software development

Innatos - Reasons whyThe explosion of devices connected to the Internet requires the appearance of different types of software. Nowadays, the greatest potential of the software lies in creating a direct connection with customers through digital channels. Developing that potential requires an external approach.

To offer superior experiences to customers with unprecedented speed and scale, you need completely different skills and tools. However, you also need a very different type of process.


The Five principles to consider when making modern custom enterprise software development in a software factory

Those who are engaged in software manufacturing must have the ability to quickly build and deliver experiences and offer continuous improvement, customer-oriented innovation. Highly adaptable and customer-centric methodologies are needed. Long launch cycles will not help the pace of the speed you need to thrive.

It is not enough to offer software, you have to offer experiences. Producing a constantly evolving user experience is very different from the management of business application updates that are done once or twice a year. Further, you need a perfect relationship between building and operating software experiences. In addition, here are some tips to achieve a positive customer experience.

Principles to consider when making modern custom enterprise software development

Innatos - Machinery

  1. Firstly, speed is important, that’s why you must consider using a software factory and custom enterprise software development
  2. Secondly, to offer innovation you have to think about automation. Why? Because automation reduces errors in manual processes and frees up resources to focus on what really counts: creating value for the customer.
  3. Thirdly, to avoid complications, you need security measures that increase user confidence and experience. Think about the behavioral analysis used in fraud and threat detection, for instance. Above all is that the client has no problems.
  4. Your business runs with knowledge, so you need feedback throughout the software’s value chain. This has two parts. Firstly, you need to know how your software factory is working and secondly, you also need to know if you are complying with the customer experience. Subsequently, that way you will be allowed to discover what are the unmet needs that can become new business opportunities.
  5. Innovate in your operating model with software factory and custom enterprise software development.

In conclusion, you need to do more than build efficiently and deliver new experiences; Innovation does not happen by itself. It has to be designed and built in its operating model. The definition of Innovation is “The process of converting raw ideas into real solutions at maximum speed”. So, the idea is always to be nourishing new concepts.

If we are not building things that our customers truly value, we must implement new approaches. Follow the five basic principles we shared earlier to grow your business, all through the use of the software. 

Custom CRM or manufacturer CRM?

Custom CRM or manufacturer CRM? First of all, we are not going to cover the advantages that a CRM can provide or the reasons to implement a CRM strategy in a company. In summary, it will allow a business, among many other options, to increase sales. By knowing their customers in more detail, they will offer the best service, maintaining their loyalty and attracting new customers.

Innatos - Custom CRM or manufacturer CRM - Doubts about implementing CRMThe advantage of CRM software is especially important in an increasingly competitive world where we have to give a quick and effective response to the needs of the market. Therefore, many companies have decided to implement a CRM to improve their relationship with their customers. But there is an important question to answer after deciding to invest in CRM software. Custom CRM or manufacturer CRM? 

There are many CRM systems to choose from. The need to implement a CRM is clear, but before choosing a specific one, we need to ask ourselves, custom CRM or manufacturer CRM? We will try to answer this question. For this, we will focus on some significant points that we have to take into account and help us make a decision.


Custom CRM or manufacturer CRM? What does my company need from a CRM software?

All companies have their own sales processes, each sells in a unique way, has its own strategy, its own market, and its own products and services. Therefore, when they think of investing in CRM they must make a decision. Do they opt for a CRM that offers generic processes, or build their own application adapting it to their specific requirements? So, then, do they need a custom CRM or manufacturer CRM?


Requirements and functionalities for a Custom CRM or manufacturer CRM

If we decide to opt for a custom CRM, we have to take into account everything that our CRM should contemplate. Do we need all the basic functionalities of the CRM? In addition to the basic ones, there are other more specific ones.

The most specific features of CRM are many. For example, activity planning, synchronization with Outlook, import contact lists, relate contacts to other records and more. All this, as we had explained, gives us an idea of ​​the minimum we have to address if we decide to make our own application.

A CRM manufacturer is monitoring the industry and is providing its CRM with all those functionalities that businesses could need. Therefore, the CRM appears with a whole series of functionalities in the different modules that it presents. How many of them you need will help you determine if you need custom CRM or manufacturer CRM.

Flexibility at the time you decide between custom CRM or manufacturer CRM

The CRM will have to be working together with a whole series of systems and applications of the company and also has to cover the business needs. Therefore, it must have a certain capacity to adapt correctly. Here are a series of important points to consider to make a decision.

Innatos - Custom CRM or manufacturer CRM- Felixibility in storageUser Interface (UI)

The user interface can be a very important point. Especially for those companies that need to give a certain brand image or require some complexity. Custom development could be very effective for that purpose. It is also true that the development could be done to present a user interface to customers and maintain the CRM for the internal user where that UI is not required.


The CRM has to cover all the needs, although on many occasions, and over time, new improvements have to be added for some specific functionality. Therefore, it is required that the CRM be able to add these new customizations.


Any application, whether its own development or not, need client and server software. It is possible that the choice of a specific CRM software creates the need for software that is not available within the infrastructure or that an investment that increases costs has to be made. This could be a problem or critical factor in the choice as it is certain that their own software could be developed on the current infrastructure. Therefore, these costs would not be necessary in the case of their own development.


In this competitive world, information is power. Therefore, the CRM should be equipped with mechanisms that strengthen data security, both external and internal. You must also have to apply security at the user level based on the organizational hierarchy, roles or regions.

In a company, users work in multiple applications. Therefore, a system that allows access to each of them without having to write credentials in each of them improves user productivity and facilitates the transition between applications. A CRM tool facilitates this functionality. 


Currently, there is a wide variety of phones and tablets from which we can access many applications through mobile applications or browsers. They have become a very important tool for businesses that need to access sales information quickly. 

Innatos - Custom CRM or manufacturer CRM- Updates and supportReporting

Many of the CRMs come with functionalities to create reports, graphs, dashboards and the like. However, they are not as advanced as they can be or as useful as specific reporting applications. To meet the needs of your business, it will be necessary to customize the CRM to include reports or acquire an analytical tool separately.

Updates and Support

All applications periodically require updates and hotfixes to be applied. In addition, updating basic software such as operating systems, browsers or office automation can also impact the CRM. In the case of manufacturers, they have a whole team dedicated to testing and developing hotfixes.

Manufacturers release updates or new versions every 18 months or so. This could be important in those large companies where a complete update can take several years and loses the support of the manufacturer.


All of these factors are important to keep in mind and can help you opt for a custom CRM or manufacturer CRM, but to simplify it further, there is a direct question to answer. Do we want to devote ourselves to developing software? If the answer is no, the decision is clear, we have to opt for a manufacturer CRM.

Software development might be costly. We have to think about performing requirements analysis, functional, design, prototypes, system and end-user documentation, training, technical support, developments and the like. All of them aren’t easy tasks and cost money. When you opt for a manufacturer CRM, all this is transferred to the manufacturer who has experience and the cost is distributed among its thousands of users.

However, it’s very possible that the software does not adapt exactly to your requirements. Custom CRM or manufacturer CRM? If you really need custom CRM software to help your business grow, contacting a professional development team like Innatos is your best choice.