Tips to improve Internal Communications

To improve the efficiency of your processes, you need to know the tips to improve internal communications. When you need to communicate new information to employees, it may seem easy to write a quick email and send it to everyone in the company.


However, what happens if several employees have specific and individual questions and press “answer”? Worse yet, what happens when they click on “answer all” and cram everyone else’s inboxes? What happens when other employees return to their desks, see the long email chain and delete it automatically without reading their original email?


With the tips to improve internal communications, you can improve the efficiency of your company. A communications policy management system is not just about managing the workflow of policies and procedures. The important thing is to find better, more efficient and easier ways to communicate and share information with your employees.


Here are the tips to improve internal communications:


First of the tips to improve internal communications, Reduce internal emails


Innatos - Tips to improve Internal Communications - person smiling with an emailIt is no longer necessary for people to follow long email chains. In the past, the chains could become very long because sometimes people are added to the conversation at the end of the game. It also happened that redundant emails were sent when someone pressed “reply to all” instead of “reply.”



Instead, a well-planned policy can simplify communication through emails with software such as Desk Alerts. The management system will automate custom workflows, ensuring that the right people are notified when a task is near or pending. The system also offers real-time panels, so you no longer have to send emails to verify the progress or status of a document, and instead, you can extract ad hoc reports.


This way you can ensure that the right people only receive the right documents at the right point in the process. Now, employees don’t have to ask themselves if they are sent an email just for reference. Nor should they ask themselves if they are expected to read and respond or if they are not supposed to get involved and add their comments until later in the process. Again, custom workflows send notifications to people when they have a role in the document process.


Innatos - woman using a fileSecond, Store all documents in one place


Configure employees to succeed in their jobs by making the information conveniently accessible.


Documenting a policy or procedure once prevents redundancy (which wastes time and resources) and eliminates confusion.


Also prevent employees from seeing and referring to incorrect information, such as obsolete or unapproved documents.


Innatos - people in a meettingThird, Automatically distribute the information to the corresponding employees


Easily share documents with all or groups of employees at once and control document permissions.


These permits can be organized by type or by the department, for example.


This way you can get employees to see only the information that belongs to them.


Innatos - Tips to improve Internal Communications - conclusionTips to Improve Internal Communications, Conclusion


These 5 quick tips to improve internal communications can help you achieve your business goals.


However, to execute the advice properly you need the correct software. Desk Alerts is the perfect software for your company.


Contact us today for more information.

What is Internal Communication? 

Establishing good internal communication is one of the biggest challenges of business organizations. In addition to reconciling the ways of being of the different professionals, everyone needs to be hooked on the company’s purposes and missions. But, what is internal communication? 


Innatos - What is Internal Communication? - men with a cellphoneWhen we talk about communication and marketing actions, the first target audience that comes to the mind of most entrepreneurs is the external one, formed mainly by customers, isn’t it? On the other hand, the internal public isn’t always remembered, which is a big problem for companies. After all, employees are responsible for the operation of the machine.


What is internal communication? The communication between the management and the employees. Without establishing good communication with your team, your strategies probably won’t generate the expected results. Or do you think that an uninformed and discouraged employee will be productive?


These problems can be solved or minimized with efficient internal communication. This process is extremely important for companies that know they need hooked professionals to achieve their goals. Internal communication tools such as Desk Alerts can also help you achieve a successful internal communication strategy. 


What is internal communication? The concept of internal communication


Innatos - light bulb with a square as a backgroundThe internal communication process is a segment of integrated communication that focuses its actions on the employees of a company. Its essential objectives are the transmission and distribution of relevant and strategic information in a corporate environment.


This exchange of information and messages can be executed in the following ways:


  • The vertical exchange, made between leaders and leaders and vice versa
  • The horizontal exchange, which occurs between employees of the same hierarchical level


But what is that information about? What is internal communication? 


Innatos - What is Internal Communication? - people talkingDefining this is a flexible issue. The message may be broader. For example, the reproduction of values, missions, visions, and organizational objectives. It might also be more segmented and restricted to a group of employees, such as feedback and goals by department.


The main objective of internal communication is to keep employees aligned and committed to the aspirations, causes, and speeches of the organization.


In that way, behaviors that connect to what the company manifests are established and stimulated. For that to happen, the relationship with the company’s professionals must be transparent, constant, comprehensive and simple.


What is internal communication?  The importance of internal communication for a company


To better understand the relevance of this area, we will list the advantages of having an efficient internal communication in the company. Look at them:


Improve the organizational climate

If you have already worked in a company, you should have an idea of ​​how annoying a work environment is when people do not interact much, right? Through internal communication, professionals are encouraged to develop interpersonal relationships and they work together in the spirit of collaboration.


Innatos - people talking in a tableDistances between departments are reduced, which helps people to bond and work in harmony. With a greater bond between the employees, the processes operate with more speed and each team is strengthened. This combination favors the formation of a more serene, respectful and profitable climate within the company.


What is Internal Communication?, Increase internal productivity

From the moment in which the employees feel hooked to the objectives of the company, it’s natural that they try harder to be useful to the organization. Each employee begins to better understand their role within the company, its importance and the impact that their work has on the overall results of the company.


All this makes professionals realize how much they and their respective teams need to produce for the business to benefit in a general area. Being more motivated and focused, the tendency is for employees to increase their productivity.


Reduce the turnover rate

These notions of productivity and relevance for the organization also contribute to a longer period of permanence of employees. But that’s not all.


Innatos - What is Internal Communication? - graphics in a board

More stimulated, more recognized and dedicated employees in a pleasant work environment are happier and have virtually no reason to leave the company.


A change of air will be less taken into account when the quality of life at work indicates that it is worth continuing on the team. If the relationship is true, transparent and integrated (values ​​proposed by internal communication), the chances of separation decrease.


Facilitates the adaptation of new employees

Imagine a newly hired professional who arrives knowing the history of the company, knowing the functions to be fulfilled and being well received by current employees. They tend to integrate more easily.


Internal communication stimulates the existence of a friendly and dynamic organizational climate. For that reason, it’s essential that new employees do not remain isolated and adapt as quickly as possible. It’s important that there are no barriers. Thus, beginners will feel more comfortable to express doubts, propose suggestions and approach other people.


Minimize rumors and gossip

Innatos - What is Internal Communication? - men shacking their handsIf there are destructive factors for any corporate environment, rumors and gossip surely make up the list. These actions are consequences of hidden, incoherent and poorly distributed information by leaders and their employees.


Imagine, for example, that the director of a company has told a nearby employee who is negotiating the move from the office to another city, but without revealing the destination. If this employee tells another person, that incomplete information will spread little by little through the organization. This will open the way for speculation and unnecessary worries about the company’s new headquarters. When the idea is to make internal communication honest, the message must be clearly transmitted to collaborators.


Reduce the effects of a crisis

What happens when a company goes through a difficult time and chooses to reveal the truth of the situation and the projected strategies for improvement to the internal public? It manages to strengthen the union between employees.


Innatos -men using a boardBut it is necessary to emphasize that this will only be possible if all the previous benefits are recognized by the collaborators. You cannot expect an employee to be committed when they’re not connected to the company’s objectives. It’s the same when they are dissatisfied with the work environment or feel undervalued.


What is internal communication? An example of internal communication action that favors the reduction of a crisis is the openness to the participation of the collaborators in the strategic decisions of the company.


If there is a channel that allows them to transmit their improvement proposals and receive feedback for that, the chances of the solutions appearing are greater.

What is internal communication? An important tool for your business!


Internal communication is key to your business’ success. DeskAlerts is a versatile and powerful software tool for internal communication. Contact us today and learn more about what it can do for your company


Internal Communication

Internal communication is communication aimed at the internal customer, that is, the worker. It was born in response to the new needs of companies to motivate their human team and retain the best employees in today’s business environment. In the present, change is constantly coming faster and faster. 


An effective tool is necessary for success. Let’s not forget that companies are made of their human teams. For that reason, proper communication and keeping up the morale is essential to achieve your business goals and reach the best results for your company.

Internal communication and technology


Innatos - Internal communication - tablet with a file on itIt’s a mistake to think that internal communication is a luxury and something exclusive to large companies. This is especially true at the present time. We’re going through a time in business that is marked by somewhat uncertain results at all levels. Hence, it’s becoming one of the great professional challenges of the 21st century for businesses of all sizes. 


Today, there are still few entities that develop an adequate policy that helps to implement the changes and achieve the corporate and strategic objectives of the company. 


Many companies ignore that in order to be competitive and successfully face the change that the market pushes onto them, they must know how to motivate their human team. They must also retain the best employest by developing a corporate culture so that they feel identified and are faithful to the organization.


And it is precisely here where it becomes a key strategic tool to respond to these needs and enhance the feeling of belonging of employees to the company to retain talent.


Tools for intent Internal communication


To increase the effectiveness of the human team, as the true architect of the results, the manager must feel at ease and integrated within the organization.


Innatos - computer workingThis is only possible if the workers are informed, know the different frameworks of the company, its mission, and its philosophy. They must share the values and the strategy and they should feel part of an important part of the company. When this happens, they will be willing to try their best for the sake of the company. 


In addition, we must not forget that it helps reduce uncertainty and prevent dreaded rumors. Unsourced, false information is a very dangerous element for companies. With adequate internal communication tools like Desk Alerts, you can quickly control negative falsehoods and spread the truth speedily and efficiently.


Internal communication tools are important for transmitting corporate messages. They’re also necessary to inform about what is happening within the company. You can also use Desk Alerts to motivate employees. The main purpose of the strategies is to establish an effective line of communication between employees, management and the different departments of the company. These are just some of the objectives pursued by internal communication. Desk Alerts’ software is a powerful tool that can help you achieve your business’ goals.

The types of Internal communication


As for the types we can talk about two types. These two types are ascending and descending. Ascending is done from the bottom up in the organization chart of the company. On the other hand, descending takes place from the top down.


Innatos - conference roomOften, many companies fall into the error of turning their communication into something unidirectional, where workers have no voice and can’t communicate with the executives.


We must remember that the dialogue between management and workers must be constant. Feedback is essential in order to have a successful internal communication strategy.


Even in the present, there are still companies that confuse communication with information. The difference is very clear: while the latter consists of the simple transmission of messages, in order for communication to exist, a response from the receiver is required.


Desk Alerts is a versatile system for it and that can give your business the necessary tools to create powerful strategies for it. However, even the strongest tool needs to have an adequate policy in order to be used effectively.


Implementing an internal communication policy


Innatos - Internal communication - people discussingThe question is now inevitable, how can companies and businesses successfully implement of the policy? In the past, methods such as bulletin boards, circulars informative meetings and the like have been used by businesses as the main mean. But the progress of technology has changed the ways in which we communicate. 


It’s true that technology makes it important for communication to be carried out in a faster and faster way. However, it’s important that you do not lose sight of the fact that, especially in a business or company, everything does not depend on the tools used but on the people who will use them. So if you have decided to implement a corporate social network it’s important that it’s based on a solid strategy and that you always seek to promote the good use of the tool.


Innatos is an authorized distributor of Desk Alerts. Desk Alerts is a powerful software. This software human resources offers the best corporate social networks for your business to communicate with the employees. Through Desk Alerts, your company can obtain an ideal platform to foster collaboration among your employees. This will help you create a flow of ideas and information to drive innovation and maintain constant communication. This will greatly improve your business’ work team.


The importance of it


Innatos - Internal communication - people talkingIt remains as one of the great challenges for businesses in the 21st century. It’s important to have the correct policy and also the tools to make it happen. And if we do not know how to take care of our internal clients, we can hardly give satisfactory answers to external clients. 


It constitutes a key tool to achieve strategic objectives. In addition, it helps create a positive company culture. It also helps in preventing the spread of dangerous rumors.


The tools also foster a climate of trust and motivation and make the company more competitive and profitable. Desk Alerts is the software that your business needs. Contact us today for more information.

Optimize your Business process with ERP software

Today, any company, from small and medium enterprises to multinationals, pursues efficiency and success. For this reason, they are constantly forced to invest a series of resources to improve processes. They all have the aim of being able to compete in the market. As a company grows, the volume of its operations increases and its correct management becomes essential. Optimize your Business process with ERP software.

Optimize your Business process with ERP software; what do we mean by process optimization, process management improvements?


Innatos - a computer with some graphics on itWhat are a company’s processes? A process is the set of tasks that are related to each other and are carried out in order to accomplish a well-defined result in your business. In other words, a process is a step-by-step line-up of activities that a company must complete in order to accomplish a determined objective.  


Optimize all areas of your company with an ERP System


There are five primary business processes for your company. These five are finance, logistics, production, human resources, marketing, and sales. They achieve greater performance when they reach mutual understanding.

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), for its acronym in English, is a comprehensive business management system. It seeks to optimize the procedures within your business system to give better results in the finance system.


Optimize your Business process with ERP software, Why is a system implemented?


Innatos - some information of company toolsCompanies require optimizations in all their processes, in order to achieve better results. This occurs through a conglomerate of situations that must be combined to achieve an ultimate goal. A successful ERP system must achieve the following:


  • Increase in productivity
  • Quality increase
  • Improvement in customer service
  • Decrease in costs


Optimize your Business process with ERP software. These four elements are essential to evaluate the effectiveness of your system.


From there, other benefits that only seek the optimization of processes are generated. For example, more efficient data management, access to information quickly and in a timely manner, exclusion of unnecessary processes, time reduction, and more.


Experiences in companies offer five dimensions of Benefits of an ERP


Innatos - Optimize your Business process with ERP software - men with some tools as a backgroundOptimize your Business process with ERP software. Improvements in management processes in a company allow efficient use of resources: both material and human.


Don’t you think it’s worth getting involved and looking for the best way to optimize your company’s process management?


Keep reading and discover how this can help you throughout the procedure.


It’s essential that continuous improvement and process optimization become part of the business philosophy. Use an ERP software that fits your company and be surprised by the results.


How can an ERP help you in optimizing your company’s processes?


Nowadays most companies rely on technological solutions in order to manage their processes more efficiently and more automatically.


Innatos - Optimize your Business process with ERP software - men in an ipad watching some graphicsOne of these solutions is the ERP, which can help your company optimize your business processes, always seeking to reduce your business’ costs and increase its profitability. 


Optimize your Business process with ERP software. It acts as a solution that consolidates and improves the management of the organization by giving you comprehensive control of the organization.


When you decide to implement an ERP software in your company, it’s important that you take into account the business processes that are carried out in it.


You must clearly identify them so that when you implement the tool it will add value and make sense in your business. This tool will allow you to build a more efficient, effective company that offers quality service to its customers. Also, you have to consider the different types of software solutions on the market and choose the one that best suits your company.


Innatos - Optimize your Business process with ERP software - a computer with a small white handThrough the use of an ERP, you can improve processes for different reasons, for example:


1.- Quick and easy consultation of any data in the system with a single click

It has the ability to work with data from different processes at the same time, without having to close and open different options to access any information.


In a matter of seconds, it is possible to compare all types of fields and records: accounting accounts, stocks, and more.


Innatos - a person holding some books in a hook2.- Optimize your Business process with ERP software, Purchase planning 

For process optimization, ERPs are equipped with multiple functionalities that help simplify and maximize tasks. For example, purchasing planning, that is, order management, delivery dates, transport management and more.


3.- Stock control

It has a high capacity to control rotations and inventories by product segments; this way, you make sure to improve its management.


4.- Documentation for shipments

You can easily generate documentation associated with product shipments, like packages, pallets, delivery notes and more.

Innatos - Optimize your Business process with ERP software - notebook full with information

5.- Optimize your Business process with ERP software, Projects

Among many other functions, there are a few that stand out.


Among them, control and monitoring of the planning, definition of tasks and subtasks (duration of each one, as well as the material and human resources assigned to them).


You can also complete detailed budgets by chapters, subchapters, and items with follow-up of customer billing.


How do I get the optimization of my company’s processes with an ERP?


It is an interdepartmental solution, which achieves an integration between all areas and departments of the company. This flow, crossing, and integration of data, together with the automation of many tasks, allows us to make sound decisions with the certainty of knowing that our information is reliable.


Optimize your Business process with ERP software. In the short term, having a good ERP translates into tangible results.


For example, the cost savings of resources used, or by an improvement in our service to the client, which will always lead to an increase in sales and revenue.


Take the step now: improve your company’s processes using the ERP that best suits your needs.


The ERP system also offers a set of benefits in each of the main business processes in a company:


Optimize your Business process with ERP software, Finance

The unification of data collected, in real-time, helps in the observation of operational records and the verification of the effectiveness of the latter in the financial results.


Innatos - Optimize your Business process with ERP software - process of a company with boxesThis correlativity in records of operations and financial results determines a better understanding and decision making.


Likewise, with a finance module, it is possible to better draw up strategic performance measures, in order to improve the strategic costs within the company.



Having a database that unifies the availability of products for sale, distribution, and management of materials enhances the efficiency in the productive space. It also takes into account all the production processes.


Optimize your Business process with ERP software, Logistics

Logistics and distribution is an essential part of the ERP system, integrating production with distribution, taking into account sales and financial reports. Similarly, ERP systems must be provided with supports that facilitate the distribution process.

Innatos - Optimize your Business process with ERP software - woman in a desk watching some files

Sales and Marketing

The sales and marketing system is greatly favored by the application of ERP systems.


The implementation of profitability diagnoses, possible through a database containing costs, revenues, and sales volumes in real-time.


An important element is that with these systems, companies can offer exact dates in order and purchase delivery.


Innatos - Optimize your Business process with ERP software - file with a person showing some pointsHuman Resources

The system must be integrated in the same way as the HR department. It will provide a database, in which the information of all personnel is integrated.


Optimize your Business process with ERP software, In conclusion


The implementation of an ERP system allows robustness in the quality of business and companies. In Innatos we have the best software for your company. Contact us today for more information.

7 tips for social CRM strategy

The social management of customer relations, also known as social CRM, is essential for companies of all sizes. It helps in keeping small or medium-sized enterprises, SMEs, accessible, informed and proactive in interacting with their customers and getting to know them. You must know the 7 tips for social CRM strategy.


Innatos - men anda woman thinking with lightbulbs surrounding themIn social networks, customers talk about what they like and what they don’t like. They also talk about what they care about and what their perception of their business is.


If a customer has a problem with a product or service you provide, all their friends and followers will soon know, regardless of being mentioned. That’s why it’s important to know the 7 tips for social CRM strategy.


Social networks should be a central component of your company’s plan. However, a successful social strategy is about more than just accumulating likes and followers to drive site traffic. Keep reading to know more about the 7 tips for social CRM strategy.


Learn the 7 tips for social CRM strategy


Once you have captured the audience, these 7 tips for social CRM strategy will help your company make the most of the tools it uses and the data it is collecting. It will also give you the ability to turn the immediacy of social networks into an asset instead of a responsibility.


First, invest in the right social tool


Innatos - 7 tips for social CRM - woman using a phone with a green backgroundThe first 7 tips for social CRM strategy is simple but very important. Even before incorporating a social strategy, your company must manage its social media efforts through a social media analysis tool.


The platform you choose will serve as a focal point for programming social publications in all active presences. It will also monitor who says what and how many people are saying it. This information will be very useful when interacting with customers.


You need a social CRM tool that can do all that (for a price that suits your business). In addition, you should also do well to integrate your social strategy with any existing tool you may have.


Second of the 7 tips for social CRM strategy, orientate in the relevant networks


Innatos - 7 tips for social CRM - woman using her laptop with a page websiteDo not waste time generating publications and participating with followers on a social media platform that is not central to your business.


For an e-commerce site, it could be useful to post brilliant photos of your products on Instagram or Pinterest and interact with customers in those sites.


Meanwhile, customers of a business software company are more likely to be located in the traditional trifecta of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


If it furthers your business and the number of customers is increasing and is attracting a new audience, then that network may be worth it.


Third, monitor interactions, and mentions


Innatos - 7 tips for social CRM - men with a plant and a green backgroundYour social platform must have the ability to configure the transmissions for each social network and the specific parameters within them. In addition, you also have to keep track of customers’ tweets, comments and “likes” directly with their presence.


You can set up applications that can monitor keywords such as your company’s name and the main words associated with what your business does.


¿What happens, then, when your company is mentioned or a user of a social network asks a question about an area of ​​expertise? Your company can respond quickly with a useful answer that could turn a user into a loyal customer.


Fourth of the 7 tips for social CRM strategy, analytics are your best friend


Innatos - 7 tips for social CRM - three men using graphics in a computerOnce you have identified a particular customer, the analysis can help you get more information about them.


What was the scope of the tweet this user sent about your product? Have you recently mentioned a competing product and in what context?


Send a user profile and specific data about them through the channeling of your to a sales or marketing representative of your company.


When interacting with your audience, analyzes could be the key to the conversion of a customer.


Fifth, group customers into target audiences


Innatos - 7 tips for social CRM - people in an important conversationA social CRM strategy should take advantage of all the existing capabilities that social networks have to offer. For example, Facebook and LinkedIn have groups while Twitter has lists.


This functionality can help you, group customers, into segments naturally and within the context of the social network that is most suitable. The suitability will be important in determining specific interactions about a specific product or products.


A social consists of using the individual data of the social person of a client to adapt to the most intelligent business interactions with them.


Sixth of the 7 tips for social CRM strategy, social media managers are real-time customer service representatives


Innatos - men writing in his computer with a green backgroundThe team that manages your company’s social network presence is your first line of customer service and your company’s brand ambassadors.


Representatives must answer a client’s question on social media within an hour and the conversation must be a genuine interaction rather than a transaction.


Don’t be afraid to give your name as a traditional customer service representative would.


Depending on the type of business, the integration of your social networks and customer service teams into a cohesive department could improve the speed and the quality of the responses.


Seventh, use social incentives to encourage brand loyalty


Innatos - hand shaking men with suitThe most loyal, vocal and active followers of your company’s social networks are active on social networks. Developing a relationship with these loyal customers and those with the greatest social influence can help convert their online presence into communities.


Run a hashtag-based event on Twitter about a particular promotion. Give a mention to the client who has been most active in your community this week. Send discount offers or promotional codes to reward committed customers. 


Social media gives businesses more immediate access to a wider range of customers than ever. Therefore, your social CRM is the way your business can take advantage of and make the most of those connections.


In Innatos we can develop the best CRM software for your future social strategy. Contact us today and learn more about our products and software solutions development services.


6 Tips for your CRM Software

It’s very important to know the 6 Tips for your CRM Software. CRM systems, also known as customer relationship management systems, are critical tools for any organization that aims to create extraordinary relationships with its customers. 


However, there are situations in which it’s very likely that the value provided by a strategy is not achieved. For example, if the system has only been implemented to meet the specific needs of a company department, without automating and optimizing management processes with customers in general. That’s why you need to know the 6 Tips for your CRM Software.


The 6 Tips for your CRM Software


The design of processes from beginning to end can unite all the people in your company that interact with the client. They will also help you build lasting and profitable relationships with customers.



First, of the 6 Tips for your CRM Software, satisfy and exceed your customers’ expectations at any time


Innatos - people gholdign a star in a cellphoneIn many industries, the level of support a customer receives is governed by the level of service-level agreement, also known as the SLA. What is SLA? It’s a written agreement between a service provider and its customer in order to set the agreed level for the quality of said service. 


The ability of a company to meet service commitments is essential to win and retain customers. But without tools that allow you to manage the achievement of SLAs, organizations can break them, and therefore lose the trust of their customers.


The use of automated SLA management helps companies manage performance and consistently exceed agreement levels. In fact, a process-oriented can help you guide your service process during the life cycle. 


For example, the planning of incidents and actions can ensure priority and correct treatment. Alerts, for example, can be activated if it is a high priority case.


Second, provide the right information, to the right people, at the right time


Innatos - 6 Tips for your CRM Software - woman showing a presentationTo become a truly customer-centric company, all employees that interact with the customer need access to customer data. That’s why this is one of the 6 Tips for your CRM Software.


However, when there are so many different departments that come together to optimize the customer’s experience, a lot of data may be involved. That is why this should help companies make sense of how each user interacts with the system and aid you in analyzing the data. 


The creation of different types of users and functions should be a simple and effective process. By doing it this way, when users interact with the system, they see only the most relevant data to their job, or for the specific moment of relationship with the client.


Third of the 6 Tips for your CRM Software, ensure a more predictable cash flow


Innatos - 6 Tips for your CRM Software - money with yellow arrowsWhile many systems help commercial teams close contracts, they cannot keep track of what the customer actually pays. This is because traditionally the CRM focuses only on the generation and treatment of sales opportunities, and not the entire customer’s journey. But in a world where recurring payment models are becoming very common, payments can be lost and create liquidity gaps.


But with a modern focus on the process – customizations can track and manage the payment process as part of customer lifecycle management.


Smart workflows and the transparent connection can track against date fields, indicating whether the payment has been received for finances or not. When a payment is lost, alerts can be sent both to the customer and to a customer service agent, which triggers a follow-up call.


Fourth, fast delivery means happiness


Innatos - 6 Tips for your CRM Software - men running with a bunch of boxesAdvanced workflows can also help break up departmental sluggishness and automate customer processes from start to finish. Process management, combined with the appropriate customer data, can help offer the highest levels of customer service.


For example, workflow design tools can help manage after-sales processes such as order fulfillment. This will ensure the quality of products or services delivered to the customer in an appropriate manner.


In addition, it can reduce the gaps in customer service and delivery services, reducing the time to generate revenue and improve customer experience and satisfaction.


Fifth, better alignment between sales and marketing


Innatos - 6 Tips for your CRM Software - computerMarketing teams can create a wide variety of commercial materials for sales teams. But if the sales team does not have a clear idea of ​​what to share with leads, and when, a lot of the effort put could be lost. A more visionary approach is to use CRM to align marketing and sales to close these gaps between departments. 


Through the use of business processes in an advanced, companies can distribute the appropriate content to their sales teams on any established criteria.


This could be based on the follow-up of the activities of the leads through marketing automation tools. For example, by the purchase history, or by identifying what part of the purchase journey  the prospect is in and providing the appropriate information to push it to the next phase. By properly aligning the client’s journey with the appropriate sales tools, the salesperson looks less like a seller and more like someone who helps and collaborates in solving a problem.


Sixth 6 Tips for your CRM Software, create a total customer vision


Innatos - 6 Tips for your CRM Software - men with a suitCRM is not a set of applications or functionalities. It’s an integrated system that manages all the interactions of an organization with its customers. There are many sources and data systems that can feed that vision, and this is the link between them. 


It must be a system where anyone who interacts with the client can immediately see where the client is on their journey. They should also be able to see where they have been. The most important job is to be a tool to help the sales team succeed and send the interested client to the next stage of the journey.


Not all critical data must be visible in the CRM system. For that reason, it’s important that the system is a business level platform in which data is granted from systems on request. Likewise, the platform must be scalable and non-limiting. In other words, it should be truly capable of growing with the increase in its use and management of volumes and types of customer data.

Innatos - people talkingConclusion


These were just 6 Tips for your CRM Software. In order to truly succeed in your strategy, you need the best system in the market.


Innatos can help you develop and customize the software solutions that adapts to your marketing requirements.


Contact us today for more information.


Successful implementation of CRM software

What are the steps to the successful implementation of CRM software? CRM software supports a process that uses all knowledge of your clients gained through every interaction with them. Through CRM you can improve the customers’ experience and make every client feel as if they were the most important for your business. In the crowded modern markets, CRM is necessary to stand out from the competition.


It is necessary to have a CRM system in order for your company to keep its clients even as it grows further. The objectives of CRM software include creating a proper dialogue with your clients and increase cost-effectiveness per client. It will also help you keep all of your agents informed through a single contact directory for your entire company. In addition, CRM software will reduce sales costs. That’s why you must know the steps to the successful implementation of CRM software.


The heart of CRM software: Knowledge and data


Each company must find a way to attract and retain profitable customers through the effective use of data. Through modern intelligence techniques and business strategies, data will be turned into information and then into knowledge.


Innatos - menInnovative companies need to be successful in the market without competing exclusively in terms of price. Customer experience can mark the difference for your company. The steps to the successful implementation of CRM software are key to a business’ success. 


You can’t improve what you can’t measure


CRM software is an element of a business strategy requires that the company to show a tangible commitment to CRM concepts such as customer satisfaction.


What cannot be measured cannot be improved, it’s simply not enough to measure customers based on total figures. Different metrics will allow us to understand the degree of commitment that a customer shows towards the brand or company. The CRM database will have the data and accessibility necessary to obtain these indicators.


The customer, not the product, must become the center of your company. Functionally some organizations can implement a software package correctly, but without a reorientation through the organizational structure, the CRM objectives will not come true. Synchronizing the entire company is the key and that’s why you need to know the steps to the successful implementation of CRM software.


First, Justify the need


Why are we going to develop a CRM strategy? Because we want to improve the quality of our service and stop losing business opportunities. It’s also helpful in building customer loyalty through personalized service in order to offer a better experience than the competition. Without properly understanding the value of CRM you won’t be able to properly implement the system. That’s why justifying the need is one of the steps to the successful implementation of CRM software.


Second of the steps to the successful implementation of CRM software, Determine the objectives


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It is essential to understand our objectives. The implementation of CRM reflects the way in which the company wishes to work in the future. For that reason, the CRM strategy should be complemented with specific objectives that can be used as benchmarks during the implementation process. The objectives can also function as success criteria for the final CRM solution. 


Some of the issues that can be used as parameters in determining the objectives are:


  • Improve the customer’s perception of the company
  • All departments of the company giving the same value to the same customer
  • Raise barriers to competition actions
  • Increase the client portfolio in an organic way through the cross-selling of products
  • Reduce the time it takes to solve customer problems
  • Increase the number of invoices per customer


The important thing is to be very clear about the purpose of the CRM software solutions.


Innatos - question marks cloudsThird of the steps to the successful implementation of CRM software, Designate a project leader and ensure broad participation


Depending on the size of the company, it may be a person exclusively dedicated to the management of the CRM system or not. However, the important thing is that there is a person responsible for the execution and progress of the CRM strategies.


From the initial stage of the project, it’s necessary to involve every member of the organization. This is because it takes time to adapt to the changes introduced by the CRM. The best results are achieved if 40% of the employees are involved.


Fourth, Survey, diagnosis and separate variables and customer weighting models


Innatos - Successful implementation of CRM software - peopleWe need to understand where we are, what we have, what areas and functions we will have to improve.


We also need to know what processes to modify, what we need (to buy, train and hire) and how much money we will need. In short, it will be the knowledge that allows us to delineate strategy and tactics.


If the variables we will use to segment and the customer weighting model we need are not defined in advance, we run the risk of having to undo a good part at the end. For example processes or software.


Fifth, Develop an efficient contact center, learn to manage and quantify the costs


Innatos - Successful implementation of CRM software - peopleAllow the client to decide when, how and by what channel to interact with the company. Offer customers multiple channels to access the company, with a consistent and consistent service in all. Make available, to all channels, all the information obtained from customers.


From the beginning, the change should be presented as company-oriented and not merely another element of information technology. Employees must understand that the company starts the project to gain commercial advantages over the competition. Employees must also understand that all activities are aimed at maintaining the competitiveness of the company and its ability to retain competent employees. 


Now that we have all the planning point you must determine how much budget you have and what is the investment. Present clear and real numbers.


 The conclusion, Successful implementation of CRM software


Innatos - Successful implementation of CRM software - conclusionIn conclusion, remember to stand firm on the project since the enthusiasm curve usually has many ups and downs.


On the other hand, you should not exaggerate the qualities of the project. At the beginning of the project, participants will be optimistic and will generally have high expectations. These high expectations usually disappear when those involved discover the energy required by the CRM project.


In addition, the complexity of the project increases at the beginning and this causes a subsequent loss of interest and, in the worst case, a sense of defeat. Communication has a decisive role.


How to use CRM in my marketing strategy?

How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? One of the great advantages of implementing tools in digital marketing is that we can measure and obtain data. Data is one of the most important elements of inbound marketing strategies today. Why? Because it allows us to create and develop strategies based on the information we have obtained about our clients and their behavior.


This information is useful not only to provide a better service, but also allows us to have more sales. That is why many of the inbound marketing strategies include the integration of a tool.


What is CRM?


Innatos - How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? - CRMThe Customer Relationship Management, also known as CRM, is a software with the main purpose of keeping a record of the client’s actions. Depending on the development of the client, it can follow the client throughout their customer journey.


How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? Is responsible for “monitoring” the customer while it interacts with a brand or business. It starts when they contact a website until when they close a sale or become a frequent customer. Is the database where all the information of this process is poured. Rather than serve to have an agenda of contacts, it’s responsible for providing information on how the leads or customers behave. This helps the company to create strategies or improve those that they’re already implementing.


How to use CRM in my marketing strategy?


Because of this, having as part of the inbound marketing strategy is a step you should consider. It will not only help you keep track of your leads and customers, it will also help you see in what area or level of your strategy you are failing.

Innatos - How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? - MEN

That is why the you choose should adapt according to your needs and those of your business. Many times, wanting to modernize and do things right, businesses choose the tool that everyone is using instead of analyzing if it is ideal for their brand.


Do not be guided by trends. While a CRM can help you improve a lot and align your sales with your inbound marketing strategy, the recommendation is that you choose one that goes according to what you are looking for and can pay.


This is an article and we have prepared a list of the best tools to do inbound marketing 2019. It can help you better understand your customers, close more sales and create strategies focused on your customers.

How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? 


Innatos - How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? - CRMNow that you know what CRM software is and what it is for, it is time that we focus on how we can make it part of our inbound marketing strategy.


You get a higher return on investment


How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? Regardless of whether the company is large or small, when we make an investment, the objective is that it meets and brings us more benefits and profits. This is especially true when it comes to an online tool. 


Many entrepreneurs still refuse to invest in programs that can help them improve and increase their sales because they “don’t trust” the internet. Unfortunately, this belief makes some companies refuse to invest in tools such because they think that “there are other easier and freeways”. They also think that they can do it by hand because they can also write the data of our clients in a notebook. They don’t understand the benefits of it.

Key factors

innatos - people

While the most important thing is that you choose a tool that suits your needs, both in price and for the objectives of your company, investing in a CRM is a possibility that you should consider. If you want to make your marketing campaigns more effective and improve the way in which your company interacts with its customers is a necessity.


With a CRM you can know which campaigns or actions are working and which are not. You can measure the results, obtain information to create specific profiles of your buyers and thus create campaigns designed for them. Implement the correct in your company and you are guaranteed an ROI or return on investment.

How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? With specific information


As we mentioned in the previous point, data is changing the world. And this is even more true when it comes to e-commerce. Companies are looking for ways in which they can predict their consumers’ behaviors to create strategies that help align with their sales, that is, go hand in hand and be 100% effective. 


Innatos - men in a cellImplementing one helps you measure results. The data that the tool offers you is not just to admire or look at. The information that a CRM provides will help your company improve its marketing strategy and even other company processes. There are systems that are created to provide specific profiles of the people who visit your website. Afterward, this information is very valuable since it tells us where they come from. For example, if they googled the name or if clicked on an ad on Facebook. In addition, this can also tell what it is that they are looking for on the page or even at what point they become disinterested in your product or service. 


Valuable information


This is the type of valuable information that will help you find the gaps where you are losing leads or potential customers. And it will also show you areas where you should focus all of your marketing efforts. For example, perhaps a business weakest point is that they do not have an online store. Or, just another example, that their website is very annoying for your customers. Maybe the reason is that the information you show on your page is not enough for your leads to be encouraged to buy. With CRM software, you can discover what your business is missing and improve your marketing strategy to get a higher number of conversions.


We continue with the best tips so that you know how to use it in my marketing strategy. Is a very important software tool that can help you achieve your business objectives. Keep learning to learn more about how you can add a CRM to your marketing strategy to improve your return on investment and the effectiveness of your marketing projects.


How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? 


Innatos - men with a computerHaving a shared and available tool for your team can prevent many problems in the area of ​​communication. It’s a reality that unnecessary meetings and emails are often a waste of time. With a CRM you will have a tool that allows you to unite both your marketing team and your sales team so they can coordinate without any problem. You can also monitor what they are doing and how your leads are doing. How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? Allows you to create reports focused on contacts and, like told this article mentioned in the first part, discover what kind of strategy works better than the other when making sales.


Another advantage of having a tool shared with your sales team and your marketing team is that they can work towards meeting their goals together and avoid double efforts. There are companies that, despite the fact that both teams are “working together”, have teams that don’t know what one is doing. Or even teams that don’t have common objectives. This problem prevents their strategies from being effective and functioning.


It allows you to see the bigger picture. In other words, you will have all the information through data and tracking to know where you are failing or what is working. With this information, you can make both of your teams coordinate to prevent “unintentional” sabotage to your efforts.


You avoid communication problems


Innatos - How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? - CRMFor example, let’s say the objective of your marketing strategy is to increase your profits. For this, your marketing team has designed an inbound marketing strategy that allows you to attract leads with content creation, pay per click and the like. On the other hand, your sales team is also interested in increasing the conversion rate. However, for them, these efforts made by the marketing team are not considered valid because they are not “generating sales”.


For that reason, they decide to carry out their sales strategy without knowing anything about the inbound strategy. They act ignoring that there are quite a few leads that are being nurtured so that, later, they are delivered to your sales team and they finish the converting process.


Both teams are interested in increasing your profits. However, if one does not know what the other’s process is like and how they can do better and participate in it, your marketing strategy won’t work. In addition, you will be wasting the efforts of your teams and working double.


Helps you optimize and automate those efforts and make them become even more valuable. They can also create common strategies to make their efforts even more effective and powerful. Implementing can helps you make the efforts of your marketing and sales teams more efficient.


How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? You get a higher quality for your leads


Innatos - cellphone with a handThe leaders are those users who are attracted to your site, company, or brand. A CRM helps you get better leads by automating the process. While it’s true that obtaining a lead is already again, the truth is that the more information we have about it, the easier you can know about how to make a conversion. 


This doesn’t necessarily have to be a sale; the conversion can download an ebook, or subscribe to your blog. Is a tool that allows you to create other tools to obtain this information or data such as creating forms.


Remember that there are different types of software systems. Some don’t have these functions, others allow you to create landing pages and design them. Others also allow you to integrate your social networks to more easily manage your social media strategy and go even more hand in hand with your inbound marketing strategy.


Having better lead quality allows you to increase the likelihood of successful conversions. How to use CRM in my marketing strategy?

Innatos - How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? - ComputerAnd also know how to nurture them so that these conversions are made. Do you remember that the previous entry on how to use it in my marketing strategy talked about nurturing leads? The important thing is that we give you the information they need, and are looking for, to make this process easier, faster and more effective.


It’s obvious that a lead that came to our website because it saw a Facebook ad should not be nurtured in the same way as other leads. For example, a lead that came on the recommendation of a friend who gave the same service, or one that used Google to search for a specific service and you appeared. Is responsible for analyzing to which field these leads belong. This will help you in segmenting them so that you can direct your efforts and create and apply strategies that allow you to nurture them in the best possible way.


How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? Lets you know how to nurture your leads and take care of your customers. It also lets you know which strategies are working and which are not.


In addition, CRM not only allows you to keep track of your leads until they convert. An important element in these platforms is that they allow you to “take care” of those leads that already became customers, so you can continue to nurture them and be aware of them. Remember that there is no better publicity than the word of mouth recommendation and what better way to automate this process with the implementation.


How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? Conclusion


Now you know what can do for your marketing and sales teams, and how it can help you increase your profits and improve the quality of your prospects. Do not forget that the most important thing is to keep up with what your company needs and that this investment must be properly used.


How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? Avoid using one just to have a digital directory of your customers. Get the most out of this tool by making use of the information you get to help you create better sales opportunities. You should also make your campaigns more effective and increase your investment where it needs to be increased: on your website, in your Facebook ads or in content creation.




Is a weapon that well used can be what makes your business stand out from the competition. It can also give you the best opportunities to increase your profits and make your investment return.


CRM software is an important tool to improve your relationship with your clients and find ways to improve your marketing strategy. How to use CRM in my marketing strategy? These were just two ways in which you can use in your marketing strategy, but there are more. Keep tuned in Innatos Software’s blog and learn more about it.

Succeed in your CRM Project

How to succeed in your CRM project? This is a very simple yet important question, but it requires a complete and more complex answer. The success of a CRM project depends on several factors. Most of the time, success is already decided in the preliminary phase.

Innatos - files


You have to be very careful with your planning to be successful. So we have summarized all the best tips to help you succeed in your CRM project. First, we will discuss the human factor, then the customer orientation and finally the actual Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.


CRM is the initials of Customer Relationship Management. However, Customer Relationship Management doesn’t clarify much of the whole meaning of CRM. For that reason, this article will explain what CRM as well as what it is for, its benefits and much more.


CRM definition

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On the one hand, CRM is the marketing and sales strategy that deals with customer relationships. That is to say, CRM is a business strategy.


On the other hand, CRM is the software that companies use to manage their customers and control the activities of the company around them.


But the truth, when talking about CRM, 99.99% of the time is the computer system. That is CRM is used to refer to a software, program, tool, application, solution or sales system.


How to succeed in your CRM project, what is CRM software?

Innatos - Succeed in your CRM project - woman


CRM software is the program in which all the information and conversations you have with clients (emails, calls, meetings, and documentation) are stored in each client’s records.


These files are accessible by everyone in your company with the authorization to read them and have access to them. In addition, this information gives you the ability to mark notes as well as the subject’s activities for you or another partner, so that nothing remains left undone.


This information includes the day-to-day interactions in the relationship with customers. For that reason, CRM means customer relationship management. It is thanks to the computerized CRM software that it is able to carry out commercial management effectively. If you want to group all your contacts and information in one application and forget the Excel sheets, the CRM is your number one ally.


How to succeed in your CRM project? The three key reasons


How to succeed in your CRM project? The human factor: make the CRM project a business project

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Is by far the most important factor for a successful CRM project. The studies are unanimous on the subject. Among the human difficulties, we will highlight in particular:


  • A cultural obstacle to the adoption of new work methods induced by the CRM (45%)
  • Difficulties of adoption by users (44%)
  • A non-optimal change accompaniment (42%)
  • Inappropriate or inappropriate Leadership (38%)


Making your CRM a business project is the winning condition for obtaining the support of all employees. So, here are several tips to succeed in your multidisciplinary CRM project by capitalizing on the human being. First, you must designate a key member to make the important decisions and represent the company’s management. 


Then build a team that promotes the adoption of the CRM project by everyone. The team will also be careful never to lose sight of the true purpose of the CRM, that is, customer service. And, you can also develop and evolve the CRM according to the reality of the company.


The success of a CRM project also implies that technology is at the service of the company, and not vice versa. One piece of advice: don’t let the IT team carry out the CRM project’s implementation. Why? Because it won’t fit your business needs. Regarding the system’s operation, the business and customer service are always considered, but let’s not forget the marketing teams and the management. Hold meetings with key users to fully understand the problems of each business and understand the workings of the CRM software.


How to succeed in your CRM project? Consider the client; think of the CRM as a tool to improve the customer’s experience and deepen the relationship with the customer 

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To be perceived as a really useful tool for users, the CRM must place the customer at the center of the project. This is one of the keys to a successful CRM project. The challenge? Map the customer relationship to optimize it.


The first step will lead you to identify the routes of existing customers and those that will be implemented to improve the customer experience. You can, for example, decide to deepen your communication strategy with chat, online forms and other means of communication.


So, it’s up to you to highlight the key moments of customer interactions. These are the moments when the customer relationship must be absolutely perfect. For example, on the first contact, during the payment, when informed about delivery times, after-sales service and more. A good CRM software will allow you to automate certain tasks to better understand these key moments of interaction.


How to succeed in your CRM project? Make sure the tool is appropriate, choose the right CRM software for your business

Innatos - Succeed in your CRM project - computer


The choice of the CRM solution is an important factor in the success or failure of a CRM project. However, it is not always easy to navigate the diversity of the offer in the market. So how to choose your CRM software? How to identify the one that will adapt perfectly to your company, your business, your problems?


As a first step, we advise you to define the CRM objectives for the company. Then you list the mandatory features and those that aren’t completely necessary but you would like to have. Then, identify the different architectural possibilities of the operational system.


Finally, compare the CRM software that meets all your criteria: features, ergonomics, support, integration and more. Innatos Software can guide through this process.


 A summary

Innatos - Succeed in your CRM project - summary


We focus on three of the success factors of a CRM project: the human being, the customers and the tool. In summary, success depends on the company’s ability to build a CRM project in line with human resources, customer journey and the choice of the right tool. 


How to succeed in your CRM project? To be successful in a CRM project, you must start from the company and its customers. Beyond the human, customers and the tool, you will also have to give importance to data, budget, ROI and project management. Innatos Software can help you develop the right CRM project for your company. Contact us today for more information.

Factors in the ERP for success in your business

What are the factors in the ERP for success in your business?  One of the most common mistakes in a management software (ERP) implementation is to think that organizations are fully prepared for it. Organizations need to understand the key factors for the success of implementing so that can lead to the success of the project. In addition, they must know how to make the right decisions to strengthen their processes.


What are the factors in the ERP for success in your business? The success of the implementation project must include several factors. For example, the scope of the objectives for a determined period, not exceeding the budget and with an acceptable return on investment (ROI).


Following a correct methodology, a high probability of success is ensured in each of the projects carried out. What are the factors in the ERP for success in your business? The main success factors in the implementation are:


  • Correct definition and start of the project.
  • Management commitment.
  • Project scope
  • The project team.
  • Change management, communication and training.
  • Correct definition of customizations.
  • Budget.
  • Project closure


First, the correct definition and start of the project



In this phase, all the necessary information about the project must be perfectly defined and communicated to its stakeholders.

Innatos - Factors in the ERP for success in your business - rocket


It’s recommended to:

  • Prepare and review the business strategy to see if the project suits the company.
  • Check the company’s IT strategy and verify that the project adapts to the entire IT policy.
  • Do the scope and objectives to be met by the new one. As the modules to be implemented, processes to be defined and completed and everything else that could be required.
  • Prepare and inform the entire organization of the changes that will occur with the new one, in order to involve all staff in the success of the project. Change management techniques, informational meetings, impression collection, and user opinions and everything necessary for the appropriate implementation


Second of the factors in the ERP for success in your business, Management commitment

Innatos - Factors in the ERP for success in your business - hands


Factors for success in your business and implementation of the new will affect the way a company operates by updating business processes and changing the system.


Senior managers and middle-level managers must participate in the project from its inception until its completion.


This gives the project adequate visibility throughout the organization and shows staff, in general, the importance of the project.


It’s recommended to:

  • Involve a steering committee in the project, creating a problem-solving structure during the project cycle. This participation will help to maintain support for the project and keep them informed about its progress.


ThirdDefine the scope of the project and the team

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The new ERP may not meet all the needs of the organization. Developing processes and understanding their components and how they will fit with other systems and tools is basic. Therefore, it’s necessary to define the scope of the project from a knowledge position, detailing what the project is going to include and what not.


The project team must consist of full-time staff, which includes a project manager and others representing the core areas of the company. If an external consultancy is used, the project team must have a good and consistent working relationship with the consultants. In addition, identify a set of resources from the different areas of the company to provide experience in important and specific issues.



  • Use methodologies and tools for project implementation.
  • Strengthen the team to make decisions.
  • The project team must be in the same place where the project is executed, as this helps communication.
  • Identify experts from different areas of the organization for consultations.
  • The project team must have a good working relationship with the consultants.


Fourth, Change management strategies, communication and training


Factors in the ERP for success in your business, the project will not only lead to changes in the systems, but also in processes and organizational changes. A change in management team will be needed for the organization to properly address the impact of the changes. The size of the team will vInnatos - menary depending on the size of the project and the amount of changes. Typically, software vendors or consultants will help the organization’s employees manage the changes.



  • Create communication mechanisms, such as a web page, newsletters, roadshows, informational lunches, etc.
  • Develop good communication between the project team and the organization as a whole.
  • Key users must be involved with the project and its progress, as this will help to accept the changes.
  • Create a business model that shows the changes in the processes and the functionality of the system, as well as the benefits it brings to the changes.
  • Train users both during the project execution stage and after closing.

Fifth of the factors in the ERP for success in your business, have the correct definition of the customizations

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Most ERPs are built with standard operating processes of a company. An organization must maintain strict control over customizations, as it can decrease the effectiveness of the system and be detrimental to future updates. These modifications can lead to an increase in the scope and budget of the project, therefore they must be defined and justified very well.


It’s recommended to:

Study other facilities in similar companies and see what customizations were adopted.

  • Perform a priority analysis of customizations.
  • Set clear expectations about the company’s position in relation to customizations, such as cost and benefit.
  • Create an analysis process for each customization.
  • Be prepared to adapt these modifications to the new versions.

Sixth of the factors in the ERP for success in your business, Define the budget and close the project

innatos - Factors in the ERP for success in your business - rocket


Factors in the ERP for success in your business, organizations must create a realistic budget to include all implementation costs, such as software, hardware, and personnel resources. Most organizations expect a return on investment (ROI) from a project, which is logical and should be calculated. A realistic budget must be made.


Making a good closing of the project is as important as starting the project. It must be checked that the scope has been achieved, that the requirements have been implemented and obtain the validation of users.


It’s recommended to:

  • Create a good estimate of implementation costs and maintain strict cost control.
  • Do not reduce costs in change management, training and project management.
  • Communicate clearly when the new system will start up and when the old system will shut down.
  • Prepare the transfer of project implementation functions to support from the point of view of the partner.
  • Audit each of the processes validating that they work as planned.
  • The main success factors in the implementation


Now that you know the main success factors in the implementation, you can properly implement new software in your business. This will help you improve your processes and increase your earnings through efficient management. In Innatos Software, we have the perfect software for your business. Contact us today for more information.