6 Best Internal Communication Practices during COVID-19 with DeskAlerts

Many businesses are struggling to keep their employees engaged and informed during the COVID-19 pandemic as the situation has created several challenges that they need to overcome. Learn the 6 Best Internal Communication Practices during COVID-19 with DeskAlerts.


Since a lot of employees had to work from home, they suddenly lost their usual support systems and ways of communication. Thus, this can harm business results.


We are now in a moment where employees are stressed, anxious, and fearful. Because of this, the lack of information can only make matters worse. Likewise, this can allow rumors to arise and cause confusion and misinformation. And even if your organization is trying to keep your employees updated, consider how you are doing it. Using old communication tools like emails can leave some important information out. Thus, your employees could miss, lose, or ignore it.


If you don’t have a trustworthy method to get your employee’s feedback, it can be hard to take action. Likewise, it can be very difficult to understand if there any issues that need to be addressed.


Internal communications: best practices during COVID-19


It doesn’t matter if all of your staff are working from home or if you have some of them working on site. You must regularly and effectively communicate with your people.


Likewise, the information and the ways you share it are equally important during these times. There is a wide range of information that your employees need to be up to date with. This can go from company updates to pandemic-specific topics like safety measures and work from home protocols. Thus, this can allow you to ensure that everyone can keep working as part of a team.


You can solve some of the most common communication issues by using DeskAlerts. This is an internal communications software solution. Besides, this is a tool that many companies in different industries use to keep their employees up to date. Thus, to demonstrate this, we will show you some of the studies we made about it.


Establish a ‘single source of truth’ 


6 Best Internal Communication Practices during COVID-19 with DeskAlerts, Problem


When there isn’t good communication during times of crisis, it can cause rumors, speculations, and wrong information to arise. And once they enter the minds of people it can ve very difficult to undo their damage.




You must be open and honest with your employees. Likewise, you have to ensure that you don’t make them wait too long for the information. Otherwise, they will start to guess or make assumptions they shouldn’t. To avoid this, you can send them regular updates to keep them up to date with everything. Remember that you not only need to share information about the company but also about the current situation. You must share this type of information from reliable sources like the WHO or local authorities. You can do this by using internal communications for COVID.


Another thing you should remember is using internal communication channels that are reliable enough to reach your employees no matter where they are or what they are using.


Tools to use


When you use DeskAlerts to communicate with employees you can quickly and easily send messages that you know comes from a reliable source. You can also be sure that the messages have been seen. Besides, you can send messages in a variety of ways and can include HTML links to other information, such as policy documents. You can even send video messages.


For establishing a ‘single source of truth’ use Pop-ups, Screensavers, Wallpapers, and scrolling tickers all together.


We use DeskAlerts as a ‘source of truth’ for our employees and to send them updates and information on the COVID-19 situation.”


(Healthcare, Australia)


Send rules, tips, and reminders to keep employees healthy




You must keep the health and safety of your employees in and out of the office. For this, you have to implement the measures that the World Health Organization recommends on its guidelines.


Some of these are keeping good hygiene, social distancing, cleaning, and the use of masks/face coverings. Thus, if you don’t apply these measures, the virus could spread in your workplace and infect many employees.




Every company should have its own set of policies and guidelines. These will let the employees know what steps they must take to remain safe and healthy while working, either from home or on-site.


COVID corporate communications best practice dictates that this information should be communicated to staff regularly so they remember what they need to do.


6 Best Internal Communication Practices during COVID-19 with DeskAlerts, Tools to use


With DeskAlerts you can create campaigns around COVID-19 by sending messages in a variety of formats. This can help to remind employees what they need to do. Likewise, using pleasing images in the form of screensavers, wallpapers, and lock screens can reinforce your hygiene rules.


A COVID employee case study from the client: “We use DeskAlerts to send our employees reminders to wash hands, maintain social distancing, and so on.”


(Manufacturing industry, France)


6 Best Internal Communication Practices during COVID-19 with DeskAlerts. Communicate IT issues and cybersecurity 




IT issues can strike at any time, with little to no warning. Other times you may plan maintenance and updates. When this happens, your IT help desk could become overwhelmed by many people calling and asking the same information. Thus, this can affect the team’s productivity.


Cybersecurity issues are also a major threat to any organization. They are even more dangerous when people are working from home. This could be because they aren’t using a VPN or a secure network to access your company’s systems.


6 Best Internal Communication Practices during COVID-19 with DeskAlerts, Solution


Keeping employees informed about any outages – both planned and unplanned – as well as any emerging cybersecurity threats is important for your company’s smooth functioning.


Tools to use


You can use DeskAlerts to notify these issues to employees through pop-up notifications. You can set up these notifications in advance. This will let your employees know when maintenance will be done. Other functions include lock screens for when there’s a threat. Besides, you can also send your employees reminders about your company’s cybersecurity protocols. You can do this by using corporate screensavers or wallpapers. These can be very useful because your employees already see them every day. Thus, they won’t forget them.


“We normally use DeskAlerts to inform employees about critical service outages for emergency maintenance where action from users is required. We’ve been using it during the COVID-19 situation to survey our employees about whether they had the equipment needed to work from home.”



(International bank, Switzerland)


Innatos - person worrking in the computer


6 Best Internal Communication Practices during COVID-19 with DeskAlerts. Keep remote employees in the loop




Since a lot of employees are working from home, and thus, aren’t surrounded by coworkers and managers, they can become isolated.


This disconnect from the company can result in a decrease in productivity. This is because employees aren’t clear about the best way to manage working from home as well as the priorities of the company.




You can solve this problem by making sure you have a good communications system in place as well as equipment. Thus, they can allow you to create effective communication between you and your employees. Some of these systems or tools can be videoconferencing, instant messengers, and team sharing platforms. These are great to beat the obstacles that COVID has given us.


Likewise, you need to keep good communication between management and your employees. But they aren’t the only ones that need to keep in touch with each other. For example, HR, IT, facilities, security, communications, payroll, among others, need to stay in touch with employees. For this, they need an easy to use tool that can send messages quickly if it’s needed.


Tools to use


You send DeskAlerts in real-time to all employees or custom audiences. Likewise, the notifications can be delivered straight to the employee’s desktop. It doesn’t matter what device they use. It can be a Windows or Mac computer, or an Apple or Android phone or tablet and they will still work.


For keeping remote employees in the loop use DeskAlerts cloud solution. Tools such as a mobile app, SMS, and pop-ups will be especially helpful.


One of our clients says they use the system for HR internal communications during COVID-19: “Half of our teamwork in the field and we have two remote offices. DeskAlerts is a great way to alert everyone to the same information and we can reach them across all devices at the same time.


(Non-profit sector, Canada)


Inform about new policies and receive confirmation of the acknowledgment




6 Best Internal Communication Practices during COVID-19 with DeskAlerts. During this time of great change and turmoil, companies are having to rebuild various internal policies – or implement many new ones. 


This could include working from home protocols, health, and safety, a policy about having to wear a mask. They might even send a letter that welcomes all employees back to the office after a period of working from home. This letter could outline what must be done to keep safe at work.


With so much information about COVID-19 and its effects on the business, it can be hard for employees to know what’s going on or even where to look for the information.




Through the use of DeskAlerts, you can send alert notifications with links to the new policies and protocol. Likewise, with this tool, you can be sure that your employees have read this important information. Since a lot of this has to do with health and safety, is your duty as an employer to ensure that this information is provided to your employees. Thus, DeskAlerts is great for this since it lets management know who has or hasn’t read the information.


Tools to use


Send desktop tickers to remind your employees about the new rules and quiz them to check their knowledge.


“We use DeskAlerts to notify our people across different platforms such as mobile and desktop about urgent updates, policy changes, emergencies, and so on, or to target specific people for training purposes.”

(Construction industry, the USA)






It can very hard to boost your employee’s engagement during normal circumstances, you can imagine this can be even more difficult during these times. This is because they now work from their homes and are isolated. Thus, they are out of your reach.


6 Best Internal Communication Practices during COVID-19 with DeskAlerts, Solution


One of the best ways to improve engagement is to find out what employees think about things that are happening in the company, and then implement appropriate solutions if necessary.


How do you know what is really happening and how employees are feeling without asking them? By doing surveys where you can easily find out what the “mood” of the organization is.


Tools to use


6 Best Internal Communication Practices during COVID-19 with DeskAlerts. DeskAlerts enables you to quickly and easily survey your employee. It can also allow you to see the results in real-time. This way you can begin to make any changes you need to make.


“We survey our staff to determine whether they have appropriate working conditions, including proper remote access to company systems, meeting software, and personal protective equipment.”


(Retail organization, Africa)



As you can see, there are a lot of benefits to using DeskAlerts in your organization. Both during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. It can help you to improve internal communications and thus, keep your employees in the loop.

Get in touch with us today to explore these benefits

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What is CRM technology in the cloud?

What is CRM technology in the cloud? Cloud CRM technology refers to a specific type of Customer Relationship Management (also known as CRM) software. In such type of cloud software, CRM software, CRM tools, and data for your organization’s customers reside in the cloud. Subsequently, they are delivered to your business’ end-users via the Internet.


Cloud CRM typically provides access to the application through web-based tool logins. This web browser is where the CRM system administrator has previously defined the access levels throughout the organization.


What is CRM technology in the cloud? Employees can log on to the CRM system from any Internet-enabled computer or device. Cloud CRM frequently provides users with mobile applications. With such mobile applications, it will be easier to use CRM systems on smartphones and tablets.


What is cloud CRM technology and how does it work?


What is CRM technology in the cloud? - local softwareIt is important to have an exact definition of the type of cloud CRM software. What is CRM technology in the cloud? Cloud-based CRM software is simply a CRM software that is hosted in the cloud. This important feature means that companies store and access customer data collected over the Internet.


Cloud CRM software means your business doesn’t have to worry about data management and storage. You also don’t have to worry about paying for individual licenses for multiple devices. All this heavy work is handled by the CRM provider. In other words, what your business gets is access to an easy-to-use solution.


What is CRM technology in the cloud? The cloud-based CRM software can do whatever the CRM software installed on the company’s system. However, it is more adaptable to the needs of your business. In addition, it is more cost-effective in the long term, is easily accessible, and is safer. Security is an important aspect as it is a problem that today’s companies are constantly trying to solve.


Improvements to local CRM software


Local installation CRM is much more expensive in terms of both initial and long-term costs. The reason is that they require an IT team to install and maintain company-specific software and hardware. This type of spending is not a viable option for most small and new businesses.


Installing CRM software on the local computer could be potentially beneficial for larger companies. The reason is that it will be able to give these companies more control over what features they are going to use and what works best for them. However, what works best for the company as a whole might not work best for all employees of the same.


Innatos - cloudCRM software is no longer an exclusive tool for those who can afford it. Innate Software offers affordable CRM software solutions in cloud-based service mode and installation service mode.


Cloud-based solutions are more accessible to small businesses that want to take advantage of the benefits of cloud CRM software. For example, unlimited storage, customer profiles, phone, and social integrations, professional templates, and various automation.


These characteristics generally required an additional load. Therefore, they used to be accessible only to large companies. That is the company that could pay for them. However, this is no longer the case.


Cost is no longer the main factor in determining whether a CRM software is right for your business. Many vendors, such as innate Software, offer customized plans that are completely based on what works best for your business.


This is a feature of cloud CRM software development that could save a lot of money in the long run for a business. The adoption of cloud-based CRM software is a natural step that businesses must take to remain competitive in the future.


What is CRM technology in the cloud? Cloud CRM software


Innatos - What is CRM technology in the cloud? - crmCloud CRM software refers to a specific type of customer relationship management system. In such software, all CRM tools, software and data reside in the cloud.


That is, it is a software system that is delivered to end-users through an application or web browser. Basically, cloud CRM is a CRM software that is hosted in the cloud and can be accessed over the Internet.


Typically, this tool will offer access through web browser logins according to the access levels defined by the CRM system administrator.


This allows employees to log into the CRM system at any time from any computer or device that is Internet-enabled. Such CRM providers usually have mobile apps, so it’s easier to access CRM on a smartphone or tablet.


What is CRM technology in the cloud? The benefits of CRM


Innatos - cloudOne of the most important benefits of CRM software with cloud functionality is scalability. Cloud-based CRM software is designed to be flexible and it provides the possibility to expand itself as needed by its users. It’s thanks to this that a company can modify the scale of CRM depending on the current needs of the business.


CRM costs, usually based on the number of users and storage requirements, also change scale up and down. This happens as the requirements change. In most cases, extending the system is as easy as contacting the cloud CRM software provider and requesting deployment changes.


Cloud CRM software is a good choice for small businesses. These companies lack the in-house information technology expertise to deploy, manage, and update a CRM application on their local system. However, they will be able to access the benefits of CRM with CRM in the cloud.


In cloud CRM, the provider is responsible for managing the software. In addition, the vendor also performs system-wide updates and handles technical issues, bugs, and other issues as they arise.




What is CRM technology in the cloud? - cloudOther benefits of cloud CRM is that they have integration with Office applications and commonly used email systems, integration with social data (Social CRM) and Automatic Data Backups.


CRM software has existed for years. However, it is now taking a much more important and conventional role in companies of all sizes. Every business can benefit from CRM software.


The goal of CRM is to organize customer data in away. In this way, the business can improve the customer experience, generate sales, and customize each customer interaction to make sure they come back. Previously, CRM software required an expensive on-site solution. But cloud CRM has changed things. Now any company can use these platforms.


Large companies and companies took advantage of the development of their own CRM to meet their own needs. However, this entailed significant costs that no one else could afford. Cloud-based CRM is playing a more important role in today’s business. This type of software is accessible to companies of all sizes and adaptable to the changing needs of any business.

What is a cloud-based point of sale?

What is a cloud-based point of sale? In the past, most face-to-face companies stored all of their point-of-sale data locally. Here you can find included the prices of the items and also the transaction records for each sale. Generally, this data was kept on a PC or server on the site. On the other hand, they can be stored on the server of a network of a private company in the case of large retail chains.


However, today most business tools rely on online functionality over the internet for their point of sale systems. Therefore, there has been a constant progression towards cloud-based point-of-sale systems for businesses of every size. You may ask: what is a cloud-based point of sale? This article will answer that question next.


Next, we will present the cloud-based point-of-sale system. In addition, we will describe the difference between cloud-based point-of-sale systems and locally hosted point-of-sale systems.


What is a cloud-based point of sale system? How does a cloud-based point of sale work?


Innatos - What is a cloud-based point of sale? - computer with a systemCloud-based point-of-sale systems process and store online sales data. That is, they do not do it locally on your local computer or server. The point of sale interface that the employees interact with is made for use on Internet-enabled devices. Tablets, smartphones, and touch screen monitors are included among these devices. On the other hand, the content of a point of sale system can be accessed through any web browser by managers or administrators.


What is a cloud-based point of sale? Cloud-based point-of-sale systems are sometimes referred to as point-of-sale applications (also known as apps) instead of software. The reason is that they are very often used on mobile devices such as phones or tablets. Sometimes, this point of sale systems are also called electronic point of sale to reflect the fact that the software runs on electronic equipment.


Explaining the term cloud-based point of sale


Innatos - computer with a system“Cloud-based” refers to online data storage and processing. This is an alternative to using the hard drive of your computer to store consumer data. The information uploaded to the cloud is stored on servers provided by the provider of the cloud software system. Cloud point of sale providers handle data hosting for you.


Meanwhile, the business administrator can verify and use sales data from anywhere as it is updated in real-time in the cloud. This also means lower equipment costs for your business. The reason is that a tablet or mobile phone that is already owned by the business can be used as a point-of-sale interface.


The data is stored on the internet servers of the point-of-sale provider. Therefore, a cloud-based point-of-sale system can generally only work when there is an Internet connection. However, providers may offer some offline functionality. This will help you minimize the potential disruption of their customer service.


Next, we will compare a cloud-based point of sale system with a locally hosted point of sale system.


 Comparison with a remote point of sale system normally


Innatos - computer with a systemIn traditional point-of-sale systems, business owners, such as restaurants, have devices to take orders and process payments. These devices are usually the terminals you see on the counter. These operations connect to a sales server.


This server consists of a large computer sitting in a back room. Subsequently, the system was improved with some kind of network, cables, and network equipment. For example routers or switches. These cables carried and managed the flow of traffic between the point-of-sale terminals and the sales server.


The cloud-based point of sale eliminates the need for a server. This is achieved by moving the traffic flow to the point-of-sale system provider’s data center. Because wireless networks are very common today, it is not necessary to connect everything with cables.


The operations of the larger businesses had expensive data centers with servers and network equipment on-premises. These were used to run test environments and data reporting and analysis. These servers are no longer needed. They have been replaced by the cloud provider’s data center.


What is a cloud-based point of sale and what are the advantages?


Innatos - What is a cloud-based point of sale? - benefitsCloud-based point-of-sale solutions are likely to deliver significant benefits in terms of cost, simplicity, flexibility, and function.


Cloud point of sale system changes the way businesses acquire their point of sale. In the past, the hardware needed to be purchased in advance. The software had to be licensed and terminal fees and support and maintenance contract fees paid.


On the other hand, with the point of sale in the cloud merchants pay a monthly rental fee for access to the software. This payment model is known as the software-as-a-service model. The trader simply uses the product, so he does not have to worry about maintenance. That’s what the supplier does.


Cloud point-of-sale software can offer a more affordable acquisition model and lower cost. The reason is that it does not require an expensive hardware purchase in advance.


 Simplicity of Use and flexibility


Innatos - What is a cloud-based point of sale? - toolsThe cloud-based point of sale reduces the complexity associated with on-premises servers. For example, it is no longer necessary to worry about computer networks, configuration, and constant maintenance.


To install the point of sale system in the cloud, simply download the application on the relevant devices. In this way, your devices will communicate with the system located in the cloud. That simple, a store can start receiving orders. Updates are sent to devices from the cloud.


It is also important to consider the flexibility of the cloud-based point of sale. The point of sale in the cloud can often be adopted in stages according to the needs and budget of the company. A solution that delivers seamless updates at the point of sale system in the cloud is an excellent choice for businesses looking to expand themselves.

Design a personalized point of sale system and improve your company’s processes

Design a custom point of sale system and improve your company’s processes. What is a point-of-sale system? The point-of-sale system consists of a combination of software and hardware. This system is what allows companies to make transactions. In addition, it helps to simplify the most important business operations of the day-to-day running of a business.


The point of sale system is a key element of a business. This is the place where a customer executes the payment for goods or services that are purchased or acquired from a business or company. Design a personalized point of sale system and improve your company’s processes; in this way, you will improve your profits and efficiency of your employees.


In many cases, the factory point of sale software may fail to meet the specific requirements or needs of a particular business. Therefore, you should design a custom point of sale system and improve your company’s processes.


To design a personalized point of sale system and improve your company’s processes you will need the support of a specialized development team.


At Innatos we have this service and carefully guide you through every step of the process.


Innatos -men workingHere are some of the factors to consider when designing a custom point of sale system and improving your company’s processes. Read on to learn more.


Design a personalized point of sale system and improve your company’s processes with the help of a professional team.


Most businesses or restaurants do not have an in-house software development team. Therefore, it is vital to have the services of an external supplier or designer. Contacting a professional and experienced team like Innate is the first step to creating the personalized point of sale software your business needs.


Why is it important to design a custom point of sale system?


Innatos - people workingA point-of-sale system with appropriate software and hardware is a very important part of the proper performance of restaurant operations. When looking for factory alternatives, they very often require you to adapt the flow of your operations to suit the operation of the software.


That is, the business adapts to the software. On the other hand, the custom point of sale system adapts to the specific needs of the business. This provides a competitive advantage.


Creating a custom point-of-sale system might be more accessible than you think at a start. In addition, the custom point of sale also allows you to adapt the software to your business model. You can also develop customized tools to improve the processes of your restaurants.


How and when to design a personalized point of sale system and improve your company’s processes?


Innatos - Design a personalized point of sale system - point of saleIt is important to clearly consider the needs of a business. The chosen point of sale system will have long-term ramifications for the company. It is important to think long-term and not just focus on short-term gains.


The custom point of sale system can be useful for businesses of all sizes. However, franchised businesses may discover that they require custom features after extending to a dozen locations. However, others may have many more locations before they feel the need to customize the point-of-sale software.


Designing a custom point of sale system is necessary when the system being used does not provide all the necessary tools or data.


It is vital to be able to make business decisions with the necessary information.


Innatos - menIn addition, a custom point of sale system must be designed if the system cannot be adapted to meet operational needs as the business grows. When this happens, it’s time to consider designing a custom software solution.


If you can’t spend the money to 100% customize the point-of-sale software, it can be done partially. Some software can partially customize the point of sale system.


If you find a point-of-sale solution that greatly suits your needs, the rest can suit your business. This process can save costs. However, what if what you lack is time and your business needs a point-of-sale system as soon as possible? Then custom software is probably not the best choice for your business. The reason is that the custom point of sale software development phase can take weeks or even months.


Features to be included in when designing a custom point of sale system and improving your company’s processes


Innatos - Design a personalized point of sale system - people workingIt is paramount to start with an endpoint in mind. A custom point of sale system is an element that functions as a guide to the proper functioning of a business.


To improve process efficiency, the custom point of sale system must function in the same way as operations. Therefore, it is vital to order entry and closing orders for products sold.


Once the base of the point of sales system is complete, additional features can be chosen. For example, custom point of sale systems can track inventory, limit theft, and provide custom reports.


Once the basic functions of the point-of-sale system have been established, you can add other useful modules for your business. Also integrated is the process of training and programming new employees.


Design a personalized point of sale system and improve your company’s processes, profits


Innatos - Design a personalized point of sale system - conclusionThe design of a custom point of sale system allows you to choose the most important features.


This way you can leave fewer distractions for operators. They do not need an overwhelming amount of unnecessary data, so they will only have what is really useful to them in their work.


A custom point of sale system allows you to make changes to your software as a business grows. When you install a factory point of sale system, you may need to change the way you place your product. This is because you need it to fit your point of sale system.


On the other hand, a custom point of sale system enables software design that helps improve sales speed. You will also have more cash control and fewer inventory problems.

The benefits of ERP software in the cloud

What are the benefits of ERP software in the cloud? To understand the benefits of ERP software in the cloud, we must first define the concept of cloud-based ERP software. ERP is an acronym for enterprise resource planning. ERP is a type of software used by companies for the purpose of managing processes and information throughout the organization.


Cloud-based ERP software refers to the ERP software and tools that are offered and managed in the cloud. That is, the system is maintained on an external server rather than in the company itself that uses the ERP. So what are the benefits of ERP software in the cloud? Read on to learn more.


The benefits of ERP software in the cloud


First, The total cost of installing the software


Cloud-based ERP typically has a lower total cost of ownership than on-premises options. Because you are authorizing access to the software, you can avoid high upfront costs. This is because it is not necessary to purchase the software and hardware required to run the ERP on your company’s devices.


Innatos - The benefits of ERP software in the cloud - moneyFor cloud-based systems, you only need Internet access to work using the ERP system. In the long run, there is also no need to train and maintain an information technology team that is responsible for the software.


However, business owners will have to pay a monthly fee to continuously use and access the software. Most business owners also work with an ERP consultant or as an Innatos service provider. We help you to help set up and maintain your system over time.


Finally, it is important to consider the scalability of cloud servers. If you plan to expand the business, traders can save costs in the long run. The reason is that they can increase, or even decrease, the server space. That is, you choose the size of the software you need.


For example, a restaurant can increase server space for the holiday season. Later, you can decrease the space when you no longer need it. This allows business owners to pay only for what they need.


Second of the benefits of ERP software in the cloud Maintenance with access 24 hours a day and 7 days a week


For most growing companies, a key feature of cloud-based software is that you don’t have to be an expert to be able to use it effectively. You do not personally need an IT team to maintain the software infrastructure and constantly monitor performance issues to fix.


Innatos - The benefits of ERP software in the cloud - workingInstead, the ERP provider is responsible for monitoring the data and operation of the service. For a growing small business, this can mean a big difference in costs, resources, and time spent using the system.


What is a key software difference from ERP software compared to a business’s physical facilities? That business owners can access a cloud-based ERP system anywhere and anytime.


All you need to do is have an Internet connection. This allows your ERP to be wherever you are. You can take orders, check inventory, and more while in the field or on the warehouse floor.


Third, software updates simple and time-consuming


Innatos men workingAnother advantage of cloud-based ERP systems for business owners is the speed with which they can perform software updates. Bug fixes can also be made just as easily.


These types of processes can be done frequently, automatically programmed at the most convenient time for business processes. This way updates can be made without affecting your business.


Local updates may require a complete system shutdown. They may even need to redeploy the software from scratch. Therefore, they can be a big annoyance that traders decide not to upgrade. When the software is not updated, you get to run the risk of performance issues. This is one of the problems of obsolete software.


Fourth of the benefits of ERP software in the cloud, it can be easily integrated into the system


Innatos - The benefits of ERP software in the cloud - puzzleERP handles many different aspects of your business. However, it does not handle everything. In addition to ERP, traders can use other enterprise software systems. For example, an e-commerce platform, a CRM, or a point-of-sale system for the physical or online store. Your business processes will improve if all those systems are integrated into the ERP.


What does ERP integration work for? ERP integration with other enterprise systems enables the automatic transfer of important data between them. Otherwise, you can waste a lot of time manually entering data from one system to another. For example, when taking online orders and entering them into your ERP for order processing.


Cloud-based systems use an application Program Interfaces (API). Therefore, they have easier and more predictable integration projects. It is possible to integrate software into the facility. However, projects often require more time.


Integrating ERP software into the installation can be costly when customizations are taken into account. In most cases, the systems must be directly linked. This situation may create problems in the future. For these reasons, cloud-based ERP systems are the easiest to integrate.


Final Notes


In summary, we can say that there are various ways in the cloud-based ERP reduces costs in many ways and brings many benefits.


Innatos - womanFirst, it avoids the initial costs of installing the entire IT infrastructure. For example, hardware and data servers. It also reduces the need for Information Technology Support Services. The reason is that the data center provides information technology support for the business.


In addition, cloud-based ERP software eliminates prepayment for application software licenses. Instead, it implements a monthly fee. But even with the monthly fee, you’ll save more money. The reason is that the cost of maintaining and supporting the online ERP application is reduced. This is achieved because it is the cloud provider who takes care of the updates and updates. Alos may pay only for the necessary computer resources.


But there are not only monetary benefits from using ERP software in the cloud. This system includes other more important benefits. For example, you can take advantage of ERP applications in the cloud faster. The reason is that you will no longer need to install hardware and software on servers or user devices.


You’ll also have the ability to adjust the amount of cloud service as an enterprise’s it or storage needs fluctuate. Another important feature is that the system can be accessed from anywhere. This facilitates the geographical expansion of a company.


There are many benefits of a cloud-based ERP system and you can take advantage of them with Innatos Software. Contact us today and ask for more information about our services.

How much does a Digital Menu for Restaurants Cost?

How much does a digital menu for restaurants cost? This is a very common question because even restaurants are affected by modern technology. Is your restaurant spending a lot of time and effort in updating its menus? Maybe, it’s been years since you even considered making a change to your menus.


Are you looking for the best way to retain customers and attract a new audience? Then you need to have a digital menu for restaurants. However, how much does a digital menu for restaurants cost?


Read on to discover why a digital menu board will help your restaurant improve its processes and get a better return on investment. You’ll also know how much a digital menu for restaurant costs.


How much does a digital menu for restaurants cost? The advantages of a digital menu


Innatos - How much does a Digital Menu for Restaurants Cost - a cellphone with a restaurante menuA digital menu board replaces traditional posters. Therefore, it shows a more realistic expectation of how your food looks. In this way, it gives you the opportunity to attract more people. A digital menu gives you the ability to control every aspect of the design and of the clients’ experience.


You can also take advantage of video and animated images. So you can entertain the people waiting in line. Digital menus are bright, clear, and allow you to make intelligent use of negative space.


This makes it easier to create fun and exciting signs for your restaurant in order to improve your clients’ experience.


How much does a digital menu for restaurants cost? Saving time improves the efficiency of your processes


Innatos - savieng timeDigital Signage software is flexible. Thus, it allows you to communicate your message to your target audience when and where they need it.


A restaurant can digital Signage software to configure its digital menus. This way you can make them change as needed, at certain times of the day, on specific days of the week for daily offers or other timely promotions.


In addition, a change made with digital signage software can update digital menus in all your restaurants. This can make you care where you are or how many you have.


How much does a digital menu for restaurants cost? Save money with a digital menu


Innatos - save moneyAfter investing in digital signage, a restaurant does not have to send regular promotions and menu changes to the printer.


In addition, your front-line staff will not be responsible for tearing down and replacing old signboards. With a digital menu, you can save on various costs and involve fewer people.


With a digital menu the design becomes easier and faster. A digital menu is easy to learn and manage.


Therefore, you can cut the middleman. You can also display a calendar of upcoming events and set schedules to display the right content at the right time. That is, at the right time of day and week.


Innatos - How much does a Digital Menu for Restaurants Cost - a credit card with moneyHow much does a digital menu for restaurants cost? Factors that influence the price.


To know how much a digital menu costs for restaurants you need to know the factors that can affect the price.


Below, we present these factors and explain how they work.


We will use the innatos Plows system to make our explanations.


How much does a digital menu for restaurants cost? The accommodation


Innatos - the accommodationThe innate Plows system is based on the AngularJS and .NET. therefore, it is necessary to be hosted on a Windows Server for its proper functioning.


However, the plows system is currently already in Azure. Therefore, the command system could be added as another WebApp. At this point, you should check the extra cost for one more WebApp to find out how much a digital menu costs for restaurants.


What happens if the Azure Service is not required or the client wants to set up its own server?


Then it is necessary that the server has installed the Windows Server operating system from the Year 2012 onwards. In addition, you need to have IIS installed, with at least 4GB of Ram and 512GB of storage. Another very important aspect is the fiber optic broadband connection. A dedicated server connection can also work.


How much does a digital menu for restaurants cost? The database:


Innatos - How much does a Digital Menu for Restaurants Cost - databaseThe database structure is already integrated. In addition, its proper functioning is guaranteed.


If you decide to host the command project in Azure, you can share the same connection that the Plows system uses in azure.


This way you can be sure of the compatibility between these 2 systems.


If you are using your own server, you must install SQL Server 2012 or higher. With the latest version of SSMS, you can import the database to the server.


How much does a digital menu for restaurants cost? Evidence and support



Tests performed in the Plows or command system are performed locally. That is, there is no cloud site that can access a beta of the systems before they are applied to production for all users and customers.


Innatos - evidence and supportIf required, you must create one more WebApp in Azure. You can also mount one more site on the client-server.


Another important factor is support. Support for the command project depends on the problems encountered or new features being requested. At the start, the necessary support will be given to upload the project, configure it, and connect it with the plows system.


The system is based on AngularJS and .NET. therefore, it will work on any changes in the versions supported by the server or in Azure. This will ensure compatibility and keep the site active.


Another aspect of the support system is that staff using the plows and command system will be trained. In this way they will be able to make correct use of the systems, providing all the necessary information of access for them to use the system. When it comes to tablets, we can ensure that the Website is adaptable to the size of the tablet. We can also improve the design to make it easy to use.


How much does a digital menu for restaurants cost? Maintenance

Innatos - How much does a Digital Menu for Restaurants Cost - maintenance

The innate team can schedule tasks to create backup copies.


This way you can keep the saved information.


Also, for each change in the menu will be saved a copy of the sites.


This is insurance in case a new release is not compatible or propagates errors in its operation.


Innatos - in azure

In the azure server, maintenance is within the plan we choose.


For the command project, maintenance is performed when the framework or a service such as miniprinter impressions becomes obsolete.


Changes made in the plows system will also be considered in the command system to ensure compatibility between these 2 systems.



How much does a digital menu for restaurants cost? The functionality of Innate systems make it worth the price


Each tablet is assigned to a waiter and a table.


Innatos - each tablet is assignedCurrently, there is already a control to define the tables and waiters who can attend them. To access the restaurant system you need a PIN which only the waiter knows.


Now, to allow customers to use the system without a password, the waiter will need to log in to the tablet. You can then use an N button to activate the “client mode”. This will hide operation functions. For example, view movement log, change table, change waiter, finish command, and more.


If the waiter is in charge of different tables, when activating the customer mode you must choose the table on which the tablet is located. In this mode, the client will only see the Command screen and will not allow to return or go to the view of available tables.


Innatos - How much does a Digital Menu for Restaurants Cost - a cellphone with a restaurante menuThe diners will be able to navigate through groups created as salads or desserts


In Plows, products can be divided into categories. For example, drinks, salads, desserts, meals.


The Command screen has a navigation bar.


The options in the navigation bar are the categories of the registered products. This could be replicated on the new screen.

Innatos - How much does a Digital Menu for Restaurants Cost - a cellphone with a restaurante menu

Choose the characteristics of the order


Plows products have attributes.


On the Command screen, when choosing a product, you can select the attribute before sending it to the order list.


Innatos - How much does a Digital Menu for Restaurants Cost - order list



Order list


The innatos system has the order list.


This list shows the quantity, types (attributes), price, and reviews for each product in the list.






How much does a digital menu for restaurants cost? Your restaurant is worth it


Innatos - How much does a Digital Menu for Restaurants Cost - a cellphone with a restaurante menuWith digital menus, you can create a more memorable experience for your customers. A digital menu board is your chance to bring the menu to life. It goes beyond listing the available items to choose from.


This can include attractive graphics, educational videos, special lists, and everything else you want your customers to know.


Take advantage of this as an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and gain a competitive advantage.


Innatos - summaryHow much does a digital menu for restaurants cost? In summary


At Innate we have systems of the highest quality at an affordable price.


You can have a digital menu for your company from 22.08 dollars per month.


In addition, only 4.42 dollars will be charged for each additional waiter.

What is an ERP system with cloud functionality?

What is an ERP system with cloud functionality? When a business is thinking of expanding, it’s necessary to upgrade its software and technological tools in order to keep up with the growing needs of its operations. One of the largest investments in technology that can be made in business is enterprise resource planning software. Enterprise resource planning software is also known as ERP.


The technology of an ERP system often becomes a key point in a business’s processes. What is an ERP system with cloud functionality? It’s the software where you can manage various aspects of a business. For example, finance, order processing, product information, reports, and more.


ERP software has been a technology that businesses of all sizes have had access to for a long time. This software is used on a regular basis to manage all different aspects of a company or business.


Innatos - What is an ERP system with cloud functionality? - person workingWhat is an ERP system with cloud functionality?


Like other enterprise software systems, ERP software developers are also making the necessary changes to adapt its capabilities to cloud services. This allows them to be more affordable and have greater flexibility for the final user.


This blog will define it as an ERP system with cloud functionality. It will first explain what is an ERP and why it is an important element for your business. Afterward, the benefits of cloud-based ERP systems will be discussed.


What is an ERP system with cloud functionality? What is an ERP?


ERP is an acronym for enterprise resource planning. This type of software manages the entire financial aspect of a business. In addition, ERP helps you with other important areas. For example, inventory, customers, suppliers, project management, and more. ERP software is a general management solution.


Innatos - What is an ERP system with cloud functionality? - people workingThe main purpose of ERP is to assist in general the management of a business. One of the most important benefits of ERP software is that it’s a single system to manage a company globally.


In addition, software in ERP modules is what allows users to integrate different applications in one place. In this way, they will be able to specifically choose the capabilities that a business needs and thus create a tailor-made system that is specifically designed for their needs.


Administrators use ERP software as the basis for managing a business. It’s a multifunctional software from which you can manage all kinds of processes and improve your efficiency. For example, payroll and human resources. You can also create and manage items sold. In addition, you can determine prices for a specific customer, manage the availability of the business’ inventory and much more.


What is an ERP system with cloud functionality? Understanding cloud computing


A new technology that has surged to relevance and notoriety in the current time is cloud-based computing. This type of technology is part of the software as a service. The cloud allows users to access software applications that run on shared computing resources over the internet.


Some of the resources that can be shared across the cloud include processing power, memory, and disk storage. These computer resources are kept on remote computers. These computers are dedicated to hosting multiple applications on multiple hardware platforms.


What is an ERP system with cloud functionality? An ERP system with cloud functionality is a software as a service. This software allows users of a company to access ERP software over the Internet.


Innatos - computerERP software with cloud functionality has lower upfront costs. The reason is that IT resources are rented per month instead of buying them. Therefore, they are kept on the premises of the company from which they have been rented. Another feature of ERP software with cloud functionality is that it gives las access to their business-critical applications at any time. In addition, this can be done from any location.


Technically the main difference between an ERP system with cloud functionality and a local ERP is where the software is physically located. However, there are other significant differences. Below we will present some of the features and advantages of an ERP system with cloud functionality.

The main features and advantages


Having software in the cloud is an important advantage for small and medium-sized businesses. The reason is that it provides access to an ERP application with all the important features at an affordable price. This is done without a very high initial cost in terms of hardware and software.


Using the appropriate cloud software provider, an enterprise can quickly scale its enterprise productivity software. This can be done as your business grows or a new company is added.


What is an ERP system with cloud functionality? Why use an ERP in the cloud?


Innatos - What is an ERP system with cloud functionality? - computerToday, ERP providers are deploying software in the cloud at a faster pace than the full on-premises installation. Previously, companies preferred to purchase ERP system software that was installed on the local computer. That is, ERP software was installed locally on the company’s hardware and servers.


When it comes to local software, the responsibility to customize, maintain, and manage the software falls on the company that purchased it. Such projects are often very expensive. This is when you think about both initial costs and maintenance of the system throughout its lifetime.


This meant that it was usually only large companies that had the resources to assume the initial investment of a custom system. That is, only established businesses could afford ERP software to handle complex business requirements or to customize modules


However, this has changed thanks to the ERP system with cloud functionality.


Innatos - people workingThere has been an increase in cloud-based ERP systems. This has given businesses of all sizes access to this very useful type of Enterprise Management ERP software. In this way processes and tools that were previously unavailable have become more accessible.


Cloud-based software allows business administrators to access ERP systems through any web browser. ERP providers with cloud functionality sell the ERP service as a software as a service. This means that the business does not have to keep any software on its own computers or servers. This maintenance work will be the task of the software provider.


The main advantages of custom ERP software compared to factory ERP software

Learn more about the main advantages of custom ERP software compared to factory-ready-ready ERP software. The main advantages of custom ERP software compared to factory ERP software. In this article, this blog will explain the main advantages of custom ERP software compared to factory ERP software. However, before we begin with the advantages of ERP software, we will define in basic terms what an ERP is.  


ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning. This refers to a set of software systems. This set of software forms a system that manages the operation of a business. An ERP is a versatile and very flexy system that is equipped with a wide variety of modules. Each of the ERP modules focuses on a specific area of ​​your business processes. For example, some of the areas that an ERP system can help a business include human resources, the sales process, and much more.


How can you choose the ERP software that works best for your business? When choosing ERP software, you have two options. These two types of systems are factory-ready ERP software and custom ERP software. Custom ERP software is designed for you, which means it’s tailored to your business. Next, we will introduce the key differences between the two types of software. 


Are you looking to choose the type of ERP software that your company needs?


Understanding factory-ready software


Innatos - The main advantages of custom ERP software compared to factory ERP software - men working togetherWhat is factory-ready software? This is a type of ERP software that is already ready to use. The ERP was developed from an extensive analysis of a wide variety of potential user groups. That is to say, it is designed with a general audience in mind.


These potential users are other organizations with different but similar needs to your business. Generic ERP software can be purchased from various companies. For example, SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, and many more. These ERP solutions can be extremely beneficial for large companies. The reason is that they can provide a large number of modules and even a little customization. This is good if you don’t require a lot of specific processes.


The main advantages of custom ERP software compared to factory ERP software, understanding factory-ready software, custom ERP software


Innatos - men workingWhat is a custom ERP software? The main determining factor of custom ERP software is that it is a type of system that is made exclusively for one company. In other words, it is designed based on the experience of your company. If you want to develop a custom ERP solution for your business, you should look for a software development provider like Innatos. Once you’ve found your developer, you must specify the features of the ERP system that meets your specific business requirements. 


For the function of most of their basic processes, most companies depend on tools that haven’t been designed by them. For example, spreadsheets can be used to manage your multiple business processes and to handle accounting. However, this will not result in an effective form of administration. The reason is that managing different applications can be less efficient and time-consuming. You have to centralize all of your processes in as little software as possible. That’s what an ERP system.


The main function of an ERP software in a company is that it changes the way the employees work. Below, we will take a closer look at the advantages of implementing an ERP system for a business


The main advantages of custom ERP software compared to factory ERP software, encourages communication.


Innatos - The main advantages of custom ERP software compared to factory ERP software - men working togetherWith an ERP software solution, you can improve internal communication processes within an organization. The reason is that multiple departments can be efficiently integrated, which creates a more cohesive chain of command.


Likewise, having the ability to communicate in real-time between different departments allows for faster decision making. When all the information is available, it’s easier to make informed decisions.


If your business is growing or medium-sized, it is a better idea to create custom ERP software instead of choosing a factory-ready ERP system. With a factory-ready ERP system, you may have to pay even for features you don’t need.


The main advantages of custom ERP software compared to factory ERP software, can be customized according to the needs of a company.


Innatos . men workingWhen you have custom ERP software, a company will have an advantage compared to standard ERP software. With a customized ERP solution, there will be greater agility to meet the growing demands of your business. 


It is clear that a custom system must be able to better adapt to the processes of a particular business. Therefore, flexibility is the main competitive advantage of custom ERP software. Flexibility varies greatly from system to system. The custom software is quite flexible.


Another factor to consider regarding a custom ERP system is future planning and software updates. Custom systems are typically built by a team of developers. 


It is a unique project. Therefore, the support will vary depending on the technical support agreed at the beginning of the project. Because of this, it is important to have the support of a specialized development team. At Innatos we have the software development service that your business needs.


Innatos - The main advantages of custom ERP software compared to factory ERP software - men working togetherThe bottom line


Innatos Systems Group. When a company works in a very specific area, custom ERP software is the best choice.


Custom ERP software is also very useful for growing companies.


The reason is that you can easily adapt to the needs of a constantly changing company. Plus, it’s highly scalable, allowing for easy expansion when it comes to turning a business into a franchise. Contact us.


Integrate your online store with a CRM service

Taking the leap into the digital age is a big step towards extending the reach of a business. In order to have a successful online store, it’s necessary to create your own website or online store. This will help you reach a larger audience and achieve your business goals. Integrate your online store with a CRM service. In the current article, we’re going to explain how to integrate your online store with a CRM service. CRM is a powerful tool that can help you improve your processes and get even more clients.


Integrate your online store with a CRM service, what does a CRM do?


Innatos - Integrate your online store with a CRM service - people workingThere are various features that your business will have access to if you integrate a CRM service. For example, you will have all the information of your customers centralized in a single database. This means that you will be able to access the records of each customer, their doubts, incidents, emails sent, and more.


In addition, you will be able to make better decisions. The reason is that you will be able to calculate the profitability obtained with each conversation sale. For that reason, you will be able to channel the effort and direct it to the best customers. Reaching the clients that interest you the most will help you in improving your business efficiency.


The information will also be accessible to everyone. This means that everyone in your company that requires the information will have access to it. Through this method, you will be able to create better marketing strategies and convert more prospects into clients. 


Integrate your online store with a CRM service and learn the benefits of CRM integration


Innatos - benefits of the integrationSome of the benefits of a CRM service include improving communication with your customers. This will maximize their satisfaction. In addition, you will also know the key characteristics of your clients. This information will be able to divide them into smaller groups. Afterward, you can use direct strategies adapted to the needs of each of your clients.


It’s important to note that having all the information in one document will make it easier to generate future forecasts and estimates. By making your processes more efficient, you will increase productivity and, of course, monetary results.


Integrate your online store with a CRM service, the process


Innatos - the processHaving a presence in the digital world is almost mandatory. However, it’s not enough to have an online store. In addition to having a website, business owners must update and improve it gradually. This will help them in adapting their business to the trends of the moment. Integrating your online store with CRM is one of the essential keys to success. However, there is a question that must be answered first. What is CRM?


CRM stands for customer relationship management. As its name implies, CRM is an organizational model oriented to the customer. CRM works with a computer system. The computer system is based on the management and monitoring of the company’s relations with customers, marketing, and sales.


The integration of CRM with your online store is important. It’s important is because it brings many advantages to a company. The first benefit is that it gathers all the information in one place. For this reason, it’s possible to streamline management tasks and save time and costs. In addition, you will be able to increase productivity. If your company is large or you have prospects of IT, integrating your online store with a CRM system is indispensable.


How the CRM works


Innatos - Integrate your online store with a CRM service - people workingIntegrate your online store with a CRM service. When a user registers on your website or fills out a form, that request is automatically synchronized with the CRM. This information is later organized into categories. All this data will help you to offer a more personalized communication with the customer. It will also help you create better marketing strategies.


By integrating an online store with management or marketing and sales software, you automate various operations in order to improve your processes. For example, accounting, billing, customer database, inventory management, and many others.


Nowadays, it’s necessary for organizations that have CRM software to integrate their online store with these systems. There is no single answer when it comes to integrating online sales and management programs managed by the company. It depends on each specific case and in the needs of your company. In Innatos we can create a CRM system perfectly tailor-made for your business.


Why you should integrate your online store with a CRM service


In the present, many online businesses are managing their sales through the panels of management who have their online shops. This is based on data from platforms like Google Analytics. While this might work, you’re missing on the potential to really make your business grow. In order for you to make your business grow, you must integrate the tool called CRM.


Innatos - dataThrough the CRM, you can manage all of your client’s information from a single platform. This will help you in order to keep everything organized. When you have everything organized, you will be able to make business decisions much, much better. In addition, you could also pan customized marketing campaigns for each type of client.


A key advantage is that an integrated management of your online store will allow you to reduce management time. This will allow you to automate the marketing processes. You will be able to do this through tools like email marketing


This will help you to be able to create complete profiles of the customers that have purchased or that you are going to buy. With so much information to be able to interact with your clients in real-time. You will also be able to use the communication preferences of each one of them.


Integrate your online store with a CRM service. As said before, any information about your clients is very useful for the marketing department. It will help you segment your audience into categories and then create targeted marketing. This targeted marketing will help you convert more prospects into clients


Innatos - Integrate your online store with a CRM service - people workingCustom-made by Innatos Software


Integrate your online store with a CRM service. Having more information about your clients gives you more information that you can use for your business.


If you want a custom-made CRM software specifically adapted to your business’ needs, we have what you need in Innatos Software. Contact us today for more information. 


The integration of ERP Software in Online Stores

This article will explore the integration of ERP software in online stores. We will start by explaining what ERP is and how it can help an online store business achieve its goals and improve its administrative processes.


What is ERP?


Innatos - integration of ERP Software - profesional person working in his computerERP software development has been one of the most important tools for businesses. Enterprise resource planning, also known as ERP, software systems have been around since the 1990s. These applications help every business automate all management operations and improve their customers’ user experience. 


Business operations with which an ERP can help your business are many. Among the many business operations that an ERP improves we find marketing and sales, inventory management, and finance and accounting. ERP software can also help you with customer relationship management (CRM), human resources, operation management, production management, and warehouse management


These are just some of the many uses of ERP software. There a lot more ways in which ERP software can help your business reach your goals.


The integration of ERP software in online stores, what is the integration of online stores with ERP software?


Innatos - ecommerceThe integration of ERP with an online store is directly related to the integration of the interface of the online store with the ERP application in the customer support of your company. Any successful growth strategy must include a fully integrated ERP solution.


This way you can create an action plan that helps you maximize the revenue of your online store and is planned towards the future.


ERP software is vital to your company’s success when it comes to your online store. The integration of ERP software for managing your business resources opens up the possibilities for your company. With this system, your business will have the best software tools to create an overall workflow that’s faster and more simple.


Integrating ERP software in online stores, why integrate ERP software with an e-commerce solution?


Innatos - ecommerceWhatever the interface of your online store, it’s necessary to pass information from the interface to the ERP in the support system and vice versa. In order to provide a smooth and highly agile user experience for their clients, both elements must work hand in hand in the exchange of information.


The integration of ERP sites and online trading sites introduces a large number of automated tasks and automatic data exchange between the two systems.


Likewise, as there is an increase in online sales and in demand in online stores, having a functional online store becomes a necessity.


Innatos - integration of ERP Software - profesional person working in his computerThe Benefits of the integration of ERP software in online stores


Integrating your ERP software with an online store brings many benefits to your business.


Here are some of these benefits for your company and how you can take advantage of the functionality of your integrated ERP software.



Improves functionality.


Innatos - people workingThe integration of ERP software with online stores provides a double benefit for every business. This happens because they will have the data of the interface in real-time in their ERP and they will also have the data of the commercial processes in online stores.


This two-way exchange of information provides many benefits to your clients. Why? Because it makes it so that customers can view and access information related to the available inventory. They can also view the status of their last order and track shipments of their purchases using tracking numbers. 


Similarly, businesses can find benefits thanks to the synchronization of the administration system. Your operations, sales, finance, human resources, and other teams now have instant access to customer information and orders that arise in online stores. This helps reduce the cost of operations and improve the overall customer experience.


Integration of ERP software in online stores reduces inventory management costs


Innatos - costsAll sales information in an online store interface appears in your ERP system quickly.


Based on these transactions, the inventory of items in ERP will also be updated. With an inventory that is filled with up-to-date information and online sales, management teams will be able to fulfill orders appropriately, thereby reducing inventory costs. 


Through the integration of ERP software in online stores, one can not only easily track inventory in real-time. In addition, you can also forecast how much inventory you need in the future.


Generates financial reports 


Sales financial reports are generated by e-commerce applications. ERP software provides a balance sheet, a cash flow sheet, and more. By integrating an online shop and ERP, the end-user is always one step ahead. This way you can always ensure transparency about online payments and financial data across the company, winning the trust of your customers.


ERP software integration in online stores accelerates activity


Innatos - integration of ERP Software - profesional person working in his computerIntegrated ERP software streamlines multiple business processes. It also reduces the burden on human resources in activities such as manual data transfer between applications. 


Employees will no longer have to manually enter data from one platform to another (for example, shipping information, inventory levels, product information). Instead, communication and data transfer are done automatically, saving time and money. Similarly, it allows employees to be productive in other ways, such as contributing to the growth of the company.


Furthermore, all online sales orders are integrated into the ERP system in a timely manner. In addition, an ERP user can instantly track orders and start processing quickly, reducing the length of the order fulfillment cycle.

Improves data consistency


Innatos - integration of ERP Software - profesional person working in his computerWhat about ERP software integration in online stores?


All data, such as customer details, orders, payments, and shipping information, will be transferred and synchronized with the ERP software. 


In addition, the details of the product inventory can be uploaded from the ERP to the online store platform. In this way, you will no longer need to re-enter the same data, saving time.


Therefore, integration reduces human involvement, data redundancy, and errors that can occur as a result of manual data transfer.


Innatos - integration of ERP Software - profesional person working in his computerERP software integration in an online store is the advantage your business needs


These were just some of the advantages of ERP software integration in an online store.


At Innatos Software we can help you find the solution tailored to the needs of your business.


Contact us today for more information.